A MelanieM Review: Diamonds & Dust: Ace of Diamonds One by Laura Harner


(PF 2015: Altered States Book 4)

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Diamonds & Dust coverAfter the traumatic events that left Jamal ‘Jet’ Gorman’s  the de facto Alpha of his pack, the time has come for Jet to take up the responsibilities and problems of a job he never wanted or thought would be his. There are rumblings of others who would fight him to the death for the position, and others maneuvering behind the scenes to make sure that Jet’s time as Alpha is a short one.  Jet isn’t certain that’s not a fitting way to exit this world…even if it puts the werewolves he’s sworn to protect in the hands of a ruthless killer. A trip to the bayou with the ancient and enigmatic new vampire in town changes everything—in ways Jet would never have predicted. Now his new mission is safeguarding his late partner’s secret.

Nicolino Sanzio da Urbino—Nico to his friends, if he had any—has been undead for centuries, and given the betrayals in his own past, it shouldn’t surprise him the depths some will go to in order to seize a power to which they have no claim. After leaving his position with the Vampire Council behind, Nico’s new job with the Odd Squad provides more flexibility and challenges. It also comes with a lot more latitude when meting out justice, so when he discovers a plot to rid the local pack of their second Alpha in as many months, Nico decides it’s time to go hunting. That is until he meets Jet and everything gets…personal.

With hearts as hard as diamonds, neither man is seeking the odd connection that seems to flow between them—but the winds of change blowing through the Crescent City seem to have everyone on edge—and not all challenges are as simple as they seem. With more and more monsters coming out of the closet, only time will tell if these two survive long enough to play the hand they’ve been dealt—before they become dust in the wind.

I know, I know, I say this with each story, but Diamonds & Dust by Laura Harner may be my favorite. At least until the 2nd books in the next round pop up.  I love Jet and the events that have already occurred at the beginning of this story shocked me!  No way did I see that coming.  And it left me a little heartbroken over Jet’s loss.

Then I met Nico.   Heartbreak gone.

In fact I couldn’t even remember that much about Russ (Russ, right?) because Nico’s first, second, and third impressions are strong, charismatic, and absolutely addicting.  He is everything that Jet (and the reader) needs. And the same holds true for Nico.  Jet is that one being he has been waiting for.  They are each other’s yin to the yang, the magnets that cling instead of repel.   Their push me/pull you meeting and beginnings of a relationship hooked me in throughly. And when that is framed by a storyline full of vicious assaults, deep plotting by everyone around, evil doers on the loose, and tons of hot sex, well, you have the setup for a memorable and yes, haunting series.

Harner’s writing style is concise, her prose tight and expressive, and the storyline is propelled along at break neck speed.  You will want to slow it down to savor certain lines or situations but the cast and plot won’t let you tarry.  It hurls you along until you reach the….argh….cliffhanger.   Yes,  yet another ending that leaves you hanging.  But that’s what serialized stories do best.  Leave you hanging and wanting more.

This Pulp Friction series, PF 2015 Altered States, is “guaraunteeeed” (try saying it in the late Justin Wilson’s voice) to make you a little crazy.  No one is safe, lots of people are going to die (and just maybe come back), with plots that are as hard to tie down as a will o the wisp!  And I love every word and exclamation point of it.  These stories are as addicting and satisfying as a New Orleans beignet!

But don’t take my word for it.  This is the  end of the first round of stories.  Get in on the beginning.  It really doesn’t matter which series you start with.  Diamonds & Dust: Ace of Diamonds One by Laura Harner is a terrific place to start.  Or go back even further to the Altered States series written by Laura Harner and T. A. Webb, that sets out the universe for the characters and events that happen here.  Do that for a wildly scary and fantastic ride into the supernatural and beyond.  One of my highly recommended reads!

Cover art by Laura Harner.  Loving this group of covers, including this one.

Sales Links:     All Romance (ARe)        Amazon          Buy It Here

Book Details:

Published April 1st 2015 by Smashwords Edition (first published March 31st 2015)
ISBN13 9781941841082

About Pulp Friction 2015
Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ Parker Williams ~ Laura Harner

The Pulp Friction 2015 Altered States Collection.
Four authors.
Four Series.
Twenty books.
One supernatural finale.

