A Mika Review: Redeeming Hope (Home for Hope #1) by Shell Taylor


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Redeeming Hope coverFifteen years ago Elijah Langley’s world came to an abrupt halt with the death of his high school boyfriend. He keeps his past—and his sexual orientation—hidden until he attends a fundraiser for The Center for HOPE, an LGBT youth center, where he meets Adam Lancaster, HOPE’s infuriatingly stubborn and sexy founder.

A survivor of a turbulent childhood, Adam understands better than most the challenges his youth face. He’s drawn to Elijah’s baby blues and devilish smile but refuses to compromise his values and climb back into the closet for anyone—not even the man showering time and money on HOPE. Months of constant flirting wear down Adam’s resolve until he surrenders to his desires, but Elijah can’t shake his demons.

When a youth from the center is brutally assaulted, Elijah must find a way to confront the fears and memories that are starting to ruin his life, so he can stand strong for those he loves.

I’m surprised at how much I liked this story. A first for me by this author and I think she did a great job with the character development; she did a good job with them feeling like adults and talking things out. They actually sat like adults and worked situations out. I liked how they were able to see where they were at and decided on where to go from there.  I’m not usually one for the slow burn books, but I liked that they became friends, fought like most friends do, broke up as friends and talked things through to become involved with each other.

Elijah is a good character with all these caring traits about himself, but he’s closeted. I think his being in the closet more had to deal with the unresolved grief that he’s suffered for the past 17 years. I get it, and I loved that he owned up to his mistakes. I liked that he did not make everything “woe is me”, that he had to learn something’s about himself before he could be anything to Adam. One thing I like about Adam was his patience. He made a good speech almost towards the end about being patient enough to wait on Elijah.

I like that both of these complimented each other at the best and worst of times. I really enjoyed Kollin’s point of view as well, and I think he showed Elijah another side of himself that he didn’t even know existed. I’m so looking forward to book two, and I hope that these guys can continue to talk. Communication is the most important thing to me, and I’m happy to finally read about some ADULTS. I’d recommend to everyone.


Cover Art by L. C. Chase I enjoyed the cover. I thought it was spot on with what went on with the story. Good looking Elijah as well.

Sales Links:   Dreamspinner Press | All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 205 pages
Published October 5th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
original title Redeeming Hope
ISBN  1634763777 (ISBN13: 9781634763776)
edition language English

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