Get Your Wild On with BA Tortuga’s “Wolf Run” Blog Tour (contest incl.)



ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords is focused in on BA Tortuga’s latest release, Wolf Run, an m/m/m romance by one of my favorite authors.  BA Tortuga has, without doubt, one of the finest ears for regional dialects and a western settings as demonstrated by her many novels, cowboys and bullriders.  She also loves her shifters and has combined the two here in her latest story. Don’t miss out on the excerpt below.

Contest:  To celebrate, visit here – a Rafflecopter link, to be entered to win an ebook Copy of Wolf Run by BA Tortuga.  Must be 18 years of age or older and follow the rules and regulations as stated.


Book Name: Wolf Run
Author Name: BA Tortuga

Author Bio: Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing porn sites in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her partner, Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.
Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but is feeling the Colorado mountains calling. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.
Author Links:

Twitter: @batortuga

Wolf Run coverBook Details:

ebook, 106 pages
Published June 4th 2014 by Resplendence Publishing
edition languageEnglish
Cover Artist: Kris Norris

Buy Links:  Respendence      Amazon   ARe

Blurb(s): Mick is a lone wolf in all ways. He’s left his pack, he’s left his homelands and he’s on the road, footloose and fancy free. Well, at least until he wanders up to a fence and finds a little wolf running his ass off behind it. Mick stops to let the pup out and is stunned to hear the young wolf, Scotty, tell him “no”. Scotty’s mate and best friend, Danny, asked Scotty to stay behind the fence, so he will be safe while Danny fights to support them both. All this leaves Mick’s fur standing on end. Maybe, Mick doesn’t need one mate to bring him home. Maybe, he needs two.



He dropped his wolf form as soon as he was out of sight, his body lengthening into a biped. “Dude, why are you in a cage?”

The pup yelped and scrambled back, leaping onto the porch.

“Hey, I’m not here to hurt you. I can open the gate.”

The pup looked at him then boom, a lovely lean man stood there, shaggy blond hair curling around his face. “H-hey.”

“Hi. Would you like to run? I can get you out.”

God, the kid was adorable and plenty old enough to play.

“Oh. Oh, no. Daniel would be so mad at me for getting out again.” Eyes the color of brandy caught the sun. “Daniel says I’ll get hurt, lost.”

“Does Daniel mistreat you?” Because Mick could beat someone down just for fun.

“Daniel? My Daniel?” The pup’s laugh was happy, joyous, the look on his face fond and warm. “Oh, no. Daniel loves me. He works for both of us. He brings me half his food every day. He’s a good mate. We… The Alpha said ‘too many males’, and we… Daniel pays for this home, he brushes me, he works all day every day.”

“Do you work?” Mick tilted his head, waiting, nodding in sympathy. Damn, it was hard for bachelor males to manage when thrust out on their own, especially ones who needed an alpha as much as this one did. It seemed like the kid barely held it together, at least on two legs. Sweet baby.

“I paint. I paint pictures, and I wash Daniel’s uniforms. I… I get… He follows rules better than me, and he can stop a shift, if he needs to. He can even work during the moon.”

Mick smiled, liking this kid a lot. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Scott. Scott Miller. What’s yours?”

Scott. It worked.

“I’m Mick Eagleheart. I like your belly. I kinda want to lick it.”

WolfRunBadgeTour Dates: 6/30/14WillPride

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Focusing In On: Bailey Bradford, Unexpected Places , & the new TB What’s His Passion? Imprint


magnifying glass and focusWHP_Bailey Bradford_Book Tour_final

 Bailey Bradford has stopped by ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords today to talk about her latest release, Unexpected Places, for Totally Bound’s new imprint What’s His  Passion?   Welcome, Bailey!


Totally Bound has a brand new Imprint out, What’s his Passion? and I am thrilled to be a part of it! My contribution is Unexpected Places, a story featuring Carter Hausemann, a man who is passionate about hiking.

WHP_Bailey Bradford_Social Media_final♥ Contest: To celebrate the launch of What’s his Passion? Totally Bound Publishing is giving away a bundle of prizes. Enter here for your chance to win. The competition will run from the 23rd June – 6th August celebrating the launch of this new imprint, What’s his Passion? with winners being announced at the Totally Bound facebook release party on 6th August.  Here is the link again.



What Inspires You?

by Bailey Bradford

In Unexpected Places, the first book out in Totally Bound’s What’s His Passion? imprint, Carter is inspired by the great outdoors in general, and hiking in particular. He feels it brings him closer to his true self, and frees him in a way he can’t explain.

I understand that, which is why I chose hiking to be Carter’s passion. When I was asked to take a part in this imprint, I was on a hiking trip in New Mexico with my husband. There are some gorgeous casitas we stay at when we go to New Mexico, and it was there that I got the email about What’s His Passion?

I dove in immediately, thrilled to be a part of it. Writing is a passion of mine, reading is, too. I have several passions, among them spending as much time with my family as possible, and experiencing Nature’s beauty every chance I get.

So passion is something I understand in not only the sexual context, but in living my life. There are many things I am very passionate besides the ones mentioned. All inspire me and make me strive to embrace more, learn more, live more.

Exploring other people’s passions, whether fictional or real people, has helped broaden my own life experiences. I hope this new imprint with Totally Bound will help bring some new passion into your life. I know it has to mine.


unexpectedplaces_800Blurb for Unexpected Places:
Love finds you in the most unexpected places.

Carter Hausemann loves his adventures in the great outdoors. He never feels as free and happy as he does when he’s hiking up a mountain or over a desert trail. After a childhood spent locked indoors, he craves the sunlight on his face and the blanket of moonlight.

Unfortunately, he has to work, so his hiking trips aren’t as frequent as he would like.

He has a new adventure planned, but little does he know, his real adventure will start at a worn-down looking club in Odessa, Texas. Carter’s dreams of finding his perfect men will become more than fantasy, starting with one sexy leather-clad man, Eddie Canales. What starts out as a night of debauchery turns into so much more.

Like the sound of Unexpected Places? Read more here.



About Bailey
A few things about me…

I am a married to a lovely man who supports everything I do and encourages me to be myself. I am also a mom who spends most of the day writing, either on stories for books or at the blog. I love to write as much as I love to read. I am generally quiet and laid back, choosing to let things slide off me rather than stick to me and be irritating.

