Review of Places in Time by C. Cardeno


Rating: 4 stars

Actor Ethan Baker arrives home to find his current girlfriend breaking up with him. Not a surprising action, merely the last in a long line of girlfriends who never seem to stick around.  Being voted “Sexiest Man Alive” twice isn’t enough to guarantee happiness in a relationship. So he calls his best friend, Jude Harrison, to tell him about the breakup and that he will be right over.  Jude has always been the constant in his life, the spare guest room that Ethan has taken over as his more a home than the modern marble monstrosity he was talked into buying.

On his way over to Jude’s, fate literally intervenes when a mysterious woman appears and shows Ethan his and Jude’s relationship from another perspective. When Ethan watches his past go by, can a self absorbed actor realize the truth in front of him and the real reason Ethan’s girlfriends never stick around?

Places in Time is a short story in the Dreamspinner Time is Eternity series.  This is C. Cardeno’s version of A Christmas Carol when the Fates decides to stage an intervention, their way, after Ethan has hurt one more girl in his obliviousness, of shaking Ethan out of a destructive pattern into a chance for love.

Ethan Baker just cracked me up, with all the snarkiness, flippancy, and self absorption you might see in a actor of his status. Yet, as C. Cardeno has drawn him, he also has a wonderful sense of humor and loyalty that makes him a winning character.  Some bits of this story are truly funny when Ethan doesn’t quite get the message the woman intends when they visit a certain scene from his past.  To her utter annoyance, he start critiquing the actions instead of absorbing the message.  It’s enough to make her stamp her Manolo Blahniks!  Jude Harrison’s character is revealed through the trips to Ethan’s past and the final ending will make you smile and laugh even if you know what is coming. C. Cardeno has done a wonderful job with this story and this earns a big “don’t pass this up” from me.

I love this cover for the series.  Sheer perfection.


Weather Note and Power Status:  Yes, we lost power again last night and just got it back again.  Almost wussed out and burst into tears.  But didn’t, just thought really hard about it.  There are still so many that haven’t gotten their power back for even a short time and I know that they must feel so forgotten and at the end of their endurance.  Our temperatures are still in the 98 to 100 degree range and almost 100 percent humidity.  There is a reason I never moved into states with hot weather and yet it seems that global warming has brought it to me and the rest of the Marylanders.  So keep those of us in DC, VA, and MD in your thoughts.  Colorado too.  Oh  and  Happy Canada Day to our friends to the north!