Barb, a Zany Old Lady Review: Wholehearted by Cate Ashwood – Audiobook narrated by John Orr


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5audiobook clipart bw

Wholehearted coverWhen police officer Declan Grant goes to investigate the report of someone sleeping at the end of the town dock, he’s shocked to find a bruised, bloody, and unconscious man. And he’s even more shocked by his reaction to the man— under all the blood is a handsome young man who grabs Declan’s heart and won’t let go. Though he’s not happy with the hostile reaction he gets from the man when he finally wakes in the hospital, he finds himself offering a home and friendship to Lucas Hale and the offer comes from a deep and warm place in his heart.

Against his better judgment, Lucas accepts the offer of this stranger, a man who he feels safe with, and, we later learn, finds very cute and hot. The two grow closer together over the time that Lucas is recuperating and slowly Lucas begins to trust Declan until he finally tells him the full story of the homophobic attack that occurred while working on a lobster boat. He makes Declan swear to keep it confidential, and Declan, even though he’s a police officer, agrees to do that. But Declan didn’t agree not to investigate on his own, and he manages to gather information on all the men involved in case Lucas changes his mind someday.

Over time, Declan and Lucas grow stronger together and eventually declare their love and hope for a future together. But when Mack finds the file Declan had hidden, and arranges for arrest warrants, Declan is the one who has to tell Lucas of his betrayal. And that’s exactly how Lucas sees it. Broken-hearted over the break in his trust, Lucas leaves, telling Declan that he never wants to see him again.

The next few months are hell for Declan, but bring a happy surprise to Mack and Oliver, MC’s in the first book in the series, “Brokenhearted” in the form of a new addition to their family. Eventually Declan and Lucas get to see each other again while preparing for the trial, and after a long and heartfelt talk they begin to work their way toward their HEA. A large part of the story revolves around the separation period as we see it’s a difficult journey for Declan, one for which he has to travel alone for a while, and begin to see what he most wants in this world and what he’s willing to do to get it.

I loved the story and the narration was superb. John Orr’s narrator voice was different from the inflections he gave to Declan and Lucas and they were different from Mack, Oliver and Hayden who all return for a cameo appearance. He also brought reality to each scene— from panting to, crying, laughing, and sighing— all were done to perfection. I would normally give this story 4 stars but his narration is so good it moves the rating up to 4.5 overall.

I recommend this book and this series to all lovers of M/M romance, especially to those who love angst and hurt/comfort stories. The audiobook is outstanding so I recommend this format for not only this book but the entire series. Since I’ve listened to the other two books in the series, I can honestly say that they all have outstanding narration by John Orr.

Cover Art depicting a fishing boat with a blood stain on the side is by Aaron Anderson. I found that the art was a perfect depiction of the boat on which Lucas was hurt and the blood symbolic of the injuries he suffered there.

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Book Details:

Cover Artist Aaron Anderson
Narrator John Orr
Length 6 hours and 18 minutes
AudiobooksCate AshwoodHope Cove Series by Cate Ashwood
Book Type Audiobook
Other Formats eBookPaperback

On Tour with H. Lewis-Foster and In The Blue Moonlight (tour and contest)



Book Name: In The Blue Moonlight
Author Name: H. Lewis-Foster

Author Bio:

H. Lewis-Foster lives in the North of England, and has always worked with books in one form or another. As a keen reader of gay fiction, she decided to try writing herself, and is now the proud author of several short stories and her debut novel ‘Burning Ashes’. She was also delighted to see her first play performed earlier in 2014.

H. likes to create characters who are talented, funny and quite often gorgeous, but who all have their faults and vulnerable sides, and she hopes that you’ll enjoy reading their stories as much as she loves writing them.

Author Contact: Twitter

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing
Cover Artist: Lily Velden in collaboration with Design Bug


Sales Links:       amazon                Wayward Ink Publishing    All Romance eBooks (ARe)BestsellerIcon100X100


SMIn the Blue Moonlight H. Lewis-FosterIn The Blue Moonlight Blurb:

Simon has a good job and a nice house, and according to his best friend Chris, he’s turning into a boring old fart. So it’s totally out of character when Simon bares his bum to the local constabulary on a night out with his brother’s student mates. He hopes he’s put the incident behind him, when Simon bumps into one of the officers.  Simon fears he’s in trouble, then thinks he’s in luck when PC Mark Timmis buys him a drink – but life in a rural English town is never as simple as it seems.


