Bully by Carter Wolf


Rating: 5 stars

A student walks down the hallway at his high school. As he passes by, one student after the next avoids him, one student ignores his hellos while another ducks down a different hallway to escape him all together. Puzzled, he continues on until he hears a school morning announcement over the loud speaker. A student has committed suicide, and while they are refraining from mentioning his name due to a police investigation, grief counselors will be available to all students who need them. It stops him in his tracks as he thinks back to an empty chair in home room that morning. He knows who has committed suicide. He should know for he is the one who drove the student to kill himself. He had bullied and terrorized the student for 3 years and the student finally broke. He killed him. And everyone knew it.

So begins a remarkable and painful short story on bullying, GLBT youth, and how it affects all around them. The story is told, not from the victim’s point of view but from the victimizer – the bully. There is a shocking twist to this tale but that never takes away from the story’s impact, but adds an additional emotional layer that will give you much to think about. Carter Wolf does a wonderful job of bringing his characters to life and making the reader feel the impact of their actions. This is a realistic portrait of a teenager in trouble here and all his thoughts and emotions are true to his age. This short story carries a large emotional knockout the rings true to the subject at its core. Bullying and bullycide are front and center in all of the media as we are confronted with an increase in young people dying at all ages and all countries, unable to face another day of terror and harassment. Read this book, and tell another about it. Support The Trevor Project. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy. You will need it.

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Cover:  Stark and plain.  Perfect for this story dealing with bullying and bullycide.