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There’s a LGBTQ Town Out West

Calling Your Name!  Meet

Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley and it’s newest story, Snake Charmer!



Join Carol Lynne on her blog tour to celebrate the release of Snake Charmer. Find out more about her and her writing as each day she reveals answers to more questions.

Contest:  Don’t miss out on the fun by entering for your chance to win a bundle of eBooks from Carol’s backlist with Totally Bound Publishing here. The competition will run from the 28th July-12th August to celebrate the launch of this new title Snake Charmer, with winners being announced at the Totally Bound facebook release party on 12th August.


Five facts about Cattle Valley You Didn’t Know About Cattle Valley!

1. The main threesome in Cattle Valley started as secondary characters in the Good-Time Boys series.

2. Cattle Valley is a fictitious town west of Sheridan, Wyoming. Shhh, don’t say that out loud because some people still like to believe. It’s kind of like Santa Claus.

3. I have yet to talk to a reader of the series who does not wish the town was a real community.

4. The Grizzly Bar is actually a real bar that I visited in Roscoe, Montana. Visited, drank in, it’s all the same thing. Oh, actually, I believe I also played slots in the back.

5. After Obama was first elected President of the United States, I received numerous emails from readers around the world asking how the residents felt about the outcome. It truly broke my heart to inform readers that Cattle Valley was not a real town.


snakecharmer_800Blurb for Snake Charmer:

Sometimes it takes finding an opposite to show us the beauty within ourselves.

When security consultant and ex-mercenary, Gabrielo ‘Snake’ Barbas, thwarts an attack of one of his co-workers, Riley Banks, he takes it upon himself to keep the smaller man safe. His job is made harder when he discovers the attacker is actually Riley’s ex-boyfriend, a ruthless man from a very wealthy and powerful family.

After a night of passion, Snake decides to take Riley far away from Richmond, Virginia to a town in Wyoming for the annual Cattle Valley Days celebration. He should have known that sex with Riley wouldn’t be enough, but he feels he has nothing else to give such a nice guy. Riley is the sexiest man Snake’s ever taken to his bed despite Riley’s claim otherwise.

Riley knows he’s average-looking at best, so why does Snake continue to flatter him? It’s obvious he’s not going to kick Snake out of bed, even after Snake informs him that sex is all he has to give. Why does Snake see him so differently than the rest of the world?

While Riley is busy trying to figure out the man who touches him like no other has before, Snake is busy trying to protect him from a monster in a business suit.

Like the sound of Snake Charmer? You can purchase from Totally Bound today right here!

Carol Lynne Bio:

An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. Carol juggles between being a full-time mother and a full-time writer. These days, you can usually find Carol either cleaning jelly out of the carpet or nestled in her favourite chair writing steamy love scenes.

Find out more  about Carol Lynne and her books at  her Author Page at Totally Bound 

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Virtual Book Tour: A Kate Paddington Interview on her book, “Platonic” and Writing (contest)




 Kate Paddington is here today to climb into ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWord’s author armchair for an interview.  I am happy to have Kate here today to talk about her latest release, her thoughts on writing and inspiration. Plus Kate has brought along a contest to celebrate Platonic’s release.

Contest: Kate will be awarding a $25 Barnes & Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $25 Barnes & Noble GC and a print edition of Bleeding Heart (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn host. A free download of an Interlude Press eBook title or an author/book swag pack (US ONLY) will be awarded to one randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter at each stop during the tour.

My interview with Kate Paddington on writing, Platonic and inspiration:

STRW:  What was the inspiration behind Platonic?

Kate P: It started as an idea I had for fan fiction. The relationship between two characters in a TV show hadn’t developed the way I wanted it to – their relationship on screen eventually devolved into a cheating storyline and a break up. I was frustrated and wanted to write a love story where high school sweethearts broke up, then grew up and really figured themselves out, and then came back together to try again as adults. Ultimately I wanted a happy ending love story for two flawed, young individuals and to do that with the original characters I came up with, I had to have them apart for almost a decade.

STRW:   How much research do you do for a story?

Kate P: It is more a story of imagination and storytelling than research and fortunately, the settings were very familiar to me. I know the two main settings, London and New York, as I’ve lived in the former while working at Imperial College and have accumulated several months in the latter. The world of academia and study is familiar as well, although I had to spend quite a while figuring out the US college and legal systems.

STRW:   Which do you choose?  Hero or Antihero?

