A MelanieM Review: Dormant Heart by Lane Swift


Rating:  4.75 stars out of 5

Dormant HeartAmateur photographer Josh Thornton is out but not so proud. He’s estranged from his family, his boyfriend dumped him, and his job at an estate agency is in jeopardy—especially after he crashes his boss’s car in the middle of nowhere on his way to Hartley Manor.

Callum Black works at the English country estate and lives there in an isolated cottage. Left mute by a childhood accident, he’s more comfortable in the company of animals than people. But when Josh—literally—crashes into his life with his camera and his friendship, Callum realizes his peaceful solitude has been more than a little lonely.

Josh’s affection for Callum deepens even as he’s consumed by doubts over Callum’s sexuality and whether Callum could ever love him. And Callum is haunted by the secret that stole his voice—a secret that keeps him tethered to Hartley Manor. When the past comes hurtling painfully back into the present, Josh and Callum have to overcome their fears and breathe life back into their dormant hearts in order to have a chance at their own picture-perfect future.

What a beautiful story.  Just as the cover is a feast for the eyes, one where you need to linger to appreciate all the details, Dormant Heart is a novel that unfolds with the pace and depth of a walk in the woods.  Its one in which each move forward should be treasured. Stop look around, admire the beauty of the narrative moment that the author is creating in words and scenes before going forward again.

The story is told from two perspectives, the first from Joshua’s, from the moment he is thrown, horribly, from his parents home to two years later when he meets Callum.  He’s funny, brave, enduring, a bit prickly and he’s feels fresh to me, loaded with his camera and a need to press forward with his life.  Blow after blow, and I mean fists in one case however briefly, to crushed bumpers, Joshua’s inner stamina makes him get up and persevere.  Joshua’s character is one that’s so easy to connect with because his voice is one that bubbles like a spring of hope around him, where with others that would have drained away.

Halfway through the story, Callum takes over, a device that might have derailed  another novel but works here.  Why?  Primarily because  Callum never speaks and here, inside his head he finally does.  We get to hear that voice no one else has heard since he was a young boy.  We hear his thoughts on Joshua, his appearance in his life, and what that interruption has meant to Callum emotionally and sexually.  Joshua is the wind blowing through Callum’s life and the effects are immediate and yet so natural as though Callum has been waiting for him.  Callum is calm on the surface, and nightmares from a childhood injury that has  taken his memory just underneath the calm.  There is so much to this character and Swift peals back the layers slowly, unfolding clues and letting us see Callum only after much effect and love.

Callum is the quiet, the observer to the constant motion of Joshua and together they make an impressive whole.  One slows the other down, and one speeds the other up.  Harmony achieved in pairing and novel. So do the characters that Lane Swift surrounds them with, especially the appealing Heather, daughter of the Lord of Hartley Manor and the sad, faded lord himself.

Yes, Joshua is the key to the memories return.  Those memories.  So shocking from a child’s standpoint and so damaging.  I think that’s where Lane Swift made her best decisions.  It was in keeping with realistic possibilities and repercussions on all involved.  Just a great job.  So why not a perfect score?

The ending…I think I wanted just a   little more resolution or pages to finally draw it out for me. And it felt a little rushed in comparison to the flow of the rest of the story. It was so close.

Lane Swift has written a gorgeous book in Dormant Heart, its one that awakened this reader’s heart for the story and characters and a certain glade with a mother fox and her kits still roam.  Love contemporary romance, and characters that speak to you?  A story that will hold your attention as well as your heartstrings?  Look no further than Dormant Heart by Lane Swift.  I highly recommend it.

Cover art by Anna Sikorska is one of my favorite covers of the year.  Gorgeous, sumptuous even, in content and color. Perfection in every way for the character and story.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | ARe | Amazon

Book Details:

Published February 10th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition Language English


A MelanieM Review: Night and Day by Rowan Speedwell


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Night and DayNate Pederowski is about as far down as he can go when he’s tipped to a job as a singer in a speakeasy. Dishonorably discharged for being queer, broke and homeless during the Great Depression, Nate is embittered and lonely. The club’s handsome owner, Rick Bellevue, and his sister Corinna are wowed by Nate’s voice and offer him the job.

But the Starlight Lounge is much more than an ordinary supper club, and Rick and his sister much more than just the owners. It’s not ’til Nate gets caught up in a gangster’s plot that he discovers just what secrets they’re hiding. Nate’s life is going to change in ways he can scarcely imagine, let alone believe.

