The Harvest Series continues! On Tour with M.A. Church and The Harvest: Journey’s End (book tour and contest)



Book Name: The Harvest: Journey’s End
Book Two of ‘The Harvest’ series. Best read in order.
Author Name: M.A. Church

Author Bio:

M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children.

She was a finalist in the Rainbow awards for 2013.

Where to find the author:

Publisher: Self-published
Cover Artist: Lou Harper

Sales Links:  ARe  Amazon    GR

The Harvest: Journey’s End Blurb:TheHarvest_JourneysEnd_500

To survive is to adapt…

Dale Michaels knows all about change. As he settles into his new life with the Tah’Narian starship captain Keyno Shou, Dale has adapted to life with an alien, space travel, and having his body mutated so he can carry a young. He’s closed the chapter on his old life.

Living on Tah’Nar, Dale has a loving mate and good friends. He’s helped cement peace with the Onfre. Sure, being double-dosed during his harvest led to some serious drama, but that’s over. Dale’s happy.
But life is never that simple.

Even though Dale loves Keyno, he still struggles with the way the Tah’Narians harvest young males as mates. Dale finds himself hijacked by his own body, courtesy of his extra dose of Tah’Narian DNA. Then there’s the devastating secret his mate, Keyno, has hid all this time. And if all that isn’t enough, outside forces threaten to rip Dale’s hard-won peace apart as well.

Join Dale for a non-stop adventure and a love that crosses several worlds and transcends space.

The Harvest: Journey’s End Exclusive Excerpt:

Book #2 in The Harvest series


(The excerpt is from estrus (or heat) for Dale.)

Within seconds, his barb locked us together, making me cry out from the pressure of it engaging inside me. Keyno dropped down on top of me, propped up on his elbows, holding me close while I struggled to breathe. Lovingly, he wiped the sweaty hair away from my face while he murmured softly to me.

Finally, my brain engaged, and I remembered how to speak. Questions ran around in my head as my chest heaved.

“What was—fucking hell, what was…?” I was sweaty, dizzy, hoarse from screaming, and more than a little freaked out by what had just happened. “I don’t know what that was, but it was unlike anything I have ever felt, and scary as shit.”

“It’s normal, love. It has to do with your new womb, and the fact that you’re producing eggs now. Those eggs want to be fertilized; it’s a biological imperative. Your hormones are rising, driving your body to have sex, and when you do, your body rewards you. The orgasms you have during this time are different, because the pathway to your womb is contracting, drawing my seed up. Think massive g-spot and anal orgasm.”

Categories: Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Science Fiction

Pages or Words: 90,000 words
Tour Dates/Stops:


Cate Ashwood

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A Sammy Review: Down and Dirty (Cole McGinnis #5) by Rhys Ford


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

“You are my brother’s best friend. And from what Cole’s told me about you, not someone I’d wake up to the next morning,” Ichiro murmured, scrubbing at his tired face. Peering out between his fingers, he barked a short laugh. “Fucking you would be a huge mistake, Bobby.”

Bobby’s laughter was nearly as bitter as the coffee he’d brought over for Ichiro to drink. “Well, if there’s one thing I’m good at, Sunshine, it’s making huge fucking mistakes.”

Down and Dirty coverBobby Dawson is an ex-cop with a bitter past and a slew of one-night-stands. Sure, he’s handsome, fit, and pretty damn hilarious, but if there’s one thing he’s not, it’s boyfriend material.

Jae, Cole, and most everyone who knows him all agree on that. But there’s something about Ichi, and Ichi with Bobby that make all the past screw ups seem surmountable.

It’s true. They’re the kind of couple that shouldn’t be together. Bobby has a son Ichi’s age, he sleeps around, Ichi’s too innocent… the excuses go on, but even excuses run out when love is involved

Bobby didn’t want this. He’d never wanted to feel that connection to another man. Men were… disposable. Holes and mouths who laughed and maybe kept him company but eventually wandered off like strays finding a new home.

He wasn’t supposed to want to keep them. To soothe them or wipe their tears when their worlds were shattered by violence. The world was a tough place. He’d seen enough blood and death to stare it down until it whimpered away, but he’d never wanted to keep someone else safe from its looming, dark presence.

Until now.

And it scared the shit out of him.

Down and Dirty runs concurrently with a lot of the events in Dirty Deeds, which I really appreciated, as it allows us to really see the growth of Bobby and Ichi’s relationship from the very start.