In The Blue Moonlight Excerpt:

On a count of three from Tim, the most vocal of the group, six students and one financial expert lowered their trousers to reveal a remarkably varied set of backsides. Glancing sideways, Simon spied a pert pair of buttocks which could have graced a swimwear ad, a scrawny little bum which could barely have held up its owner’s jeans, and an unusually hairy arse adorned with a love-heart tattoo.

Then Simon looked round at the uniformed recipients of their cheeky display. Their jaw-dropping looks of surprise were priceless, and Simon genuinely hoped a passer-by had snapped them on a mobile phone. Simon soon realized, however, that it was he and his mooning chums who were far more likely to end up on YouTube.

Only one of the policemen wasn’t gaping like a truncheon had been shoved somewhere unexpected. A smile crept onto the face of the tall, blond and undeniably handsome officer. Simon instinctively smiled back, until he noticed the copper’s colleagues had recovered their professional poise and were readying themselves for action. Tim gave his orders once more.

“Leg it!”

Pages: 22 pages

Tour Dates: November 12, 2014

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Fall Into Love with Susan MacNicol’s Love You Senseless (Men of London: Book 1) Tour and Contest



Fall into Love with Susan MacNicol’s Love You Senseless (Men of London: Book 1)!

Before we get to the great book info, I have a special interview with Susan MacNicol for your (and my) enjoyment!  Susan shares her thoughts about chefs and some insight into the story.  Enjoy!

Q.  You hit it on the head for me with a main character who is a chef.  That is such a tactile and sensual profession and it makes for great characters.  What drew you to that profession?

SM:  My family are all great cooks, and it seems to be in the blood. My mum has always been a woman who can make anything taste good and has a knack for baking, cooking and creating mouth watering dishes. My sister is a chef, who ran her own restaurant in Cape Town for a while. My dad and his wife owned a hotel on the South Coast of Natal, where preparing meals was a way of life. My son is in hospitality too, not food but as a mixologist for TGI Fridays. My hubby cooks a mean meal too, and my daughter is very creative when it comes to her dishes looking good, even if she is the most messy chef I know. I am the only one who actually doesn’t enjoy cooking and finds it a chore. I can cook when I have a mind to, but I don’t enjoy it. So writing about it is probably as close as I’ll get to this past time.

Q.  Do you love to cook or to eat?  Do you have a favorite cuisine and does it figure into the story?

SM:  *grins* I think I answered the first part of this question already. Actually I’m not a big eater and I know this is sacrilegious, but I could live on takeaways, microwave meals, sandwiches and fried eggs on toast. When someone cooks I truly enjoy it but to me eating is to live, not a way of life. My favourite cuisine is sea food of some sort, but I also love tapas and mezes dishes where you get a lot of small dishes and you can pick and eat at your leisure.

Q.  Do we get any recipes to go along with the plot (hint, hint)

SM:  I have a wonderful South African recipe for something called ‘bobotie’ which you can find here and which everyone swears by…I eat it, I don’t cook it but I’ve told this is a ‘top’ recipe..

Pronounced ba-boor-tea, the national dish of South Africa is a delicious mixture of curried meat and fruit with a creamy golden topping, not dissimilar to moussaka
Q. The kitchen pace can be frenetic, how hard is it to bring that to life without losing any concentration on the characters?

SM:  I found I concentrated more on the subtle hints of the life behind a restaurant, rather than full blown action in the kitchen. There are some scenes, such as the one where Gideon finds Eddie and one of his colleagues talking about his affliction, something he hates, and he goes a little bitchy. There you get to meet a couple of the others who make up the back drop for the story, as well as find out what to do when a tea towel sets alight…

Q.  Which came first title or plot?   Or characters or plot?  Or did they all just coalesce at once?

SM:   – I came up with the title first and had to figure out what it meant. When I finally got the inspiration for the story, it was a little like that proverbial ‘Eureka!’ moment. Gideon and Eddie just popped into my head. I knew I wanted a saucy red head and boy, do we get one in this story. Gideon’s grouchiness, torment and his warm, loving nature when he finally lets his guard own and Eddie in – that was fun to write. And Taylor and Leslie, Eddie’s with a series, you need to create the lasting characters for the next book and I hope I did this with them.

Q.  This is the first in a series.  Will it feature the same characters at different points in their relationship or focus on other characters that pop up in this story?

