An Ali Audiobook Review: Snowman by Isabelle Rowan (audio version)‏ and Narrator Brad Walton

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
SnowmanAUDWe all find ways to run away. Some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers.

Since the death of his long-time partner, Caleb Maguire lives a quiet life in Australia’s Victorian high country with only his dog and horses for company. Each day is the same. There are no surprises—good or bad—until a major snowstorm hits his mountain and Caleb is called out to rescue a stranded tourist. The late night snow brings with it a lost soul who forces Caleb to reassess his solitary life.

Paul Turner is a barista in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Carlton. He lives life totally in the moment, but a life of no commitments is about to change for this city boy. Three days is all it takes for Paul to fall hard for Caleb, and Paul returns to the city with a promise he’ll be back after turning his life around… but only when all the roads are clear.
This was an interesting story for me.  Parts of it were so beautiful.  Parts of it were slow and boring.  It started off good with Caleb rescuing Paul from an accident and them spending a few days together until Paul can go home.  The majority of the rest of the story is them apart.  I liked both of them but I didn’t feel any chemistry between them and I really had a hard time believing they cared about each other so much after three days and sporadic texts.  There was also a boring side story of Paul’s roommate which took up a lot his story time.  The book is really about the two of them separately dealing with personal issues.  Even at the end we barely see them together.  What was the draw to me was the story of Caleb and his dead partner.  Caleb often thinks back to the moments they had together and the moments leading up to Mike’s death from cancer.  Those were some beautifully touching and heart breaking scenes.  My eyes filled with tears more than once.  Caleb’s grief is so strong you could feel it.  I did this on audio and the narrator was average.  His voice was nice and he did the different characters well but it all seemed slow.  This was one where I truly could not tell if it was the story, the narration or a bit of both that was the problem.
Cover art by Garrett LeighI love this cover.  I think it’s beautiful and a great representation of this story.  
Book Details:
Brad Walton
Length9 hours and 32 minutes
ebook, 276 pages
Published May 4th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC
ISBN 163476028X (ISBN13: 9781634760287)
Edition LanguageEnglish

Take a Walk on the Sinful Side with Jambrea Jo Jones’ ‘Vegas Sin City’ (character interview, excerpt and giveaway)



Vegas Sin Blog Tour

Jambrea Jo Jones

Hi everyone, Jambrea Jo Jones here! Today I’ll be introducing you all to another character from my new release, Vegas Sin. This time we’re interviewing Owen.

“Owen, it’s only fair that I interview you as well. I talked to Harrison about a birthday memory. I think, for you, I’d just like your happiest memory.” I put my hands in my lap and waited for him to respond.

Owen fidgeted in his seat, but seemed game for the question.

“I can do that. I mean, I’m generally a happy guy. Or I try to be. It could be said I’m happiest when I’m messing with my partner, but that isn’t the best moment I had.”


“It’s fun, but it’s only a brief moment of happy. No. There are other things.”

“Like what?”

“Didn’t you write the story?” Owen gave me one of those ‘duh’ looks.

“Well—I know of a couple, but figured since, you know, this is an interview of sorts I’d let you talk about it.”

“See? Fun times messing with people.” Owen winked.

“Get on with your memory.” I couldn’t hold back a grin.

“Yes, ma’am.”

There was a pause.

“Now, would be nice.”

“Hold on.” Owen held up a hand. “Okay. I think most would expect me to say Harrison is my happiest, but he is in the now and future. For a memory, I’d have to go with the night my niece was born.”

“Were you there?”

“Well, yeah, but not in the room. My sister needed a ride to the hospital. I did the brother thing and made sure she got there. We were lucky she didn’t have it the car!”

“I stayed outside in the waiting room until they called me back. I mean—babies aren’t the best to look at when they’re that fresh, but that little munchkin stole my heart that day. That little life was one I would protect with everything I am. She’s grown into a cute kid. I think she kind of looks like her uncle.” Owen winked. “The thing is, I haven’t been there for her as much as I’ve wanted to. I have work and she’s been off with my sister. That kid has grown up before she needed to, so now I’m trying to make up for that. Show her it’s okay to be a kid and she doesn’t have to protect her mom. I’ll be there for both of them.”

“And Harrison?”

“Oh, she stole his heart from the first meeting. She’ll do that to you. My niece is one special kid.”

“So when it’s time for her to date…”

“You’re kidding, right? Not. Happening.”

“I hate to tell you this, Owen, but it is so going to happen, but I’m sure you’ll be there for any heartbreak. Just remember the ice cream.”

“You just stop. Right now. First you have her dating, now she’s getting a broken heart? Where’s my gun?”

I laughed.

“Keep laughing it up there, Ms. Jones. Come talk to me when your son is dating.”

That stopped me and I glared at Owen.

“I think we’re done here. Harrison, come get your man.”

Now it was Owen laughing as he met Harrison at the door.”

“Got ya!”

I watched them walk away, thinking of what other fun things I could put them through.

