A MelanieM Review: Blowing Smoke (SoulShares #5) by Rory Ni Coileain


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Blowing Smoke coverLasair Faol, Master of the Fade-Hounds to the Royal court of the Demesne of Fire in the Fae Realm, has been exiled to the human world by the Princess Consort for failing to catch her son’s kidnapper. Bryce Newhouse, Greenwich Village investment banker, is universally loathed by all who know him. Generally, he’s perfectly cool with that, but he discovers what he’s been missing—literally — when he finds Lasair chained in his basement.

Bryce was supposed to receive half of Lasair’s soul at his birth, but thanks to the Fae of Purgatory, the Pattern — the portal between the worlds — has been damaged, and Bryce’s soul arrived 31 years too late. Now the exiled Fae is the shunned human’s only hope of healing his broken past. And with the fate of two worlds riding on that healing, Lasair is going to have to overcome both his race’s innate mistrust of genuine emotion and his own very unFae awkwardness, to have any chance of reaching Bryce’s impenetrable heart.

Rory Ni Coileain’s SoulShares series has always been a favorite of mine. It takes  magic, hot sex, lovers, the Fae, a malevolent monster to make the strong shudder and combines them all into a gritty urban fantasy series I just can’t get enough of.  Luckily for me, the author just released another SoulShares novel with another on the way.

Blowing Smoke (SoulShares #5) by Rory Ni Coileain may be my favorite of the series, something that kind of shocks me. The other stories had more than their share of unbelievable angst and in one case torture (see monster), plus a world building and Fae culture that was fantastic.  And then there were those marvelous couples, the SoulShares, each couple  contains a Fae soul split in two, each holding a half.   The men/Fae or Fae/Fae relationships are so complex and the men involved so different from each other, that each book was a true joy to read.

One common element in each story?  A well-off jerk named Bryce who figured largely as a boyfriend from hell for one of the main characters, Terry.  His interactions with all were not only disastrous  emotionally but physically as well.  His actions almost proved lethal several times over.  Bryce was that character you loved to hate.  And when combined with the Marfach (the evil),  well, that was a team to make your stomach churn and your heart hurt.  So guess who is a main character here?  Yes, that would be Bryce.  Blowing Smoke is all about redemption, second chances,  and the fight to become someone better, someone worthy of love.  Powerful stuff, indeed.

Someone else needing a second chance?  That would be Lasair Faol, Master of the Fade-Hounds to the Royal court of the Demesne of Fire in the Fae Realm.  He and his Hounds failed twice to keep the Prince of the Realm safe.  For his failures, the Prince’s mother (now a Consort) threatens to kill all his beloved Fade-Hounds.  Instead, Lasair agrees to take the blame to save them, ending up thrown through the portal and having his soul severed in two.   The anquish of that scene would be bad enough but just  prior to the Princess Consort’s arrival, Lasair has found a newly birthed Fade-Hound, blind and seemingly dead.  But the pup blinked back to life when Lasair picked him up.  Immediately a connection is formed between the pup and Lasair, and the reader.  How do you not love a character who saves a blind puppy and his hounds from death?  That pup, named Setanta, becomes as much a main character as any of the other Fae in the series. How?  That is such a wonderful element here I wouldn’t think of spoiling it for you. I adore that hound and want more, so much more of Setanta in his adult form.

Now  you have three characters all in precious need of second chances, the one they’ve just been given.  And the obstacles in front of any possibility of happiness includes not only their own fears but the other Fae couples (from the previous novels) and the monster returning for another  battle.  This story has so many layers that it would make a onion  weep with envy.  Or just weep.  I know I was reaching for the tissues several times while reading the story.  And its Rory Ni Coileain’s writing that makes it all spring to life, with battle scenes of breathtaking action and movement, tender moments of heartbreak and pain, and finally sexy and soft ones of joy and acceptance.  Yep, this wowser of a story has become my favorite.  And Bryce and Lasair (and Setanta) my top couple.  Amazing and such an unexpected delight.

