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Undone by Belinda Burke
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Sweet Dreams by Belinda Burke…

One of the things I enjoy the most about being an author is being able to play with the mythology I grew up with. I can give it a new shape, even while the heart remains the same. My grandmother used to put me to sleep with stories about sidhe and their hidden kingdoms, about Arthur and Merlin, and about how the first Irish won their home from dangerous immortals. So, when I first started writing I really, really wanted to share my own versions of those stories. I wanted to share of the twists my grandmother told, many that I invented myself, and some that appeared like magic (I occasionally suspect my brain isn’t entirely under my own control, but that might be a delusion of fiction.)

When I started reading in the wider world, I found out that the tales that were familiar to me were well known all over – and the more I read, the more I began to notice the similarities, as well as the differences. They come in many retellings, but some things are always the same. There’s a huge boom in fairy tale stories, while the writers of our generation (including me) try to build a new mythology out of the old. It’s important to give these stories meaning that fits the world as it is now, instead of how it was a thousand years ago.

Part of this means that the stories need to reflect new problems and struggles, and part of this means that it needs to reflect new values, too. It’s for that reason that my retelling of these stories and Arthurian saga focuses on LGBT characters – and on the sidhe. There has always been romance in the legends and in tales of Camelot, but every single one of those stories has two things in common – firstly, they’re all straight romances, and secondly, they take place in the “human” world.

Despite the occasional presence of an otherworldly interloper, we never find out what’s happening on the other side of the veil. We never get to see why Merlin is doing what he does, why the courts of fae and other immortals interact with Arthur and his predecessors. And, whether it’s an oversight in the mythology, or something lost in intervening generations, all the protagonists are straight. My characters decided to take care of both problems for me by appearing as gay and bisexual sidhe, intent on telling the old stories in their own way.

But of course, that doesn’t exempt them from the usual trauma and drama that accompanies the search for love!


Blurb for Undone:

The first step on the road to addiction is desire…
Tighe is Summer’s prince, the second son of the Summer Queen. The blindness of his mortal father cursed him with eyes that see too much, and now he wanders the woods of immortal Summer alone. He is an outsider in his own country or at best a curiosity—never someone anyone truly wants.
Faelan is gancanagh, one of dark Summer’s most treacherous beings. Beguiling as he is beautiful, he, like all of his kind, was made to incite lust and longing, even as he seeks true love. For anything mortal, anything unprepared, even to be in his presence is dangerous.
When the two meet by chance, Faelan can’t help but be curious about this half-mortal prince—and the prince is more interested in a companion than questioning what kind.
Tighe has never seen anything but the lie behind love. Faelan is love’s lie and knows it. Is the beginning and end of everything between them inevitable? Which is stronger, need—or nature?

Excerpt from  Undone:

Faelan kissed him, silenced him, dared to look deep into Tighe’s eyes. “I want you.”
The truth of those words, all their wanton promises and the pure intention to keep them was in Faelan’s voice. Tighe couldn’t see it now anymore than before, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe it was a lie, either. He looked away, then back, shrugged and gave in to the smile twitching at the corners of his lips. “So? I already said the same thing. I already asked what you’re going to do.”
There was more than just heat behind the flicker of eyes that met the challenge of Tighe’s gaze.
“You did. And I said anything you’ll let me, so does this mean you’ll let me do anything?”
“No. But you know better than not to stop when you’re told, don’t you?”
There was a flash of something hurt-angry-dangerous in the bright green eyes. It dissipated in understanding humor a moment later and when Faelan leaned forward again, the curve of his lips was all but roguish. “I do. And if you can tell me to stop, I will.”
“If I can?” Fire on Tighe’s skin flared outward, brought steam off the surface of the water. Half mortal he might be. He was also the son of the Summer Queen, and his power unleashed was more than enough to singe the luster from the air. “I don’t think that’s something you should be worried about. Who do you think I am, anyway? Maybe it’s you who should think about if you can tell me to stop.”
The solemn expression Faelan had tried dissolved at Tighe’s last words. “Prince, my prince, I would never tell you to stop. Never.”
Something low and dark was in his tone, and that, like his wanting, Tighe couldn’t bring himself to doubt or deny. This time he was the one to initiate their kiss, to take Faelan’s soft lips for his own just like he’d wanted. Faelan ran his fingers under Tighe’s tunic and hummed his delight when Tighe leaned back just long enough to pull it off and toss it over his shoulders, onto the grass.