In Night and Day, Rowan Speedwell serves up a delicious tale full of elements guaranteed to intrigue and connect readers to this strange corner of a city gripped by the Great Depression.  Its absolutely necessary to set the mood by getting the setting right and the author does, from the clothes to the music of the era, its all here.

I loved the descriptions, so evocative you could smell the smokey air heavy from cigarettes, making the lighting even more dim and the setting more…something elusive, perhaps magical.  Like the club owners Rick and Corinna themselves with strange auras that surround them like a glow that can’t be extinguished.  There’s danger here as well, Prohibition…the usual marks that have a layer of extraordinary hostility about them.  If I sound vague its because I don’t wish to give  anything away.

But Speedwell manages to build up the tension along with the relationship between Nate and Rick, while giving us a wonderful picture of the times and songs of the past.  I loved that so much I had my iTunes out to listen to the songs Nate was singing, what a soundtrack they made.

Don’t take my word for it, pick it up and read it for yourself.  Its a 52 page wonderful way to pass the time.  One I definitely recommend.

Cover art by Brooke Albrecht is so beautiful.  It captures the mood and times perfectly right down to the font.  One of my favorites.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | ARe | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 2nd Edition, 52 pages
Published March 9th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2010, in the Myths and Magic: Legends of Love anthology.

A Lila Review: Where Loyalties Lie by Logan Taylor‏


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Where Loyalties LIeWhen his homeland is conquered by invading barbarians, Nessir winds up not dead, but instead serving the new kings much as he once served his own. Though at first he is terrified of what they will do, across the palace and through the kingdom Abaidas and Ophion swiftly begin to make improvements their predecessor neglected. And though a married man should be off limits, Nessir finds himself falling for Abaidas anyway—and astonished when the interest proves to be mutual, and to learn that Ophion has no objections to Abaidas taking a lover.

But just as Nessir is settling into his strange, new life, he stumbles across an assassination plot—a plot he can speak of for fear of his sister’s life, unless he can convey it in a way that will not get him caught. In an act of desperation, he throws himself at Ophion, and under guise of being lovers the two work to protect the man they both love. And all the while Nessir tries to ignore the growing wish that Ophion’s affections were not merely a ruse…

 The opening scene brought us directly into the story’s setting and provided us with our first introduction to Nessir’s job, place in society, and relationship with King Amun. By the time the barbarians arrived, we have had the opportunity to learn more about Nessir and his sister.

 Abaibas’s and Ophion’s arrival changes Nessir’s future, but he decided to serve the King and his Consort without much pressure. Perhaps because both men gave him the opportunity to make his own decisions. He takes his role as the Majesties’ body servant as easy as he had done with the previous King.

 Leaving the war camp behind, the three men return to the conquered city. As the time pass, they get comfortable with each other, and Abaidas requests his husband approval to start a relationship, which he receives. Shortly after, Nessir learned about the conspiracy against the new King and staged an affair with Ophion to find a way to save the man they both love.

 Ophion protects Nessir’s sister as they tried to get more information about the attempt against Abaidas and planned to stop it. Their pretend relationship starts turning into more, but both, Nessir and Ophion, kept it to themselves.

 A combination of characters and events influenced the men’s lives, relationships, and positions. We get to witness the attempt against Abaidas, how it’s handled, at the repercussions, not only for their lives but to their separate relationships. By the end of the novella, we have the starts of a HEA with a promising future.

 Where Loyalties Lie has a good sense of location, era, and characterization since the very beginning. An accomplishment that’s sometimes difficult to grasp in a novella. The world build seems to take precedent leaving the plot points a little bare without resting relevance to the overall outcome.

 This is one of those stories that would benefit from another handful of pages. It’s a great start for a longer re-write, or perhaps, a series in the same world, even if it is with other main characters. There were some unanswered questions that can be addressed in further volumes.

 One thing I’d like to read more about is Abaibas’s and Ophion’s relationship. We know they were childhood friends, but I’d love to see their relationship unveiling. Especially, how their love story turned into an open relationship.

 The triad started as separated relationship, morphing later on into it. Even so, there’s a separation between the married couple and their third created by the inequality of the social status. In the end, it works well for them, and we get a glimpse of how hard they would work to stay together.

