A Review of Someone Special by T. C. Blue


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
T. C. Blue is a relatively new author for me and, with this book, has become a must-read author. I am such a sucker for holiday stories and here is one I will reread each Christmas season.

Here is the blurb from Torquere Press:

“Gracen loves Christmas. It’s his favorite time of the year. So much so that he works as a mall photographer for the season, taking pictures of children with Santa. There’s something about seeing all those happy families that he finds satisfying, which may be slightly odd since he’s so very alone, himself.

Working three jobs is never fun, but when Jesse takes a part time position as a greeter elf at Santa’s Workshop in the mall, he meets Gracen and realizes that maybe job number three isn’t that bad, after all. The handsome photographer appeals to him, even with all Jesse’s family issues.

Two lonely men, one Santa’s Workshop, elf costumes, curl-toed shoes and a camera. They aren’t exactly a recipe for finding that someone special… except maybe they are.”

Gracen is a wonderful character, one of many in this story. He is a successful artist who, once a year, dons another persona so he can be a store Santa workshop photographer. For a entire month, he indulges in the outfit and the happiness of the families and children he photographs. Enter Jesse, who becomes Santa’s elf as one of his 3 jobs. Overworked and complicated, everything about him calls to Gracen. There is a mystery at the center of Jesse and his sister, Jazz that makes Jesse want to keep all at a distance. But this is a story of hope and persistance and the joy of the Christmas spirit. Not sappy, no miracles just a journey of 2 people towards a relationship and a family. I loved this and so will you. I give this 4.5 stars.

So put on your elf shoes, grab a copy and settle in for a lovely read.

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