Barb, A Zany Old Lady Review:Turkish Delight by Trina Lane


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Turkish Delight coverGarrett Sloan is a project manager for Totally Five Star Hotels which is building a luxury hotel in Istanbul. They plan to make it highly exclusive and state of the art, yet it must blend with the culture of the area. As the story opens, Garrett is set to convey a last minute change of plans to French architect Kyle LaFleure as he arrives in Turkey just as the construction is set to begin. Garrett has been drooling over the gorgeous Frenchman for years but is staying professional and holding himself back from acting on his attraction. It’s evident that Kyle is equally attracted to him so when local stonework artisan Emir Sahin shows up to work with them on the hotel and both appear to be drawn to the sexy smoking-hot man, it poses a conundrum for Garrett. How can he be so attracted to two men at once?

When a situation arises in which all three men are drawn together, they finally act on their attraction and it’s evident that no one of the three means more than the others to each of the three. Confusing? Basically, each man seeks out both of the others and eventually all three fall in love. Most of the story takes place over the course of the year and a half it takes to build the hotel, and most of the story is about their sex life. There’s threesomes and twosomes and every conceivable position that three men can get into. If you like a little story with a lot of sex, this one is for you.

The major angst in Garrett’s life is a job decision he’s forced to make– Should he take on the CFO job offered to him by his mentor when it will mean that he needs to live in London? Though he would love the job, he doesn’t want to ask Emir to leave his homeland. <spoiler>.

Kyle has no angst. Basically, he’s just the filling in the man sandwich. Emir’s angst revolves around his family and their desire for him to marry. He has to choose whether or not to tell his parents that he’s gay. Of the old traditional culture, it’s unlikely that they will accept him once they know.

If I were to count the pages in this book and compare the content of the story outside of the sex scenes, it would likely be less than a third. Though the sex scenes were imaginative and hot, after a while I wanted the story to move on to the conclusion rather than to read about their threesome one more time.

I would recommend it to those who enjoy reading ménage and/or those who like a lot of sex in their books, but not to anyone looking for a serious drama.

Cover Art by Posh Gosh nicely depicts the three MCs as described within the story, and includes objects which symbolize elements present in the story.

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Book Details:

Expected publication: March 6th 2015 by Totally Bound
edition languageEnglish

A MelanieM Review: Right Here Waiting by K. E. Belledonne


Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5

Right Here Waiting cover

Author’s synopsis: 

In 1942, Ben Williams had it all – a fulfilling job, adoring friends and the love of his life, Pete Montgomery.

But World War II looms over them. When Pete follows his conscience and joins the Army Air Force as a bomber pilot, Ben must find the strength to stay behind without the love of his life, the dedication to stay true and the courage he never knew he’d need to discover his own place in the war effort.

Good friends help keep him afloat, until a chance meeting on the home front brings him an unexpected ally—one who will accompany him from the stages of New York City to the hell of the European warfront in search of his love.

Written in the style of a 1940s film, Right Here Waiting is an homage to classic wartime romances from the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Right Here Waiting by K. E. Belledonne is a first novel (as far as I can tell) by this author.  I have used their blurb and note to highlight one of my issues with this novel.  Supposedly written in the overly dramatic style of a 1940’s screenplay, this story suffers from some of the same excess that those movies and screenplays exhibited, to the occasional detriment of what was an otherwise terrific story.

That’s not to say that I didn’t love parts of this book, because I did.  Some sections and elements had me in tears they were so well done.  But I had to wade through some not so fabulous scenes, elements,  and dialog to get there.  Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, I admire Belledonne’s taking up the challenge of not only writing a historical romance but one written in a particular style.  Double the challenge, double the courage, double the way a story could fall short.  Historical fiction is one of the hardest things in the world to get right, doubly so (again) to do it in your first novel.  The author must be able to fold those historic elements from the era they have chosen into their story in such a way that its not an information dump.  Instead those pieces of history must be subtly fitted into the plot in such a way that the reader absorbs the information as a natural part of the narrative..  What the author shouldn’t do is make a reader feel as though they have been whapped over the head by historical “things”  throughout the story.  Pointing out that Ben’s large wooden radio with its glass tubes warming up is a little too explanatory.  Ben would have simply turned on the radio, not been aware of the cabinetry or other elements, rickety table included.  For me, it felt that everything had one or two or three more adjectives than was necessary (here and throughout the story) in hopes to make everything seem more authentic.  This included, unfortunately, people talking about doodlebugs, robot bombs and buzzing when all around are screaming and dying.  Falling bombs are killing people and destroying everything around them.  What type of bomb is probably the last thing anyone would care about. Sigh. The author goes overboard in trying to make the reader see every historical detail she has researched and included.  And that bogs down the emotional flow of the story.  And yes, this is a pet peeve of mine, if you couldn’t already tell.