 Overall, I enjoyed this story. I just wanted a little more plot to join the beginnings of a great story.

 The cover is lovely and goes well with the time period and events in the story. The only drawback is the off-centered silhouettes that seemed too modern for it.

Sale Links: Less Than Three Press | Amazon (unavailable) | ARe

 Book Details:

 ebook, 89 pages
Published: March 9, 2016, by Less Than Three Press
ISBN: 9781620047293
Edition Language: English

Into Our Spotlight: Stay With Me by Lily Adile Lamb (guest post, excerpt and giveaway)


AwkwardInLove AboutTheBook Stay With Me

Stay With Me by Lily Adile Lamb
COVER ARTIST: Melissa Bell
RELEASE DATE: March 02, 2016

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words wants to welcome Lily Adile Lamb here today to share something about herself and her latest story, Stay With Me. Welcome, Lily.


I was born in Turkey and trained to be a nurse in UK. After some years of working as a counsellor and a nurse, one night I saw an advert on the paper seeking nurses to work in Western Australia. Before the paper could disappear, I grabbed the pen and paper that night to prepare my resume for the agency. It was the best decision I ever made because I also met my husband in Perth a few years later. Living in WA is a land of opportunity for me where I work full time as a nurse in day time and commenced writing LGBTQ stories later at night once my husband had retired to bed.

I support Marriage Equality and stand by same sex parents because I believe all a child needs is a loving and protective home. For me, an individual’s gender identity and expression are influenced by many factors including but not limited to, culture, religion, social restrictions, customs and beliefs…this makes one’s gender very diverse and fluid so my main focus in my stories are people who want to express themselves in the way they feel right for them and others.

I love writing multi-cultural stories of people from all backgrounds. The LGBTQ community is universal and exists in all countries and cultures. In some cultures, coming from an LGBTQ background is not easy and they are the people for whom I want to promote.

I decided to write Joseph’s story, following an article in the newspaper, about domestic violence in the home. I wanted to highlight some social issues in my story but also bring some sweetness as well so that readers can smile after reading the final page.

Joseph and Curtis are dear to my heart, partly because their story is my first story. The other reason is because they represent how hard I try to move forward in life. I worked hard and dreamed a dream to make it come true… the result is “Stay With Me”.


It has been weeks since Curtis first saw the young waiter with the haunted eyes. No matter how often he went to the café to find the right opportunity to introduce himself, that moment simply did not come that quickly. Joseph was aware of the gentle giant who quietly came to have his lunch and then left day after day. Fearing his father’s wrath and under his ever watchful eyes, he made no moves nor overtures. Until one day when the other man approaches to him… Hope can turn to love… interracial love.


Joseph did his best to keep a low profile all day. He washed the dishes in the evening, hoping his father would go home on his own and forget all about the gentle giant. But his father was sitting on the sofa, waiting for him. Whenever his father sat stoically without uttering a single word, he knew the man was quietly simmering.

Feeling his heart hammering as he dreaded what was about to come, Joseph took a shower. His feet felt like lead, not wanting to go back to the lounge room, but he knew if he didn’t, his father would soon look for him. As he sighed, Joseph left the security of his bedroom.

Joseph walked towards him to get his punishment over and done with.

“I don’t like how that man looks at you. He makes it obvious that he’s interested in you. Bastard, pervert. I don’t want you to look at him or smile at him anymore! I want him to get fed up coming to our corner, so you make sure you discourage him.”

Joseph stood in front of his father with his hands by his side, doing his best not to trigger the man’s anger any further. Staying silent always worked, unless he was asked to respond.

His father wrinkled his face in distaste. “You have no money, nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Remember that, boy.” Knowing the man was right, Joseph steeled his heart and continued to look at his father. He was startled when his father suddenly stood up.

His father brought his face close to him when he shouted, frightening him and making him shake all over. His father’s jeers made Joseph look down and protectively fold his arms in fear, in case the old man punched him in the stomach.

Humiliated and petrified, Joseph shook. Lifting his head as he was ordered, he bit his lip to control his facial expression. The harder he bit his bottom lip, the more he concentrated on the sting. When his father yelled at him so forcefully that spittle landed on Joseph’s face, Joseph felt too frightened to wipe it away. Hating the man’s sudden silence, Joseph’s insides quivered, not knowing what would come next.