Spend a year with the creatures that go bump in the night…fighting for their rights to exist and protecting the innocents of The Big Easy. A diverse group of friends trying to find their place in a world they never had to “fit” into before.
Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.
Round One:
Drawing Dead (Jack of Spades: 1) by Lee Brazil
Blind Stud (King of Hearts: 1) by Havan Fellows
The Devil’s Bedpost (Four of Clubs: 1) by Parker Williams
Diamonds and Dust (Ace of Diamonds: 1) by Laura Harner

Round Two:

Dead Blind (Jack of Spades: 2) by Lee Brazil

Barb, A Zany Old Lady Review –For a Rainy Afternoon (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by R.J. Scott


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

For A Rainy Afternoon cover

Robbie MacIntyre manages a small post office in the old Station House on the outskirts of sleepy Barton Hartshourn northwest of London. He’s stunned when the owner, Maggie, a close friend, bequeaths him not only the post office, but also Station House.

The rest of her estate is left to an American writer, Jason Young, and when he moves to the village, Robbie is thrown by the attraction he has for the man who has more of a claim on the Station House than he does.

Then there is a box that holds several rare first editions and a cookbook. Only when the secrets of the ingredients in a particular recipe are finally revealed does everything begin to make sense, and a love cut short seventy years earlier is finally discovered.

The first book in the new series, Tales of the Curious Cookbook, this story takes place in England where Robbie MacIntyre manages a small post office-slash-bookstore-slash-coffee-shop-slash-art gallery in the old Station House owned by his good friend Maggie Simmons. He’s been doing this work for about ten years—ever since Maggie offered him the position to help ground him when he was at loose ends after he graduated with a degree in art. He’s devastated when Maggie passes away and even more shocked when he finds out that she’s left the Station House to him.

But more intriguing is the fact that she left her home, Apple Tree Cottage, to an American. Jason Young is the great grandson of Maggie’s sister who immigrated to America after the war. He’s a writer who happens to be gorgeous and in need of help when the water tank at the cottage rusts out and floods the place. Robbie offers him a place to stay and a shoulder to lean on, and the two become friends.

While the cottage is being worked on, they retrieve a box holding several rare first editions of one of Robbie’s favorite mystery writers and an old handwritten cookbook, Recipes for the Heart: Mystical Meals and Dangerous Desserts, by Granny B. The book is organized by sections and marked by emotions. For example, there are recipes for foods that are for sadness, or finding what was lost, or inspiring passion. The one Robbie most likes is for applesauce cake because it was Maggie’s favorite, and he hasn’t been able to match it exactly even though she had given him the recipe. This cake is for finding love. The mystery in this story is what happens when the guys stumble upon information about Maggie’s past which includes a lost love and a separation from her sister and her family. There’s humor and heartache, romance, and adventure to be found. And when the new recipe for applesauce cake, aka the recipe for love, is followed, the boys finally find their way to their HEA.

This is a sweet short story, perfect as the kickoff for the new series. RJ Scott’s style is very evident throughout the story up to and including the building of a wonderfully matched pair of MCs. I recommend this to all who enjoy a bit of a history mystery and a little whimsy with their M/M romance.


Cover Art by Reese Dante depicts two apples propped on a table in front of a propped up open cookbook. Since apples and Apple Tree Cottage feature prominently in this cookbook series, the picture fits the book perfectly.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press    All Romance (ARe)   Amazon      Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 66 pages
Published April 1st 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
original title For a Rainy Afternoon
ISBN13 9781632168603
edition language English
url http://rjscottauthor.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/for-rainy-afternoon.html
series Tales of the Curious Cookbook

Tales of the Curious Cookbook series:

6 works, 5 primary works.
Five fun and fanciful stories about a rather curious cookbook!

Authors and Their Stories:

RJ Scott – For a Rainy Afternoon (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by R.J. Scott
Amy Lane – Food for Thought (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by Amy Lane
Marie Sexton – Lost Along the Way (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by Marie Sexton
Amber Kell – Cookies for Courting (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by Amber Kell
Mary Calmes – Just Desserts (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by Mary Calmes
RJ Scott – Tales of the Curious Cookbook by R.J. Scott

In the Spotlight: Every Inferno by Johanna Parkhurst (interview and contest)



Every Inferno by Johanna Parkhurst
Goodreads Link 

STRW In The Spotlight Header

Release Date: July 24, 2014

We are lucky to have Johanna Parkhurst here today to talk about her newest YA novel, Every Inferno.  After the interview, be sure to check out the book via blurb and gripping excerpt.  Don’t forget to enter the contest at the end as well.

