Review of Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned by Cassandra Gold


Rating: 4 stars

Lessons Learned Wishes EarnedLachlan Douglas is bone aching tired after spending yet another day as Santa’s Elf.  It’s not just that it’s his small size that makes him the perfect man for the job,  it’s his position within the store too.  But when he has to play Elf to the rich store owner’s son’s Santa, well that’s even worse. Lachlan’s last boyfriend was wealthy and took advantage of him so having to work with another spoiled rich boy is just not something Lachlan wants to do.

Haven Wellesley is not a rich man’s spoiled son.  He has worked his way up the ranks, working at every level no matter what the job calls for.  And this Christmas, he is going to play Santa for a very special set of people and needs an Elf’s help to hand out presents.  That’s when Lachlan realizes that maybe Haven isn’t like the other man, and that together they will find the true meaning of Christmas.

This is a perfect Christmas story, all about not judging others and the true meaning of Christmas.  Cassandra Gold gives us two lovely men in need of each other, especially Lachlan who has lost the Christmas spirit along the  way.  His former boyfriend has skewed his self image and made him very judgmental of others like him.  Even while helping out a friend and taking over his Elf duties, Lachlan does it grudgingly.  But his views are shaken when Haven asks him to accompany him on one last stop to hand out toys.  It’s a very special place and gives the men a chance to connect outside of work.  A night of giving to others turns out to be just what each other wanted for Christmas, a chance at love.