And then there is the dialog, at least the dialog from the “civilian” scenes.  At one point Ben reminds Peter to “stay hydrated”, something I’m not sure they would have said in the 40’s.  Plus there’s an awful lot of weeping going on (not that men can’t cry, far from it), no, more that its done in the overly dramatic manner you might expect from a 40’s drama and damsel in distress. The situation was poignant enough and didn’t need that embellishment (that’s what it felt like) for the reader to find it powerful.

Now on to what I loved.  The war scenes.  Once Belledonne whisks her characters away from New York City and into the various locations of WWII, then this  story starts to come alive.  Pete’s squadron and their camaraderie is wonderful.  I felt like I became intimately acquainted with these men, their aircraft and their stories.  I cared about them and their questionable survival up in the air against the enemy.   Ben too solidified into someone I truly liked and committed to once he became a part of a sort of USO traveling show.  His relationship with the effervescent and fabulous Gwen Andrews (how I loved this character) vibrated with life and energy!  They were fun, snarky, real, and you felt in the moment with them and the rest of the show troopers.  The same goes for Ginger, a good friend of Pete and Ben’s back home, who went to war with Pete as a nurse.  Their relationship felt as though they were truly old, close friends and their dialog and scenes not only reflected that but made us believe in it as well.

Looking back, I wish that a great editor had made one or two more passes over this manuscript, that could have solved most of the issues that I felt kept this from being a 5 star story. Belledonne can right some fantastically believable relationships, her dialog can snap with verve, and her scenes make you sob or laugh depending upon the situation.   And I appreciate the chances she took in her style of writing and era.  From looking at her website, it’s clear that the 40’s hold a special place in her heart so I hope she will continue to put her own touch on M/M historic fiction.  I look forward to seeing what new stories K. E. Belledonne will give us.

I do recommend this story, not every issue that bothered me will bother another reader.  Pick it up and decide for yourself.


Cover Artist Colleen, cover design by buckeyegrrl.  What a gorgeous cover.  Perfect in style and content, its definitely one of my favorites this year.

Sales Links:  Interlude Press    Amazon       Buy It Here

Book Details:

Published February 10th 2015 by Interlude Press
original titleRight Here Waiting
ISBN 1941530281 (ISBN13: 9781941530283)
edition languageEnglish

A Stella Review: Neon White E3 (A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle #3) by Wulf Francu Godgluck


Rating: 4,75 stars out of 5.

(Note:I subtracted 0,25 from the full 5 stars cause in the book there is an het sex scene too detailed for my taste)

Neon White 3 coverThis is going to be a bloody shit day.
The Alpha is missing, for one thing. Raven’s partner Jessy is still struggling to deal with his death. Finding out that his body is missing from the morgue is a big enough shock, so what happens next is going to be unbelievable…
Especially for Raven

This review contain spoilers on the Episode 2, so if you still haven’t read the previous books and don’t want spoilers, please don’t read this review. Still, you can go straight and buy this series, you don’t regret it.

In Episode 2 we left Raven and Bla’Gar at the Winter Ball, finally hoping for a future together. Bla’Gar tells our sweet Enforcer that he fell in love with him since the first time they met. Raven is still recovering from the incident with the hound in his parents’ home, an incident maybe not so casual, that left him probably destined to a desk job.

Raven and Bla’Gar parted ways because the demon is called by his pack. Once alone, Raven is assaulted and bitten by a vampire. Jessy, Rave’s partner, is the one to find him after the vampire’s attack. Jess is convinced that the responsible of Rave’s death is Bla’Gar, so she goes to him, but he has no idea his lover is dead and he can’t believe it, he needs proves. When Jess takes the demon to the morgue where Rave’s body is, they will find no one.
Where is Raven? He was murdered so he’s dead, right?