Kate P:  Antihero, I think, though I am grimacing at the idea. I don’t write the kind of conflicts that need heroes, no epic struggles or evils. I tend to be more interested in character stories about normal people so it’s hard to imagine any of them as heroes. They’re just people, good and bad, and I’ll admit my favorite character in the book probably is more bad than good and that’s why I chose antihero, but I don’t really see my characters or my experiences in the hero/antihero sphere.

STRW:   What genres inspire you?

Kate P:  I read a lot of young adult and fantasy/adventure, which seems strange now that I’m writing erotic romance. They’re the genres I grew up with and I’m more comfortable taking ideas from there, turns of phrase or character traits, and working them into my own stuff than I am being inspired by other peoples’ romance fiction—I never want to accidently take someone else’s work and write my own too close up against it!

STRW:    What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Kate P:  Finding time, definitely just the finding of time. And I envy anyone who has a problem that isn’t temporal. In the last six months I’ve completed this novel and moved through all the editing processes, I’ve spent two months in the US, some of which was for science conferences. I’ve written up my PhD as well as three or four scientific papers. No one at my day job suspects I’m juggling more than just the usual academic/PhD workload. So right now, I don’t have enough time to write as much fiction as I want. I look forward to the day when I might discover what else I will struggle with!

STRW:    Write what you know or does that even matter?

Kate P:   I think it should be something more like ‘Don’t write what you don’t want to figure out’. I think that’s less limiting and less obviously fallible. I don’t know what a Stanford law degree entails, or fashion design, or gay sex, or how to cook as well as Mark, or the kind of romance my characters experience. That might not be my world, but I’ve put in the time to figure it out. I research where I need to. Direct experience isn’t the only way of learning, and I think limiting authors to what they know can limit literature. But I think what you are writing you need to be interested in and keen to learn about. Otherwise what’s the point?

STRW:   Have you always written M/M?

Kate P:  I actually only started writing m/m about three years ago. Before that I wrote hetrosexual erotica and before that I wrote het romance. Most of this was in fan fiction form, based off of relationships (or relationships I wanted to see) in TV shows and they just happened to all be between a man and a woman (or a male alien and female alien that one time…). In my mind, romance is romance and I can write both without much bother. There are things that make writing or reading two men together better than a straight couple but then there are things I like about writing straight couples, too.

Thanks so much for the chance to chat today! I am very excited to have people reading my novel and happy to talk about it as much as anyone will listen!


Cover_Platonic “Platonic” BLURB:

Mark Savoy and Daniel O’Shea were high school sweethearts who had planned their forevers together. But when Mark goes to college in California rather than following Daniel to New York, he embarks on a decade-long search for independence, sexual confidence and love.

When Mark lands a job in New York and crosses Daniel’s path, they slowly rebuild their fractured friendship through texts and emails. If they finally agree to see each other, will they be able to keep it platonic? Or will the spark of a long-lost love reignite just as Daniel accepts a job overseas?

Platonic is a story of trials, growth, and knowing how to learn lessons from the past to build a future.

Platonic Excerpt:

“Why did you ask me?” Daniel asks, genuinely curious.

“That’s unfair. I’ve been asking you all night why you came.”

Daniel holds his gaze. “You know that night in the bar, when I ran into you?” Mark tilts his head—he remembers. “You asked me to email you and your eyes were wide and pleading and there was no way I was going to be able to say no to you. I remember wondering if you used the same face on juries, to get your way in court. I guess what I’m saying is that I still don’t know how to say no to you. I still don’t know how anyone does.”

Time stops around them, stutters and then kicks back in when their eyes slip away from each other. Neither one of them knows what this is or what to do with it. Neither of them walked into this dinner tonight thinking “seduction” or “relationship” or “date” or anything like that. They were far too busy not thinking it.

“Did you want to say no?” Mark asks.

“Of course not. I wanted to come. Of course I did, Mark.” And then somehow they’re touching. Without giving it any conscious thought, Daniel has reached across the space between them and caught one of Mark’s hands in his.

The realization that they are touching comes slowly to Mark; his nerves feel sluggish, his brain has trouble processing the simplicity of the touch, just skin on skin, not intimate or unwelcome or leading to anything. But Daniel is touching him—and not briefly, not fleetingly, he’s holding on—and suddenly it all rushes back through Mark and he never, ever wants to let go.

Not ever. This is it. Daniel is it. He always was.