Publisher’s Note: This book is associated with the Eight Kingdoms series by Belinda Burke.

Check out Eight Kingdoms, here is the series blurb:
Strange alliances are forged among the fae as Macsen Cadoc and his fae allies attempt to defeat the Milesians, Irish huntresses who bear a grudge against the sidhe.
Failure will bring Macsen to his knees; success may do the same, unless he and Bran Fionnan, once a captive of the huntresses, can succeed in sowing seeds of peace. Yet even while some attempt to find a middle ground and forge a place where tolerance can flower, a new power rises, a threat to them all.
The Church of Rome aims to win the earth from its immortal rivals, even if doing so comes at the price of magic itself. It will be up to Macsen to make a choice that might save the fae and all that sustains them…but only Bran has the power to convince him to do what is right.
Can mortal and immortal overcome the conflicts that divide them when some must hunt others to survive? Is love stronger than anything—even a Fae King’s pride?

Like the sound of Undone? Buy it  here.


Belinda Burke

About  Belinda Burke:
Belinda currently lives on the New England coast with her fiancée, their room mate and her cat. When she’s not writing, she’s working toward degrees in Philosophy and English, embroidering or reading.
Belinda writes in several genres, but a little lust and love always work their way into her stories.

Find her here also at


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A MelanieM Review: Acting On Love (Conquest #8) by S.J. Frost


Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5

Acting on Love coverBrandon Alexander has risen to the top of theatre in Chicago, but when you reach the top, there’s usually only one way left to go. Funding fell through on the latest play he was to star in and now he finds himself an unemployed actor. Coming fresh off a bad audition, he wonders if his time in the spotlight is over. But what worries him more, is not making the man he loves proud of him.

Shunichi Miyamoto runs a highly successful dojo. He had always let work be the focus of his life, until over a year ago, the man of his dreams walked into the dojo to rekindle his passion for karate, and it led to further passions between him and Brandon. He knows Brandon is worried about his career, but he loves him, he’s proud of him, and he’ll do anything for Brandon’s happiness.

Both Brandon and Shunichi want to spend their lives together, but when a new opportunity comes to Brandon, he must decide whether to follow his career dreams or to act on his love for Shunichi.

I have loved all the couples I have met through the many stories of SJ Frost’s Conquest series, but I have to admit that Brandon and Shun hold a special place in my heart.  Acting on Love, the eighth story, brings their relationship to the next level and effectively closes out their storyline in a way that their fans will love.  And as Frost does so, she introduces several potential romances and characters that the series can focus on next.

More a novelette in length, Acting On Love forces Brandon to look at his future as an actor, and where his priorities lie in order for him to be happy.  Shun too must undergo self reflection and prioritizing in his life.  Their future together hinges on the answers they come up with.  In short, this is a sweet love story,  low on angst as the ending is never really in doubt.

I’m not sure this could be called a stand alone story as the background history of all involved is barely sketched in, so having read all the other novels brings a fullness and understanding that it would otherwise lack.  But if you’ve followed the series and the ups and downs of all the characters and their relationships, then this is a lovely story that you will appreciate and enjoy. All the couples from previous stories appear here, another element that brings a measure of familiarity.  Its sexy, sweet, and a satisfying closure to Brandon and Shun’s romance. If you love sexy men and a HEA, I can recommend you read Acting on Love.

Cover art is lovely and works for both the main characters.

Sales Links:  MLR Books  |  All Romance (ARe)  |  Amazon  |  Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 80 pages
Published March 27th 2015 by MLR Press
ISBN 1020150389
edition languageEnglish
seriesConquest #8

Conquest Series in the order they were written:

  • Conquest (Conquest, #1)
  • No Fear (Conquest, #2)
  • Keys to Love (Conquest, #3)
  • Finding a Dream (Conquest, #4)
  • Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5)
  • Beautiful Harmony (Conquest, #5.5)
  • Heartstrings (Conquest, #6)
  • Feeling the Rhythm (Conquest, #7)
  • Acting On Love (Conquest, #8)

A Stella Review: For Real by Alexis Hall


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

For Real coverLaurence Dalziel is worn down and washed up, and for him, the BDSM scene is all played out. Six years on from his last relationship, he’s pushing forty and tired of going through the motions of submission.

