Of Rescues and Throwaways of All Types and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words



This Week WRC (Local Channel NBC 4) is having a Clear The Shelters drive, working with shelters in many of the District, northern Virginia, and metropolitan Maryland shelters to move animals out of their facilities and into homes, whether it be permanent or foster.  This animal adoption event is nation wide, happening August 15 (yes, I know, that was yesterday, the starting date).  Its a tremendous idea so needed when we have an overpopulation of unwanted animals in high kill shelters nationwide or punted aside to starve on our streets.


I linked the Clear the Shelter drive above.  Update:  16,000 animals  reported from all participating stations adopted as of 11:30pm EDT last night! Woot!

So now a segue.  Throwaways and Rescues, Human and Animal In Books and Movies.

Books and movies have always had the power to move us into motion or emotion.  They mark our hearts, imprint themselves upon our minds and souls, so much so that images, sentences, and even names can emerge from our memories  with enough emotional impact to make us weep, laugh or just quietly smile. Paraphrasing here,  W. C. Fields said not to share the stage with animal or child because they would steal the scenes, so true.  Stage or book, I found that that when those stories center around animals and children that its effect upon us can be magnified 100 fold.  Add to that a romance between gay men who thought having families, (i.e, kids and pets) would never be in their future? And the combination becomes irresistible.

Whether it is Bambi, the Mad Hatter, Ol’ Yeller, Thomasina,  or that horse of Amy Lane’s, their power to overwhelm us with love, laughter, or anguish never diminishes.  My own hearthounds and other pets, along with those that found their homes and families yesterday through the Clear The Shelters drive, kept me thinking about  those many wonderful furred and feathered characters in the stories that have kept all of us entertained and magically connected.

So share with us all, what books, or movies for that matter, do you love to read and reread that have children or pets in them?  Rescues or adoptions?  What books do you rec?

Ones that jump right to mind are:

More recs from Stella:

Which books/movies are on your list?  Do you wait for Lassie to tell you Timmy’s in the well?  Or was that pup that was brought home a shifter?  We want to know that too? One such story is one I’m reviewing this week by John Inman, a Belladonna Arms novel,  Coming Back.  Another?  Eden Winter’s Redemption.


dog-reading blue book


This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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  • Of Rescues and Throwaways of All Types and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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YA Saturday, August 22:

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