Barb, A Zany Old Lady Review ~ On the Clock (Market Garden #8) by Aleksandr Voinov and L.A. Witt


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
OnTheClock_600x900Those who have been following the Market Garden series since the debut of Quid Pro Quo may have been as excited as I was to finally get the story of the man we all knew as Rolex. Never one to hesitate to lay out the cash for a hot night of sex with the rent boys from Market Garden, Rolex has earned a reputation among the rentboys, especially his two favorites, Tristan and Jared. But they have retired, so with their recommendation for a guy named Jason ringing in his mind, he enters Market Garden in search of his new playmate.

Jason has been given a heads-up by Tristan and Jared and when he asks the John for the time and spots the Rolex on his wrist, he knows this is the man he’s been waiting for. Blake Raleigh visits London several times a year and is no stranger to spending money to blow his mind, and other parts as well. But he hasn’t met a negotiator of Jason’s caliber before. Jason actually gets off on the negotiations, and the higher the price, the better, so when Blake agrees to his initial request for his 18K gold cuff links, Jason is all his for the night. And what a night! It’s so good, in fact, that Blake occupies Jason’s time every night for the entire week.

But Blake can’t seem to forget Jason when he returns back home to the US, and neither, apparently, can Jason forget Blake. The two text and Skype and really start get to know one another. But Jason is still a negotiator, and when Blake accepts his offer for a hot night of voyeurism on Skype, Blake is shocked to see the threesome Jason has arranged. Tristan and Jared have joined Jason for the “show”—a very expensive show which ends up costing Blake 15 quid, a price Blake considers well-earned when he sees what Jared is willing to do on camera.

During the next real-time visit, Jason earns himself a first class ticket to the US to accompany Blake for a week, and it’s during that week that the two become much more than rentboy and client. That week, because Jason gets ill, is all about companionship and friendship, and after Jason leaves, Blake feels like there’s a huge hole left in his life that only Jason can heal.

But will Jason see it that way? How can Blake convey his feelings to Jason when they are five thousand miles apart? And how can he ask Jason to give up the work he loves?

Readers will enjoy the hoops Blake is willing to jump through to get to Jason, but be prepared for tears as Blake learns that not everything he wants can be bought or bargained for. This is an enjoyable story, with some extremely hot sex scenes, but some equally poignant quiet moments. I was very happy to see Tristan and Jared again, but overall, I was disappointed in the story because it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I never felt the spark of attraction—that push-pull of ying and yang we often feel when the authors fan the flames of sexual tension between two MCs. We knew Blake as Rolex in previous stories, but this Blake didn’t have the same feel, and somehow his persona wasn’t as magnetic or as powerful as he had been previously. Jason was attractive, but again, I wasn’t pulled to him. I wasn’t rooting for him. And I wasn’t terribly convinced that the two should be together long term. So yes, the guys get their HFN, or HEA, whichever way you want to look at it, but I wasn’t at all excited about it.

I do recommend this to those who have read the series, especially the books featuring Tristan, Jared, and Rolex. The series just wouldn’t be complete without it. And it is a good story, with lots of hot sex scenes, and many readers may feel the spark that fell short for me. It can be read as a standalone, but it would be much better if readers complete Quid Pro Quo, Take it Off, and Payoff first.

Cover art by L.C. Chase depicts a gold stopwatch on the black background which ties the Market Garden series stories together. And, though the cover is very sharp, I’m disappointed that it wasn’t a wristwatch which would represent the main character in this story—the man who was called Rolex in the first three books.

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Book Details:

ebook, 219 pages
Published July 13th 2015 by Riptide Publishing (first published July 12th 2015)
original title On the Clock
ISBN13  9781626493261
edition language English
Market Garden seriesFor love or money . . .

Welcome to Market Garden, a London club that caters to the better-off. Businessmen and bankers come here to relax and indulge in their every whim and fantasy, and Market Garden offers it all in top-shelf quality: threesomes, voyeuristic pleasures, domination, ropes and camo and leather. Men of every stripe, colour, and nationality deliver these high-end services—everyone has their reasons to sell sex. And it’s the hottest sex in town.

And sometimes, it’s even served with a side of true love.

Books in this series are:

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