Our Q & A with Johanna Parkhurst…

• What was your inspiration behind the title and story?

Every Inferno started out with a dream I had—a boy was climbing out a window, and there was a fire behind him. The story eventually became much more than a boy escaping from a fire. The window didn’t make the final draft, but lots of other ideas did…including JJ exploring his sexual identity and working through his issues with alcohol.

The title is very much connected to JJ’s investigation into who killed his parents. You’ll have to read the book to find out more about it.

• When did you start reading romance, including YA romance?

I’ve always loved reading romance, whether it’s in the adult or the YA category. I enjoy reading stories about the different ways humans connect to one another, and the romance genre explores those connections so beautifully.

• What drew you to writing in the romance genre?

I don’t think of Every Inferno as a romance, to be honest. I think of it as a coming-of-age story that just happens to have an important relationship built into it. Most of my stories end up revolving around some sort of key relationship—probably because I believe the relationships we have with others are such a big part of what makes us who we are.

• What particular things do you consider romantic?  Gestures that would make you swoon?

You know what I find funny? Whenever I write a YA story with a romantic element, I end up comparing what I thought was romantic when I was a teenager to what I think is romantic now. I was so easy to impress as a teenager! Taking me out to a dinner at the local diner and picking out my favorite desert would have had me swooning. In some ways, I miss the magic of those days. Love was so new and different that every small thing seemed magical.

.  Where do you go for character names?   Professions?

All over the place! The story behind JJ’s name is bizarre. I started him calling the character JJ when I first started writing the book. I wanted him to be called by his initials because I wanted him to have distance from the father he lost, who he’s also named after. But for the longest time, I didn’t actually know what JJ stood for! I couldn’t decide. Eventually I settled on Jacob, which fit with the story and JJ’s character for a variety of reasons. But the poor boy was without a name for quite a while.

• Have you ever had research inspire a story?

I knew JJ would struggle with alcoholism when I first started writing this story, but the research I did into teenage alcoholism had a huge affect on JJ’s storyline and how I wrote that struggle into the plot. The story definitely changed the more I researched.

• What are your biggest influences as a writer?

So many! In the YA genre I’m influenced by Sherman Alexie, Brian Katcher, S.E. Hinton, and many others. Some of my favorite romance writers are T.J. Klune, Marie Sexton, Amy Lane, Nora Roberts, and Johanna Lindsey. I started reading Johanna Lindsey when I was just a teenager, and I always thought it was a good sign that we shared a name.

.  What’s next for Johanna Parkhurst?

I just finished drafting the sequel to my first book Here’s to You, Zeb Pike. That’s been an exciting adventure, as it’s taken me years to finish that draft!



STRW Author BookSynopsis

Depressed. Defiant. Possible alcoholic. These are just a few of the terms used to describe fifteen-year-old Jacob Jasper Jones. Lately, though, JJ has a new one to add to the list: detective. He’s been having strange dreams about the fire that killed his parents ten years ago, and he thinks he finally has the clue to catching the arsonist who destroyed his family. 

A murder investigation isn’t the only thing the dreams trigger for JJ. They also lead to secret meetings with his estranged sister, an unlikely connection with a doctor who lost his daughter in the fire, and a confusing friendship with McKinley, a classmate of JJ’s who seems determined to help him solve the mystery. 

All JJ wants is to shake the problems that have followed him since that fire, and he’s convinced he must catch the arsonist to do it. But as JJ struggles to find the culprit, he sees there’s more than one mystery in his life he needs to solve.
Pages or Words: 180 pages

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance, Young Adult

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante


A smell that wasn’t there before filled the bathroom.

JJ drew in a deep breath, trying to match the scent to anything that might already exist in his short memory. It was a difficult scent to describe: like pine trees, but not the real ones in his backyard. More like the smell of the stuff his father used to clean the kitchen floor.

He tried to push off the sudden sense of apprehension that filled him; who cared if someone else had also come into the restroom? This was his town, the tiny world he had spent his entire five years in, and there was a good chance he knew whoever else had just joined him.