“You broke my heart.”


VBT_Platonic_CoverBannerAUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kate Paddington wrote her first work of fan fiction at age 12. Today, at age 26, she has degrees in philosophy and chemistry, and is currently completing a PhD in biophysics. A native of Australia, she has published numerous academic papers as part of her research. Platonic is her first novel.

You can contact/follow Kate Paddington at the following links:

Buy link:  Interlude Press

 Contest Details:  Kate will be awarding a $25 Barnes & Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $25 Barnes & Noble GC and a print edition of Bleeding Heart (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn host. A free download of an Interlude Press eBook title or an author/book swag pack (US ONLY) will be awarded to one randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter at each stop during the tour.


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Book Blast: On Tour with Smoke and Mirrors by Lillian T. MacGowan




Book Name: Smoke and Mirrors
Author Name: Lillian T. MacGowan

Author Bio: You can usually find Lily MacGowan reading, knitting herself into the sofa, or writing. Lily has been a carpenter, a circus aerialist, a Sunset Strip club kid and a corporate mogul, but she gave all that up to teach middle school on the east coast and is happier than ever. Lily’s hobbies include food, household renovations and avoiding laundry. She’s a huge fan of comfy jammies and happily ever after.

LM_SmokeandMirrors Big


Book Details:

Cover Artist: Kalen O’Donnell
Publisher: Loose-Id
Buy Link:    At Loose-id


Firefighter Frank “Deck” Dekker was just doing his job when he saved Dr. Naim Moreau’s life, the last thing he expected was to lose his heart! But he can’t resist his quiet, mysterious doctor, nor does he want to. He wants to make a life with Naim—preferably locked away in his apartment worshipping each other like they were meant to be. Because they are.

Things aren’t as clear for Naim. His past haunts him to his soul, and he would rather die than let Deck seem him the way he sees himself. Being honest with Deck and showing his true face could cause him to lose Deck forever. But is it possible that just maybe Deck will see another man? A beautiful man? And what price is Naim willing to pay to take that chance?




Naim’s cheeks flushed, and his eyes darted away from Deck’s as he turned toward the wall for gloves, only to find an empty box. He turned back to Deck and frowned.

“Right. We uh…” Naim looked at Deck, one eyebrow up, while Deck cringed. “We kinda used them all up making glove balloons,” he muttered. The corners of the doctor’s mo uth quivered and it seemed like he was struggling to look severe. “The nurse brought more. They’re”—Deck scanned the room—“they’re over there.” He pointed to the counter next to the sink. See? He was helping.

Sighing, Naim walked over to grab the box of gloves.

Fuck. Those scrubs were clingy. And thin. And clingy. And fuck, he was beautiful. Deck stared as Naim walked back to him and silently removed the empty box from the dispenser, replacing it with the new one. What were scrubs made of anyway? Fucking butterfly wings? Spider webs? God he looked so good in them. Argh. Brain then mouth, dude, brain then mouth…

“I like your scrubs.” FUUUUCK.

SmokeandMirrorsBadgeTour Dates: 8/5/14

Tour Stops: Parker Williams, LeAnn’s Book Reviews, MM Good Book Reviews, My Fiction Nook, Love Bytes, Cate Ashwood, Tara Lain, Prism Book Alliance, Full Moon Dreaming, Because Two Men Are Better Than One, GGR-Reviews, Jade Crystal, Fallen Angel Reviews, Boy Meets Boy Reviews, Hearts on Fire, Sinfully Sexy, Havan Fellows, The Hat Party, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words

Contest: Rafflecopter Prize: E-Copy of the book Smoke and Mirrors by Lillian T. MacGowan.  Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  Use the Rafflecopter link below for the entry form and additional information.

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Rocking Out with Morticia Knight on her Rockin’ the Alternative Totally Bound Book Tour (contest)



WHP_Morticia Knight_Book Tour_final


What’s his Passion? Imprint Launch Contest:  To celebrate the launch of What’s his Passion? Totally Bound Publishing is giving away a bundle of great prizes. Enter for your chance to win here.   Open internationally, must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


Rockin’ Thai Food and Rockin’ the Alternative by Morticia Knight

Back in my not-so-glorious glory days as a Hollywood musician — my favorite all-time hangout was Toi on Sunset. They also use the tag, ‘Rockin’ Thai Food’ — it’s in the name of their website. Their original location is just down the street from the Guitar Center, which is next to the Sunset Grill made famous by the Don Henley song. It is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to.