Everything we knew about the characters we learned to love changes again in this new chapter.This new episode was simply fantastic. Apart from the main story with Rave and Bla’Gar as MCs, we have two more stories that will catch your attention and will make you hungry for more.

More or less the first part is focused on Bla’Gar dealing with the kidnapping of Seth, the Alpha of the lycan pack, who just mated with Lucas. We learn more about the lycan pack and his dynamics, and most of all we’ll learn more about Seth’s life, which I suspect (and I hope) will be really important in the next book.

Another part shows us the new relationship between Jess and his mysterious boyfriend James. I say mysterious cause of course you can’t expect him to be human.

As I already said in the other reviews, being so short, I didn’t think to read a series with so well developed second characters, but I was wrong. Especially in this new instalment I learnt a lot about them and I met some new characters.
Loved it! All the way through the story the details are so perfect and brilliant and every new word was full of tension.

Highly recommended!

Cover art by Wulf Francu Godgluck. The covers of the three episodes are pretty much the same with just some little details that fit that episode completely. You’ll understand and realize it if you’ll decide to read the series. Well done Wulf!

Sales Links:   All Romance (ARe)     Smashwords    Amazon Buy It Here

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 62 pages
Published January 11th 2015
edition languageEnglish
seriesA Tooth Claw an

In Our Book Spotlight: The Wrong Man by Lane Hayes (author interview and contest)


magnifying glass and book The Wrong Man by Lane Hayes
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Author Lane Hayes Bio:

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to a well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles both be men! Lane discovered the M/M genre a fews ago and was instantly hooked. Her first novel was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards and her third received an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards. She loves travel, chocolate, and wine (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and the coolest yellow lab ever in an almost empty nest.

An Author Q & A

Q There are so many great elements here.  Firefighters, long ago love, lovers reunited and then there’s the dog element.  How do you pick what elements will go into a story?  Elements and characters first?  Or story?

The story always comes first for me. Since Brandon had already been introduced in The Right Words, I knew my character but not necessarily the story elements. Those came together later. I only knew Brandon was a special character and whoever captured his heart had to be worthy of him. He had to appreciate Bran’s unique strengths and his fabulous sense of self. I think Jake is definitely that man!

Q. Dogs/pets can be a tricky element depending how they are handled.  If there is an element of angst concerning the pet/dog and its not handled carefully, it can be a real turn off for readers.  Handled well, and it can make a story.  WC Fields said never to work with children or animals because they steal the story.  Do you think that happened here?

No, I don’t. I was very cognizant of how much time Mack had in a scene. Dogs can be scene-stealers for sure! The trick with Mack is that he’s 13 years old. He plays the role of catalyst but he also serves as a constant reminder of the passing of time. As Bran gets to know Mack, he becomes open to the simple life lessons: appreciation, gratitude, kindness and acceptance. In short… Mack is no ordinary dog!

Q Why include a dog? why not a parrot or cat?

The reason I included a dog rather than another kind of pet is that I have a 13 year old yellow Lab with diabetes… just like Mack. Writing his part of the story is a sort of catharsis for me. Our Mack has been with us since he was 8 weeks old. He’s a beloved member of our family who has honestly grown up with our three kids. He’s old but very dear. And unfortunately, we know he won’t be around forever. This is my tribute of sorts to my own beautiful, sweet dog. (The book is dedicated to him. :))

Q. You now have had The Right Man, now The Wrong Man, I almost hesitate to think what title comes next?

LOL! The Right Time. Look for it this summer!

Q. What pulls at your heart when writing, creating a main character?

Weakness, redemption, self discovery with a dose of humor. I’m drawn to characters who are just like you and me. There may or may not be some catastrophe in their past but who they are now and how they muddle through with the defenses they’ve built are what make them interesting.

Q. Do you have a favorite character of yours?

That is almost impossible to answer. I adore Aaron from Better Than Good and I’m crazy for Brandon in The Wrong Man. But I have to say…. Alex is up there for me too! 🙂

Q. What’s next for Lane Hayes?

I’m finishing Book #4 in Better Than Stories then it’s on to a new series!! Woohoo! I’m still at the mental creative chalkboard but it will be fun to get to know a new set of guys from a brand new city!

