Aria (Blue Notes #3) by Shira Anthony

Rating: 4 stars Philadelphia attorney Sam Ryan has never fully recovered from the death of his lover, Nick.  One night during yet another attempt to go forward, Sam goes to a bar and meets Aiden Lind, an aspiring opera singer.  One passionate week later, a fearful Sam lets Aiden walk out of his life rather… Continue reading Aria (Blue Notes #3) by Shira Anthony

Bayou Loup (Rougaroux Social Club #3) by Lynn Lorenz

Rating 4.25 stars When werewolf Bobby Cotteau’s wife died, two things happened.  One was that Bobby could finally start to live his life as he had always wanted to before his inner wolf chose Carol as his mate, live and love as a gay man.  The second thing that started to happen?  Bobby started to… Continue reading Bayou Loup (Rougaroux Social Club #3) by Lynn Lorenz