If you even sort of like Thai food, you’ll pass out at how amazing their cuisine is. I can taste the cashew nut tofu and Tom Kha Kai right now. *adds to list of things to do while visiting L.A. in the fall* From what I remember, it was a couple of brothers that started the place, and one was a hardcore rock memorabilia collector. The entire place is covered with it and the atmosphere is amazing. I tried to buy a Melanie concert poster off the owner, but he was having none of it. I think he would purposely hide when he saw me.

The seating is eclectic — you can sit on the floor around a low glass table on a raised podium. Or there’s the window seat with a large wood table that is a giant chessboard. There are wood chess pieces and you can play while eating your food. There used to be 1950’s hair dryer salon chairs, but I no longer see them in recent photos. There are small T.V.’s mounted around the restaurant that’s split into two sections. When I went there, loops of films such as Plan 9 From Outer Space and Purple Rain would play continuously on a loop. Loud rock ‘n’ roll from classic to grunge would play constantly. The lighting was always low with lava lamps and other weird retro lamps providing some illumination.

I spent more nights there than I can count. It’s open until four in the morning, seven days a week. You can buy beer or sake until midnight. It attracts a huge musician clientele who show up after a show. When I went, it was normal to have a more difficult time getting seated after ten at night, than prior to that. There were plenty of times when I would arrive at one in the morning and have to stand out on the sidewalk for thirty minutes before a table was available. But that was okay – it was a great opportunity to socialize with other like-minded people. Sometimes bands would quiz each other on their latest musical exploits. “You guys ever play the Whisky?” “Totally. We’ve headlined on a Friday night before.” “Dude. Cool.”

When Aubrey whisks Bryan away from the restaurant where they were supposed to discuss Bryan writing Aubrey’s memoirs, Aubrey suggests they pick up some Thai food at Toi to take back to his home studio. I had an additional two paragraphs in that section that described the restaurant much as I just did for y’all. It was edited out later due to a word count overage. It wasn’t necessary to the story, so it was a logical thing to cut, but in my mind I could picture Aubrey going there a lot with the guys from the band. They might stop in after a long day in the studio or at a rehearsal hall down the street.
To celebrate the launch of What’s his Passion? Totally Bound Publishing are giving away a bundle of great prizes. Enter for your chance to win here!


Blurb for Rockin’ the Alternative:

WHP_Morticia Knight_Social Media_finalThe chance of a lifetime and the touch of a rock god are offered to music journalist Bryan Gallagher on the same day. Embracing one is easy, but resisting the other is harder than he’d anticipated—especially since Bryan has never been with a man.

It could be his dream assignment. Aubrey King, the legendary god of alternative rock music, has requested to meet with journalist and writer Bryan about penning the star’s memoir. Aubrey and his dark, angsty songs are the reason Bryan was inspired to become a leading rock journalist. His obsession for his career has alienated the women in his life, but Bryan doesn’t care. What really matters to him is the music.

Aubrey King has been out of the music scene for almost ten years—ever since his alternative rock band, Falling in Stereo, broke up. Questions about his sexual preferences have always surrounded him, and now that he’s ready to make a solo comeback, he wants to tell his story, his way. He’s followed journalist Bryan Gallagher’s career for a while and believes that Bryan’s obvious passion for music mirrors his own. He loves his writing style, but is also enraptured by the boyishly handsome writer.

Brian finds pushing his fanboy nervousness aside is difficult when Aubrey finally stands before him. He’s amazed at how little Aubrey has changed—his intense gaze, his unique style and his still youthful looks epitomise the star he’s always been. But Aubrey’s vulnerability when he sings and shares the deeply personal lyrics of a new song triggers something in Bryan that he never knew was there. The need to give himself to Aubrey, to let the rock god do to him what he’s never before desired a man to do.

Buy Rockin’ the Alternative here.

Author Bio:

Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy tale, with MM and MMF pairings. Since she loves several genres, you may find your heroes in a contemporary, historical, paranormal or sci-fi setting. One of her passions is bringing people’s fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. The Pacific Northwest is the ideal spot to enjoy both hiking and beachcombing. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the northern coast of Oregon, where the constant rain and fog remind her of visits to her family in England and Scotland when she was a child.
She is currently working on a new historical MM series, as well as a steampunk horror and sci-fi ménage.

Author  Page at Totally Bound.