The Eternal Optimism of Dogs and the Week in Reviews


Winter trees longs

It snowed on Friday.  Only 3 inches or so but the first accumulated snow we have had here in over 2 years.  And Winston is not happy about it. Not happy at all.  Now Kirby is in snow heaven.  Like the good Irish dog he is, the cold and snow just rolls off him.  Even now he is bounding around the back yard communing with nature, racing the squirrels along the fence and in general, just having a blast.  Willow is asleep.  And Winston?  Well, he is gazing longingly out the front window in hopes that the weather there is dramatically better than the one outside the back door.

He reminds me of that quote from Robert A. Heinlein’s wife, Virginia, that inspired his novel The Door into Summer. Virginia remarked when their cat refused to leave the house: “he’s looking for a door into summer.”  That’s Winston.  Going from one door to the next, eternally optimistic that he will find that the door opens into summer, or spring, or fall, anything but a season thatWinter_2 contains snow or ice.  We head out the backdoor into the snow, Willow and Kirby marching resolutely ahead.  Only Winston stops at the door, peering out, dubious at the thought of putting paw to the cold snowy ground.  Eventually he goes out, does his business and quickly returns to the warmth of home after venturing out perhaps 5 ft in all.  Willow returns next, and then we all gather at the door to watch as Kirby runs and gambols around, only returning with a sigh when I call him in.

Then and only then does Winston begin to bounce.  He twirls, he whirls, he grabs his leash and heads to the front door where surely it is sunny, warm and green.   Several times I have accommodated him.  I hook up his leash, grab my hat, gloves, scarf and coat (and his sweater) and we head out the door.  And every time Winston freezes as he looks out upon the snow and ice.  We get no further than the driveway. The disbelief and disgust is written on his upturned face as he looks back at me.  The little balloon above his head so clearly stating “really? here too?” And without me saying a word he pulls me back to the front door and the warmth he knows is inside.

So here we sit, all four.  For myself, I think the snow is beautiful and fleeting, it is Maryland these days after all.  Kirby is waiting for his next adventure in the backyard where the foxes and squirrels await.  Willow is asleep behind me, content in her red sweater. And Winston?  Well, he is watchful and waiting too.  For the grass to be green, the bunnies appear along with the bees and the warmth of his favorite seasons.  I love that optimism.  For Winston a change in the weather is only a door away.  No matter how many times it proves otherwise, the promise of Summer remains just on the other side of the door.

Always hopeful.  Not a bad way to live at all.

Here is this week’s reviews.  There are holiday stories, a wicca story, a humorous tale of romance and a fantasy book from Megan Derr you won’t want to miss.  Truly something for everyone.

Monday, Jan. 6:              Home for the Hollandaise by BA Tortuga,Julia Talbot

Tuesday, Jan. 7               Texas Christmas by RJ Scott

Wed., Jan. 8:                   A Small Miracle Happened by Mari Donne

Thursday, Jan. 9:          Sparks & Drops by Susan Laine

Friday, Jan. 10:              Serenading Stanley by John Inman

Saturday, Jan. 11:          The Engineered Throne by Megan Derr