A MelanieM Review: Life is a Stevie Wonder Song by V.L. Locey


Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

Life is a Stevie Wonder SongAuthors know that their muse is a fickle creature. Best-selling spy novelist Stephen Ramsey has been in a hate-hate relationship with his inspiration for months. When Stephen’s publisher lays a legal ultimatum upon him, with a rapidly approaching deadline, he knows he must do something to kick-start his creativity or face the unemployment line. His daughter comes up with a possible answer: a summer camp for the creative soul. With nothing to lose, Stephen packs up his laptop, phonograph and beloved record albums and heads from Greenwich Village to the Catskill Mountains.

There, among a horde of college students attending for extra credits, is Declan Pomeroy, a photographer of fey creatures who is twenty-two years younger than Stephen. The woods are a magical place, and he quickly finds himself falling under the spell of the free-spirited photographer. Confusion wars with desire inside Stephen as he succumbs to the feelings welling up inside. But, sadly, summer camp always has to end. Can a man who has just found himself really leave the person that makes his heart sing?

Nothing makes me happier then to discover a new (to me) author and a wonderful story.  V.L. Locey’s  Life is a Stevie Wonder Song did both.  Locey’s did so many things right in this story from the wonderful locations to the absolutely marvelous characterizations.  But the thing that stood out the most, almost immediately?  That her novelist Stephen Ramsey thought and spoke like a literate man.  I almost swooned over his words and thoughts, thinking, “Yes, I do believe this is a man of letters.”

I fell in love with Stephen Ramsey over and over again just through his thoughts and ability (V.L. Locey’s) to use the language.  He describes Declan as a “coquette” and its perfect.  Another time as Declan is pulling him along through the woods, Stephen thinks “For being so slender, he was a strong little tugboat.” And that says it all so beautifully.

Then there is Declan Pomeroy, photographer of fey creatures. Declan has the strength of a willow.  He bends, moves with all the etherial nature one would expect, yet the strength is there as well, deep rooted and firm.  I love Declan, he is surprising and magical. Both men are layered and believable, and I committed my feelings to both upon meeting them.

More interesting was the author’s handling not only of their age difference but of the author’s gradual awakening and acceptance to the fact that he is either bisexual or pansexual (I’m actually all for abandoning the GFY appellation).  I think it was done with a wonderful realism and recognition how they would deal with it in their relationship.  Very well done.  Better yet was Stephen’s dawning realization that he was attracted to Declan, the idea that he might be gay/bisexual, and what that meant for himself, his past marriages/relationships/daughter/ and his future.  Ah, denial.  That’s a phase many of us would recognize.  I love those scenes.

And here comes my only outright deplorable element in the story.  I can’t decide if the author did it on purpose and if so it really is outside of the character she had created but she has Stephen wondering if he is a “f####t”, a word I find so hateful that I refuse to use it here.   Up to this and after, this man is a liberal New Yorker, a man of letters, who uses the language as if he was born with a dictionary  in his mouth.  Then this?  No, I think this was used to shock by the author and was a huge misstep.  It was one of the reasons this story was just shy of a 5 star rating and that the ending seemed a little rushed.  I wanted so much more of their story.

Looking back, I find it hard to believe that this gem of a story is only 87 pages.  So much love and exploration of the human heart is to be found here.   Looking for a author to love and a story to take to heart?  Grab up Life is a Stevie Wonder Song by V.L. Locey and prepare to fall in love.  I highly  recommend it.

Cover artist Kris Norris has 1/3 of a good cover.  Stephen Ramsey is spot on, but the fey, slim Declan?  No where in sight or the wood that is so much a part of this story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 87 pages
Published December 30th 2015 by Torquere Press
Edition LanguageEnglish


A Paul B Review: Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail ( (Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly #4) by Jackie Nacht


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hot on a Chipmunk's TailJason Fieldstone is a chipmunk shifter.  All of his brothers and sisters (all 20 of them) are known to be a bit skittish, as chipmunks are known to be.  However, Jason has essentially wrapped himself in the cocoon of family and shies away from public interaction too much.  When his new neighbor, Will, seems to take an interest in him, Jason tends to run back inside to the comfort of his family.  Deciding that he has to learn to deal with the world at large and not sequester himself in the family home, Jason decides to move to White Pine, Michigan where a few of his brothers have moved.  He hopes that the move to the shifter friendly town will allow him the opportunity to grow.

