Guest Posts, New Releases and the Week Ahead In Reviews


Well, after a cold, blustery and even occasionally snowy start, March is leaving us on a warmer, springlike note.  And I am so happy to see it gone and April here, bringing with it hopes of flowers, sunshine and days spent outside in the garden.  My daughter’s birthday is coming up and the family is gathering at the Farm for a celebratory luncheon of fresh salmon and asparagus, good wine and better company.  So I will be making this short.

There are many exciting new books being released this month and I hope to be reviewing them all shortly after they are released.  I also need to bring you all up to speed on the latest from Amy Lane, Andrew Grey, and others that had books released this last week that I missed due to a family emergency now happily resolved.   I love it when I have a surfeit of great books to review and I just heard about a new Amelia C. Gormley one I have to track down, love her stories.

Anyway, back to this week.  I am excited to say that one of my favorite authors, Sarah Black, has a guest post this week  in celebration of the release of her latest book, The General and The Horse Lord. I have always found Sarah Black’s characters to be unique and beautifully realized and here she gives us some insight into her character development process.  I think you will find it as fascinating as I did.  In conjunction with her post,  I will be giving away one copy of her latest book, The General and the Horse Lord, that will be released on the same day as her post. Don’t miss this.

Another recent release is T.J. Klune’s Into The River I Drown.  I am a huge fan of his contemporary novels and anticipate another compelling story from this relatively new author.  If you haven’t read his Bear, Otter and The Kid series, start now.  They are quite wonderful and reviews of all of his books can be found on this site.

I will be finishing up Eden Winter’s Diversion sequel, Collusion, this week and it’s as wonderful as the first in the series.  So many great books here and more to come.  Don’t miss a day.  Now I am off to celebrate at the Farm and fill up on great food and the closeness of family.  Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate that holiday.

Monday, April 1:               Collusion by EdenWinters

Tuesday, April 2:               Love You Like a Romance Novel by Megan Derr

Wed., April 3:                    Sensei by Karenna Colcroft

Thursday, April 4:            Author Spotlight: Sarah Black and Book Giveaway

Friday, April 5:                  Guest Post by Sarah Black “Making Soap with Boys and Men”

Saturday, April 6:             Into This River I Drown by T.J. Klune