I was still sighing with contentment at the end of the story when I noticed this:

Sneak Peek: Mantled in Mist
Prologue July 17, 1913 (human reckoning) The Realm

Yes!  There’s another SoulShares story coming.  And that teaser?  Made me want to find Rory Ni Coileain and find out when I can expect this story.

New to the SoulShares series?  What a great series awaits you!  The books should be read in the order they were written and released.  That’s really the only way to understand the characters, plot development and overall series timelines.  Each book builds on the other and while the author includes some past history, it won’t be enough for some readers to understand everything that has/is occurring.  That’s the only  reason this book isn’t a 5 star rating that my heart says it deserves.

Love the   Fae and fantasy?  Love a little hurt/comfort with your romance?  And puppies too?  Blowing Smoke has it all!  I highly recommend this series and author.  Now I’m settling in to wait for Mantled In Mist (SoulShares #6), read them all and come wait with me.


Cover Artist: Insatiable Designs.  The men are certainly handsome and close to my idea of the characters.  But where is that magical element?

Sales Links:  All Romance (ARe) |  Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details:

Published July 12th 2015 by Smashwords Edition
series SoulShares #5


SoulShares Series in the order they were written and should be read (add them to your Goodread list):

A Mika Review: In the Middle of Somewhere (In the Middle of Somewhere #1) by Roan Parrish


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

In the Middle of Somewhere coverDANIEL MULLIGAN is tough, snarky, and tattooed, hiding his self-consciousness behind sarcasm. Daniel has never fit in—not at home with his auto mechanic father and brothers, and not at school where his Ivy League classmates look down on him. Now, Daniel’s relieved to have a job at a small college in Northern Michigan, but, a city boy through and through, when Daniel arrives in Holiday, Michigan, it’s clear that this small town is one more place he just won’t fit in.

REX VALE clings to routine to keep loneliness at bay: honing his large, muscular body until it can handle anything, perfecting his recipes, and making custom furniture. Rex has lived in Holiday for years, but his shyness and imposing size have kept him from connecting with people. Though he loves the quiet and solitude of his little cabin in the woods, Rex can’t help but want someone to share it with.

When Daniel arrives in Holiday, they are smitten with each other, but though the sex is intense and explosive, Rex fears that Daniel will be one more in a long line of people to leave him, and Daniel has learned that letting anyone in could be a fatal weakness. Just as they begin to break down the walls that have been keeping them apart, Daniel is called home to Philadelphia where a secret is revealed that changes the way he understands everything.

Can a scrappy professor, an intense carpenter, and a stray dog make a go of it in their cabin in the woods? Sometimes, you have to go to the middle of nowhere to end up exactly where you want to be.

It took be a while to think of a rating and a review for In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish. I want to say first that for a debut book this author nailed it. She did a great job with the characters and the story line. I enjoyed her writing style a lot. She wrote the perfect guy in my eyes. I love Rex, everything about him. I have no bad words for him, I thoroughly enjoyed his character from start to finish. I understand him more that it’s been 2 days since I’ve finished the book. I get that he enjoys the simple things in life, and people. Sure I wanted to throttle him a few times, but he made up for all the little things he did. The internet, the food, the listening, and just being Rex. I want me a Rex now!!!

Now let’s get to Daniel. Daniel was a lost boy if anybody else was. Gah for all his pigheadedness, I still loved him. I kinda felt sorry felt sorry for him, because he did not know love it seemed like. I don’t know if that is true, but from what I seen he was lacking love outside of Ginger. Goodness his brothers were a class act. Ugh I wanted to rip their entails out. Ummm weren’t they born and bred in Philadelphia? Isn’t that the “City of Brotherly Love” Not really! Ugh I hated his entire family. It’s not going to change since I’ve finished the book. I really liked how the author did the supporting characters, Leo & Will, I liked both of those guys.

Why not 5 stars? Well sometimes Daniel inner voice got on my nerves. It was too much at times. I wanted him to have a little confidence of his own, I wanted him to man up at times, and sure he did it, but by then I was over it. I get why he needed the reassurances, but I sometimes just wanted him to spontaneously do something. I wanted him to put himself out there a little bit more. This might be minor to some people, but it was a problem for me. I can’t wait to see more from this author. I thank her for giving us these wonderful characters.