Where you can find Lane:

Facebook: LaneHayesauthor
Twitter: @LaneHayes3

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

Sales Links:   Dreamspinner eBook  and Paperback

About The Wrong Man…SMThe_Wrong_Man_Final

Successful owner of an upscale boutique in fabulous West Hollywood, Brandon Good swears by his personal edict to “live in the present.” After a bad break-up, he agrees to dog sit to keep his mind off his ex. Never did he expect the dog to belong a man from his past, the only man to ever truly break his heart.

When Jake Westley relocates to join the WeHo fire department, the last thing he anticipates is reuniting with his secret high school love. Thrilled with the prospect of reconnecting with Bran, Jake feels no guilt in using his charming old dog as an unwitting matchmaker. As they rekindle their friendship, it becomes clear the intense attraction they once felt is stronger than ever. But as hard as they try to leave the past behind, painful memories resurface. Bran will have to confront his fears and consider the possibility that the man he swore was absolutely the wrong one might be perfect after all.
Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance


Again, I questioned my sanity. Something was odd in my world for sure. My heart was beating double time when he finally turned onto my street. A quick escape was my best bet. I had my fingers wrapped around the car door handle and was ready to rip my other hand from his grasp when he slowed down. He must have sensed my intent to bolt, because he held on to me until I was forced to give him a “what the fuck?” look.

“Let me walk you to your door.”

“Jake, let’s not do this. Please. I really don’t want this evening to get any weirder than it already has been. Thank you for tonight. For dinner and pretending to—”

“Hey, nothing is weird here. It’s dark, and I’m walking you to your door—”

“I’m a big boy. I’ve got this.” I detached my hand from his grip and opened the door.

“Thanks again.”

When I reached the sidewalk, he was waiting for me. The man obviously was hard of hearing.

“You are stubborn.” I gave him my best evil eye before I trudged up the path ahead of him.

“Me? You’re the difficult one. I’m trying to be nice—”

“You don’t have to prove you’re nice to me. I get it. That doesn’t mean—suit yourself.”

“Humor me.”

I fished my key from my pocket as I approached the well-lit front porch.

“Here I am, safe and sound. No need for worry,” I said flippantly as I turned to Jake.

“You ca—”

I swallowed my words. He was closer than I expected. Much closer. I felt the warmth from his body but wasn’t prepared for the hunger I saw in his eyes. I licked my bottom lip nervously. I knew what was going to happen, and though I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, I wasn’t going to stop him. He bent slightly and brushed his nose against mine. I felt his breath on my lips as I waited for him to close the distance between us. Neither of us moved. He smelled delicious, that intoxicating combination of soap and a hint of musky cologne I’d noticed the morning he hugged me in my kitchen. I could have happily buried my nose in his shirt or in the curve where his neck met his shoulders. I closed my eyes and leaned in the tiniest bit closer, expecting him to take over. He still didn’t move.

“Aren’t you going to ki—”

And then he pounced. He crashed his mouth over mine and snaked his arms around my waist, fusing our bodies together. His hands traveled up and down my back while he licked a sensual line across the seam of my lips, requesting entry. I heard myself moan as his tongue danced and collided with mine in a lustful assault. I arched into him instinctively. Jake lowered his hands to my ass, drawing me in tightly as he thrust his hips forward. The friction was hot, and his demanding kisses had my head reeling. This was nothing like our frantic make-out sessions years ago.

Just as that errant thought surfaced to remind me whom I was grinding against like a teenager on my front porch, Jake turned his full attention to my mouth. I was painfully hard, but he was right. We shouldn’t be doing any of this. But I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I bit at his jaw and then licked my way to his ear, flicking the lobe gently with my tongue until I felt his teeth at my neck. I made a strangled sound and went limp in his arms. He was overpowering in a subtle, almost unexpected way. I was two seconds away from ripping his shirt when a car went down my street blaring hip-hop music at an obscene volume. I pulled away and rested my forehead against his shoulder. We stood quietly catching our breath for a moment.

Then Jake pressed a soft kiss on my cheek and stepped away. “Good night, Bran. Thank you for… well, just thank you. I’ll see you soon.”

I stared after him like an idiot, watching him open his door and start the SUV. I heard the familiar hum of distant traffic and smelled the fragrant sweet star jasmine from my neighbor’s garden. Everything looked and seemed to be in place, but something was different.