Even if he didn’t know anyone who went around smelling like pine trees.

JJ took a few breaths and flushed the toilet, eager to get back to the movie and his parents.

As he shoved the door of the stall open, though, the scent grew stronger. The person who had brought the scent in with him—a man—was facing the wall across the room. He was wearing a backpack and hugging his arms to his chest.

“I did it… I did it,” the man whispered. “I finally did it.”

JJ moved to the sinks, more eager than ever to return to the comforting gaze of his mother. But the noise of his sneakers against the tile alerted the man to JJ’s presence, and now the stranger was turning around to face him.

It was the oddest sensation to only be able to see certain details of a person: blue jeans, a red long-sleeve shirt. And then a detail so clear it almost seemed to be the only thing JJ could see: the outline of a long and winding paintbrush, tattooed on the man’s hand, snaking down from just below his thumb to where it disappeared beneath the cuff of his shirt.

But nothing else. No other details were there. The man was faceless. The color of hair was… what was it? It was as if it had never been there.

Then JJ could see nothing, and all he could hear was the man shouting. Something about how JJ shouldn’t be there, and he couldn’t know, and it wasn’t time yet….

The pain began then. Horrible, burning, pain, and JJ knew he was screaming, but he couldn’t hear himself over the roaring in his ears. He needed to find the door, the door, where was the door—
Jacob Jasper Jones woke up sweating, twisted into a trap of sheets and blankets. He frantically cast his eyes around the walls of his bedroom, looking for anything that would remind him he was not in that restroom again. There was the Modest Mouse poster, his bookshelf, the old dresser that had once belonged to his aunt—yes, he was safe.

Safe from what? Or who?

JJ quietly wrestled with the covers, thankful that he wasn’t a screamer and didn’t seem to have woken Aunt Maggie up. If it was up to JJ, Maggie would never know that JJ was having dreams about that day again.

They’d started about a month ago. Before then JJ had never dreamed anything specific about the fire. The nightmares were always vague and mushy, filled with flames and noise and not much else.

Not like this dream. This dream was clear and specific and so real it was as though JJ was reenacting every detail from that day. Right up until the end, when the faceless man turned and everything went black.

It was so vivid that JJ was starting to think it might be more than just a dream. That it might be a memory.

Sales Links:

Harmony Ink Press:
Dreamspinner Press:
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STRW Author Bio and Contacts
About Johanna Parkhurst:

Johanna Parkhurst grew up on a small dairy farm in northern Vermont before relocating to the rocky mountains of Colorado. She spends her days helping teenagers learn to read and write and her evenings writing things she hopes they’ll like to read. She strives to share stories of young adults who are as determined, passionate, and complex as the ones she shares classrooms with.

Johanna holds degrees from Albertus Magnus College and Teachers College, Columbia University. She loves traveling, hiking, skiing, watching football, and spending time with her incredibly supportive husband.

Where to find the author:

Website: http://www.johannaparkhurst.com
Twitter: @johannawriteson
Tumblr: http://johannawriteson.tumblr.com/

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On Tour with Sue Brown and In-Decision (excerpt and giveaway)


Title: In-Decision

Series: Left at the Crossroads #2
Author: Sue Brown
Length: 43,000 words/139 Pages
Release Date: April 15, 2015
Blurb: Little Mowbury is a sleepy
English village deep in the Cotswolds. The kind of village where you’re only a
local if your lineage can be traced back to the dinosaurs. Where you can find
everything in the single village shop from morning newspapers to dry-cleaning,
and getting your shoes mended. And, of course, where everybody knows everybody
else’s business. It’s easy to find… you can’t miss it… just ask anyone and
they’ll tell you… “It’s left at the crossroads.”

Eighteen months ago Jason Havers lost the love of
his life and it’s time to move on. Applying for the position of chef in a
sleepy country pub, a million miles away from his previous life, may well be
the fresh start he needs. His new employers immediately take him under their
wing and before long he finds himself with a passel of new friends and a job he
loves. What he doesn’t expect is Tom, a gorgeous midwife, who stirs up feelings
he’s not ready to deal with.