And it’s really hard trying to think of descriptives for myself, so I’ll just let y’all e-mail me or comment at the blog if there’s something specific you’d like to know, and spare you from reading a boring bio.

To contact/follow Bailey Bradford, you can use the following links:

Totally Bound Tour Banner


More Winner Announcements , The Week Ahead at ScatteredThoughts and Happy Fourth of July!




Happy Sunday All!  This is the lead up to the 4th of July Celebration here in the US, so preparations are underway for picnics, barbecues, and gatherings of family and friends to celebrate our country.  There will be parades and fireworks and sunburns and way too much food.  I am having people over, family and friends, so we are working to get everything ready.  Time is tight so may I wish all Americans here and abroad a Happy 4th!  I hope you all have a wonderful time!

✰And as we celebrate our Independence this 4th of July a special shout out to all the warriors out there, all the veterans and all their support at home and abroad!  A heartfelt thank you to you all for your sacrifice and duty.  You are greatly appreciated and remembered.

✰One winner announcement this week:

Winners of the Amy Lane contest are:

  • Caelum: Winner of her choice of either yarn or ebook copy of Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair
  • Rod B:   Winner of the print copy of Granby Knitting Menagerie

Congratulations to Caelum and Rod B.  Thanks to everyone who left comments and participated.


✰The Week Ahead in Reviews, Contest, and Author Interviews:

Monday, June 30:      Unexpected Places by Bailey Bradford TB Tour/Contest

Monday, June 30:      Book Blast:  Wolf Run by B.A. Tortuga (tour/contest)

Tuesday, July 1:          Author Spotlight: Madeleine Ribbon Interview and Book Tour (contest)

Tuesday, July 1:          Book Blast: Havan Fellows’ Hidden Needs Book Tour/contest

Wed., July 2:                On Tour with Rebecca Cohen and Forever Hold His Peace Book Tour/Contest

Wed., July 2:               Review: Forever Hold His Peace by Rebecca Cohen

Thursday, July 3:       Virtual Book Tour with Eric Thornton and “Absolute” (contest)

Thursday, July 3:       Eden Winter’s Diversion Book Tour and Contest

Friday. July 4:             Belligerent Beta by Poppy Dennison, Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 5:         Son of a Fish by Kenzie Cade

Saturday, July 5:         June Summary of Reviews and Best June 2014 Covers




Review: Duty to the Crown (The Crofton Chronicles #2) by Rebecca Cohen

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Duty to the Crown coverAnthony Redbourne and Sebastian Hewel, in the role of Lady Bronwyn, wife of the Earl of Crofton, are still new to their marriage and arrangement of deceit.  Madly in love with one another, Sebastian and Anthony are still adjusting to married life while making sure that their deception is kept carefully hidden or both will loose their heads. They would prefer to stay at Anthony’s country estate but orders from the Queen cannot be ignored as Queen Elizabeth requires Anthony’s assistance with a threat to the Crown.

The Queen wants Anthony to seduce Marie Valois, the beautiful daughter of a French noble who is wanted by the King of France as well as Queen Elizabeth.  Just the idea of Anthony courting and perhaps even bedding another breaks Sebastian’s heart.  Most perplexing of all, Anthony doesn’t seem to understand just how painful it would be for Sebastian to watch Anthony flirt and  wait on another.  However, Fate has someting else in store for all.  When Marie’s brother, the hot headed and handsome Nicholas, arrives at Crofton Hall, to protect his sister from the scandalous advances of Lord Redbourne, it’s Anthony who’s upset when Nicholas starts to court  Lady “Bronwyn” under his very nose.

As the plans and games shift,  Anthony soon realizes that his old ways could cost him everything he loves.  As the danger of exposure mounts, something worse lurks at the edges of court politics and family pride, especially when Sebastian’s uncle returns to the scene with his own demands.  Will Anthony and Sebastian keep their marriage and deception safe or will duty to the crown bring everything tumbling down around them.

A sequel to The Actor and The Earl, Duty to the Crown continues the mad historical romp and romance between Lord Anthony Redbourne. Earl of Crofton and Sebastian Hewell, now married to the Earl as Lady Bronwyn while still pretending to be her twin brother Sebastian as well.  Newly wed, Anthony and Sebastian are juggling their new status while trying to keep their deception a secret from the Queen and court.  Rebecca Cohen manages to combine historical accuracy and an imaginary duplicitous romance in an entertaining and totally enjoyable tale of royalty and love.

As with the first story in the series, Cohen brings the facts of life in Queen Elizabeth era to life in all its malodorous, intrigue centric, white faced glory.  From the odors of a sweltering London in the summer to the high politics and intrigue of Queen Elizabeth’s court, Cohen’s characters and settings are so vividly described that one almost flinches at the thought of walking in these character’s shoes during that time period.  With faces covered in white (ceruse) and topped off with vermilion, the sea of chalky faces, high odor, and lacy garments must have been quite a sight and smell to behold.  No heads could said to be safely sitting on their shoulders, as the Tower and the Queen’s whim were a deadly combination.  The court itself was a gossipy, envious sea of people jockeying for position and favor, where the wealthy tread carefully while sniping at each other.  Cohen does a beautiful job here with her locations and settings as all come across as authentic and believable.

Into this maelstrom of gamesmanship and politics, Cohen plops poor Sebastian, now Lady Bronwyn, who is unequipped and new to the court’s intrigue and gossip, especially where it concerns his husband’s past ways and his own “plain” appearance.  Cohen quickly builds on Sebastian’s insecurities and fear as the snide comments and glares get to Sebastian while at court.  From the scenes and dialog, the ease and safety that Anthony and Sebastian find being cocooned at Crofton Hall is dispensed with once they head to London with all its peril and dangers.  The contrast between the country and the city are remarkable just as it must have been at that time.

The romance and love affair that started in The Actor and the Earl is deepening here.  Cohen brings Anthony’s young son into the relationship with heartwarming accuracy to the times.  The interaction between “Lady Bronwyn”, Anthony, and William is a delight and it makes this family unit even more precious and endearing.   And fragile.   Because despite all the wonderful, loving scenes between Sebastian and Anthony, and his son, the reader has the knowledge in the back of their mind that all this could be taken away instantly with one terrible discovery.  The tenuousness of the arrangement and the danger inherent in the deception is a constant factor throughout the story, made more so by demands from Sebastian’s uncle and a determined suitor from France.