Like all other Rhys Ford books I’ve read, she has a definitive voice that is immediately recognizable and completely enjoyable. There’s a balance of humor along with a seriousness that one would think may be hard to maintain, but she does it with near flawless precision. The way she gives her characters life allows the reader to feel close to them, like they know them on a personal level, and this book was no different.

For readers of the series, we’ve gotten to know Bobby a bit along the way, and Ichi more recently. We had bits and pieces of their lives, but what I loved about this book is that it revealed a whole other layer to both characters, but particularly Bobby. I knew on a basic level that he was more than an aging man whore with a need to box and sharp wit, but that was more just my personal thought process. Rhys really gave us the window into his past in Down and Dirty, and it wasn’t at all what I expected.

On top of that, we also get to see pretty much all of our favorites, with a few exceptions. But if you’re worried that Jae and Cole are going to be forgotten in this, don’t be. They are in here plenty without taking over the story and making it their own. We even get a brief but kick-ass appearance from Claudia, some sweet words from Scarlet, and a dash of Mike that will make you want to hit your head on the desk. The story did a great job of making it Bobby and Ichi’s, but still giving us everyone we’ve come to know and love in the previous four books.

I do have a few small bones to pick. For one, that ending. WHAT WAS HIS ANSWER?! I mean, I’m hoping I know what it is. But… I need to know!. Secondly, I really wish we got to see more of Bobby with his family. We see him debating about telling his Uncle, but never really find out if he does. And I’d love to have seen more of him and his son. But can you blame me for being greedy? Of course I want more.

All around a great addition to a wonderful series.

The cover art by Reece Notley does a very nice job of connecting to the other books and making them all appear cohesive. I can definitely picture Bobby as the cover model, but I’m not so sure about Ichi. The model who is meant to depict him just seems a bit too buttoned up for me. Still, it’s a nice cover that connects to the story through small details.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press eBook & Paperback      All Romance (ARe)    Amazon     Buy it here

Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages
Expected publication: January 2nd 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC
original titleDown and Dirty
edition languageEnglish
seriesCole McGinnis #5

  • Cole McGinnis Series includes:
  • Dirty Kiss (Cole McGinnis, #1)
  • Dirty Secret (Cole McGinnis, #2)
  • Dirty Laundry (Cole McGinnis, #3)
  • Dirty Sweets (Cole McGinnis, #3.5)
  • Dirty Day (Cole McGinnis, #3.6)
  • Dirty Deeds (Cole McGinnis, #4)

On Tour with Layla Wolfe’s ‘A Dangerous Reality’ (book tour and contest)



Book Name: A Dangerous Reality
Goodreads Link
Author Name: Layla Wolfe

Author Bio:

Bestselling author Layla Wolfe is satisfied with a leather jacket, one bad-ass pink camo compound bow, and a vicarious outlaw lifestyle. Layla Wolfe is the pen name of multi-published erotic romance author Karen Mercury.

Where to find Layla:

Goodreads Author Page:

Publisher: Quicksilver Books
Cover Artist: Jan Bowles/Red Poppy

Sales:  All Romance (ARe)       Paperback           Amazon


Blurb for A Dangerous Reality:

Keep your lovers close—and your enemies in bed.


My club sent me to track him down.  And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again.  When I found him, I kicked the shit out of Havelock Singer.  I issued the mightiest beatdown of all time.  Problem is, we’re evenly matched.  We’re equals in every way, and when we finished whaling on each other, exhausted, we fell into each other’s arms.

I’ve never regretted it for an instant.  It’s been the ride of my life.  But loving another man in the MC world is a risky business.  As if our business isn’t already brutal and ruthless enough, Lock’s homophobic sergeant-at-arms Stumpy gets an eyeful of our lovemaking and blackmails us into doing some of his dirty work, or be exposed for what we are—a couple of deviants.

This run into the Indian reservation is sleazy and beneath us, but now I’m cornered, and I’ll do anything to keep my sweet master Lock from being lynched by his club.


When that kingpin Carmine Rojas got a load of my beautiful stallion Turk Blackburn, he’d stop at nothing to have him—and Rojas gets what he wants.  It’s my fault we’re in this situation.  I should’ve kicked Turk’s ass and sent him packing back to The Bare Bones.  I wasn’t even close to being ready to come out, but now they’re forcing my hand.

I can hear my destiny calling me.  Either I’ll slink back to my club like a hetero bounty hunter with no morals—and no respect from anyone in my own backyard—or I’ll step up to the plate and be the lion of the day.

Either way, my lover and I are screwed. Our clubs are going to hound us underground or into another country before we escape this mess—if we don’t die trying.