Then he meets Toby Finch. Nineteen years old. Fearless, fierce, and vulnerable. Everything Laurie can’t remember being.

Toby doesn’t know who he wants to be or what he wants to do. But he knows, with all the certainty of youth, that he wants Laurie. He wants him on his knees. He wants to make him hurt, he wants to make him beg, he wants to make him fall in love.

The problem is, while Laurie will surrender his body, he won’t surrender his heart. Because Toby is too young, too intense, too easy to hurt. And what they have—no matter how right it feels—can’t last. It can’t mean anything.

It can’t be real.

Usually I don’t read books this long (this one is 437 beautiful pages), cause they always dragged at some point during the story. Not For Real by Alexis Hall. I was caught in the MCs’ lives till the end, there wasn’t one little moment of boredom. I didn’t want to put it down and I could have going on for another 400 pages. I felt everything Laurie and Toby felt, almost if I was there in their amazing world.

Of course I didn’t expect anything other than perfection from Alexis Hall. Recently I realized that he could simply write my favorite pie recipe and turn it in a masterpiece. He not “just can write”, there a lot of authors that can really write, he writes magically, everything is so poetic, even the smallest and stupid description of something you could have thought useless for the purpose of the story. The use of words in the descriptions and the reality of this story were two elements that made this book a winner to me. Even if the story flows easy, still I found it complex and that was what I appreciated more.

For Real is definitely not the usual BDSM story, the way in which the roles were defined plus everything was one continuous discovery. And not just for the young Toby, too young to know how to express himself in his desire of dominate Laurie. This was a dynamic I hadn’t read yet, at first it almost sounded strange to me but then I got it. I understood that the author gave me Toby and Laurie, two real characters, both full of flaws but true in their feelings. Their story was complicated, sweet and hot. Moreover I so appreciated to be able to know every little detail that went on in their minds.

As I said a complex book with a beautiful happy ending. I already know I’m going to reread it very soon because the positive, happy vibes it gave me are addictive. For Real deserves absolutely a spot on my fave shelf. Not a crumble less than 5 stars!

Cover art by Simoné. I love this artist style, it’s magical and dreamy. This cover is perfect and fitting in every detail. I especially love the colors and all that light coming from the windows. Just like the book, it’s real.

Sales Links:   Riptide Publishing  |  All Romance (ARe)  |  Amazon  |  Buy It Here

Book Details:
Published June 1st 2015 by Riptide Publishing
ebook, 437 pages
ISBN13 9781626492790
Edition Language English

Spires Universe:
Waiting For The Flood
For Real

What’s this “Spires” thing?

Author Alexis Hall: My feeling is that even contemporary-set romance stories to an extent take place in imagined worlds. So even though they’re not direct sequels to each other, my contemporary romances often have overlapping characters, ideas and settings. Spires is how I refer to this collection of thematically linked but otherwise standalone stories.

Release Day for Beneath the Scales by Aurora Peppermint! (author guest blog and contest)


Beneath The Scales Cover

Its Release Day for

Beneath the Scales by Aurora Peppermint
Release Day:  July 9, 2015

Published by Harmony Ink Press
Cover art by Anne Cain

Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press eBook & Paperback  |  All Romance (ARe)  |  Amazon  | Buy It Here

We’re celebrating the release today of our very own reviewer Aurora’s first published novel, Beneath The Scales, with Harmony Ink Press.   Its an amazing accomplishment at any age, but especially at hers.  Aurora is a true YA reviewer in every way and we are so proud to have her as a part of our team here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words!

So check out that gorgeous cover by Anne Cain, read the blurb and excerpt below.  And drop a line or two to Aurora and enter the contest for a gift card at the end.

Congratulations, Aurora!


Aurora Peppermint on Beneath The Scales and YA  Stories

Writing Beneath the Scales was a huge labor of love for me. I came up with the character of Martus first, and Hal very soon after that. I really love their characters and throughout this book and the books that will follow it, I’ve just had such a great time seeing them grow and slowly become more comfortable with each other. I love to read young adult fiction, and I have found that I love writing it just as much. Working with teenage characters is so interesting because that time in a person’s life is so unique and, in the case of Beneath the Scales, the situation that Martus and Hal have found themselves in just makes an already complicated time even more so. Martus is in the position of being a guardian to his sister, stealing and doing unsavory jobs just to keep them from starving. And through the course of this book, his life just gets more complicated than before. From the things he learns about himself to the things he learns about the world around him, he really has a chance to change and improve his quality of life.