Anthony becomes a more accessible character here as he continues to grow and reflect on his past.  More changes are in store for the people we have met in the previous story as well.  If there is a drawback here in Duty to the Crown, it is that you must read the first story in order to understand all the events and circumstances that lead up to Sebastian and Anthony’s deception and marriage.  There is a lack of back history to this sequel that might confuse a first time reader.  That said, I feel that Duty to the Crown builds beautifully on The Actor and the Earl, deepening the relationship and romance between the main characters while adding more history and flavor to the time and setting.  I loved this story and am moving on to the third in the trilogy, Forever Hold His Peace (The Crofton Chronicles #3).

Need a new romance?  Love historical novels? Consider this story, Duty to the Crown, and The Actor and the Earl highly recommended.  Grab them both up now and start your adventure now.

Cover art: Anne Cain.  Lovely but I wish there was a bit more about the design that reflected the times and clothing.

Books in the Crofton Chronicles include:

The Actor and the Earl (The Actor and the Earl #1)
Duty to the Crown (The Actor and the Earl #2)
Forever Hold His Peace (The Actor and the Earl #3)

Buy Links: DSP    Amazon     ARe

Book Details:

ebook, 210 pages
Published March 4th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1623803691 (ISBN13: 9781623803698)
edition languageEnglish
seriesThe Crofton Chronicles #2

Heat Up with Draven St. James – Fused by Fire Book Blast




Contest:  Enter to win the Rafflecopter Prize: E-copy of any book from Draven’s backlist: Grey’s Hidden Fire, Fire and Mistletoe, Scent of a Wolf, or Covert Delivery. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  Visit the link provided below.

Book Name: Fused by Fire
Author Name: Draven St. James

Author Bio: I’m a born and raised Oregonian. I’ve traveled extensively in search of mischief and mayhem to fill my books.  My ventures have been quite successful in inspiring a wealth of stories both sexy and humorous.  It gives me a great excuse to do some crazy stuff in the name of research. Of course at the end of the day, coffee within reach, laptop at the ready is where I find my peace.

To follow Draven St. James:
Author Links:

Book Details:

DSJ_fused by Fireebook, 116 pages
Published May 20th 2014 by Loose Id
edition languageEnglish
seriesFirehouse Six #3
Cover Artist: Dar Albert
Publisher: Loose ID

Buy Links:   Amazon           ARe           Loose id LLC
Blurb(s): Michael prides himself on being the man that everyone can depend on until one of his firefighters is severely wounded on the job. Will he be allowed to process the situation alone? Not when a loud and persistent Simon Winters shows up on his doorstep. The man hasn’t met a boundary he didn’t skip across.

Simon has had the biggest crush on Lieutenant Firefighter Michael Donovan since the first day he saw him. Which just happened to be at an interview for a job to work as a firefighter. Before his desire to lick the gruff older man from head to toe affects his work, Simon transfers over to being a paramedic. Just when he’s begun to build a life that doesn’t include hot shower fantasies of Michael, the object of his angst is thrust into his path.

All too quickly, Simon begins to barrel through Michael’s defenses and dig up the desires Michael has fought so hard to hide. As passions flare out of control, tragedies collide from every side. Michael’s struggle to keep Simon at a distance starts to crumble beneath the weight of the secrets that Simon is hiding. Will Michael be able to protect Simon when he needs it the most or will he lose Simon forever?



Michael stepped forward and grabbed Simon by his shoulders. “Why are you really here?” he snarled.

“Because you’ve locked yourself away?” Simon whispered and gazed at him with eyes filled with concern.

That look stabbed into Michael. “And you care why?”

“Because…” Simon shrugged, dislodging Michael’s hold, and then cupped Michael’s face with a trembling hand. “What happened wasn’t your fault, and you needed someone to come and shove that truth into your face.”

“You picked the short straw?” Michael hated that Simon’s hand on his cheek brought him more comfort than anything else had. Just like at the hospital.

Simon shook his head, and his gaze fell to Michael’s lips. His hand came down to brush against the edge of Michael’s bottom lip. A pink flush rose along Simon’s cheeks.

Michael felt that innocent touch like a jolt through his body. He tilted Simon’s face up, and the sensual invitation in his eyes shocked and inflamed him.
He didn’t have the energy to fight against what he wanted, and right now that was Simon. With a groan of defeat, he smashed his lips to Simon’s and took the sweet oblivion that Simon offered.


FusedByFireBadgeDSJTour Dates: 6/27/14
Tour Stops: Rainbow Gold Reviews, Love Bytes, Amanda C. Stone, MM Good Book Reviews, Havan Fellows, Velvet Panic, Parker Williams, Fallen Angel Reviews, Reviews and Ramblings, Emotion in Motion, Tara Lain, My Fiction Nook, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Wicked Wolves and Dreaming Dragons, Sinfully Sexy, Top2Bottom, Iyana Jenna, Because Two Men Are Better Than One

Rafflecopter Prize: E-copy of any book from Draven’s backlist: Grey’s Hidden Fire, Fire and Mistletoe, Scent of a Wolf, or Covert Delivery.  Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Rafflecopter Code: a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the Author Spotlight: Mina MacLeod on Swords, Sorcery and Writing!


spotlight on booksSSS Edges & Embers - coverSTRW Welcomes Mina MacLeod, author of

Swords, Sorcery and Sundry into the 

Author Spotlight!




I found Mina MacLeod through her latest story, Swords, Sorcery and Sundry.  This was a wonderful story that I felt crossed not only generational lines but genres as well and I wanted to know more about this author and her plans for these characters and storyline.

Contest: Mina MacLeod graciously accepted my invite for an interview and brought along an eBook copy of Swords Sorcery and Sundry as a giveaway.  To enter to win, leave a comment and an email address where you can be reached.  Let us know if you have a favorite fantasy character(s) or duo!  Must be 18 years of age to enter.  Contest ends 7/7.


Now on with our interview:

STRW• Why fantasy?  What about this genre appeals to you?

MM: Fantasy has always been my home base—my genre of choice. I like fantasy counterpart cultures, swords, and playing with the mechanics of magic. I’ve always preferred twists on the old ideas: male-identifying wizards, and female-identifying knights. For the longest time, fantasy doorstoppers were the only novels I would read. Eventually I did branch out, but fantasy remains the genre closest to my heart and I’m always happy to return to it.

