Our Best Book Covers of April 2015


Dreams Dreams of Fire and Gods

So many wonderful covers to choose from this month.  Covers that pulled you into and made you want to read the story inside. Covers that intrigued, drew you in or were just plain adorable.  We all have our favorites…what were yours this month?  Write and let us know!

              Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Best Covers of April 2015

crossed olive branches

In no particular order…

ToTouchTheSkyBurn The Sky coverFire- Dreams of Fire and Gods coverSpiretown cover





  • To Touch The Sky (Leap of Faith #2) by M.A. Church, cover art by LC Chase
  • Burn the Sky by Jaye McKenna. cover art by Chinchbug
  • Fire (Dreams of Fire and Gods #2) by James Erich, cover art by Paul Richmond (in fact all the covers in this series
  • Spiretown by Lia Black, cover design by the author

Fallout coverA Beginner's Guide to Wooing Your Mate coverSlasherazzi coverLost Along the Way cover






  • Fallout by Lisa Henry and M. Caspian,  cover art by Natasha Snow
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Wooing Your Mate (Being(s) in Love #3) by R. Cooper, cover art by Paul Richmond
  • Slasherazzi by Daniel A. Kaine, cover art by Wilde City Press art director
  • A Way Home by Keira Andrews, cover art?


SMCate-Ashwood-Thirty-Things-coverFood for Thought coverHoarfrost coverFamily of Lies cover





  • Thirty Things by Cate Ashwood, Cover art by Alexandria Corza
  • Food for Thought by Amy Lane (Tales of the Curious Cookbook), cover art by Reese Dante
  • Hoarfrost by Jordan L. Hawk, cover art by Jordan L. Hawk
  • Family of Lies: Sebastian by Sam Argent, cover art by Anne Cain

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Our Best Books of April 2015



This year has been a little crazy and we got away from our monthly Best of Lists!  But they are back starting with April 2015.

Let’s take a closer look at those stories we read and loved so much.  One or two are 4.75 stars rounded up to 5, the rest are 5 star rated stories.  Are some of yours there t0o?  Drop us a line and let us know what books and authors stood out for you this month!

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Best Books of April 2015

crossed olive branches



Contemporary Romance:

Science Fiction:


YA – Aurora Reviews (Both 5 stars)

A Paul B Review: A Good Deed Done by Pelaam


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A Good Deed Done coverWhen Conner saves a wolf from a rabbit trap, he doesn’t realize that it would lead to finding the partner in life that he needs.

Connor is a simple farmer content to raise enough food and animals to subsist. Since his mother’s passing, his is a somewhat lonely existence on his family farm. Despite the efforts of some of the townsfolk, Connor has not found any person who interests him as a life mate.

Ciaran is Faoladlh, the local name for werewolves. Still under the mating age, Ciaran is running around in his wolf form when he becomes ensnared in a trap. He is rescued by this simple farmer whom he recognizes as his mate. After being freed from the trap and given something to eat, the wolf runs off into the woods.

Two years pass since that fateful encounter. Connor always wonders what has happened to his wolf as he grows to call him. Leaving food occasionally in the clearing near where he found the wolf, he assumes that the wolf is doing well as the food has always disappeared when he comes back to check.

One day, after refusing to be bought out by a rich neighboring farmer, he finds a couple of his cows missing. He tracks them down to the man who offered to buy his farm. Knowing that the local authorities would take the rich farmer’s word over his, he decides to head back home.

Cutting through the forest, Connor is enveloped in a mist and comes across a small cottage. There he finds a family which includes the human form of Ciaran. There he learns of the existence of the Faoladlh and the meaning of mates. Wondering why Ciaran had not contacted him before that day, they explain the Ciaran was too young to take a mate but has since come of age. Knowing that Connor needs to return to his farm, they make plans to return with his mate and state that if he should ever need help, he should go to the woods and call for help.

As Connor and Ciaran settle into life, they must deal with the unscrupulous neighbor who will stop at nothing to obtain Connor’s farm. With the help of Ciaran and his family, they must find a way to finally stop the neighbor before Connor loses what is most precious to him.

I thought the author’s take on werewolves was unique. It seemed like they lived in an almost Brigadoon like existence. They will come out of the mist when or if necessary. The longing that Connor has for the unknown man in his dreams brings about the mate longing that is typical most shifter stories. Having only met Ciaran’s wolf form, he has no idea who this man is until they meet two years later in the wolf cabin. This short story satisfied on almost all levels for a shifter story.

The cover art by Michelle Cary draws you into the story. In the foreground, you have the dark haired Connor. In the background, you have a wolf howling on a hill with a ghostly image of Ciaran in his human form. The only quibble I have with it is that the clothing seems to be a bit modern for what I think the times in which the story is set but I could be wrong. Otherwise it is a top notch cover.

Sales Links:   MLR Press –  All Romance (ARe)Amazon Buy It Here

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 46 pages
Published March 6th 2015 by ManLove Romance Press
edition languageEnglish

A Mika Review:Scarred Souls (Scarred Souls #1) by T.T. Kove


Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5:

Scarred Souls coverOn a cold, wet afternoon Damian stumbled across a young man huddled beneath a tree crying his eyes out. He’s got more than enough problems of his own, but is compelled to give the bloke a place to crash for at least the night.

Josh is used to being alone, and most days it’s easier than trying to deal with people who can’t, or won’t, understand him. When Damian takes him in for the night, Josh assumes it’s gong to be one more go round of sex and get out in the morning.

Neither of them expects the friendship that develops, and they’re far from prepared when friendship starts to turn into more.

I really like the author’s writing style and that includes her writing in Scarred Souls.  This is my second book by T. T. Kove, and as usual the writing flows nicely. Reading this, I felt like I stepped into the middle of the story based on Damian’s and Josh reaction towards each other. They meet and it’s not a care in the world about getting to know each other. I really liked Damian as a character, I mean he’s 18 years old, but he seems so mature for his age. Also, Damian has gone through a traumatic experience as well. When it comes to his history, I think the author fell short on providing some background history. I would have liked to have seen the way his friendship with Silver progressed from beginning to end. He’s functioning and I think he’s allowed to be angry one day out of the year because of what happened to him. I give him tremendous credit for being mentally strong enough to be in a relationship with Josh.

Josh had so many problems. I felt bad for him. Someone who was supposed to love and care for him took advantage of him and it became this permanent stain on his heart . Sometimes I do feel like Josh used his borderline personality disorder to take advantage of Damian. He didn’t quite respect Damian’s reasoning on some sort. I do feel like all the times that he did harm himself was selfish, as well as givingsomeone else that burden of looking after you. I get it’s he’s mentally unstable. I wish his mother would have pushed the issue on him getting help more efficiently. I do like the side characters that were in the story. I think I’ll continue on the series.

Cover Art by: Aisha Akeju. I think the guy on the cover represents Damian, I’m not really sure since the main guys physical descriptions were hardly talked about. Either way it’s a nice cover since characters go through some traumatic experiences.

Sales Links:   Less Than Three Press (preorder discount)      All Romance (ARe)       Amazon       Buy It here (other links to follow)

Book Details:

ebook, Second Edition
Expected publication: May 20th 2015 by Less Than Three Press (first published July 31st 2012)
edition languageEnglish
seriesScarred Souls #1, Their Circumstances #1
charactersDamian Fielding, Joshua Slater settingLondon, England, 2003 (United Kingdom)
London, England (United Kingdom)