Cover Art by: AngstyG, The Best Cover of the year. It’s been some nice cover, but wherever AngstyG is and these models I want them in my basement! I love this cover so much. It’s really beautiful. I’m going to keep looking at it forever.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press |  All Romance (ARe)  |  Amazon  | Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 350 pages, also in paperback
Published July 10th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC
original titleIn the Middle of Somewhere
edition language English
series In the Middle of Somewhere #1

A Closer Look at Rory Ni Coileain and her latest, Blowing Smoke, Soul Shares #5 (interview, excerpt, and contest)


Blowing Smoke Final Cover

Blowing Smoke (SoulShares #5) by Rory Ni Coileain
Release Date: July 15, 2015

STRW In The Spotlight Header

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books
Cover Artist: Insatiable Designs


Sales Links:   Amazon (Kindle)  |  All Romance (ARe) |  Kobo

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvAtyJUkCh0

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Rory Ni Coileain, author of BLOWING SMOKE, book five in my favorite Soul Shares series.

Hi, Rory, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

10 things we didn’t know about you.

    • I skipped first grade after about a month, when it became obvious that I knew everything they were planning on teaching us that year and they couldn’t figure out what else to do with me.
    • You never forget your first Doctor. Mine was #4.
    • I’m a Cancer, a Water Tiger in Chinese astrology, and utterly water-phobic.
    • I’m the evil twin.
    • I have three tattoos. As of yesterday.
    • I have two toenails on each pinky toe.
    • I used to do cross-stitch and Irish crocheted lace, until I acquired a cat who insisted on helping.
    • I came within .01 percent (yes, that’s a hundredth of a percent) in my GPA of being the youngest summa cum laude graduate in the history of my university. The fly in the ointment? My grades in Creative Writing…
    • I’m almost ambidextrous. (If I try to brush my teeth left-handed, I hold the brush still and turn my head from side to side really fast.)
    • I’m the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter, for seven generations all the way back to Ireland.
  • Thanks, Rory, for stopping by.  I look forward to more of your amazing Soul Shares characters and universe!

STRW Author BookSynopsis

Lasair Faol, Master of the Fade-Hounds to the Royal court of the Demesne of Fire in the Fae Realm, has been exiled to the human world by the Princess Consort for failing to catch her son’s kidnapper. Bryce Newhouse, Greenwich Village investment banker, is universally loathed by all who know him. Generally, he’s perfectly cool with that, but he discovers what he’s been missing—literally—when he finds Lasair chained in his basement.

Bryce was supposed to receive half of Lasair’s soul at his birth, but thanks to the Fae of Purgatory, the Pattern—portal between the worlds—has been damaged, and Bryce’s soul arrived thirty-one years too late. Now the exiled Fae is the shunned human’s only hope of healing his broken past. And with the fate of two worlds riding on that healing, Lasair is going to have to overcome both his race’s innate mistrust of genuine emotion and his own very unFae awkwardness, to have any chance of reaching Bryce’s impenetrable heart.

Pages or Words: 70,094 words

Categories: Erotica, Fantasy, Romance, Urban Fantasy


[Excerpt (NSFW) By clicking on the link you confirm you are 18 years of age or older. ]

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Bryce straightened, stepping out of his trousers and nudging them aside with a foot. He blushed faintly, smiling a little, when he saw how intensely Lasair was watching him.

“I want more of that smile,” Lasair murmured, letting his leggings fall and drawing Bryce close.

“You’re looking at my smile?”   To continue reading..:


STRW Author Bio and Contacts

Rory Ni Coileain has been writing almost as long as she’s been reading, and reading almost as long as she’s been talking. She majored in creative writing in college, back when Respectable Colleges didn’t offer such a major, so she designed it herself—being careful to ensure that she never had to take a class before nine in the morning or take a Hemingway survey course.

She graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the age of nineteen, sent off her first short story to an anthology being assembled by an author she idolized, received the kind of rejection letter that fuels decades of therapy, and found other things to do for the next thirty years or so, including nightclub singing, working as a volunteer lawyer for Gay Men’s Health Crisis, and studying ballet in New York City, until her stories grabbed her by the shirt collar and announced they were back.

