A Present In Swaddling Clothes by Andrew Grey – a review


My rating: “http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/242233450″>4 of 5 stars
Dreamspinners Blurb:”Josh held baby Vivien when she took her first breath in the world, and he has loved every breath she’s taken since. Now Vivien needs a home—a “for real” forever home, and Josh would love to be the one who takes her in. But Josh’s partner, Sammy, isn’t a fan of children of any size or stamp. Will Josh have to choose between being a lover or a parent, or will Josh’s niece work her baby magic on Sammy, giving them all the best Christmas present of all?”

I found this to be a touching story. The main characters, Josh and Sammy, are a long established couple whose lives have become routine. And while they love each other, the physical aspect of their lives together has been missing recently. They are definitely a couple who needs a little disruption in their lives and that would be baby Vivien. It is the manner in which Vivien comes into their lives that really clarifies the nature of their relationship, and the meaning of friends and family. I would love to revisit them in the future for another glimpse into their lives and loved ones. A lovely read any time of the year.

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