“Living off the grid and being an outlaw brings a dangerous reality.” –Ron Perlman

Publisher’s warning:  This book is not for the faint of heart.  It contains scenes of gay sex, consensual BDSM, illegal doings, dubious consent, and man-on-man violence.


Categories: BDSM, Bisexual, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance, Thriller








Pages or Words: 80,000 words

Tour Dates: January 12, 2015

Tour Stops: Parker Williams, Fallen Angel Reviews, BFD Book Blog, Molly Lolly, Amanda C. Stone

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Down Under Showcase Author: John Terry Moore


STRW down Under Banner sm Hearts

Meet John Terry Moore!

John Terry Moore is the author of Black Dog from Dreamspinner Press and others listed below.

To get to know John Terry Moore a little better, the author wrote an essay on writing.  Look for the guest essay below (make note that the spellings found here and in all guest posts use NZ/AUS spellings and not that of the USA). John Terry Moore has a wonderful quiz for you to answer, prizes to hand out, and the Down Under Scavenger Hunt word found somewhere within.

✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍Author Bio 1

John Terry Moore lives with his partner Russell in Geelong, Victoria’s largest regional centre, one hour from Melbourne, Australia.

He completed his education at Hobart Matriculation College, and held a number of senior positions in the automotive industry over a thirty five year period.

He has been a civil marriage celebrant and funeral celebrant since 1995, (now retired) and together with his partner were successful flower growers, raising stud sheep and breeding Kelpies, Australia’s working dogs.

Born into a farming family, his empathy and understanding of country people has allowed him to focus on rural issues in his writing.

Geographical and social isolation through the worry and stress of poor seasons, fluctuating prices, and in particular, sexual orientation in men has fuelled depression across regional and rural Australia in epidemic proportions.

Driven by his experiences as a funeral celebrant, he understands full well the ultimate penalty paid by men of all age groups when they feel marginalised by homophobic attitudes and actions in rural and regional communities in particular.

Over the years, he has become an increasingly strident and persistent voice with politicians, community groups and the general public, encouraging, supporting and driving the push for gay marriage and equal rights for same sex parents and their children.

“Black Dog” reminds us that gay kids should never be allowed to feel that they aren’t as good as straight kids.

That only when everyone is treated exactly the same under law will society begin to heal itself.


********************Author Books Stories Down Under1 copy

Black Dog” (Gay Romance) published by Dreamspinner Press, launched 03/09/2014.

Blurb: Australia is a nation in transition. Marriage equality looms but homophobia still rules. Depression and suicide are commonplace as Dean Prentice and his lover, Danny, grow up together in country Victoria. When Dean moves to a nearby regional center to study veterinary science, he finds acceptance and love when reunited with Danny. Profound tragedy visits Dean’s life and he grieves, moving on through a series of lovers both male and female and struggling to focus on his studies and his dream of becoming a veterinarian. He graduates and specializes in equine work.

With long hours and unrelenting pressure, he misses the support of a full time partner. The only constant in his life is his loyal Kelpie, Bruce. Then he meets Neil Andrews and falls in love. Neil is a stunning widower in his forties with children and grandchildren, and Dean realizes he wants kids of his own.

But Neil is still deep in the closet and while their relationship is passionate, it’s going nowhere permanent. They separate, and Dean contemplates marrying a woman for company and friendship. For the second time in Dean’s young life, depression reveals its ugly presence; this time there are medical professionals at hand and he might have a chance for love at last.
ISBN-13 978-1-62798-962-6
Pages 220
Cover Artist Maria Fanning

Black Dog-2

“Rhythm” (Gay Romance) on (free site)

Other Titles: not released.
“The Medal”

Catch Me When I Fall is fantasy romance


Contests and Giveaways:

1. Today’s Giveaway: An eBook download of “Black Dog” each for the first three participants who supply five correct answers

What is the meaning of the following phrases:

1.“Flat out like lizards drinking”:  Thirsty?   Sleeping on the job? or Busy?
2.“Spit the dummy”  Vomit?  React negatively?  Acting stupid?
3.“Run up a dry gully”:  Nothing, no support, no sympathy?  Morning exercise? A valley in drought?
4.“Chooks came home to roost”:  Kids returned home? Everything happened because it was deserved? or Lovers returned to where they met?
5.“Stacking on a turn” means:   Arranging a good party?  Feeling quite ill. or Showing displeasure.

. Enter using this Rafflecopter link here. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners chosen MUST have all 3 answers correct when asked for verification!