Will is a mountain lion shifter who has bought the place next to the Fieldstones’.  He grows concerned when the cute little chipmunk shifter Jason has not been around for weeks.  To make matters worse, he has not seen any of the Fieldstone family since before the holidays.  One day he runs into Jason’s sister Theresa.  Theresa, who is sympathetic to Will’s feelings, tells him that Jason has moved to live with his brothers.  She tells him that if he wants to pursue Jason, he should give him time to get accustomed to his new life.  Determined to pursue some chipmunk tail, Will decides to take Theresa’s advice.

Four months later, Jason is working with his brother in the paranormal dentist office.  He is sent out to pick up lunch for the office in an attempt to build Jason’s confidence in dealing with people.  When he walks into the deli to pick up a sandwich for his boss, Jason notices his crush Will working the meat slicer behind the counter.  Jason must decide if he is going to turn tail and run like he has in the past or gather the courage to talk to the one man who makes him feel like no other.

I really enjoyed this story.  Jason is about as timid as you can get due to his shifter qualities.  His biggest concern about moving up north with his brothers is if any of the larger shifters would eat him in his chipmunk form.  This is part of the reason that Jason is so skittish around Will.  Will must control his predatory instincts while he is trying to romance Jason.  Determined to let Jason set the pace for the romance, Will is seen as moving too slow by Jason.

Two other things I should mention.  They are named Winslow and Sparks.  Describing them as hellions might be putting it mildly.  The two seem to cause havoc, both intentional and not, wherever they go.  They provide the perfect comedic secondary storyline for the book.  Their lives might be in for a change as Will’s friend Teegan has taken an interest in one of them.

The cover art by Winterheart Design is perfect for this book.  In the top half we see Will and Jason with a forest backdrop.  In the lower half we have Will’s mountain lion and Jason’s chipmunk resting peacefully while the chipmunk is stuffing something in his mouth.

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Book details

EBook, 86 pages
Published:  November 2015 by MLR Press
ISBN:  MLR-1-02014-0475
Language:  English

Series:  Paranormal Dentistry For the Fanged and Friendly

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two (Paranormal Dentistry #1)
  • Stalking the Hygienist (Paranormal Dentistry #2)
  • Chipmunk Drizzled in Honey (Paranormal Dentistry #3)
  • A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas (Paranormal Dentistry #3.5)
  • Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail (Paranormal Dentistry #4)
  • A White Pine Chipmunk Invasion (Paranormal Dentistry #5)

A Free Dreamer Review: Coyote’s Creed (Broken Mirrors #1) by Vaughn R. Demont


Rating: 5 stars out of 5    ★★★★★

Always have an ace up your sleeve.

Broken Mirrors, Book 1

Coyote's CreedIf con games were taught in high school, Spencer Crain would be on the honor roll. As it is, he’ll be riding the edge of failure to graduation next month. Then Spence gets the news that his long-gone father is not only dead, but was a Coyote, one of three clans of tricksters in the City.

With a near-catatonic mother on his hands, Spence couldn’t care less about the Coyotes’ ongoing feud with the Phouka and the Kitsune—until it lands on his doorstep. Suddenly he’s thrown headfirst into a dangerous world he knows next-to-nothing about. His only guide is Rourke, dashing King of the Phouka, plus a growing pack of half-siblings, a god, and Fate herself.

As Spence embarks on a journey to learn the Coyote’s creed, the truth about his heritage, and how to handle his growing attraction to Rourke, he wonders when his life turned from TV sitcom to real-life danger zone. And what price must he pay to survive the next roll of the dice…

Warning: Contains PG-13 rated violence, R-rated language and X-rated hotel scenes. Meta-humor, pop-culture humor, utter disregard for the 4th wall abound.

This is one of those books I picked up a while ago and never got around to read. When I finally did find the time to start it, I’d forgotten what it was about. So I essentially started this without any expectations whatsoever, because I never read a blurb right before starting the book. Now that I’ve read both blurb and book, I can only say: Hell yeah! Coyote’s Creed definitely delivers what the blurb promises.