His father snorted and pushed him away as he spoke. “Just go to your room. The sight of your face turns my stomach.” Feeling worthless and ugly, Joseph bowed his head and left the room. He made sure he closed the door softly behind him.

He sat quietly on his bed, trying to swallow his panic and slow down his rapidly beating heart. His stomach ached from stress, and he couldn’t stop shaking. Tensing his body to ward off shaking but failing so miserably, Joseph clenched his fists hard. Years of beatings and punishments had left Joseph scarred deep inside, to the point that he adapted some coping strategies that caused more physical pain to distract him from inner turmoil. Feeling the pain of his nails digging deeper into his palms, he felt breathing was somewhat easier.

After a while, he felt calmer as he reassured himself his father wasn’t coming. Once the house was quiet, Joseph allowed his tears to roll down his face. When his sobs became louder, he quickly bit his hand to dampen the noise.

Once his tears eventually dried, Joseph raked his hands down his face and tried to breathe slowly and deeply to calm himself. Joseph was aware that he’d lost all confidence in himself.

LENGTH: 32,800 words approx

GENRE: Contemporary, M/M, Interracial Romance



Lily Adile works as a nurse by day and writes GLBT Romance by night. Lily’s focus in her GLBT stories are mere mortals because she believes that love is universal. Her mortal heroes and heroines are not rich, famous or incredibly handsome males with six pack bodies or stunning women… rather they are just everyday people who work hard and deal with whatever that life throws at them.

Lily believes that an individual’s gender identity and expression is influenced by many factors including but not limited to culture, religion, social restrictions, custom and beliefs…this makes one’s gender very diverse and fluid.

Lily is actively involved with Marriage Equality and stands by the same sex couples who want to have children.

Lily especially thanks her husband with all her heart for his endless patience, love and support. He is the love of her life and apple of her eye….he is the home she goes to at the end of a hard day at work.

Lily Adile was born in Ankara, Turkey and then worked in other countries. She visits her family in Turkey regularly and travels to Singapore to visit the other family members.

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Its Release Day for EARTHQUAKES – A NEW AMSTERDAM STORY by Kelly Wrye at Loose Id (guest post and giveaway)



Earthquakes (New Amsterdam #4) by Kelly Wyre

Published by Loose id LLC

Sales Links:  Goodreads | Loose Id |

Hi there! I’m so excited to be here today on Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words to talk about my new novel, Earthquakes: A New Amsterdam Story. It’s the next installment in the New Amsterdam series, and it involves guns and ballet, two of my favorite things.

To celebrate the release, I’m doing a blog tour, and no tour is complete without prizes, amirite? I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card, a lovely necklace with a quote from Sinatra’s, Strangers in the Night – “Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away” – and a free ebook copy of the book!

How to enter? That’s easy… See the Rafflecopter Info below for all the ways to win!

Winner will be selected at random after the contest closes on the 18th of March.

Meanwhile, I think I’d like to chat a bit about the characters in this world. It’s quite the web they weave. See?


I know that thing makes MY eyes cross, so let’s break it down.New Amsterdam Character Web

Today? We’re going to talk about Chance Baar

Chance. Dear Chance.

So Chance is a bit of an ass. He’s sort of a likeable ass, but an ass, nonetheless.

He looks like a cross between Charlie Hunnam and Simon Baker. More Charlie than Simon. Rough, blond, brash, loud and with a smile that reminds one of sharks and wolves, Chance is a force to be reckoned with and is impossible to ignore. He makes sure of that.

Chance Baar is the heir to the Baarton fortune. They’re a chain of superstores that sell everything from widgets to sprockets. You might have seen a store like that…

Chance was one of the Academy boys. Lucian, Chance, Shea, and Jin all went to the same school for the children of the 1/10 of the 1%. With the exception of Lucian, who is less, ah, discriminate with who he sleeps with, they’re all gay. So they stuck together in ways that only the elite, paranoid, and gay can manage.

All of these kids went to Green Dojo for their After School Extra-curriculars. Martial arts was “in” the way pottery class or knitting or sailing or whatever might be “in” at the moment for those of us with serious disposable income. Something to put your kids into to make them play nice with each other.

That’s how they all met Clark, whose best friend, Galen Fang, runs the dojo.

You’ll see I’m spending more time talking about connections than Chance, himself, and that’s because despite his in-your-face attitude, he’s actually a hyper-paranoid recluse. He lives in a drafty old mansion that once belonged to his favorite uncle, now deceased. Inside that drafty old mansion, he occupies a series of rooms with what we’re going to call “heavy security.”