But when someone from his previous life turns up in
Little Mowbury, will Jason be able to keep them from revealing the secret he’s
been keeping from those he’s come to love?
Jason Havers drove down the narrow village street
looking for the Thatcher’s Arms. The farmer’s directions to Little Mowbury had
been clear enough, even if he had mumbled into his beard; turn left at the
crossroads and keep driving.

“But when the hell am I meant to stop?” Jason
muttered. He’d reached Little Mowbury and he still hadn’t found the bloody pub.
He’d left plenty of time to find the place, not wanting to be late for the job
interview, but there had been congestion on the motorway. The stupid satnav had
given up with a mile and a half to go, leaving him cursing at the useless piece
of technology and driving through unmarked country lanes for twenty minutes
until he found a human who could give him directions. Now he had ten minutes to
find the pub before he could kiss the interview goodbye. “It’s on the left,” he
muttered. “On the left.”

Something out of the corner of his right eye
caught his attention and he slammed on the brakes, missing the man who’d
stepped out in front of him by a hair’s breath. The bloke actually had the gall
to glare at him and give him the finger before he disappeared into one of the

His heart
pounding, Jason sat back in the driver’s seat and stared after the arsehole. He
shook his head in disbelief and said sarcastically, “Welcome to Little Mowbury,

A loud honk behind him made Jason jump and he
cursed as he stalled the engine before he finally managed to get the car
started again. Waving his apology to the car behind, he pulled away and there
it was, fifty yards down the road opposite the village green. A typical English
village pub with a thatched roof, wooden tables outside and large hanging
baskets everywhere.

Jason left
the car at the edge of the green and jogged towards the pub. Then he stopped
and squinted at the ridge of the roof, grinning as he spied the thatched duck
perched on the top. He had three minutes before eleven o’clock. Not good but at
least he wasn’t late. He paused in the doorway of the Thatcher’s Arms, his eyes
adjusting to the dark interior after the brightness of the late morning

“Come in, son. You’re making the place look

Still blind from the sun, Jason moved towards the
voice, which he discovered as he drew closer, belonged to an elderly lady who
stood behind the bar.

“What can I get you?” she asked, looking at him
expectantly. Her huge, dangling earrings rattled as she talked. Jason tried not
to focus on them, but better to look at the earrings than her impressive chest
which was really distracting, even for him.

“Uh… I’m Jason.”

She looked at him with a blank expression.

“Jason Havers. I’m here to interview for the
chef’s position. We spoke on the phone?”

Her expression had moved on from blank to puzzled
and Jason’s mind raced as he wondered whether he’d got the wrong day or time,
or even the wrong fucking pub.

Then she
beamed at him as she leaned on the bar. “Sorry, luv, I completely forgot. It’s
been manic here this morning. We’ve only just cleared the breakfast crowd and
we’ve got to get ready for lunch. Colin, he’s my hubby, isn’t feeling too
chipper this morning and Rich, the other chef, has had to go to the dentist.
I’m Maggie Mason.” She shook Jason’s hand. He resisted the desire to wince and
flex his fingers as she let it go. For an elderly woman she had a bloody firm

looked around him. The bar was half-full but he could see the tables hadn’t
been bussed and there were dirty glasses at one end of the bar. “Can I help? I
can give you a hand with the lunch. That is, if you want me to, I mean….”

Maggie nodded and handed him an apron. “If you
want a baptism by fire, you’re on. I’ll interview you as we go. Do you mind
clearing the tables?”


“Leave the
dirty plates at that end of the bar and I’ll take ‘em through to the kitchen.”

Although Jason was a chef by trade, he’d done
most of the jobs required in restaurants and pubs. He started at one end of the
bar and worked down, removing the remains of the breakfasts and cleaning the
tables. As Jason worked he was conscious of the other customers staring and
whispering about him. Maggie grinned at him as he delivered the dirty plates.

“Are the locals giving you a hard time?”

Jason smirked. “They just want to know about the
new boy in town.” He tilted his head at the two old gents sat in the snug.
“Especially them.”

Maggie scowled at them but it was more
affectionate than fierce and the old guys raised their pint glasses in response.
“They’re the worst of the lot. Never tell them your business. It’ll be all
round the village before you’ve had a chance to breathe.

“You’re the one who flaps her mouth, Maggie May.”
An elderly man with an amazing amount of snow-white hair wrapped his arms
around Maggie and tugged him against her.