Spencer’s long-absent father dies and Spencer is apparently the designated Speaker. He couldn’t care less about the death of his father. In fact, he decides to attend the wake just so he can spit on his father’s grave or “accidentally” knock over his ashes. But then he learns that his father was a Coyote, one of three paranormal trickster clans in the City and that his uncle Rourke is a Phouka. He also finds himself very attracted to Rourke (don’t worry, no incest, he’s not his real uncle, Spencer just called Rourke “uncle” when growing up). And that’s only the beginning of what turns into a truly insane adventure, full of secrets and lies and intrigues.

I absolutely loved Spencer. He’s funny, he’s witty and he’s definitely not your typical romance hero. He’s a trickster and a bit of a pick pocket and doesn’t care too much that it’s illegal. His knowledge of TV tropes is truly awe-inspiring and he always knows just what a TV hero would do to avoid getting killed. Naturally, real life isn’t all that simple, but his ideas on the matter are epic. It was easy to fall for his charms and to just get sucked into his world full of crazy.

Spencer is bi and unlike in many other books of the genre, it’s not just an excuse so he can have kids or only mentioned in passing. He flirts openly with men and women and is very obviously attracted to both. There’s some kissing and quite a bit of talk about boobs. Sex only happens between Spencer and Rourke, so no on-screen naked girly bits. 😉 It’s something I liked about this book, though. I always like my MCs to be diverse and Spencer definitely fits the bill.

The author obviously put a lot of thought into this world. There are three different races, each with their own individual traits, there are gods, there’s Fate, and countless “knacks”. Those knacks make for some really interesting characters.

The plot was incredibly fast-paced and you can do nothing but hurtle along at break-neck speed till the very unpredictable ending. I loved it. It was so very addicting.

The sex was plentiful and hot, and yet didn’t take anything away from the plot. But don’t expect a real love story. Spencer and Rourke aren’t really a couple, it’s more of a friends with benefits kind of relationship.

Long story short: I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read part two. This was so much fun.

Cover: The cover by Angela Waters doesn’t really fit the mood of the story. It looks much more serious and almost angsty. Still, Spencer looks good on there and the Ace on his pocket fits.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 273 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Edition Language English

The Sexy Men of London are Back in Cross to Bare (Men of London Book 5) by Susan MacNicols




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Title: Cross to Bare

Series: Men of London

Author: Susan Mac Nicol

Publishing Company: Boroughs Publishing Group

Release Date: November 10, 2015

Cross to Bare-4


Tough in business but romantic at heart, fashion designer Lenny James isn’t hiding his masculinity behind his super successful female alter ego, but a vulnerability that only handsome financier Brook Hunter will be man enough to reveal…and worship.
It’s amazing what a little mascara and lipstick, a blonde wig, false boobs, and top-notch female fashion can hide. Not that Lenny James is hiding his masculinity. He uses his normal voice when he’s Laverne, and he’s not particularly camp as a man. His reasons for creating his alter ego are locked deep in his past. He is who he is: tough in business, and a romantic at heart. What he’s hiding is vulnerability. He wants a man to accept both sides of him.
Gorgeous, commanding, and dark as sin, Brook Hunter meets Lenny and knows nothing about Laverne until fate pushes her into his path. Cross-dressing is as far from Brook’s reality as fashion is from his world of diplomacy and high finance. Understanding and truth take time, and trust doesn’t come easy. But Brook is about to show Lenny that there are no sides to true love, just the place where they meet in the middle.
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Karen teaser
Brook smiled. “The chemistry is still there, though. No doubt about that.” His brows furrowed. “And if I remember from our last window encounter, you promised to return the favour,” he murmured as he reached out and removed the glass from Lenny’s hands. He put the whisky down on the table by the window then dipped his finger in the cool liquid. Brook’s finger came up, and he slid it across Lenny’s bottom lip, slowly. He thought he was going to shoot in his pants with the eroticism of that gesture. The whisky flavour burned into his lips and he slid his tongue out and sucked the finger caressing his mouth. Brook’s eyes widened in lust, the pupils expanding. His lips parted and Lenny wanted to thrust his tongue and his cock inside the hot, wet heat of that mouth.
“Let’s get this over with, shall we, because obviously neither of us can wait,” Brook whispered, as his tongue slid into Lenny’s ear. His hands slid under the red jacket, tugging the shirt from his trousers, and then caressing the heated skin beneath. “Otherwise we’ll not enjoy my wonderful Chicken Cacciatore that I slaved over all day. Let’s fuck first, talk later.”
Lenny agreed wholeheartedly. With a low moan, he mashed his mouth against Brook’s and took possession of it. Familiar and wanton in return, Brook’s questing tongue slid into Lenny’s mouth. The slippery sensation of that deliciously heated organ, currently on a quest to drive him crazy, took him back to those passion fuelled days when he and Brook had been together. The feel of strong fingers against Lenny’s skin and the heat of that body pressed against his – it was if they’d never been apart. Lenny wasn’t one for insta-love but insta-lust he could definitely understand.
“I’d forgotten how damn good you taste and feel,” Brook gasped as his hands fumbled with buttons, opening Lenny’s trousers. He cried out as Brook’s hand slid inside his silk boxers and slid fingers down his hardened and wet cock. “This – this is what I want, you inside me.”
That phrase made Lenny thrust his cock harder into the tight confines of Brook’s hand.
“You keep saying that and I won’t have anything to fuck you with because you’ll make me come,” he managed to get out. “Turn around, face the glass.” He didn’t wait for Brook to obey, simply spun him round hard and slammed him against the cold, silken wall. “You’d better hope this is one way glass, because otherwise your neighbours are going to see you being royally skewered this time.” Lenny kicked off his trousers and underwear, giving a sigh of relief as his cock sprung free.
Susan Mac Nicol is a self-confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, geek and nerd and in love with her Smartphone. She is never happier than when sitting scribbling down words and making two men fall in love.
In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a little while, good things happen to good people.
Sue is a member of Romance Writers of America and Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. She lives in the quaint village of Bocking in Essex, set in the countryside and not far from the sea should she get the yen to eat crab or oysters on the Cromer Pier.