He makes Lucian and Clark seem positively laid back when it comes to personal protection.

He does trust Lucian and Clark and Tim, the other three owners of Clubs Bliss and Break. And he loves to lend his hand in “decorating” the clubs in a sort of horror-movie-kink motif, but at the end of the day, even Chance’s friends are unsure of things in Chance’s life.

For example, nobody is sure who the hell Ryuu is, how he met Chance, or why Chance is with Ryuu all the time. They seem in love in a wonderfully dysfunctional way, and Chance clearly trusts Ryuu with the keys to his heart and kingdom.

Ryuu is just as tight-lipped as Chance, however, so in the end, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what develops.

Chance is seen in Winter’s Knight and Earthquakes, along with Ryuu, of course. He’s a Dom. And a sadist. And very proud of being both.

As always, if you happen to have questions for this character, please feel free to ask ‘em in the comments! Follow the BLOG TOUR to learn more about the characters of New Amsterdam.

And to win prizes.Earthquakes Prize Pack

‘Cause PRIZES, y’all. They rock.

Thanks for reading!



Want to Know More?

Check out the World of New Amsterdam

Peruse the Free Reads

See the Fan Art & Cool Stuff

And definitely catch up with Ellis and Bryn in Earthquakes, the latest installment of the New Amsterdam series. Need a taste? How ‘bout an excerpt?

PS – It’s better to read it with the SOUNDTRACK.

EARTHQUAKES: A New Amsterdam Story

Ellis had been close to martial artists when they were training. He’d sparred with Clark. He’d seen Kris and Daniel and all his friends shoot at the range. There was an economy of motion that the athletically and lethally inclined all shared. Ellis admired it, strived for it, and knew he’d never get there. He was a workhorse, not a prince of motion.

And as he watched Bryn begin to move – not merely stretch or contort but move – Ellis thought of churches and gods and houses of worship.

Bryn’s feet bent in ways Ellis had never seen. Bryn could balance perfectly on one foot or even a single toe. When Bryn shed his pants after a moment or two and took the first few steps in only a pair of snug briefs, Ellis wasn’t hit with a wave of arousal. He was struck dumb with awe. Every line of Bryn was defined. Even the lift of one arm and the point of his fingers were deliberate and beautiful. Ellis stood completely still and held his breath. He was in the presence of some sort of everyday magic and calling attention to himself might break the spell.

The concentration on Bryn’s face was unlike anything Ellis had ever witnessed. He didn’t exist for Bryn. Nothing did except the music, the motion, and whatever spirit had come alive in Bryn to make Bryn…shine. There was no other word for it. The light played through the windows and infused Bryn with incandescence.

And when Bryn started to dance, really dance, he outshone the sun. A turn here, a pointed foot there, a twist and a glide and… God, Ellis didn’t know what Bryn was doing. But he felt it. The music was hopeful and yet haunting, and Bryn’s dance tugged at every ache both old and new in Ellis’s body. Bryn’s face portrayed almost no emotion, but with every dart of his hand, every slice of his leg through the air, with every crumble, fall, and rise, Ellis was struck over and over.

I will try, said Bryn’s reach toward God and Heaven and all things on high.

Though I know I will fail, said the drop of Bryn’s arm.

I will carry on, said the sweep of his leg.

But I’ll lose, said an arch of his back.

I will fight, said a twisting leap.

I will fall, said the thuds of Bryn’s feet on the floor.

I want to love, said the open reach of Bryn’s fingers.

Please, said Bryn’s clutched fist.

Bryn’s expanse of chest, his shut eyes, and his rise onto his curled toes snapped something in Ellis, and as the music faded, Ellis couldn’t take it anymore. He shut off the music, strode to Bryn, and caught Bryn up in his arms. Bryn was sweaty and warm and breathing hard. Ellis couldn’t stop kissing him. Bryn melted against Ellis, resting heavily against him. Ellis ran a hand through Bryn’s hair.

“I see you,” Ellis whispered. “I see you.”


EarthquakesEarthquakes: A New Amsterdam Story

Ellis Parker is a lucky man: he escaped his persecuting family, survived his tour of duty, and met Maxwell Clark in the city of New Amsterdam. Clark showed Ellis more than the ropes: Clark helped Ellis figure out who he is – a gay submissive with a massive fixation on a beautiful, mysterious ballet dancer named Bryn Rothe. Ellis knows a Good Man when he sees one, and he wants nothing more than to score a first date with Bryn.