She huffed
but didn’t try to move away from him. “Jason, this is my husband, Colin. Ignore
everything he says. I’m the one in charge.”

Colin shook Jason’s hand. “Pleased to meet you,
Jason. We just let Maggie think she’s in charge—for a quiet life.”

understand,” Jason assured him then winked at Maggie, who burst out laughing.

“I like him. I think we’ll keep him.”

haven’t tried my cooking yet,” Jason pointed out.

looked at her watch. “You’d better get in the kitchen. Rich did the preparation
before he left.”

Colin frowned at his wife. “I thought he was here
for an interview?”

decided to make it a practical interview. He offered to help clear up.”

son. The kitchen is all yours. I’ll show you round.” As Jason followed Colin he
noticed the man shuffled one of his feet. Colin saw his gaze and shrugged. “I
had a stroke the end of last year. I’m fine now but I still struggle walking
any distance.”

“Is that
why you’re looking for another chef?”

“Rich has
been great. He’s picked up most of the shifts, but he’s found a girl in
Southampton and he wants to spend more time with her. We agreed to split his

Jason frowned. “So the job isn’t full-time?” He
couldn’t afford to work part-time. Not now he was on his own.

“It is, but split over breakfast, lunch and
dinner. You’ll have more than enough to do.” Colin opened the door to the

“Wow.” Jason blinked as he looked at the
stainless steel kitchen. He was hard put not to drool as he gazed around. “This
looks new.”

Colin said. “We replaced it just before my stroke.”

orders, boys.” Maggie handed them to Jason, ignoring Colin’s outstretched hand.
“Three mixed grills and hold the bacon on one of them.”

“Okay then.”

Colin limped to the fridge. “I’ll give you a hand
if you want.”

Jason was about to protest he was fine on his
own, but realised this was part of his interview. “Sounds good to me.”

They worked efficiently together with Colin
holding back as Jason got the hang of the kitchen. Colin nodded in approval as
he plated the order then Jason delivered the food to a family sitting in one
corner of the bar.

He smiled
at them all. “Who wants the no bacon?”

A teenage girl with soft curls and large eyes
smiled shyly at him. “That’s mine.”

The man with her looked at his plate. “This looks
amazing.” His stomach rumbled audibly and he blushed as his wife scolded him.

grinned at them. “That’s what I like to hear. You’re my very first customers.

As he walked past Maggie she handed him more
orders. “It’s Thursday, so it’s liver and bacon day. Don’t forget the extra
gravy for Deano Wells.”

Jason ruffled through the orders. “How will I
know which one is his?”

usually the only one who orders liver and bacon,” Colin said drily.

shrugged. “We look after our customers.”

has her favourites and they get whatever they want,” Colin said as they
retreated to the kitchen. “I just shut up and do as I’m told.”

“Bollocks,” Maggie yelled behind them.

“I’ll make sure to do the same thing.” Jason
deliberately raised his voice and smirked at Colin when Maggie responded with a
loud snort.

“You’ll do just fine here,” Colin said.

really hoped so because he hadn’t got nearly enough of this kitchen. “Tell me
that at the end of the lunch session.”

Jason worked hard for a couple of hours until the
rush died off. He was clearing up the last of the dishes when Maggie came in
and handed him an envelope.

“What’s this?” He opened it to see a few ten
pound notes.

“Your pay for today. You came for an interview,
not to manage the kitchen. The job is yours if you want it.”

He cheered inside, but there were practical
details to sort out. “I’ll need to find somewhere to stay. I couldn’t do this
journey every day.”

Maggie pursed her lips before she said, “There’s
a room upstairs if you want it. We used to run a B&B but after Colin’s
stroke it became too much. There’s a room and a private bathroom.”

Jason hesitated for only a second. Although
Maggie didn’t know it, this was the answer to his prayers. He had the chance to
get away and make a fresh start. Away from David, and away from all the friends
who looked at him as though he was broken. Those that had even bothered to

“When do you want me to start?” He beamed at her
and she grinned back.

“You can start Monday, but Saturday is Cricket
Day for the village. Why don’t you stay Friday night and meet everyone before
you start work?”