SM:  Gideon and Eddie will have cameo roles in the next books, but each subsequent book will focus on a character introduced in previous stories and give them their very own voice. Book 2 will the story of Taylor and Draven, Book 3 is Leslie and David and Book 4 will be all about Clay and Tate. You’ll get to meet Clay in Sight and Sinners, which is book 2. After that -who knows where I’ll take it…

Q.  How many books do you have planned for this series or  isn’t there a set number at this time?

SM:  There is a set number of six that I’ve contracted for, and I think this is where it will stop for a while. I need to focus on writing my new full length and rather epic ‘Living on Air’ featuring Carey and Rhys, and that story is going to take a lot out of me. It’s about a young man, Carey, who escapes an horrific child hood event (not sexual abuse related) and hides from the world in a most unlikely place. Until he’s discovered by Rhys, and has to face up to the fact that he can’t hide from the world forever.

Q.  Your favorite childhood story if you have one and did it have an impact on you as a child and still as an adult author?

SM:  Believe it or not, and this is going to sound very clichéd, but one of the best memories I have of childhood was when I got my very first typewriter for my birthday at the age of around ten. It was an old Royal, and I can still hear the clackety-clack of the keys. I wrote voraciously at the time and my dad decided I needed a ‘new fangled’ writing instrument. His words I swear. I spent hours in my bedroom typing away and I still have a lot of the material I typed on it. I had to throw it away about five years ago as it was bust to hell after moving countries and homes and sometimes I feel a real nostalgia and wish I’d kept it.

Q.  What’s next for Susan Mac Nicol?

 SM:  Write more books. Get out and do some conferences – I’ll be in Munich in July for Eurocon and Gay Pride, Bristol in September for UK Meet, and perhaps I might get to the US for GRL in October. Keep doing what I do and hope I become famous Kidnap Benedict Cumberbatch and keep him in my cellar…oops did I say that out loud? Continue trying to entertain my readers and fans, and hope that they continue to enjoy my books and to support me like they have in the past. They are true gems and I appreciate each and every one of them, along with the bloggers who work tirelessly to support authors like myself, simply because they love reading and books. We salute you all.

Q.  Thank you, Susan, I enjoyed that so much.  Now onto Love You Senseless (Men of London: Book 1)!

Book Name: Love You Senseless (Men of London: Book 1)
Author Name: Susan Mac Nicol

Author Bio:

Sue  MacNichol Book

Susan Mac Nicol is a self confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, self confessed geek and nerd and in love with her Smartphone. This little treasure is called ‘the boyfriend’ by her long suffering husband, who says if it vibrated, there’d be no need for him. Susan hasn’t had the heart to tell him there’s an app for that…

She is never happier than when sitting in the confines of her living room/study/on a cold station platform scribbling down words and making two men fall in love. She is a romantic at heart and believes that everything happens (for the most part) for a reason. She likes to think of herself as a ‘half full’ kinda gal, although sometimes that philosophy is sorely tested.

Lover of walks in the forest, theatre productions, dabbling her toes in the cold North Sea and the vibrant city of London where you can experience all four seasons in a day , she is a hater of pantomime (so please don’t tar and feather her), duplicitous people, bigotry and self righteous idiots.

In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a little while, good things happen to good people.


Author Contact:
facebook: You Senseless_cover

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group

  Love You Senseless Blurb:

London’s saucy up-and-coming chef, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him senseless with desire.

From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.


An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since.

Until Eddie Tripp. Fun-loving and vivacious, the Norfolk redhead’s a real up-and-comer in Gideon’s kitchen—and other places. Slim where Gideon’s broad, easy-going where Gideon is growly, he and Gideon seem polar opposites, and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone with a taste for perfection. The sauce of love is already simmering, and this pair is about to dine on the most delicious dish they’ve ever prepared. Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along.

Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

 Love You Senseless Excerpt:

Eddie kissed back, wanting nothing more than this moment, this man in his body and his lips on his. Somewhere a bell rang and for a minute Eddie thought it might be the sound of his own passion translated to tinkling sleigh bells and fireworks like in the cartoon movies when two people kissed. He smiled at that thought then as the bell got more insistent and irritating, he turned to Gideon only to find he was no longer there. Eddie scowled and reached across to where the annoying bell sound was….

He woke from his dream upright, sweating, sticky with come and tangled in musty smelling sheets that had seen their fair share of jack off action lately and needed washing. His hand rested on his mobile phone as it trilled incessantly with his Big Ben alarm. He blinked owlishly for a minute, wondering where he was, then as the dream faded, he fell back in a loose heap with a sense of loss.