STRW• Same goes for writing in the M/M genre?

MM:   Every time someone asks me this question, I always toy with the idea of trying to sound intellectual or profound—maybe there’s a deep, hidden meaning to why M/M intrigues me so much! But the fact is that there is no reason beyond the fact that I love it. I love men; I love homosocial and homosexual relationships with all matter of complexities. Whenever I start up a new RPG, I always create/play as a man, and romance other men if the option is at all available. This doesn’t mean I don’t love all types of women; I adore well-rounded ladies—but male/male is my jam.

STRW• All three main people are wonderful characters.   They have diverse set of talents and an equality among them that works beautifully. How did you come up with the idea of a tightly knit group that had a M/M couple and a strong female presence as well?

MM:  Two Guys & A Girl has always been a group dynamic I’ve loved. I tend to prefer the friendship aspects of the trope as opposed to the potential romantic tension. Often, one of the guys and the girl hook up—which is fine, but just as I enjoy female knights and male wizards, I like going the other way with this group. In my work, the men tend to end up romantically involved, and the girl plays the strong supporting role.

As you may have guessed, I’m a gamer—mostly console, but occasional tabletop. I like having a balanced party wherein everyone has a job and no one comes off as a hanger-on or filler. On the battlefield, the trio each have a role to play (Ashe being the fighter, Sylvain the mage, and Niklas the thief) but I wanted them to complement each other out of battle, too.

As much as I adore M/M, I love stories about BFFs even more. Friendship is very important to me; I’ve had the same best friends for over twenty years, and we wouldn’t trade each other for the world. They’re the kind of friends who just barge into your house and raid your fridge without asking, the kind who can call or pop over at any time, day or night—and you can do the same to them. You can tell them anything, and they won’t turn their back on you. Those kinds of bonds are forged over years of sticking together. You have to help your friends when they screw up just as when they’re screwed over. That’s the kind of relationship I wanted Sylvain, Ashe, and Niklas to have.

STRW• Your world building is terrific from the inns and innkeepers to the “red light” districts that vary from Duchy to Duchy.  Where did you get your inspiration for them?  Do you travel and do you work that into your stories?

MM:  Why, thank you! Funnily enough, my goal with the world-building was simplicity. Don’t get me wrong; I love a fantasy world detailed from the ground up as much as the next SFF fan, but because it’s the sort of thing done so often, I purposefully went in the opposite direction. The world of SSS is revealed to the reader in bits and pieces, some of it mundane and some of it extraordinary—like that necropolis just across the way.

I try to travel whenever time/funds permit; I spent two weeks in Japan a few years back, and the love hotels and host clubs of the country fascinate me. I’m a fan of organized structure and big cities having defined districts, like Tokyo and New York. My childhood was divided between a small town and a large, diverse city, so I love exploring juxtapositions between the two. The places our heroes visit in the sequel are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Abelia.

STRW• I was thrilled to see that this is a series.  What do you have planned for our heroes and when can we expect the next book to be released?

MM:  The first adventure of the next book is actually the original finale of SSS. It’s going to kick off a large portion of the plot in the second book. Sylvain continues to grow and discover that he doesn’t fit in Muscari Aucheri as well as he used to; Niklas and Sylvain have to get used to the idea that they are lovers who happen to work together—and sometimes that work is very dangerous. While the first book was mostly episodic, the second focuses on a larger overarching plot. It might involve the necropolis from the first book … someone really should have done something about that thing by now.

I still haven’t finalized the outline, so I won’t give anything else away. However, I can say that I planned for a duology, so this will be the last book. The title will be Border Fires.

Border Fires is moving along very slowly at the moment. We are expecting our first child in the fall and are busy preparing for that. Between all that work and the day job, there isn’t much spare time these days. I hope to really dive into it on my much-anticipated year off.

STRW• I think SSS works equally well as a YA story or a M/M Romance.  Was that planned?

MM:  It was meticulously planned. I love both YA and M/M, and desperately wish there was more adventurous YA with queer relationships on the market. I’m acquainted with a lot of people who grew up knowing they didn’t fall into the heteronormative crowd; I grew up knowing I wasn’t heteronormative. I want more novels to which queer teens can better relate. The characters in SSS are all adults—mostly for the freedom of movement and backstory this gives them—but I wanted the story to be accessible for younger readers, as well.

STRW• What do you like best about writing?

MM:  Character/location sketches are the most fun jobs out of the entire process. And names. I spend a lot of time thinking about names. Sometimes I end up with an overall theme; in SSS’s world, all city names take their cues from flowers. Sometimes I go for camp, absurdity, or jokes that are (sadly) usually only funny to me. Ah, well. Can’t win ‘em all.

STRW•  What is the least favorite thing about writing for you?

MM:  The soul-crushing realization that you’ve written yourself into a corner, and you have to backtrack considerably to fix it. I also hate it when inspiration strikes and you’re powerless to act upon it, like in the middle of your workday. By the time you get to your desk/pen/paper, the drive has faded and you feel as though you’ve wasted an opportunity.

STRW•  Any favorite books that started you on the path as an author?

MM:  My very first piece of creative writing was a piece of Legend of Zelda fanfiction when I was six years old. It was pretty much exactly as you’re probably imagining it. So I can’t say any one book in particular ignited my passion for creative writing. I’ve always loved making up stories and immersing myself in other people’s stories. Some of my favorite books include Bridge of Birds, The Gentleman Bastard, Snow Crash, The Dresden Files, the Hurog duology, and probably a thousand others I’m forgetting. Five minutes from now, I am going to think of 50 other titles I should have included here.

Thank you so much for having me! It was a pleasure to answer your questions. And if anyone decides to give SSS a chance, thank you so much! I’m humbled and grateful.

STRW• Thank you, Mina, for stopping by.  Readers, I have the book details and blurb below.  My review can be found here.  If you love fantasy, no matter your age, you will want to pick this story up!  I highly recommend it to all no matter your age!  High adventure awaits inside!

Mina MacLeod is a bilingual, bisexual Canadian living with her husband in Montreal. A geek at heart, she drives fast and plays with knives, balancing a career with a love for queer media. She has a thing for men who have a thing for men.

