The Winter Courtship of Fur-Bearing Critters by Amy Lane (a review)

Five stars not only for the story but for the picture and knitting instructions at the end. I laughed until I thought I would pass out. Thanks, Amy!

Now I should say in the beginning that I knit and manhandle yarn at every opportunity, so this story really sang to me. I loved the characters of Rance Crawford and Ben McCutcheon. Rance especially pulled me in. Older, isolated by sexual identity and choice in the small town of Granby, Colorado, his life is in for a upheaval when he gets a new neighbor in Ben McCutcheon. Ben also happens to be gay but handles his “gayness” in a manner totally different from Rance. His effect upon Rance from the very beginning starts to transform Rance in ways small and large.

Another main character here is knitting, yarn and the process of turning wool into something magical. I have briefly dabbled in spinning and can’t wait for Maryland’s Sheep and Wool Festival every year to indulge in my passion for all things woolen. But here I got a inside look at the Wool Mill from color cards to carders. I wanted immediately to jump into a car or plane and get to Lance’s shop for a tour. You don’t have to knit to enjoy this aspect of the book as the characters you meet there are worth the journey. But if you do knit and love yarn, then prepare yourself for this added bonus. I loved it! It made me go upstairs and pull out a project I hadn’t worked on in a while and get cranking.

So after all the gushing (really, me gushing?), where do I stand?
5 stars characterization
5 stars storyline
5 stars baby bunny butts
5 stars picture and knitting instructions (and a 5 star giggle fest)

No real angst, lots of laughter. But Amy, I really want to know what happens to Jeremy and Aiden? Any clues?

From Dreamspinner Press December 2011



  1. teronangel · December 10, 2011

    hee hee hee… Well, my publisher HAS asked if I wanted to do a line of knitting themed novellas… I’ve got Super Sock Man coming up… do you think Aiden and Jeremy can get into trouble with a scarf? Hmmm… hand warmers? What could they possibly knit for each other?


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