Read all the Men of London












The Story Behind the Story of Sedonia Guillone’s ‘Acts of Passion’ (guest blog,excerpt and giveaway)



Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is thrilled to have Sedonia Guillone here today to talk about her latest novel, Acts of Passion.  I’m a long time fan of this author and am so happy to welcome her here.

Behind the Book – The story behind the story by Sedonia Guillone

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support. I am soooo happy to be re-releasing Acts of Passion, new and shiny with a previously deleted scene added back in. Years ago when I was first going through editing, my editor at the time had slashed an entire scene that I felt was very important to the development of Michael Di Santo’s character. I’m not sure why I let myself be talked into getting rid of something that was so important, but I did and always regretted it. Readers of Acts of Passion felt that something was missing right in that spot. Every time I read a review to that effect, it was a “head-desk” moment. I couldn’t wait for the time to come when I would get a chance to put that scene back in.GP1 - HisBeautifulSamurai24

For those of you who may have read His Beautiful Samurai (Ai Press), you will have met Michael Di Santo, sort of. When Detective Toshi Genjin, the main character from His Beautiful Samurai was in college, he spent four years in the States at Berkley. He met Michael there, then a grad student, and the two of them became lovers. Toshi and Michael were each other’s first love. Both men had been very closeted and shy, but their relationship was the first real, passionate experience either of them had and left its mark on both of them, even though things didn’t work out. Michael still calls Toshi from time and once in a while, advises Toshi on a case, which happens in His Beautiful Samurai. Of course, Michael needed to have his own story told, and his own HEA. That led to Acts of Passion and the sexy homicide detective, Jack Cade.

I won’t spoil the fun and go into more detail about which scene was deleted. It’s not a high action scene or one full of edge-of-your-seat suspense, BUT it is crucial to Michael’s unraveling the knots in his own heart and soul, a process that will allow him to have the satisfying, deeper romance that his soul craves. Without that understanding, he cannot move forward. I think so many of us can relate to that! Leaving it out was just not a good call. Thank goodness, life allows so many second chances,

The deeper take away from this for me? Don’t second guess what’s in your heart. Don’t let someone talk you out of doing something that may be real for you because of their own issues or lack of understanding. I know now that while I will take into consideration the feedback an editor or someone else may give me, I need to weigh it against what’s in my heart and make sure that I’m being told something truly helpful. I hope that makes sense! Thank you for joining me on this tour. Your support means so much.