Pages or Words: 220 Pages
TWMBadgeTour Dates and Stops: 


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In The Spotlight: A Restored Man (The Men of Halfway House #3) by Jamie Reese

Title: A Restored Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House #3
Author: Jaime Reese
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 17, 2015
Cole Renzo thinks his greatest challenge is to behave for the remainder of his term at Halfway House. Until he meets his new boss, Ty Calloway, a man who ticks off every box on Cole’s list of interests.
A sought-after restorer and customizer of exotic and collectible cars, Ty had enough confidence to command what he wanted in life, until one fateful night changed everything. Almost two years later, he’s slowly rebuilding his life with great control. He’s defied the odds and works tirelessly to be the man he once was—but he still feels broken.
Cole’s candor and unfiltered personality awaken Ty’s barely-remembered desire to greet each new day with a smile, while Ty’s unwavering acceptance of Cole’s quirks and brash humor makes Cole feel as if he fits in for the first time in far too long. When a nemesis threatens Ty’s personal restoration and the things he holds dear, Cole is determined to protect their relationship, even if that means sacrificing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.
But Ty will have to let his guard down, surrender control, and admit he needs Cole first, even if that puts himself at risk of breaking beyond repair.


Available at the following:

Chapter 1 A Restored Man © Jaime Reese 2015
The music reverberated off the walls and
filtered back through Cole’s body. The sounds of Pitbull’s “Timber”
had him gyrating in the kitchen as he reached into the refrigerator. He grabbed
the mozzarella then did exactly as the song commanded after shutting the door.
He spun his body around repeatedly, holding the bag of cheese above his head
while his hips arched up and down, completely seduced by the pounding beat of
the song.
He closed his eyes. His heart thumped in unison
with the beat, guiding his thick, compact, toned body in the fast-paced thrust
of his hips as if he were pushing into the welcoming heat of a lover.
The pace slowed and so did his body, in
complete sync with the rhythm. His hips rounded deeply, seductively, giving a
show that would always excite more than the traditional foreplay.
Cole Renzo had some moves and he knew it.
The song sped up again and he glided barefoot
across the tiled kitchen floor to reach the garlic cloves from the basket in
the corner.
“Hey, you,” Matt said, entering the
kitchen, speaking loud enough for his voice to travel above the music.
Cole looked over at Matthew Doner, owner of the
halfway house where he stayed, and smiled as his body moved to the rhythm of
the song, not faltering a single beat with the interruption. He knew Matt loved
to dance and had caught him doing his own version of a solo when he thought no
one was watching. He dropped the garlic cloves on the counter and bent his
finger in a come here motion,
swinging his hips in a fluid Salsa-like move as he walked toward Matt slowly.
Matt laughed and took two steps forward. Cole pulled him closer, spun him once
then wrapped his arm around Matt’s waist and started to dance to the faster
thump of the song.
The laughter echoed in the kitchen as they moved
in perfect time with the fast-paced rhythm nearing the end of the tune. Matt
held up his arm and Cole circled with the expert elegance of a seasoned dancer,
then pulled Matt close, stepped to the side and spun Matt in the same fashion.
“What the fuck!” Julian thundered
when he entered the kitchen.
They froze at the sound of Julian’s tone, just
as the song ended. Cole’s hand still rested on Matt’s waist as they tried to
settle their breathing, the absence of music magnifying the harsh puff of each
“Hey!” Cole responded cheerfully. “Matt
and I were getting it on in here. Matt’s got some hip action that would make a—”
Matt’s hand came up around the back of Cole’s
head to cover his mouth, stopping him midsentence. What the hell? He was just going to compliment Matt on his
seductive dance moves.
Cole glanced at Julian. His golden skin glowed,
and he looked as if he had actually swelled an inch or two while standing there.
His nostrils flared like a bull’s. His usual intimidating green-eyed glare was
more vicious than usual.
“What. The. Fuck,” Julian said in
that controlled tone that couldn’t hide the undercurrent of his bubbling rage.
He looked like he wanted to murder someone. Correction. Based on the white-knuckled
fists he held at his sides, he was probably going to beat the shit out of some
poor soul.
Murder would show mercy.
Matt’s hand couldn’t hide the smile Cole
imagined was plastered on his face. Poor
sorry ass idiot who dared piss off
Julian Capeletti. He looked up at the green-eyed guy who towered over
Cole’s five-nine stature.
“J, calm down,” Matt said to his
partner in his usual calming tone.
Yeah, good luck with that. Julian was about to
