A PaulB Review: Elijah’s Ghost (A Wizard’s Touch #4) by Amber Kell


Rating: 4  stars out of 5

“It only takes one event to change the world.”

Elijah's Ghost cover

Elijah Trenton is an average student at wizard school. His true abilities are found out after an accident in one of his classes. He must learn how to live life with his new found skills and the attention of Devin Stewartson, his crush in one of his classes. He must also deal with family and enemies who want to use this power for their advantage while trying to keep himself and his friends safe.

Elijah’s Ghost is the fourth installment of Amber Kell’s “A Wizard’s Touch” series. While you can read the book as a stand-alone, there are parts of the plot which reference past events in the series.

The book starts out in the middle of a History of Spell Casting class, where Elijah Trenton is listening to his professor drone on and on. The only things that make the class bearable are the professor’s assistant who summarizes the class on cue card, his roommate Porter and his crush, Devin Stewartson, one of the “D” triplets introduced in earlier books. Elijah is surprised when the assistant yells at him to take cover, as it is the first thing she has ever said. After making sure Porter and Devin are safe, all hell breaks loose in the classroom, with the professor ending up dead.

Up until this point, everybody has considered Elijah an average wizard at best, including Elijah himself. He has failed to master the basic spells needed to pass his classes and hopes to just graduate and teach Magic Theory, considered the most basic of all classes. When the Headmaster of the school questions what has occurred, it is learned that Elijah is a necromancer. His world is then turned upside down.

Enrolled in new classes and a new tutor hired by his father, Elijah and the school learn not only can he interact with the dead, but is the most powerful necromancer to come along in ages. Because of his strength Elijah is unable to banish his avatar. Devin suggests that they talk to Jaynell, the powerful wizard who lives at the local wolf pack house for help.

Once at the pack house, Elijah discovers that it is haunted. Elijah then attempts to cast the spirit out. Back at the school, Elijah and Devin have a romantic encounter, but Elijah is troubled because Devin did not act the same as he had before they went to the pack house. Porter tells Elijah that Devin is possessed by the spirit Elijah tried to cast out and only killing the spirit will free Devin. Porter does this but the result is killing Devin. Elijah must now go to Hades and reclaim Devin’s soul for him to live again.

I enjoyed how Elijah slowly starts to accept his powers through the book. He has been beat down from family and fellow classmates as lucky to be at wizard school. When he discovers his powers, he feels like a screw up because he has not recognized his gifts to date. As he begins to learn of his powers, the negative feelings are still there even though everybody is telling him how special his powers are.

The courtship between Devin and Elijah was well done. Devin is tentative with Elijah because Elijah’s world has been turned upside down with his new skills and he wants Elijah to have time to adjust. Elijah is tentative because of his own low self esteem and knows Devin is bisexual. An encounter with a girl after one of Devin’s brothers clears up earlier misunderstandings and Elijah realizes Devin wants him.

I enjoy how Ms. Kell brings in new elements into her series, this time including ghost to go along with the wizards and weres. She includes characters from previous books in the series, but they play a supporting role. With Jaynell and Elijah now on board, Ms. Kell has set up future books for a potentially cataclysmic showdown with a future (or past as we are dealing with the paranormal) powerful enemy. I look forward to see where she takes these characters forward.


Cover Art by Posh Gosh. Well done cover depicting Elijah, Devin and Elijah’s avatar “puppy.”

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Book Details:
115 Pages
Published September 19, 2014 by Totally Bound
Edition language English
Series A Wizard’s Touch #4

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