Words: 85,000

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Cover Reveal for Lane Hayes’ The Right Word (cover reveal tour and contest)



Book Name: The Right Words
Goodreads Link
Author Name: Lane Hayes

It’s cover reveal time for Lane Hayes’ The Right Words.  There’s an excerpt to read, a contest to enter. and, of course, a cover just waiting to be revealed! 

Author Bio:

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and her third received an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and the coolest yellow Lab ever in an almost empty nest.

Author Contact:
Twitter: @LaneHayes3
Facebook: LaneHayesauthor

RightWords[The]FSPublisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Sales Links: Dreamspinner eBook Dreamspinner Paperback

The Right Words Blurb:

Escaping an abusive relationship left Luke Preston anxious and spouting panic-induced poetry. Desperate for a fresh start, Luke accepts a job remodeling a tired old beach house for a professional soccer player and his model girlfriend. While his passion is literature, not sports, focusing on the renovations eases his anxiety. Until the job he signed up for turns out to be more complicated than advertised.

Sidelined with a serious injury, soccer star Michael Martinez decides his beach house is the perfect place to recuperate. Remodeling might be the diversion he needs to keep his mind off his busted knee. Falling for the pretty designer with some quirky habits wasn’t on the drawing board. Unfortunately, Luke didn’t build a big enough closet for Michael to hide in. Having a star-powered sports career used to be all Michael lived for, but he’ll have to reevaluate his plans and find the right words if he wants to build more than a beach house with Luke.

Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Humor, Romance

The Right Words Excerpt:

“You think you are braver than any other people—whereas you’re just as brave, and no braver.”

“Quote?” His eyes sparked with humor.

“Yes. Mark Twain. Sorry. It’s a weird habit.”

“It’s not weird. It’s… refreshing. Different. I’m used to hanging out with a bunch of jocks who honestly might not know who Mark Twain is.”

“Please tell me you do,” I pleaded with mock gravity.

“I do. Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer.” He smirked.

“Well done.” I giggled when he pumped his fist in the air like an adolescent.

I held his gaze in silence and allowed myself to bask in the peaceful moment.

“I think it’s awesome you have something that gives you strength. And pardon me for saying so, but… it’s really fucking sexy that it’s bookish. Maybe a pair of librarian glas—”

“Shut up.” I felt an insta-blush at his suggestive words and was glad twilight had taken over.

Michael chuckled beside me. Not so long ago, I would have been sure he was laughing at me. My experience with jocks was limited to thuggish high school idiots who I carefully kept at a distance. They intimidated me with their size and musculature. I tried to intimidate with my brain. It didn’t always keep me from getting teased but certainly solidified the divide between us.

Michael wasn’t like those boys. I sensed an innate kindness in him, evident in his willingness to hold my hand while I shared my own war story with my ex. Instead of pissing me off, the mention of me wearing sexy librarian glasses went straight to my groin. I stood up and tried to clandestinely adjust my half-hard cock as I walked toward the edge of the terrace.

I heard the scratch of his crutches behind me and turned to find him standing a couple feet away.

“You know I was teasing, right?” His voice sounded deep and impossibly sexy. “I like you, Luke. I like that you’re different. You’re extraordinary.” He smiled softly and reached out to brush a stray hair away from my eyes. I was bewitched and in danger of being swept away by the moment. He was too charming for my good.

“You don’t know me. Not really. So please don’t be offended if I don’t—”

“Fine. Don’t believe me. But you’re a fighter. I can tell. And I see this colorful, rainbow aura around you I think is… sexy as hell.”

“Thank God! I was sure my rainbow glitter bag had a hole in it, and I’ve been desperately trying to gather the bit—”

“Stop it. Take the compliment. You’re going to have to work on believing the good things too, you know.”

I chuckled. He was right. “Thank you. I can tell I’m getting better, but I’m a work in progress.”

“Aren’t we all?”

We stood in the dusky evening staring at each other for a long moment. I licked my bottom lip and had moved to step aside when I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Come here.”

I swallowed hard. “Why?”

He didn’t answer right away, but when he did, he pitched his voice low in an exaggerated whisper. “You have something in your hair. Let me get it.”

I knew he was up to something but I played along. “What is it?”

Michael set his forefinger on his lips, then reached out to caress my ear before running a lazy hand through my hair.

“Glitter. And there’s a lot of it. Red, purple, orange, gr—”

I giggled and swatted at his hand. He didn’t back away. Instead he gently moved his hand to my neck and pulled me forward so that our lips were inches apart.

“Can I kiss you?”

Pages: 204 pages

TRWCRBadgeTour Dates: November 12th

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