                                                                                                                                      Warmly, Sedonia


Acts of PassionTITLE: Acts of Passion

AUTHOR: Sedonia Guillone

COVER ARTIST: Louca Matheo

LENGTH: 186 Pages

GENRE: LGBT; Gay Romance; Mystery and Detective; Romantic Suspense

RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2016

BLURB: When a man is found in his apartment, appearing to have committed hara kiri with a samurai sword, Boston Homicide Detective Jack Cade suspects more is going on than what it appears. The department’s criminal profiler has left and a new guy is taking his place. At first, Cade is skeptical of Dr. Michael Di Santo. Di Santo seems so absent-minded and too neurotic to be effective. But he is brilliant and hot and Cade finds himself falling hard and fast, both in lust and in love. The attraction is mutual, although Michael’s past demons haunt him, keeping him from getting too close. Together, they begin to unravel Michael’s emotional knots even as they close in on a killer, another brilliant, wily person whose sights are now set on Michael.


Studying the front area of the building, he wandered down the flower box lined stone walk of the apartment building and turned to face it. Crime lab workers and patrol officers moved around on either side of the yellow crime tape, keeping the building cordoned off until Jack gave instructions to clear out and retain only the apartment as the crime scene.

Jack stepped aside to let someone go past him and bump! Smacked into something.

He turned. “Excuse me, I’m—” Or rather, he’d bumped into someone.

The man was adjusting the glasses Jack had apparently knocked off his face. “You’re in a crime scene,” Jack said.

“Yes, I know.” Almond-shaped brown eyes seemed to study Jack from behind round lenses. He looked Asian, yet sort of…not Asian at the same time. His dark brown hair was styled in a conventional way, parted on the side in short layers. The crumpled navy suit he wore, complete with diagonally striped tie against a light blue dress shirt made him appear as if his mother had dressed him for a spelling bee at school even though he was probably about Jack’s age. Forty.

Jack blinked. He was taking absolutely too long to find out who this man was. Then light dawned. Of course. “Dr. Di Santo?”

“Detective Cade?”

“That’s me. Hope I didn’t break your glasses.”

Di Santo touched them on each side as if to check. “No, they’re fine.”

Jack watched the man’s hands as he gingerly adjusted the frames. Nicely shaped fingers. Clean, trimmed nails. “Sorry I bumped you that way.”

“No problem.” Di Santo cleared his throat. “I hope I can be of help to you.”

Jack started. “Me too. This way.” He led Di Santo into the building and up to the apartment. “As I told you on the phone, I’m not so sure this was a suicide.” He let Di Santo precede him into the apartment and followed him, observing the way the slim man took in the surroundings on his way over to the victim.

Jack explained his suspicions and then let the man work. For what seemed a long time, Di Santo wandered about then stood in the center of the room, his gaze on the coffee table. His hand disappeared into his jacket pocket and pulled something out, which he popped into his mouth.

Jack watched him. Watched the man’s cheek bulge on the side while he sucked on whatever it was in his mouth, his gaze intent on the coffee table and victim. He then approached Jack and Jack heard the click of hard candy against the guy’s teeth. Finally Di Santo turned and knelt by the body.

Jack saw the professor’s eyes widen, especially on the hilt of the knife. “What is it?”

Di Santo seemed to ignore his question, staring at the knife. “Were his hands on the hilt of the knife or over his face when you found him?”

“Over his face.”

“Okay. Please open the robe so I can see the wound,” he said to Murphy.

Murphy did as he asked and Di Santo gazed for what seemed five straight minutes at the vicious cross-shaped cut in the centre of the wound.

“Jumonji giri,” he said, nearly in a whisper.

“What?” Jack looked between the knife wound and Di Santo.

The hot-yet-nerdy man was still staring down, seeming to ignore him. The candy in his mouth clicked several times against his teeth.

“Dr. Di Santo?”

Michael Di Santo looked up, his eyes seemingly far away yet intent at the same time. “What kind of movies did this man watch?”



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Award-winning, multi-published author of erotic romance, Sedonia Guillone spends her days writing deliciously naughty romances—when she’s not cuddling with the man she loves or watching kung fu and samurai films and eating chocolate.

Sedonia welcomes comments from readers. You can find her website and email address on her author bio page at http://www.sedoniaguillone.com.

:: Website :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Google+ ::


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