You can follow Mina MacLeod at:



SSS Edges & Embers - coverBook Details:

ebook, 330 pages, m/m for YA or Adults, friendship only m/f
Published May 21st 2014 by Less Than Three Press LLC
original titleSwords, Sorcery, and Sundry
edition languageEnglish

Buy Links:      Less Than Three Press      Amazon         ARe

Wizard Sylvain just wants to sit down and have a drink, after days of walking when a shortage of funds forced him to sell his horse. Soldier Ashe would like to enjoy her evening, and not have it ruined by trouble. Assassin Niklas wishes they had both minded their own business and not made his bad night worse.

The bar they accidentally burn down is only the beginning, and they quickly learn that if they are to survive their penchant for trouble, teamwork will get them farther than standing alone.




Review: Swords, Sorcery, and Sundry (Edges & Embers #1) by Mina MacLeod

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

 A wizard, a soldier, and an assassin walk into a bar … 

SSS Edges & Embers - coverWizard Sylvain has just recently arrived in Abelia, the large capital of the Firmiana Duchy.  He’s hot, tired and just wants a drink before going up to his rooms.  Soldier Ashe is at a table nearby wanting to enjoy her food and  friendly banter with the bar owner.  Assassin Niklas is situated right in the middle, with an agenda of his own and hopes not to be interfered with.  Alas, once the trouble starts and it seems that Niklas has been ganged up on, then Sylvain and Ashe just naturally jump into the fray with sword and sorcery at hand.

But quickly things go awry as Sylvain accidentally sets the bar on fire and the culprits escape.  No one has any money to pay for the damages they caused.  With the Duchy’s guards at the door, and gold needed to repair the damage to the hotel and bar, the wizard, the assassin, and the warrior team up (it was their fault after all) to earn the money they required to keep them out of the jail and maybe make them even solvent.  But the mission they were hired for will take them into the Deadlands and in order to survive, the three will have to become a team to contend with.  What happens when a wizard, an assassin and a soldier combine and become something much more than any of them expected….

 When a story opens with a tongue in cheek reference to a long-standing bar joke, I just knew I was in for a rollicking great time and Mina MacLeod’s Swords, Sorcery & Sundry delighted me at every turn.  How I loved this story and MacLeod’s characters! From the very premise,three disparate people meet in a bar and bonding over a combined debt, I was hooked. And I stayed that way to the end of this adventure and the possibility of a series.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Swords, Sorcery and Sundry is that wonderful and rare story that be listed either as a YA book or M/M Romance, an element that was intentional on the author’s part.  That is due largely because it is a story about the tight bonds of friendship first, and then the beginnings of a m/m romance between two of the friends secondly.  But always it is the ties of friendship that guides them and forms them into a family of sorts as well as a business.

Mina MacLeod has created some very charismatic characters for her story.  At first we are as much of a stranger to them as they are to each other.  Then believably that changes as a financial debt none can pay forces them to work together. I love watching the characters open up and reveal parts of themselves and their stories as the mission continues.  It felt both fantastical and realistic.  As the story progresses so does the friendship go from one of expediency to one of choice and close fellowship, the bonds shifting from the shallow need of a combined debt to  deep sense of comradeship and closeness.

All of the characters are both strong, equal in their own powers and talents, and open about their chances of success and pasts.  This turns out to be a close-knit group of friends.  Ashe, the women, is an amazing swords person and warrior.  Trust me, she needs no champion here, she is the champion.  She is sarcastic, smart, easy in her own skin, and doesn’t need a man to make her life fulfilling (although she doesn’t mind one on the side).  Nor does she fall in love with either of her friends.  What a relief!  A marvelous character you will connect with immediately no matter what manner of adventures or goings on she is involved in. Sylvain is a wizard, from the Muscari Aucheri kingdom of wizardry.  He is the first of the trio we meet as he forlornly enters Abelia on foot, having sold his precious mare to get the funds needed to eat and find room.  No longer in good standing at the Wizard Academy (no spoilers zone), he is at loose ends when he arrives at The Beckoning Siren Inn.  Disheveled, tired and thirty, it is still easy to see that Sylvain is a good compassionate man, haunted by his past but ready to move forward but where?  I loved Sylvain because while he has power, he is not a powerful presence and doesn’t dominate the proceedings or the other friends.  And then there is Niklas Valconaire, an assassin of great skill and little desire to be an assassin.  The dichotomy that is Niklas continues throughout the story. A tender killer, a shadow of death that covets life.  And Niklas is well aware of  the handsome wizard he is traveling with.   Niklas is the one character whose past is still waiting to be revealed whereas Ashe and Sylvain’s histories will become known by the end of their story.

There is a m/m romance here.  It’s sweet and gentle, even given the participants.  A first true relationship for both,and neither wants it to impede their friendship. So a dance begins between them that lasts the journey and the end of this tale.  But as I stated, their romance is a side issue, its the friendship that blossoms between them as they learn they can counter on each other to have their backs and support when needed.  Also a good joke, a flagon of wine, and perhaps even a lovely replacement mare, these are friends at ease with one another no matter the setting or situation they find themselves in.  That’s the best element of this story and reason alone to buy this book.

MacLeod has created a vivid, magical landscape for her friends to journey through.  It’s fraught full with the living dead, familiars, evil rulers and yes, corrupt businessman.  Not even fantasy can let us escape those.  And along for the journey is the new company born out of need and finalized in camaraderie. Swords, Sorcery & Sundry, a name picked by Ashe to Sylvain’s disgruntlement and  Niklas’ amusement as a way to sell their talents as a group.  As Sylvain is quick to point out time and again, he is not a sorcerer but a wizard.  But as Ashe remarks that doesn’t make a snappy title for their business and so a new venture is born.  And a series as well.

At the end of 330 pages, I still wanted their adventures together to continue.  I wanted more of their snark and funny dialogs, more of the surprises that are revealed along with new talents, and more of the marvelous friendship exhibited by all three.  Luckily for us all, Mina MacLeod is turning this story and characters into a series, Edges & Embers.   I can’t wait to see what new escapades and dangers will befall them.   All I know is that my expectations are as high as my excitement over this series and a new author to love.  Consider Swords, Sorcery and Sundry (well you can’t very well advertise Assassinations can you?) a must read and highly recommended story. I think you will love it as much as I do.