Now she’s a legal editor, a soprano in her church choir and the St. Mark’s Cathedral Choral Society (unless they’re singing Mozart, because she’s decided that Mozart didn’t like sopranos very much), the mother of a teenaged son, Brony, and budding film-maker (all wrapped up in one amazing offspring), and amanuensis to a host of Fae, Gille Dubh, and shapeshifters who are all anxious to tell their stories, and some of whom aren’t very good at waiting their turns.

Where to find the author:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rory.nicoileain
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/Soulshares
Twitter: RoryNi
Blog: https://www.rorynicoileain.com

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Rev Final for Blowing Smoke Final


Check out  the new covers for some of your favorite (and mine) SoulShare stories:

Hard as Stone New FinalDeep Plunge New CoverFirestorm New CoverGale Force New Final






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In the Book Spotlight: Tempting Jordan (Second Chances #3) by Andrea Dalling


2 Tempting Jordan 900 x 1350

Tempting Jordan (Second Chances #3) by Andrea Dalling
Release Date: July 20, 2015

STRW In The Spotlight Header

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Artesian Well Publishing
Cover Artist: Andrea Dalling


Sales Links:  Amazon

STRW Author BookSynopsis

Jordan Callahan is disillusioned about dating since he caught yet another boyfriend cheating. He’s tired of giving his heart to men who only want his body. At his five-year high school reunion, he meets up with old flame Rick Ferguson. Tall, dark, and bisexual, Rick has been his dream guy since sophomore year. But Rick is in the closet and has dated a string of women since high school. If he gives in to the temptation of Rick’s kisses, his lost love could be his future—or just another in a string of men to break his heart.

Rick has tried to live up to other people’s expectations. Everyone in his small home town is waiting for the former captain of the football team to settle down with a nice girl. Well, girls aren’t in the cards for him, and he’s done trying. He wants Jordan, his best friend since first grade. But a relationship with Jordan means coming out—disappointing his family and inviting ridicule from friends. His golden boy reputation will be shattered if he follows his heart to the only love he’s ever wanted.

Pages or Words: 34,000 words

Categories: Bisexual, Erotica, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, New Adult

STRW Spotlight Book Excerpt

Jordan’s muscles slackened, and cold anticipation formed a lump in his stomach. Rick isn’t really jealous?

But the feral look in Rick’s eyes said he was.

The hand on his shoulder nudged him toward the ballroom. Did Rick want him? Was that why he’d agreed to come stag?

Rick’s fingers idly tapped the small of Jordan’s back as they walked. The whisper of contact was odd and possessive, and it sent Jordan’s blood surging to all the wrong places. He shouldn’t have had that second scotch. He was relaxed and horny, especially with Rick so close, when he needed to keep his wits about him. Rick would never forgive him if he let something slip about their past together in front of their high school friends.

The tapping continued, revving his nerves into high gear. His fly pressed painfully against his flesh. He turned to Rick. “Will you stop touching me?”

Rick’s easy smile fled. “Why?”

He grabbed the collar of Rick’s shirt and said in his ear, “Because, dumbass, you’re making me hard.”

Rick raised his brows and smirked. They moved forward again. The tapping slowed but didn’t stop.

Sales Links:

STRW Author Bio and Contacts

Andrea Dalling lives in the sexy Southeast, where the summers are hot and the romance hotter. During the day, she’s an award-winning technical writer, but at night, she writes steamy stories. She loves to torture her characters but eventually rewards them with a happily-ever-after. Married to her college sweetheart, she’s a progressive Christian and an advocate for LGBT rights. You can follow her on Facebook (andrea.dalling.romance) or on Twitter (@Andrea_Dalling).