go ape shit on someone and Cole was going to have a front row seat to that
show. Cole’s stomach fluttered and he started shifting his weight from foot to
foot. He couldn’t wait to see Julian actually lose it for once.
Julian’s jaw clenched and his fists tightened.
Wait a
Cole looked back and forth between Julian and Matt. Julian’s not pissed at
Matt—he never was. They had one of those sickly sweet, always romantic I love
you lick fest relationships you secretly want but would never openly admit. Why
was Julian so mad? And who the hell was he mad at? There was no one else in the
Shit. Cole slowly
registered how his actions or words may have been received. He instantly
released Matt as if his fingers were singed and put his hands behind his back.
Matt removed his hand from Cole’s mouth. Cole took a few steps back and raised
his hands in a surrender-like fashion, hoping to calm the golden beast that
seemed to be growing in width with each passing second.
“We were just dancing,” Cole said
calmly. He knew better than to joke with Julian while he was in this state of
mind. Stick to the facts. “I was
making dinner…your favorite actually.” He walked over slowly toward the
stovetop like someone stepping away from a wild animal. He kept his focus
trained on Julian as he lifted the pot tops on the stove.
Matt neared Julian and placed his hands on the
stretched black T-shirt covering his broad chest. “J, I heard the music
and came in here. You know I can’t resist a dance,” he said teasingly as
he stroked Julian’s chest. He then smiled and placed a kiss on Julian’s neck.
Julian’s focus shifted quickly from Cole to
Matt and back to Cole. Within a second, his glare had changed. Matt kissed him again
and Julian’s eyes partially closed but snapped open, re-focusing on Cole as his
Matt’s hand reached up Julian’s neck to the
back of his shaved head.
Julian’s eyes closed and his head lolled to the
side, seeking Matt’s kisses up his neck then along his jawline. In a flash, he
grabbed Matt by the hand and pulled him out the kitchen. Matt quickly glanced
back to Cole with a huge grin on his face.
Cole sighed with relief as his entire body
Crisis averted.
He always seemed to get a rise out of Julian
but it was never intentional. Not really. He wouldn’t deny he occasionally had
some fun at Julian’s expense. He just had the worst case of foot in mouth syndrome. It seemed his
mouth worked much faster than his brain. He would never say or do anything to
intentionally hurt someone, his mother had taught him better than that. But
with a thousand different thoughts racing in his mind at any given moment,
picking the right thing to say didn’t always work out in his favor.
Or as Julian said, he had no social filter
between his brain and mouth.
Cole returned his focus to the dinner he was
preparing. Food. God, he loved to cook and was thankful as hell Matt and Julian
allowed him to tinker in the kitchen. He didn’t want to stir anything up—aside
from the sauce he was preparing—but he needed to burn off the nervous energy
that thrummed through his body on a constant basis. He pressed the button on
the iPod docking station to jump to the next playlist and lowered the volume.
The smooth sounds of Maroon 5 streamed through the speakers and eased his
nerves as he continued to stir the sauce. Visions of Adam Levine singing and
dancing came to mind. Mmm. The things
he’d love to do to that man.
He was placing the garlic rolls in the oven
some time later when Julian walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator
to grab a bottled water. Cole closed the oven and stilled, hoping for some
magic superpower that would render him invisible. He couldn’t abandon dinner
and risk it getting ruined or, even worse, messing up Halfway House, the place
he had called his home for the last two months. Shit.
Cole turned, feeling as if he should say
something, but shut his mouth almost as quickly to avoid aggravating the
situation. He sucked at apologies and usually ended up shoving his other foot into
his mouth as well.
Julian glared at him just as Matt entered the
kitchen with flushed cheeks, a dreamy smile, and swollen lips. Matt hummed as
he tugged his shirt to straighten it. When he looked up and saw both Cole and
Julian looking at him, his eyes rounded and he quickly turned and exited the
booty call. Busted.
A slow smile began to spread across Cole’s
face. He glanced over at Julian who still had a death glare focused on him.
Julian pointed a finger at him. “Don’t you
dare go there,” he said before turning away. “And pull up your pants.
I can see your damn Spider-Man underwear.”
“Hey, don’t rag on the superheroes. Oh,
and by the way…”
Julian turned and gave Cole a pointed glare.
Cole did a chin up gesture toward the door
where Matt had been only moments ago. “You can thank me later.”
The muscles in Julian’s jaw flexed. He inhaled
sharply, shook his head, and left the kitchen without saying another word.
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Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.