Happy Reading!

Cover art by Le Burden Design.  I am a fan of the old cover design favored here.  Lovely job.

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Book Details:

ebook, 330 pages
Published May 21st 2014 by Less Than Three Press LLC
original titleSwords, Sorcery, and Sundry
edition languageEnglish

On Tour with Lee Brazil and the “Less Than All” Book Blast



ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords is happy to welcome Lee Brazil here today.  Lee is one of our favorite authors, most notably through the Pulp Friction author group and series.  Today Lee is talking about his latest release, Less Than All.  Be sure to check out the excerpt that follows further down in the post and the contest for a $10 All Romance Gift Card.



Book Name: Less Than All
Author Name: Lee Brazil
Author Bio:

Somewhere in a small town in up-state New York are a librarian and a second grade teacher to whom I owe my life. That might be a touch dramatic, but it’s nevertheless one hundred percent true.

Because they taught me the joy of reading, of escaping into worlds crafted of words.

Have you ever been nine years old and sure of nothing so much as that you don’t belong? Looked at the world from behind glasses, and wondered why you don’t fit?

Then turn the page and see… there you are, running from Injun Joe in a dark graveyard; there you are fencing with Athos; there you are…beneath the deep blue sea- marveling at exotic creatures with Captain Nemo.

I found myself between the pages of books, and that is why I write now, it’s why I taught English and literature for so many years, and it’s why my house contains more pounds of books than furniture.

If I’d had my way, I’d have been a fencer…or a starship captain, or a lawyer, or a detective solving crimes. But instead, I am a writer, and that’s the best thing in the world to be if you ask me, because as a writer, I can be all those things and more.

If I hadn’t learned to value the stories between the pages, who knows what would have happened? Certainly not college…teaching…or writing.

Author Links:
Twitter: @leebrazil

Less-Than-All400x600Book Details:
Cover Artist: Laura Harner
Photograph: Dan Skinner
Publisher: Lime Time Press

Nicholas Danville doesn’t trust his lover to share the depth of his attraction.He knows full well Victor must marry to fulfill his duty to his aristocratic family. Assuredly marriage will mean the end of their liaison.

A youthful indiscretion leads to a humiliating encounter between Nicholas Danville and Lord Victor Ware. Nicholas is sent home in disgrace, and Victor continues life in the Ton. Years later, Nicholas’s reproving parents send him to town to attain a degree of polish before he prepares for life as a member of the clergy.

A chance encounter with an old friend leads to a new confrontation between Nicholas and Victor. This time, the attraction between them burns brighter, Nicholas is old enough to know his own mind, and Victor is done with self-denial.

From ballrooms to gardens and opera houses, Victor sets about proving that a passionate liaison between two men is possible even under the narrow gaze of the Ton.


Peter had evidently taken the time to pull his glossy Hessians back on because Victor had swallowed half the glass before he heard the door click behind him. Lifting the glass to study the amber liquid in the firelight, he spoke without turning around.

“I pay you an adequate allowance to cover your own establishment Peter, exactly because I do not wish to find hordes of drunken revelers have invaded my home.”

“I’m glad for Peter’s sake that you’re a generous man, My Lord Ware. But I’d hardly call our little gathering a horde.”

Victor whirled about to find Danville lounging in altogether too close a proximity. A single lingering glance impressed upon Victor the slender lithe frame, lovingly outlined by tight buff colored breeches, fine white linen shirt open at the neck. Both his discreetly embroidered waistcoat and his black tailcoat hung open. Danville’s inappropriate dishabille enticed him as the devil tempted sinners. He held up a hand as though to ward off the smaller man, but Danville stepped impossibly closer, and Victor groaned as his blood thrummed and his head swam.

Strong arms wrapped around his neck, tugging his head down, and soft wet lips pressed lightly against his mouth. “I’ve waited years for this moment, Ware.”

Then Victor gave up listening, gave up fighting the response of his body as an agile tongue probed the seam of his lips, seeking entrance. He accepted Nicky’s kiss, opened his mouth to suck at the questing tongue. He chased Nicky’s tongue for what seemed like ages, his body hardening and heating with lust.

His arms closed around Nicky’s slender waist, hauling the man close so he could seek solace for the ache of his prick in grinding against the silk of Nicky’s evening breeches. The shattering of his whiskey glass on the hearth broke the mood, and Nicky pulled away, retreating to the door.

“I’m going now.” He paused, hand on the doorknob. A strangely earnest expression crossed his face as he tilted his head to glance back at the stunned Victor. “Shall I return? Or do you forbid Peter’s friends the run of your home?”

He slipped from the room while Victor struggled to frame a coherent response.


Tour Dates: June 26, 2014

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Review: Voodoo ‘n’ Vice (Galactic Alliance #3) by K.C. Burn

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Voodoo n Vice coverIn his anger and obedience to fleet rules and regulations, fleet captain Gideon Arcturus makes a serious error in judgement regarding the Ankyros Ambassador and his lover.  The repercussions from that disastrous event finds Gideon banished to Elora Ki, the compost heap of the galaxy.  Disgraced and demoted, Gideon is now a subordinate to a man he viewed as an inferior and considered an embarrassment to his wealthy and influential father.

Gideon’s last romantic entanglement was a nasty set up by a rival officer that almost cost him everything.  But during a visit to Voodoo, a seedy club in the first district on Elora Ki, Gideon watches a fire dancer on the stage and can’t get him out of his mind.

Tai is a fire dancer with his own secrets and disasterous past.  Hiding out on Elora Ki seems like the answer to his problems, at least for now.  His unique style of dancing keeps Tai from an even worst profession, that of a prostitute on a world that looks down on homosexuality.  He sees what it has cost his friend and roommate and Tai swears that he will never be paid for sex.  Then Tai watches a stiff, reserved freckled man standing at the bar watching him intently.  It’s Gideon on enforced leave.  Soon the sparks fly between them. Before long Tai and Gideon spend every night of his leave together, forming a bond neither wants to break.

But an illegal, addictive  drug, Flare, is being distributed in and around the clubs and brothels.The trade in Flare on Elora Ki and off planet comes under the scruntity of Gideon and the fleet.  Its a drug that almost cost Gideon his life and hurt his career. But it hits much closer to home as a drug lord focuses on Tai, threatening his safety and all associated with him.  Its up to Gideon to save Tai, and destroy the drug ring…but what if Tai’s secret poses an even bigger threat to them all.

