A YA on YA Saturday Special: Aurora on Reading and Writing YA Fiction


A YA on YA Saturday Special

Our YA Reviewer, Aurora, on Reading and Writing YA Fiction


Since I was young, I always liked to read anything and everything. Our house was filled with books, and by the time I was about ten I had read every single one of them. I never bothered with books that were geared toward any specific age group until I went to school, and when I got there I found out some pretty strange things.

I like young adult books a lot, and the genre is growing and gaining popularity every day. However, when I first started reading books that featured teenage protagonists, I found an overwhelming amount of the exact same things. Stories set in high schools that were all about, especially where a female main character was concerned, finding a date to the senior prom and navigating backstabbing friends. I was pretty disappointed with my options, since, although I love almost all books, I’ve always preferred fantasy.

It has been so amazing to see the genre expand in the past few years, and to see young adult books get smarter and smarter. It is a discredit to a young adult writer’s audience for them to assumed that young adults can’t read and appreciate fiction written on the same level fiction geared toward adults is written on. I feel like young adult writers are really beginning to understand that and with every new book that comes out and every book I read that is written in this new golden age of young adult fiction, I get more and more excited about the genre and its future.

Speaking as a writer, inspiration can come from anywhere, and it should. No one should dismiss an idea they’re inspired by simply because they’re writing a book for teenagers rather than for adults. In the books that I write myself, I hope to always show in my books that I view young adults as being just as smart as their older counterparts. They deserve a rich and varied collection of books as much as anyone else does.

As you read young adult books, and as the were grows every day, hopefully we will see less and less of authors talking down to their audience. Already the books I read every day for reviews and for personal enjoyment show such a positive change from what I was reading even a few years ago. I am so proud of the growth in young adult books.

                                                                                                                                       ~ Aurora

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