Little does Ellis know that Bryn has a violent past that is crawling out of shallow graves to haunt him. Even his hectic schedule and beloved stage aren’t enough to distract him. It’s impossible for Bryn to figure out how he feels about Ellis with his demons between them, but when Ellis saves Bryn not once but twice, Bryn is forced to admit that there’s something about Ellis that Bryn might not merely want but need.

Together, they journey to the scene of Bryn’s original crime – Charles Towne, South Carolina. There they will dig up secrets that might explain Bryn’s tortured life but might also be his – and Ellis’s – undoing.

Own a Piece of the City – Get your copy of Earthquakes: A New Amsterdam Story, Today!

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Love Gets a Shakeup with ‘6 Days to get Lucky’ by LE Franks (guest interview, excerpt and giveaway



6 Days to Get Lucky (A Nick Valentine Story#2) by LE Franks
Release Date: March 2, 2016

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Cover Artist: Wilde City Press

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing LE Franks author of 6 Days to Get Lucky. Hi LE thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

  • Tell us something no one else knows about your characters.

Davis “FatBoy” Newman was never supposed to ‘get the guy’. It really was his cousin Cameron in the first book – 6 Days to Get Valentine. He was only supposed to be the bouncer who set us his cousin. Apparently FatBoy had other ideas and the rest is history.

  • Have you ever written something that made you cry?

I have. Mostly I’ll just get a bit emotional during some dialog when it usually strikes.

  • Have you ever co-written with someone before?

I have. Sara York has been kind enough to share her talents in that arena on several occasions. (She’s pretty awesome, by the way).

  • What is the most difficult part of writing for you?

Time management. This year I’m keeping my obligations a little looser to allow for more fun and less stress while writing.

  • Name your four most important food groups.

I’m a lacto-vegetarian so you can probably guess. But during the dark of the night, when I’m writing to a deadline all healthy choices go out the window. So here are the four most important food groups while writing, arrayed in a semi circle around my laptop:

B) Diet Dr. Pepper

C) Hot Tamales/Mike & Ikes

D) Crunchy/Salty – [Kettle Brand Jalapeno Potato Chips / Cheetos/


Mixologist Nick Valentine never thought love was in the cards, but after a scorching Valentine’s Day kiss from bouncer Davis “FatBoy” Newman, he’s beginning to think it’s possible. After four weeks of dry spell, Nick’s losing patience—it’s time FatBoy stop acting the gentleman and just throw him over the bar or Nick may just change his mind.

All FatBoy wants is a shot at winning Nick’s heart. As long as meddling bosses, an Irish hurling team and a bar riot don’t ruin his chances forever, he might just get lucky and take the man of his dreams, home.


Pages or Words: 72,000 words
Series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance


Reaching across the empty bed next to me, I rode out the last waves of my dream alone. I could still feel his phantom kiss on my lips and the sensation of a hand stroking along my thigh.

The rest of it was just a blur of emotions and sticky residue on my sheets—though I could guess at it without much effort. FatBoy Newman had been a specter haunting me at work so it was no great leap to assume he’d shouldered his way into my dreams as well.

In fact, he was at the root of my problem: I’d been having a hell of a dry spell.

Four weeks of near misses had done nothing but stoke my bad mood and turn my balls a lovely shade of indigo that matched my jeans…

Four weeks of dashed hopes…

Four weeks since the most romantic kiss of my life…

Four weeks of nothing.

Fuck the South and its mythology of the Southern Gentleman—if FatBoy Newman didn’t stop treating me like a delicate flower and throw me up against a wall soon, I was going to explode.

It was six days until St. Patrick’s Day, and FatBoy had until then to make his move, or I was moving on.

Buy the book:

Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | ARe | Wilde City Press




Meet the Author

LE Franks lives in the SF Bay area and writes M/M Romance in a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast paced stories filled with emotion and passion and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated and sometimes a little bit dark. LE Franks is a best selling author and finalist for 2013 & 2014 Rainbow Awards. Her books are available through her publishers at MLR Press, Dreamspinner Press and Wilde City Press and Pride Publishing and online bookstores.

Where to find the author:



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