When it comes to science fiction, the genre almost always falls on either side of a technology line.  On  one side you have the tech-heavy, science centric fiction and on the other side there’s the fiction that goes off into space, riding an author’s wild imaginative path to intergalactic adventure outside the boundaries of known cosmology and spatial dynamics.  It’s here that you might  find goofy aliens, space outlaws, and heros of all shapes, sizes, and species.  While I appreciate the first science fiction group of writers (think Arthur C. Clarke among others), its the wide open unknown spaces that grab my affection and reading time.  You have a multi-hued, three toed alien for no other reason than you wanted one?  Cool.  I get that.  I want one too.  And throw in the amorphous sparkly blob with the personality of Arthur Gottfried too while you are at it.  Doubly cool.  I appreciate one form but I love the other in much the same way someone might cooly admire a beautifully made model spacecraft but hug the furry spotted one eyed stuffed animal.

So it won’t surprise you that the Galactic Alliance series by K.C. Burn falls somewhat into the latter category and that I have become very fond of this series. It features a dead Earth with what’s left of its race scattered to the stars.  Where of course, they encounter the Ankyros, a lavender alien species that must have three beings to reproduce and have a family unit.  They evolved from a type of herbivore , a grazer with a hive racial organization and two distinct body types(not sexes).  The Ankyros get even crazier in culture and physiological description but meeting them is one of the joys of this series.  There was a war between the humans and the Ankyros, just recently over with all sorts of complications and reverberations for both.  If you had to sit down and make sense of it all, than you won’t enjoy this book or series.  But if you can just take it as is, then the entertainment and fun that K.C. Burns has in store for you has just begun.

The first story, Spice ‘n’ Solace (Galactic Alliance #1), introduces you to Jathan One-Moon, Galactic Alliance’s most important negotiator, and his lover, the brothel owner, Kaz. It is also our first introduction to that seediest of seedy outposts, Elora Ki.   Book two, Alien ‘n’ Outlaw (Galactic Alliance #2), brings the Ankyros species into sharp relief with its center story of a romance between an elusive human thief Darien Lancaster and R’kos, son of the Ankylos Emperor.  Until now, that has been my favorite. But with Voodoo ‘n’ Vice K.C. Burns deepens her plot with the misery that drug addiction brings along with a new race of aliens that has subjugated humans and manipulated their DNA.

Again its Burn’s characters that are easy to love.  Tai, the fire dancer with a huge secret to hide and Gideon, the 30 year old repressed gay son of an influential military family with an austere, controlling patriarch at its head.  Both are easy people to connect with and ultimately love. Gideon is the character that has the farthest to grow, from an upright, humorless Captain to someone capable of seeing the gray in a situation and being flexible enough to love and accept love, regardless of whether it comes from a human or alien source.   His growth as a character is realistic as are his actions and fear of romantic entanglements. Burn’s is also setting up her next story in the series with Gideon’s replacement, Sven, and Tai’s roommate who undergoes a traumatic event. At least I am hoping to see each of them once more.  They deserve a HEA too.

Seedy, disreputable and wild, Elora Ki is such a vibrant, alive location, just as important in this book as the people who inhabit it.  A sort of wild frontier where almost anything goes and everyone who comes there has a story, I enjoy the new districts or levels that K.C. Burns invents for each couple and story.  New “red light” districts, new nightclubs with owners both illegal and honorable.  They are as much fun as the plots wrapped around them.  There is also an ugliness and horror to its neighborhoods, it has its own tenements and squalor recognizable outside the realm of the safe and well off.  It works well to balance off the glitzy clubs and bars where everyone works at some profession. It’s a stratified society where some of its most important citizens are also among its most mean and conniving.  That works well too.

The romance here arrives quickly but I can forgive that as each man is so in need of each other.  I love the tattoos that decorate Tai’s body and the fascinating history behind them provided by the author. I hope this is not the last we have  heard of Tai’s planet and people.  Again, there will be parts here that make little sense if you are looking for a scientific foundation upon which to lay Burn’s creations.  Think more Marvel Comics than American Scientific Journal, but its in her descriptions that these people, their histories and their love for each other comes alive.    That makes the astounding beings, places, and events here jump with possibility and magic as well as an intergalactic love that feels not only reasonable but right.

I love this story and definitely recommend it to all who can suspend belief in the real and supposed futures set forth by science fiction authors and scientists alike.  K.C. Burn gives us the human element and spirit alive and kicking in a galactic space not always open to humanity and the chaos we bring with us. I read the first two books out of order and it didn’t seem to make that much a difference after going back to Solace ‘n’ Spice.  In fact I enjoyed getting to know the Ankyros people in Alien ‘n’ Outlaw first, and then pick up small pieces of intelligence about them in book one.  You decide the order in which to read the first two stories, but Voodoo ‘n’ Vice should definitely be read third in order for all the events and people who pop up to make sense.

Cover art by an uncredited artist is perfect for the fire dancer Tai and Gideon.

Buy Links:   Carina Press       Amazon             ARe

Book Details:

Kindle Edition
Published May 26th 2014 by Carina Press (first published January 1st 2014)
edition languageEnglish
seriesGalactic Alliance #3

Books in the Galactic Alliance series in the order they were written and should be read:

Spice ‘n’ Solace (Galactic Alliance #1)
Alien ‘n’ Outlaw (Galactic Alliance #2)
Voodoo ‘n’ Vice (Galactic Alliance #3)

Author Spotlight:G.B. Lindsey & “One Door Closes” Book Tour/Contest


spotlight on booksOne Door Closes Banner


 Author and Book Spotlight: Up Close and Personal with G. B. Lindsey!

ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords welcomes G.B. Lindsey into the spotlight to talk about writing, inspiration and what makes a character a hero.

G.B. Lindsey has two giveaways for readers to enter. Look for the details below. Welcome, G.B.Lindsey!


STRW: Why did you choose to write M/M stories?