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July 24, 2015
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Double Your Reading Pleasure with Iyana Jenna’s His Enemy’s Son and Catfish Love Water (2 excerpts, one giveaway of each book))




His Enemy’s Son and Catfish Love Water by Iyana Jenna
Release Date: His Enemy’s Son – July 10, 2015,
Catfish Love Water – July 17, 2015


Goodreads Link
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Cover Artist: Brenna Lyons


Book Blurbs

His Enemy’s SonHisEnemysSon600

What would you do if you were a young oil mogul who had been crossed by your business counterpart, a man who then stopped returning your calls? Not knowing what else to do after every action he has taken failed, Luke Garrett decides to kidnap his business partner’s son to gain the man’s attention to their shared problem.
Alex is celebrating his eighteenth birthday by getting drunk with his best friend–and studiously avoiding the debutantes his father tries to throw his way–when he finds himself the houseguest of a rather unconventional abductor. How can this plan possibly go right?

Buy Links for His Enemy’s Son:

Fireborn Publishing |Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia | All Romance Ebooks |  Bookstrand | Barnes & Noble | Indigo

• Catfish Love WaterCatfishLoveWater2100

When his tutor suggested he pick a favorite book to get more motivated to learn to read, Axel chose a gay romance novel. He ended up taking the book everywhere he went, reading it slowly yet repeatedly until he could recite entire lines. Then his tutor resigned and a new one came to replace her. Richard is doing research on dyslexia for his next book by tutoring Axel, but can he remain an impartial observer? Will working with such an attractive man be possible for Axel? Moreover, can Richard keep his secrets under wraps?

Catfish Love Water Buy Links:
Fireborn Publishing |Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon Canada Amazon Australia
All Romance Ebooks  | Bookstrand

Pages or Words: His Enemy’s Son: 8,000 words, Catfish Love Water: 5,800 words

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance

Book Excerpts

His Enemy’s Son

“Hey!” they cried out.
“I’m going home with my friend. Let me go!” Alex shouted.
It was no use. Men in black surrounded him from every angle. He couldn’t see Seth anywhere.
“Quiet!” the first man barked. “Take Mr. Parker away. Go. Now!”
Am I being kidnapped? Alex’s muddled mind slowly understood the situation as he tried to yank his arms free. He grunted when two men squeezed his upper arms tightly; their fingers bit into his skin when they pulled him away.
“Alex! You let him go, you bastards!”
Alex looked over his shoulder as he was dragged into a black van. The men had grabbed Seth and held him down on the ground.
“No.” His head was spinning. “Don’t hurt him. It’s me you want. Let him go.”
“We’re not going to hurt anyone as long as you obey.” The man growled.
Suddenly Alex felt a prick at the back of his neck. He cried out in pain.
“Wh-what are you doing?” He tried to reach back but he couldn’t. His knees buckled, darkness gripped him, and suddenly he didn’t know any more.

* * * *

• Catfish Love Water

“What’re you reading?”
“Oh, this.” Axel’s face turned scarlet. He made a failed attempt to cover the title and cover of the book with his hand. Richard hid his smile and pretended not to know what was going on.
“What’s it about?” he asked, hoping Axel was too flustered to see through his innocent act.
Axel shrugged. “Nothing special.”
Richard almost grinned at the “Nothing special” but he kept his face straight.
“Care to tell me more?”
“Well,” Axel started, eyes fixed to the table. “It’s about a millionaire’s son whose life is in danger and his father pays a bodyguard to keep an eye on him. They eventually fall for each other as they—”
“This bodyguard—is it a girl?”
For the second time, Axel blushed. “N-no. It’s also a man.” Axel stared at Richard as if challenging him to say something sour about it. “That a problem for you?”
Richard arched an eyebrow. If Axel only knew.
“What? No, not at all. In fact, finding out you like reading that kind of story makes me really happy.” Richard captured Axel’s gaze and they exchanged a long, searching look.
“Huh,” Axel said quietly as he turned away.

Author Bio and Contacts

Reading, watching movies, and being unable to find exactly the thing she wanted to read have led Iyana to write her own stories, mostly about man-on-man romance that has fascinated her since as early as the Starsky and Hutch era. Teaching and writing English course books during the day, Iyana spends her nights mostly dreaming of love stories between two men who are protective toward each other.

Where to find the author:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iyanajenna
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/books.by.iyanajenna
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IyanaJenna
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/iyanajenna/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/iyana-jenna
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=263934975&trk=hp-identity-name

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