2. Down Under Scavenger Hunt – find the Hunt “word or phrase” in bold green .

Collect all the words from each author and submit the list in writing no later than midnight on February 1st. Make sure you include an email address where you can be reached. Prizes will be given to 5 people selected, from 1st place to 5th! Happy Hunting.

Guest Blog from John Terry Moore


Of course there is much of every author in almost everything they write.
Their life experiences are the things that have shaped them, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always unique.

I’m often aware that when I read something I’ve written, months or even years later, I hear my own voice. With all my faults, hang-ups, good and bad qualities.

It’s usually a healing experience, the person I’ve become is an amalgam of many influences, not the least of which are genetics (over which we have little control), parental guidance and example, and in particular, the social mores of the time; the social environment, if you like.

All of which contributed in no small way to the material in my first published novel, “Black Dog.”

I was fortunate to grow up on a farm in Tasmania, Australia’s smallest and most southernmost state. An island with a population (in 2014) of only 500,000.

Much smaller when I grew up there.

But my experiences allowed me to focus on the basics of rural life and I’ve been drawn back time and time again to my rural beginnings.

In Australia there are significant lifestyle difference between the cities and the bush, the loneliness of rural areas is in contrast to the busy cities.

I spent 35 years in the automotive industry in some very senior positions and that gave me a feel for the corporate world in all its excitement and ugliness.

I lived in Melbourne for around 15 years, met my first partner and separated after 12 plus years then 16 months later I met Russell.

31 years later we’re still together and thriving as a little family.

But we left Melbourne and bought a small farm of 5 acres, sold it 10 years later and bought a 50 acre property. I commuted to Melbourne daily.

In 1995 I was made a Civil Celebrant which is a federal government appointment and unlike anything else in the world. Celebrants were created as an alternative to church ceremonies, and have been highly successful. Australia has become a secular society faster than most western countries; 75% of all weddings are now performed by celebrants, funerals now similar.

I’ve performed hundreds of weddings, funerals and baby namings before retiring earlier this year. So I had three jobs, auto industry, celebrant and farmer.

Russell worked as a chef ran our home and worked as a farmer as well.

In “Black Dog” we make an appearance as David Canning the Celebrant and his partner Peter.
“Black Dog” to me has become something of an anthem.

So much joy, laughter, tragedy and tears.

A reflection.

I remember sitting down as a celebrant with the family of a boy that had taken his own life. And with horror I realized it could well have been my life as a young man.

And so we tackle the issue of depression because men’s mental health remains a problem, as is homophobia one of the contributing factors.

But the lesson, and why we want it read by as many people who are so affected, is that there is hope. Because “Black Dog” spells it out; love solves all!


Good question, probably much to do with history.

I can only speak for Australia as I see it.

Somewhere we had more Englishness programmed into us.

You guys had the War of Independence; we still have Queen Elizabeth as head of state.

Australia was first settled by the British in the same time frame as the United States became an independent nation.

So we’ve had more of a constant British presence in our lives.

There is also a pronounced working man’s streak, an unpretentiousness that isn’t really replicated anywhere in the world.

It came from the very beginning of Australia.

The British jails were full, and sentencing so-called criminals to transportation relieved pressure on the UK penal system and created a low cost work force in the new colony.

Then after the Potato Famine in Ireland, vast numbers of paddies came to Australia as immigrants, particularly between 1840 and 1914.

The combination of the convict and Irish bloodlines has created a race of people that have a healthy hatred of authority, who loath wankers, gong bangers and people who are up themselves. Politicians are given one chance, if they don’t deliver; they’re pissed off like ice on a barbeque.

The saving grace in this country has been European and Asian immigration, similar to the USA. The Europeans brought some sophistication to a cultural desert.

We had Chinese here in the very early days in the Gold Rush; they are great workers and family people. By 2050 half of Australia’s population will be able to trace their ancestry back to Asia.

And it can’t come soon enough.

We need people to get off their fat arses and work. Instead of worrying where their next hit is coming from.

I can trace my mother’s family back through India.

200 years ago my ancestor was born near Kolkata and he became a very famous ‘Anglo-Indian Australian’!

So our differences aren’t so great in racial mix but our sense of humor is.

I can only point to the wonderful working class people who had a dry, earthy sense of humor as part of their birthright.
Laughing at the lords and ladies who swanned around full of themselves whilst below stairs had a good laugh at the silly pricks.

Down Under Day 14: John Terry Moore, AUS/NZ Facts, and Contest Info



Down Under Showcase Day 14 – Welcome, John Terry Moore!

Our second full week of our Authors Showcase starts off with Australian writer John Terry Moore, author of Black Dog published at Dreamspinner Press.  John is giving away 3 copies of Black Dog with his own mini quiz!  Check it out on his Down Under Author page linked above and following after this one.

