It’s March, It’s Still Snowing and This Week’s Schedule At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


March Cold Weather Pattern

It’s March, It’s Snowing and I’m Done!

Snow March 6 2015

My backyard where the steep stairs up the hill are completely covered to the point the yard looks flat.  Sigh. And yes, still whining about the weather.

So March is here.  Daylight Saving Time is here…where the heck is spring?  Right now there is a small herd of deer stripping the needles from a pine tree next door, up to their hocks in snow.  I’ve had to put cardboard as a platform out filled with bird seed for all the birds looking for food because my ground feeder is buried.  And while its pretty to look at, I could do that with pictures and be more than content.Snow Pic March 6 2015 2

Yes, not even close to Boston’s snowfall, who is?  But it’s a lot for this area and we are so done.  I want  flowers,damnitohell, and pollen, and bees and bluebirds…..and I’m not getting any of those anytime soon.  Wonder what’s going to happen to the cherry blossoms?

A few announcements:

Winner of Joe Cosentino’s giveaway – LisaG.  Congratulations.  She has been notified.

STRW is looking for a reviewer who likes to read science fiction, BDSM and erotica!  If that is you, contact me with a sample review at  We are also looking reviewers to handle our increasing requests for reviews of f/f stories.

Now on to our schedule this week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words:

We are loaded down this week with outstanding new stories and 5 star reviews.  Among those are the first story in a new series by Lou Sylvre, A Shot of J & B (in the  Vasquez & James universe), another in Alex Beecroft’s Trowchester series (Blue Eyed Stranger), a Barb the Zany Old Lady review of the third story in the Playing the Fool series by Lisa Henry and J. A. Rock (Tempest), The Bridge of Silver Wings by John Wiltshire (reviewed by Mika) and if you love to laugh, don’t forget to check out my review of Shawn’s Law by Renae Kaye.  And there’s more, it’s a surfeit of riches this week.   Happy Reading.

Sunday, March 8:

  • Announcements and Upcoming Schedule

Monday, March 9:

  • Book Spotlight: Black and Blue Love: A Lesbian Novel by Judy Folger (contest)
  • New Release:   Turkish Delight by Trina Lane (guest blog)
  • Spotlight on Tempest (Playing the Fool #3) by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Tempest (Playing the Fool #3) by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock
  • A MelanieM Review: Shawn’s Law by Renae Kaye

Tuesday, March 10:

  • Cate Ashwood’s Thirty Things Cover Reveal and Contest
  • Blood of Salar by Alexis Duran Book Blast and Contest
  • Mickie Ashling’s Chyna Doll Tour – guest post and giveaway
  • A Stella Review: How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton
  • A Mika Review: Released by A.J. Ridges

Wednesday, March 11:

  • In the Spotlight:  IM by Rick R. Reed (excerpt and contest)
  • THE HIDDEN WOLF: The Sapphire Ranch Wolves Series -Series Details
  • A Mika Review: A Shot of J & B by Lou Sylvre (brand new series – Vasquez & James spinoff)
  • A MelanieM Review: Blue Eyed Stranger (Trowchester Blues #2) by Alex Beecroft
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audio Book Review: Wood, Screws and Nails by Piper Vaughn
    and Kade Boehme ~ Audiobook narrated by Paul Morey

Thursday, March 12:

  • A MelanieM Review: Deadly Shades of Gold (Altered States#2) by Laura Harner and T.A. Webb
  • A Mika Review: The Bridge of Silver Wings (More Heat Than the Sun #3) by John Wiltshire
  • A Stella Review: To Every Thing There Is a Season by Fil Preis
  • A MelanieM Review: In Darkest Peru by Louise Lyons

Friday, March 13 (no, 13 is a lucky number, repeat as needed!):

  • Release Day for Louise Lyons” One Snowy Night (excerpt and contest)
  • In the Spotlight: NR Walker’s new supernatural story,  “Cronin’s Key” (excerpt and contest)
  • A Sammy Review: Falling (Fall or Break #1) by Barbara Elsborg
  • A MelanieM Review: What’s in a Name? by Pat Henshaw

Saturday, March 14:

  • A MelanieM Review: Blind Stud (King of Hearts #1) (PF 2015) by Havan Fellows
  • A Stella Review: Soufflés at Sunrise (Just Desserts, #2) by M.J. O’Shea and Anna Martin

I’ll leave you with a few covers of this week’s reviews in no particular order…


Blind Stud, King of Hearts cover PF2015Shawn's Law coverTempest coverThe Bridge of Silver Wings cover