G.B. Lindsey: It started out as completely unexplored territory for me as a writer, both in terms of the physical elements and the desire to portray a convincing homosexual relationship. Thank god, though: I quickly learned that it was all about writing a convincing relationship, full stop. Relationships of all kinds are the basis for most of the really interesting drama. Real people leading real lives, juggling the same things that everyone else juggles. So they have the same sexual organs as each other. Big deal. Nowadays, the gripping part is not the M/M so much as the emotional impact two people can have on each other. Since there is still a significant societal taboo involving men being emotional, especially toward each other, I also see it as a challenge: to bring forward the ways that emotion and masculinity are not mutually exclusive. In the wider frame, I really love the chance to (hopefully) introduce more readers to the fact that relationships are relationships are relationships: gay, straight, bi-, trans-, inter-, a-, omni-… We all struggle with a lot of the same questions. M/M stories started out as the gateway for me to tackle these themes as a writer, and I’ve learned a hell of a lot in the process, both about writing and about human beings. For that reason, I feel I’m always going to love writing M/M.

STRW: What was your inspiration for this particular story?

G.B. Lindsey:  My agent is the one who approached me and my co-writers Libby Drew and Diana Copland with the original idea. We were all on board from minute one. The premise was just too juicy to pass up: one of those story ideas that hits you low in the gut, and you know that it could be awesome. I like to think that Libby, Diana, and I inspired each other during the creation of our separate characters. It was fantastic to play off of each other, to fill in holes and likewise find our gaps closed by what was going on in the other two novellas, to toss questions at each other and find ready observations and answers. As far as other influences, when I write I take a lot from observing what goes on around me in my day to day life. The character of Glenna Stuart specifically was influenced by several people I’ve met over the years regarding the questions she raises about sexuality and identity. She worries about some extremely intimate, important things that I feel should be explored, contemplated, better understood.

STRW: What makes a character a hero to you?

G.B. Lindsey:  Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve thought about characters in terms of heroism until now! I usually think about them in terms of realism, conviction, how convincing they are, how much their motivations resonate with me as a reader/writer… It could be the most despicable character in the world, but if I am convinced, if I think it reads true, then I’m usually fascinated, anxious to pick apart how it was done from the writing standpoint. What makes a character a hero to me? Someone who isn’t afraid to be him or herself, I think. It’s been my own particular struggle as I’ve grown up. I was fairly quiet, taught myself early not to make waves, didn’t like standing out, and thus tended to let myself get pushed around or taken advantage of. It’s been a long journey, re-teaching myself that I have a voice, and that my opinions and ideas are not automatically less important than others’. I’m still learning it. I find a character heroic when he or she does what is right, what he or she believes to be best, and of course, when he or she can learn from the past and adapt, learn, keep reaching out even when burned.

STRW:  How much research to you do for any particular story?

G.B. Lindsey:   It depends on the story. For instance, at the moment, I’m working on a novel that requires quite a bit of delving into psychoses, firearms, law enforcement… I joke that I have probably finagled myself a nice NSA file, what with the websites I’ve been frequenting. One Door Closes didn’t require the same amount of research; we looked into property law, civil law, and the foster system, which I didn’t know that much about. But I love the research aspect. It’s one of my favorite parts of writing fiction. I used to just salivate over Michael Crichton’s novels because, wow, think of all the amazing things he got to dabble in! For fun! Because he wanted to! I would have loved to research for his books.

STRWIs there any specific genre of writing you don’t connect with and which ones are your favorite to write?

G.B. Lindsey:  Mystery is the genre I connect with the least. Not that I don’t love to watch mysteries. Sherlock Holmes and Brother Cadfael are two of my favorite characters ever, and both are amazing to read and watch. But I rarely write mystery, and I don’t read much of it unless it’s also thriller or horror. It’s just not a genre that piques my creative interest. The writing aspect of it turns me off because it’s rare that I visualize a plot so well right away that I can effectively craft the mystery and not give everything away too soon. I’ve tried, and I’ve been happy with the product, but yeah, definitely not my favorite. My favorite genre to write is Horror. It’s a heavily underappreciated genre in terms of “good literature” (and don’t even get me started on that argument because we’ll be here all night) and it’s one of the best ways to comment on societal fears. I’m pretty much addicted to horror films. It’s difficult to find good horror in Hollywood these days, so when I come across a movie or a book that really deliciously scares me, you’re probably going to hear about it. There’s a real beauty in turning a phrase in just the right way to send chills prickling over someone’s skin. My second favorite genre is Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction, and that is the best way to comment on society as a whole. Again, underrated by the Powers That Be. Again, they are wrong, wrong, wrong. What a fantastic thing, post-apocalyptic sci-fi!

STRW:  Thank you so much for stopping by.  That was a great interview.

For more information about G.B. Lindsey and her latest release, One Door Closes, visit the links below.

Special Note:  To listen to an audio recording of G.B. Lindsey reading the first ten minutes of the book, visit here.  

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Author Bio: G. B. Lindsey was born and raised in California, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz. Her first love has always been writing: as a child, she cultivated such diverse goals as becoming “a cowgirl… and a writer” or “a paleontologist… and a writer.” Aside from her salacious and ongoing affair with the horror genre, she loves to write sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, and short stories. Other hobbies include playing the piano, reading voraciously, the occasional period drama movie night, and devouring scary film after scary film. She recently moved back home from Newcastle upon Tyne, where she earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing, and now lives in Sacramento.

You can follow G.B. Lindsey at:
Goodreads Author Page Website Twitter
mail at

Facebook One Door Closes

About One Door Closes: Blurb:   Years ago, Calvin Ware found a refuge in Neverwood, a home for wayward boys. Now, following the death of his foster mother Audrey, he’s returned to fulfill her request to restore the decrepit Victorian mansion to its former purpose. Under the threat of repossession, Cal clashes with his foster brothers over restoration plans while fending off the unscrupulous developer who is breathing down his neck. Audrey’s well-meaning presence in his dreams does more harm than good as he struggles to cope with it all. What’s more, the contractor he hires to get the building up to code turns out to be Will Cabot, his high school flame. As they begin working together, Cal finds he still has feelings for his first love. But his mistakes of years ago threaten their future, just as they ruined their past, and Cal knows he can’t withstand the heartbreak a second time Three foster brothers are called home to Neverwood, the stately Pacific Northwest mansion of their youth. They have nothing in common but a promise to Audrey, the woman they all called mother…

Book Details:

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 30th 2014 by Carina Press
edition languageEnglish
Buy Links:  Barnes & Noble     Amazon






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