Besides just my characters, who had my heart from the moment that I came up with them, the plot of this book is really important to me too. So often, I find myself reading young adult books and absolutely loving them, but wondering how the fantasy world in the books I enjoy can connect to the real world. At the same time, I see teenagers, friends, struggling with their sexual and romantic identities, and struggling with being accepted for a whole host of other reasons. What I really wanted to show in this books was that everyone goes through these struggles, and it’s very possible to recover from them and it’s possible to still do great things for the world even if the world doesn’t have faith in you. I also wanted to show someone who both deals with prejudices being put against him, for a few reasons – his social status, his sexuality – but someone who is still prejudiced in his own ways. More importantly, I wanted show someone who was trying to overcome that prejudice.

I had a great time writing this book, I love the characters very much, and I am so excited to see where they go in the future and to share their upcoming journeys, and the journey they go through in this book, with you.

STRW Author BookSynopsis

A desperate quest forces a young man to question all he knows about truth and loyalty.Beneath The Scales Cover

Fifteen-year-old orphan Martus is struggling to provide for his magically gifted sister, Elsaben. Stealing and working shady jobs might feed them, but it doesn’t bring in enough for the arcane books and training she sorely needs, and he knows he can’t keep it up forever. His reputation as a troublemaker is starting to put him in danger.

When Elsaben is carried off by a dragon who attacks their village and burns it to the ground, Martus swears revenge, expecting to either die or return a hero. He isn’t prepared for what he discovers in a cave in the mountains.

If he can put aside his prejudices, he might find a chance for a better life, a faithful new friend, and the opportunity to help someone more like himself than he realizes. His adventure could change everything—even the beliefs he’s always taken for granted.

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Martus ran a hand lazily through his hair, then trailed his palm down to rub at his eyes, and finally let his arm flop down onto the bed beside him. It was light out already and he had to get up, much as he didn’t want to, but he was going to postpone waking fully as long as possible, just as he did every morning.

As a boy who had been punched in the stomach many times before, it was easy to recognize the feeling, but, through the crack of his eye—rather than the angry ex-lover of someone he’d pulled into his bed the night before, as he would usually see—his curly-haired little sister was visible.

“Mar! Up, up, up! You promised you’d take me with you today! ‘Member?” Bright eyes peered down into his, and Martus easily threw an arm around the small girl and pulled her off his stomach, mindful of her head when he plopped her down on the wood floor beside him.

“Yes, Elsaben. Sh.” Pulling a pillow over his face for a moment, Martus heaved a loud sigh, then tossed the pillow to the side and sat up. “Wh—” A yawn cut his question off, and his eyes wrinkled shut for a moment. “Where d’you want to go, darling?”

“I want to go wherever you go, Mar! “ Elsaben grinned, flopping on her stomach to grope under his bed before standing triumphantly with a bent up stick in her small hand, “You have my sa-word!” Martus couldn’t help laughing at that, ruffling his little sister’s hair and standing up.

“All right, then, little warrior, get dressed.” As he spoke, Martus tugged on his shirt and went looking for his day pants. The siblings didn’t have much since their parents died, but Martus always made sure his little sister had the basic necessities—clothes, food, water, something that could at least pass for a house—and a little more when he could manage it.

“Bet I’ll be ready quicker than you!” With that, Elsaben was out the door and hurrying down the stairs, hair flying out behind her.

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The Luckiest is Out! A Mila McWarren Interview on The Luckiest, Inspiration and Writing! (interview and giveaway)


TheLuckiest 4x6px COVER-Front

The Luckiest by Mila McWarren
Release Date: July 7, 2015

Goodreads Link 
Publisher: Interlude Press
Cover Artist: C.B. Messer

Sales Links:  Interlude Press  |  Amazon


A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Author Interview with Mila McWarren

• I love it when an author chooses unusual professions for their characters.  Why a memoirist?  Does his profession play an important role in the story or was the choice separate from what you wanted to “get” from the plot?

Oh, man, I love this question.