About Jambrea Jo Jones:

Jambrea wanted to be the youngest romance author published, but life impeded the dreams. She put her writing aside and went to college briefly, then enlisted in the Air Force. After serving in the military, she returned home to Indiana to start her family. A few years later, she discovered yahoo groups and book reviews. There was no turning back. She was bit by the writing bug.

She enjoys spending time with her son when not writing and loves to receive reader feedback. She’s addicted to the internet so feel free to email her anytime.

Vegas Sin

Vegas Sin (Totally Five Star)
by Jambrea Jo Jones
(Sales link above)

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Vegas Sin blurb

Sex, weddings and gambling hold a back seat to kidnapping and murder in the city of sin…

Owen Carpenter sets aside one night each month to relax at the Totally Five Star, but a case has just landed on his desk that has those nights disappearing for the foreseeable future. Someone is kidnapping women in Las Vegas and Owen needs to stop them before the women end up dead.

Harrison Boone is head of security at the Totally Five Star. He notices a man who comes in once a month and he wants to know more about him. When Owen introduces himself, there’s an instant attraction between Harrison and Owen, but they are interrupted by a kidnapping—at his hotel. After Harrison leaves the military, the hotel becomes his life, so Harrison will do anything to keep the hotel out of the news and protect its reputation.

Can Owen and Harrison find love in Sin City, or will the case of the disappearing women crush what might be the best bet the men have ever placed?

Pairing: MM
Book Length: Novel
Genre: Erotic Romance, Gay, Contemporary, Crime and Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

Vegas Sin Excerpt

Now he needed coffee—stat. He hated the slop they had in the office, but it was better than nothing. He’d forgotten to set his coffeemaker up to brew last night. Of course, he’d been dealing with a sobbing sister and a too-serious niece. He hoped that nothing big had been tossed on his desk, but he wasn’t sure he’d get that lucky. It had been a busy week—not that he should be surprised—since it was Vegas, after all. The lights and gambling attracted all kinds. It kept him busy most days. Owen had just wrapped up a case late yesterday. A domestic violence situation where the boyfriend had killed the girlfriend. It was pretty open and shut, but he’d still had to cross his T’s and dot his I’s so the guy didn’t get off on a technicality.

At least he wasn’t set to testify anytime soon. He hated going to court. He’d rather be solving cases. Some of the other guys looked at it like a day off, but not him. All those people staring at him while he did his best not to fidget in the seat.

His partner was out on leave so that left him picking up the slack. They had a few cases open that he’d have to take a look at and see what else he could do, as long as something new didn’t take priority.

The coffeepot was almost empty. There probably wasn’t even enough for a cup. It seemed the guys did that shit all the time. Owen poured the little bit into his cup. At least it would give him a jolt while he waited for a fresh batch to brew. He didn’t even think about how long the pot had been setting there. The others would pass it up in a heartbeat and wait until someone else made it, then they would all jump on it like vultures. Shit. He really should have brewed some at home.

Maybe he would swing by a Starbucks later. He hated to spend the extra money, but he couldn’t live without the nectar of the gods. The sludge in his cup wasn’t going to cut it. After one sip, he dumped it out. Nothing was going to save that coffee. Leaving the pot brewing, he made his way to his desk. It was pretty quiet. The shift change meeting wouldn’t happen for about an hour, so he had time to go through the files from yesterday.


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A BJ Audiobook Review: Daylight Again (Hell or High Water #3) by S.E. Jakes and Adam North (Narrator)


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Daylight Again audiobookBefore Prophet Drews can have a future, he must first put his past to rest.

Prophet Drews is a man on the edge, and he’s pulling Tom Boudreaux, his partner on the job and in real life, right over with him. When his old CO calls in a favor, Prophet asks Tom to join the off-the-grid rescue. But the mission raises all of Prophet’s old ghosts: CIA assassins, the terrorist Sadiq, and most importantly, John—traitor, former teammate, and Prophet’s first love.

To help bury those ghosts for good, Prophet and Tom gather the members of Prophet’s former SEAL team . . . and a spook named Cillian who’s been tailing Prophet for years. In the process, Prophet is forced to face his team’s shifting loyalties, ghosts who refuse to stay dead, and scariest of all, his own limitations.

With everyone’s lives in danger, Prophet and Tom must unravel a tangled knot of secrets, including their own. Prophet must decide how much to reveal to Tom, while Tom must decide how far he’s willing to go to help Prophet lay his ghosts to rest.

With books one and two of this audio series, I’d already read prior to listening. This one I had not, and since it’s very complex with a ton of characters, I was worried I’d be a bit lost. I needn’t have worried. The narrator did an excellent job of keeping me in touch with all the characters and his voice was easy to listen to.

This book picks up about four months after the end of the prior book, and it does finally provide a few of the moments I’d been waiting for between Tom and Prophet, and they lived up to my expectations in traditional Tom/Prophet style. Whereas book two explored Tom more, this one we get to see more inside of Prophet. I loved seeing a bit of a softer side to Prophet. Yes, in this book we see Tom and Prophet’s relationship solidified but not with flowers and sweetness. The times when they weren’t having sex showed how the act helped them both to deal with their emotions. Enjoyed BDSM elements that came into play in this one.