As John Terry Moore has worn many “occupational hats”, including breeding Kelpies, I have tailored our Australia Fact of the Day to him:

Australia Fact of the Day:

Kelpies (how is John Terry Moore connected to Kelpies?):

Favored dogs of farms and stations all over Australia, the working Kelpies vary in size, ranging from about 19 inches to as much as 25 inches and from 28-60 lbs. The dog’s working ability is related to appearance, so stockmen looking for capable working dogs disregard the dog’s appearance.

A Working Kelpie can be a cheap and efficient worker that can save farmers and graziers the cost of several hands when mustering livestock. The good working Kelpies are herding dogs that will prevent stock from moving away from the stockman. This natural instinct is crucial when mustering stock in isolated gorge country, where a good dog will silently move ahead of the stockman and block up the stock (usually cattle) until the rider appears. The preferred dogs for cattle work are Kelpies, often of a special line, or a Kelpie cross. They will drive a mob of livestock long distances in extremes of climates andKelpie walking across the backs of sheep conditions. Kelpies have natural instincts for managing livestock. They will work sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, and other domestic livestock. The Kelpie’s signature move is to jump on the backs of sheep and walk across the tops of the sheep to reach the other side and break up the jam. A good working Kelpie is a versatile dog—they can work all day on the farm, ranch, or station, and trial on the weekends. Kelpies compete and are exhibited in livestock working trials, ranging from yards or arenas to large open fields working sheep, goats, cattle, or ducks

Famous Kelpie:  Red Dog, the hitchhiking Kelpie of Pilbarra:

Hitchhiking Kelpie of the Pilbarra Region

Red Dog was a fully paid member of the Transport Workers Union, an official member of the Dampier Salt Sports and Social Club, and had his own bank account.

Red Dog was, of course, a dog, a red kelpie born in the mining town of Paraburdoo in 1971, and a much-loved member of the Pilbara community.

Known simply as Red Dog, the red kelpie was known for stopping cars on the road by walking right in the path of an oncoming vehicle until it stopped and then he would hop in and travel to wherever the car driver was going.

He took bus rides as well and, once, when a new driver pushed him off her bus, the passengers all disembarked in protest.

Red Dog’s travels bought him as far south as the Western Australia capital of Perth but mostly among the mining communities of the Pilbara and the coastal towns of Dampier, Port Hedland and Broome.Australian Red Kelpie

He was quite well known as the Pilbara Wanderer.   Dog pictured is a red kelpie but not Red Dog.

New Zealand Fact of the Day:


Flightless Birds of New Zealand!

With over 40 species of flightless birds worldwide, New Zealand is home for a majority of the species, including some that are found nowhere else in the world.

Among New Zealand’s flightless birds are the kiwi, takahe, kakapo and several species of penguins. It is thought that these New Zealand birds never developed the ability to fly because they had no land-based predators to escape from – until the arrival of human beings. Isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, these flightless birds adapted to their environment in a way that would most benefit them.
One species calling New Zealand it’s home of origin is the kakapo (Strigops habroptila) is a flightless, nocturnal parrot. Its speckled yellow-green plumage acts as a camouflage for the ground-dwelling herbivorous kakapo. It is the world’s onlykakapo parrot flightless parrot, as well as being the heaviest parrot in the world, and very possibly the longest-living bird on the island with an average life expectancy of 95 years. It is also the only parrot to have a lek courtship and breeding system, where males gather in an arena and compete with one another to attract available females. The female chooses her mate, presumably based on his performance, they mate and go their separate ways, with the female raising the young.
Once thought to be extinct, and rediscovered in 1948, the takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri) is another of New Zealand‘s flightless birds. Primarily deep purple-blue in color, the adult bird has a red frontal shield and reddish-pink bill, with pinktakahe legs. These monogamous birds are very territorial, laying their eggs in nests under bushes. Conservationists have relocated small groups of the birds to some offshore islands – Kapiti, Maud, Mana and Tiritiri Matangi – considered to be predator-free, where birding enthusiasts can view them in the wild.

Once thought to be extinct from over-hunting and the introduction of predators, a few pairs were discovered in the Murchison Mountains of South Island, New Zealand in 1948. The population is around 220 birds, and is now carefully protected.


Now don’t forget to enter John’s contest for 3 copies of big dog while meeting another wonderful 
Down Under author.  Locate the Down Under Scavenger Hunt word of the day.  

Enjoy your week, check in with us all month long and happy reading!