Jason opened his mouth to say it was too soon
then closed it again. “Sure. I’ll drive over tomorrow evening, Mrs. Mason.”

Maggie held out her hand. “Welcome to the family,
son. Call me Maggie.”

He dried his hand and shook it. “Thanks, Maggie.
This means a lot to me.”

welcome. Now finish cleaning those dishes.”

April 23: Divine

Sue Brown is owned by
her dog and two children. When she isn’t following their orders, she be found
haunting coffee shops to feed her coffee addiction. She spends hours people-watching
instead of typing. She feeds the plot bunnies, not the word count.

Sue discovered M/M
erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite
television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late
to the party, but she’s made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was
brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction

Win a copy of Lisa Worrall’s
‘Un-expected’ and 3 runners up will get to pick any one of Sue Brown’s books!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s Cover Reveal Time for Thianna Durston’s A Good Family Man! (excerpt and giveaway)



A Good Family Man (Corbin’s Bend #8) by Thianna Durston
Goodreads Link

Cover Reveal Time!

Release Date: August 6, 2015


Publisher: Blushing Books
Cover Artist: Anthony Walsh
Series: Corbin’s Bend – Season Three, Book 8
(This is the first M/M book of the series)


STRW Author BookSynopsis

Jack Carmichael’s natural instinct is to take care of people. In his job as a U.S. Marshal, he has done that for 25 years. Unfortunately, being married to his job has left his love life in tatters. Now classified unfit for duty, he retires and comes home to Colorado to figure things out. Dominant and used to taking control like his brother Brent, he has never been interested in spanking. Until a cute Nurse Practitioner catches his attention.

Josh Martin feels lucky. He’s not only accepted into Corbin’s Bend, but he’ll be working at the brand new Corbin’s Bend Medical Clinic as its only Nurse Practitioner. At thirty-two, he figures this is his last-ditch attempt at finding a dominant partner who isn’t abusive. He finds more than his share of dominant men in Corbin’s Bend, not the least of which are the Carmichael brothers. Brent’s dominance is both comforting and unnerving, Jack’s turns him on.
Josh is unlike any submissive male Jack has encountered and when the younger man asks him out, he decides to give it a go. One day of fun turns into two, three…until Jack, with more failed relationships than he can count in his past and unsure he can be the head of house Josh needs, leaves, burying himself once again in work. Forced to see the error of his decision, he puts aside the worries that have plagued him for months and returns to Corbin’s Bend. To become the good family man he wants to be, he has to earn back Josh’s trust and truly take on a role he’s never considered before: head of a loving discipline household.

Pages or Words: 150 pages

Categories: BDSM, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Leaping from his current spot, he landed on one of the pads down below, reveling in feeling alive for the first time in months. After chalking up his hands, he turned toward the man next to him who was stretching out his arms and gazing up at a particularly evil looking angle. “When do you have to go home?”

Looking over at him, for a moment Josh looked unsure of himself and finally he smiled, a cute dimple showing in his left cheek. “When I’m done. I didn’t actually forget anything. I just wanted to see you and, well, see if there was anything there.”

Grinning, Jack nodded as he looked at his watch. “Well, then. What do you think about dinner and possibly dancing later on at Tracks?”

Josh’s eyes practically popped out of his head. “I love Tracks! There’s a great bistro nearby. What do you say we meet there in…” He looked at his wristwatch. “Two hours? Then hit the club after?” The grin on his face would have been impossible to resist even if Jack had wanted to.


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About Thianna Durston:
Thianna likes to say she’s eclectic, fun, and just a bit naughty. She can also add, subtract, multiply, and divide in her head, but if people ask her to do it at parties, she isn’t impressed. While she would love to say there wasn’t a genre she had read that she didn’t enjoy, it would be a lie. For some reason, she keeps skipping to the ends of mystery books to find out who done it.

The creator and acquisition editor for the Corbin’s Bend Romance series, she wants to know: Who else wants to be safe, secure, and spanked in Colorado?

Under the name Thianna Durston, she writes M/M romance. Under Thianna D., she writes M/F romance.

Where to find the author:
Thianna’s Website – http://mm.thiannad.com/
Thianna’s Blog – http://blog.thiannad.com/
Facebook Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/ThiannaDurstonAuthor
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ThiannaDurston
Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ThiannaDurston


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