So (a) I love the hubris of Aaron being a memoirist. I love the hubris of ANYBODY being a memoirist, but especially this kid who is still, in so many ways, really actively figuring out who he is. I mean, really, how dare he – but of course he does. It’s actually a central piece of thinking about who he is and how he understands himself; the kid has balls, for sure. (b) In my heart of hearts, I totally want to be a memoirist. I wish I had the skill of capturing a moment of my life and distilling it into a perfect story that somebody else might actually find some beauty in. I wish I felt like my own experience was important enough that other people should care about it more! That must be an amazing way to live! (c) You’re right on with the point about what it does for the plot – I think, ideally, it helps encourage us to slow down a little bit and think about the impact of experiences. It’s just a week at a beach house, right? Or maybe it’s more. And, finally, (d) man did it help do some structural work. It’s a common cheat, diary entries and the like, as a way to sneak in a little more exposition without dumping it all over your reader. I’m not even a little sorry, because I ended up really loving and enjoying the little interstitial bits of Nik and Aaron’s writing that it allowed me to sneak in there.

  •   What was the inspiration for the title?

So there’s a scene in the book where they sing at the wedding, and the song they sing is Ben Folds’ The Luckiest. Google it – it’s gorgeous. But I loved the parallel of that title with the two central characters, because really: who is lucky enough to get it so damn right the first time out, and then also get a second chance after you’ve blown it all to hell by being a dumb teenager? They are, most sincerely, the luckiest.

  •   Do you stay in touch with your old school friends and did that help inspire your story?

Not. Even. A little bit. I have a really active and close group of friends in the city where I live, and most of those I’ve met on the internet over the last 10 years, or through work. It’s definitely the case that Aaron and Nik’s friends from The Luckiest are more wish-fulfillment than anything inspired by my real life. (Also, though: I’m so much older than Aaron and Nik! A thing I’ve thought about a lot is which of those people they’ll still be close to in another 10 years. I think Alex and David will stay, and probably Stephanie, in her own slightly distant, self-absorbed way. I am really not sure about Jasmine. That girl worries me. I am probably too attached.)

  • .  How do you choose a setting?

Well, first of all: I have to have been there. The internet is great and all, but honestly, you can get so much just from sitting on a bench for an hour – who’s walking by, what the air smells like, whether it sounds like bells or traffic or trucks or water, where the shade is, whether you need a sweater at night. And then I like to think about what kinds of stories that place might have to tell. Texas was an easy pick, in this case, because I know it so well. Texans are proud and so many never leave the state because they don’t have to; it’s a huge place, the economy is growing well, and there is work to be had. The people who do leave (especially those who have deep roots there) do so because they have reasons: they don’t feel comfortable there, or they want to try something very distinctively different, or because they needed some kind of escape. Being from a place like that, a place you never HAVE to leave, marks you as a little bit different when you do – and that is a story worth thinking about, I think.

  •  Favorite wedding themed book or movie?

Besides this one?

So, first: when I was thinking about this book, way way back in the beginning, I thought about it as a ‘Big Chill’ story. Obviously it’s a little bit different – a funeral story is especially depressing about characters so young – but the central idea of all these people in a house as the central setting was the common thread.

Which, now that you’ve asked this question, makes me feel kind of dumb. Because one of my all-time favorite favorite movies is ‘Monsoon Wedding’, a Mira Nair film from 2001, and there’s a good handful of common elements: people coming together for a wedding; that exciting/manic/ awkward energy of people who don’t see each other very often anymore coming together; and a secondary love story between the guy who comes to build the whole wedding and another member of the household. Huh. Look at that.

  • What’s next for Mila McWarren?

So much work to catch up on! In terms of fiction writing, though: I honestly have no idea. I really believe in the value of letting my brain go fallow for a little bit and then waiting to see what grows up. There are just the barest green shoots now and there’s not even a central character attached but I’ll say this: every year I go to San Diego with my husband for Comic-Con, and we nerd out pretty hard. This year it just might turn into a little bit of a research trip.

Thanks! This was really fun!



When New York-based memoirist Aaron Wilkinson gathers with his high school friends to marry off two of their own, he is forced to spend a week with Nik, the boy who broke his heart.

As they settle into the Texas beach house where the nuptials will be performed, Nik quickly makes his intentions clear: he wants Aaron back. “He’s coming hard, baby,” a friend warns, setting the tone for a week of transition where Aaron and Nik must decide if they are playing for keeps.