Having read the first book of the Dirty Deeds series and waiting impatiently for book  two for a while, I was pleased to see some bits of the relationship between Mal and Cillian come out in this story. It was also enjoyable to see more of Remy from book two and to finally see a few of the baddies get their due. Alas many more wait in the wings, including the ever-mysterious John.

As I’ve come to expect from this series, this book is packed with hot sex, action, ass kicking, fighting, interrogating, and even jumping out of airplanes. And the plot moved along very nicely in this one with quite a few of the questions about Prophet’s past with John being revealed, while still leaving much open and ending on a cliffhanger that will have me loading book 3.5 onto my iPhone tomorrow.

A few things I saw as inconsistencies kept me from giving it a higher star rating, such as in one of the final scene, Prophet’s wrists are tied behind his back and jerked viciously enough that he states he knows he’ll need them in casts again, but in the next chapter a few weeks later, they are not in casts and no mention that they had been. And the twist at the end didn’t sit “right” to me given what we know of all these men’s skills. Perhaps that will change as I read the next book, which I am eager to do, but I know that one is just a short and the knowledge that the final book in this series is unavailable at this time and quite a bit overdue makes me sad.

The cover by L.C. Chase fits those for the previous books in the series but isn’t as sexy as those prior.

Sales Links:  Riptide Publishing | Audible | Amazon

Book Details:  

6 hrs 57 mins

Audible Audio, 7 pages
Published December 16th 2015 by Audible Studios (first published May 2nd 2014)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesHell or High Water #3, Extreme Escapes, Ltd.

Love Fairytales Adultstyle? Check out ‘The Naked Prince and Other Tales From Fairyland’ by Joe Cosentino (guest post and giveaway)


The Naked Prince cover

The Naked Prince and Other Tales From Fairyland by Joe Cosentino

published by Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Sales Link:  Dreamspinner Press

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Joe Cosentino back to talk about his latest novel,  THE NAKED PRINCE AND OTHER TALES FROM FAIRYLAND.  Welcome, Joe, would you care to share some of the inspiration behind this collection of stories with our readers?

Thanks, Melanie, I have always been entranced by fairytales, the beautiful stories of peasants becoming princes and princesses and finding true love. I wanted to live in those palaces, meet the charming princes, and bring financial equality to those kingdoms. As I read and reread my favorite fairytales, I was saddened to see no openly gay characters in any of my favorite stories. I asked myself, ‘Why couldn’t a peasant boy fall in love with a prince? Wouldn’t a tired, hungry, homeless blond boy seek refuge in a house with three bears? What was Pinocchio’s growing appendage trying to tell him?  Did Jack enjoy his time with the Giant more than he let on? Could the Snow Queen be a handsome, frigid prince?’ So I wrote the four romantic, humorous, and adventurous stories in my new novella releasing from Dreamspinner Press on January 27. Attached is the ARC and press flyer with all the information. I hope you will twinkle your fairy dust and review them. Big hugs from fairyland!

                                ~Joe Cosentino

The Naked Prince cover

About The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland

Cinder, a poor and beautiful young man who designs clothing, makeup, and hair for his stepmother and stepsisters, offers his clothing and slippers to a naked stranger in the woods who turns out to be none other than Prince Charming. Follow Cinder and Prince Charming in this twist on the classic “Cinderella” tale, as they discover their inner strengths and find their very own happily ever after. Enjoy “The Naked Prince” and three other reimagined Tales from Fairyland, each with a unique spin on stories we all know and love, including “The Golden Rule,” where eighteen-year-old Gideon Golden, after being thrown out of his home in Fairyland by his homophobic parents, breaks into the cottage of three burly men on Bear Mountain, “Whatever Happened To…?,” in which friction ensues between a celebrity with a growing appendage and the reporter who has a thing for giants, and “Ice Cold,” where young Gaelen must save his love Kieran after a handsome but evil prince freezes Kieran’s heart and bewitches him into being the prince’s slave.

About the Author

Amazon Bestselling author Joe Cosentino wrote An Infatuation, A Shooting Star, A Home for the Holidays, The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland (Dreamspinner Press), Drama Queen the first Nicky and Noah mystery (Lethe Press), Drama Muscle the second Nicky and Noah mystery (Lethe Press), Paper Doll the first Jana Lane mystery (Whiskey Creek Press), and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (Eldridge Plays and Musicals). He has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, Charles Keating, and Jason Robards. His one-act plays, Infatuation and Neighbor, were performed in New York City. He wrote The Perils of Pauline educational film (Prentice Hall Publishers). Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married. His upcoming releases are Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward(Nine Star Press) and Porcelain Doll the second Jana Lane mystery (Wild Rose Press releasing March 15).

 You can contact/follow Joe Cosentino at:


Fantasy Romance, gay fiction,
ASIN: ISBN-13: 978-1-63476-758-3
Pages or WC: 30,000 words


To celebrate the release of The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland, Joe Cosentino is giving away one ebook from his backlist to a Rafflecopter winner, winner’s choice of book excluding The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland.  Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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