In Our Book Spotlight: Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo, An Interview with Gunner! (contest)


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In Our Book Spotlight: Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo

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Interview with Gunner from Hurri Cosmo’s Chase and Capture!

Q. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
A. I suppose 20 years in the military. I really liked the idea of fighting for my country, for freedom.

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A. Peace. And not necessarily world peace. I simply like the quiet.

Q. What is your current state of mind?
A. Happy, I think. Got my man at home and home is on a quiet island.

Q. What is your most treasured possession?
A. I have a pen light that Mitch gave to me before…well, before he died. I needed one and he gave me his to use. I told him I would return it but he said to keep it. Think of it as an early birthday gift, he said. I called him a cheapskate, he called me an ingrate. We laughed, ended up wrestling each other…then did other things. But…but then he was killed. The very next week, actually. Pen light means…well, it means a lot.

Q. What or who is the greatest love of your life?
A. Oh, that is, by far, Camden. Totally crazy about the little shit.

Q. What is it that you most dislike?
A. Dishonesty. Sometimes that can be a moving target depending on who you talk to but for me honesty is rare. So that makes trust hard.

Q. What is your greatest fear?
A. Well, that’s changed a bit. It used to be boredom. Yeah, that’s right, boredom. I used to do a lot of stupid things to keep it at bay. But now, losing Camden. No, not losing him, disappointing him. That would be my biggest fear.

Q. Which living person do you most despise?
A. There isn’t anyone. I probably could have said Ben Tarry. You probably expected me to. But I don’t hate him. Not anymore. Besides, forgiving someone doesn’t mean you condone what they did. It simply releases you from the burden of hate. And yes, it’s a burden; a self-destructive burden to hate someone.

Q. What is your greatest regret?
A. That I couldn’t have stopped the massacre of my comrades. They trusted me to keep them safe. I failed.

Q. Where would you like to live?
A. Right where I am, on Silver Wildwoods Island. I love it there. It’s beautiful.

Q. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
A. Never being able to love or never being truly loved. Never understanding love. That’s over now, thanks to Camden. He’s shown me what happiness is. I love that. I love that I am happy.

Q. What is the quality you most like in a man?
A. Like I said before, honesty.

Q. What is the quality you most like in a woman?
A. Same thing.

Q. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
A. That one day in my past. If I could change that…well, things would be different I guess. So maybe not, but on the surface, without thinking about it, yeah. That one day.

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More about Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo!

Publisher: Amber Allure Publishing
Release Date: February 1, 2015

About Chase and Capture…

It was only a game, right? An adult twist on “Capture the Flag”. Very adult, actually. Especially the “flag” and where it went. In fact, the only similarity between the kid version and the adult version was you still needed to capture your opponent’s flag to win. So how the hell had Camden ended up here? Oh yeah, that’s right, Tanner, Camden’s good buddy from college. He was not going to let Camden waste another birthday. In fact, he was hell-bent on getting Camden laid. So much so, the idiot set up this entire weekend gig. And that’s where Camden found himself now; on a remote island, crashing through the woods, playing a chase and capture game, trying like hell to stay ahead of his pursuer.

But why was he the one being chased? Why was Camden the prey and that big, sexy, dark haired, muscle bound, relentless god of a man, Gunner, the hunter? It should be the other way around because it was Camden’s birthday, damn it! Well, thankfully there were going to be three rounds played because it looked like Camden was going down before even reaching the first check point. Yep. Going down on all fours, flag confiscated and…well, let’s just say he would be screwed. 

So… what was the down side of losing again?

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Contest:  Hurri Cosmo is  like to give away a copy of How West Was Won. Here’s a link to the Goodreads page . If you would like to enter the contest, leave a comment for a chance to win.  Contest ends 2/20 midnight eastern time.

About Hurri Cosmo :

Hurri Cosmo lives in Minnesota where she holds tight to the idea that there, where it’s cold a good part of the year, she won’t age as fast. Yep, she avoids the truth as much as she avoids mirrors. But one of the reasons she loves writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, she doesn’t mind “real life” and she does try to at least keep it in mind when she writes her stories, but she truly loves creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every – single – time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason she loves reading this genre, too. Give her a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and her computer, whether she is reading or writing, and she will entertain herself for hours. The fact she actually gets paid to do it is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

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