Pages or Words: 256 pages

Categories: Contemporary, Gay fiction, M/M Romance, New Adult, Romance


Aaron finishes the song and Stephanie snatches the mic out of his hand, crooks her finger at Nik and launches them into a reprise of their performance of “Dancing on My Own” from the homecoming weekend they all spent here at the house back in senior year. Stephanie still has questionable rhythm and tragic pitch—she loves to sing, which is why they have a karaoke machine in this house, but it’s one thing she will admit she doesn’t have much of a gift for—but there’s a reason Nik majored in music at The University of Texas, and his voice has come a long way.

Somehow, this deliberate throwback to a memory that was never anything but happy seems different than what Aaron has just done. He sits on the sofa, flanked by Alex and Jasmine, hating them both a little for participating in it even while he smiles. Nik dances—how can you not, with this song—but he still watches Aaron, gives him a little head-tilt during the chorus, and it’s charming and devastating and infuriating.

Jasmine leans to murmur, “Oh, I see how it is.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“You might not be desperate, but I’m not sure about him. He’s coming hard, baby.”

About the author:

Mila McWarren grew up in Texas, but has happily made her home on the East Coast for the last decade. In her day job she works as a social scientist and has spent the last 10 years developing her fiction writing online. She lives with her husband and their two kids. When she isn’t using working, writing, or hanging out with her family, she likes knitting and watching television, because they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, two of her other great loves.

Where to find the author:

Twitter: @milamcwarren



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Tour Dates & Stops: July 7 – July 20, 2015

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Its Here! The Bad Boys Club Box Set by M.A. Church (3 excerpts and a giveaway)



Bad Boys Club Box Set by M.A. Church
Release Date: June 26, 2015

STRW In The Spotlight Header

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Sales Links: Changeling Press

STRW Author BookSynopsis

Not all romances are sweet and fluffy.

Pounding music and writhing bodies fill the dance floor at Night Moves. A small, very elite group of friends called The Bad Boys Club use the place as their personal hunting grounds. Spoilt, powerful, and totally amoral, they use men without thought for the consequences of their actions. But each of these predators harbors a secret desire, a passion, that drives him.
And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Three dangerous paranormals on the prowl for a mate stalk the humans. Dark and deadly desires are their calling cards. A demon prince, an ancient vampire, and one of the deadliest werewolves to exist have their sights on The Bad Boys Club and their sensual secrets. Love comes in all forms, even for unscrupulous humans and lethal paranormals.

Publisher’s Note: Bad Boy’s Club contains the previously published novellas Lust and Ice, Into the Darkness, and Haunting the Night.

Pages or Words: 146 pages

Categories: BDSM, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Horror, Dark Romance, Paranormal, Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Dark Desires. (Book two also contains a ménage.)

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Excerpt from Lust and Ice:

“You have the devil’s own luck,” Jordan groaned.
“Actually, that’s Kain. I’m still behind him by two virgins.”
“How do you find these guys?” Allen complained. “I’ve only managed to find two!”
“Oh shut up. You’re one ahead of me.” Jordan rolled his eyes.
“Back on subject, fellows. Did I mention how sweetly he cried?” Hugh smirked. “And get this… he’s thinks I’m going to keep calling him now, be his boyfriend. Seems like he was waiting for that special someone, the love of his life.”
“Yeah, right. What a loser.” Allen sneered. “How often did you have to tell him you loved him?”
“Too many times.” Hugh’s disgust was clear as he raised his glass and winked. “Like I’d be caught dead outside of a bedroom with someone like that.”
“Goes without saying.” Kain sprawled in his chair. “So, how’s it looking down there? Fill me in.”
“Jordan and I have a bet going about who’s going to do that redhead on the dance floor first,” Allen said. “He’s the one with the green shirt, there in the middle.”
“Why not do him together?” Hugh asked.
“We plan to.” Allen winked. “I said I’d do him first. We’ll tag team him later. Been awhile since Jordan and I got to do a double penetration.”
Kain’s hearty laugh boomed out, drawing attention from those around them. “I almost feel sorry for the guy.” Kain glanced around the group; several pairs of disbelieving eyes stared back at him. “Okay, no I don’t.”
“The legendary Ice feels sorry?” Hugh’s lips twisted. “That’ll be a cold day in hell.”
“Hell wouldn’t have me.”
“Oh yeah, it would. Personally, I think we’d end up ruling hell.” Allen smirked at Kain.
“Ah, someone has that position, remember?” Jordan shrugged.
“We could be kings, or lords.”
“There’s supposed to be seven princes of hell. One for each deadly sin.” Hugh rolled his eyes as his friends stared at him. “What?”

Excerpt from Into the Darkness:

“Same plan as usual?”
Allen waited until Jordan turned and looked at him. “Why mess with what works? I’ll move in first, then you come in after I set him up. We’ll get him all hot and bothered, then take his ass home. I bet we have him in bed before the hour is out.”
Jordan slapped Allen on the back. “I agree. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Although it would be nice, for once, if our marks didn’t just fall to the floor and puddle at our feet.”
“Are you nuts? Besides, what do you expect out of these sluts?” Allen shrugged. “And by the way, I will fuck him first.”
“Keep telling yourself that. Got a feeling he’s going to beg me to do him first.”
Allen rolled his eyes. They’d just see about that. “My place or yours this time?”
They lived just a block apart. Allen had tried to buy an apartment in the same building as Jordan, but there had been nothing available that was as nice. Allen ended up purchasing his own place as close as he could to Jordan.
Jordan shrugged as he searched the dance floor. “Doesn’t matter to me, but my place is probably cleaner. The maid came yesterday.”
“Fine by me, we’ll do him at your place then. Besides, you have more toys. And a bigger bed.”
“Thought you took care of that little oversight?”
“My new bed will be arriving next week. Plus, I want you to go with me to check out some of the toys I found at this new place that just opened up. You have a better feel for things like that.”
“Competitive asshole.”
Allen chuckled. “Pot… meet kettle. You went out and bought a new BMW just because I got one. I’m not even going to mention the hair.”
Jordan shrugged, then stepped aside as someone — a tiny blond who looked entirely too young to be allowed in the club — passed him. “I liked yours better. Hey Allen, did you see that little blond twink?”
Allen raised an eyebrow as he looked in the direction Jordan indicated. “Hmm? No, I didn’t. But a blond? Really? Are you feeling okay?”
“Not for us, you shit. I was thinking that was more along the line of what Hugh likes — young, sweet, and innocent. Even though he doesn’t look old enough to be in here.”
“Playing matchmaker now, are you?”
“Fuck off.” Jordan laughed as he pushed Allen toward the dance floor.

Excerpt from Haunting The Night:

Hugh sat at the table watching as Kain, Jordan, and Allen made their moves on the prey they’d picked out. He’d checked the dance floor, and not one guy he saw impressed him so far. He needed a change — something or someone to break the monotony. With a sigh, he picked up his glass. Before he could take a drink, that feeling of being watched hit him square between the shoulder blades again. His shoulders tensed and chill bumps broke out over his flesh.
“What the hell?” While he was used to being stared at, and even got his own fair share of attention from the paparazzi, this was different. More intense, more… threatening, almost. Unease flooded him, and he couldn’t shake the recurring feeling of danger. Hugh glanced around, but didn’t see anyone taking an undue interest in him. Maybe a family member of one of the defendants they’d gotten off was stalking him. Hugh dismissed the idea immediately; that was just silly.
More likely his old man had someone keeping an eye on him. Now that he could believe — the nosey old bastard. “Fuck this.” The whole night had been off from the get-go, and he’d had enough. He rose, with every intention of leaving, when the overhead lights spotlighted someone at the bar below.
“Well, hello,” he murmured as he stared at the young man at the main bar. Jesus, how had he missed this one? He was perfect. Damned if he was leaving now. The night was suddenly looking up.
Dressed simply, in faded jeans, a black T-shirt, and a leather bomber jacket, was a stranger, one of the most gorgeous men Hugh had ever seen. He was everything he wanted in a man — cute, small, and blond. The perfect twink. Actually, the tiny blond looked entirely too young to be in Night Moves, but he was sure the guy wouldn’t be allowed in if he was underage. To make things even better, his target was staring at him. Even from this distance, he could see the hunger dancing in the stranger’s eyes. He was a little more blue-collar than Hugh normally went for, but what the hell. Hadn’t he just been thinking he needed a change?
“Yeah, why not?”
Hugh had taken no more than a few steps when the man at the bar winked at him. Most of the twinks he picked up were either drama queens or shy little guys. There was certainly nothing shy about this man. Hugh raised an eyebrow. He’d have to show the stranger who was in charge, of course, then they could have some fun. At least it looked like he wasn’t going to have to put out much effort tonight, and that suited him just fine. Hugh made his way downstairs to the main bar and to the guy waiting on him.

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