An Aurora YA Review: The Sun Dragon by Annabelle Jay


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The Sun DragonDragons once roamed the skies, as common as our modern-day airplanes but much more beautiful in their gliding, soaring thermal choreography. Until King Roland and his gold-greedy men defeated them.

Years later King Roland reveals that not only did he let the dragons live, but he turned them into humans so that they could enter the population and breed him an army. Allanah, a sophomore in high school, saves her know-it-all friend Victoria from exactly this fate with magical powers she never knew she had. Allanah’s first high school crush, Jason, reveals that he’s been sent by a secret society of wizards to bring Allanah and Victoria to the Council to have their magical abilities tested by The Egg. Everyone, including Allanah, is shocked by what she produces: the world’s first light dragon.

Allanah must save her best friend and all of the rest of the dragons from Roland’s evil plan, but when she meets the beautiful Dena, a member of the native forest-dwelling Igreefee camp, she must wrestle between her feelings for her new wizard crush, Cormac, and her attraction to Dena.

There were a lot of things I really liked about this book. The biggest thing that I really loved was the characterization of every single character. While main characters in books, and especially YA books, almost always have full and fleshed out characterization, but sometimes the side characters don’t necessarily get the same treatment. In this book, that is not a problem at all. In fact, I found myself connecting more with Victoria than with Allanah. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Allanah too! But my connection with Victoria just showed me that the author really took the time to develop every single character, and not just the protagonist. In fantasy books, and especially modern fantasies like this one, I find that characterization is what keeps the stories grounded in reality and makes it so the audience can still connect with a story that may be very fantastical. In this book, I think the author did a wonderful job with that.
Now, to the actual plot of the book, which overall I really liked. I will say that I had some small problems with the beginning of the book. I found that there was a lot of suspension of disbelief in the first few chapters, and the very first chapter in particular. There were little things that seemed slightly unrealistic to me, and a lot had to be taken on faith.
However, by the end of the book, I had pretty much forgotten about the concerns I had at the beginning which, to me, just showed that the story and characters pulled me in and brought it back. I would say that the book had really picked up by about halfway through chapter two at the very latest, and there weren’t really any other lapses after that, so I didn’t have a huge problem with taking some things at the author’s word toward the beginning.
Overall, I really enjoyed the book, I found it to be a unique idea with very colorful characters no matter how minor they may have been. The author did an especially good job of grounding everything fictional in the modern reality that the book is set in.
Cover art .I really liked the cover for this book. It seems really soft and appealing, in a way that is really nice to me. Obviously we can see the connection to the story, and as you actually read the book you can gather even more information and see some foreshadowing in the cover. The thing I enjoy the most about the cover is the color palette. I think everything works together really well. I really liked this cover and definitely think that its aesthetic would appeal to a lot of people.

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Book Details:

ebook, 180 pages
Published January 29th 2016 by Harmony Ink Press (first published January 28th 2016)
ISBN 1634763416 (ISBN13: 9781634763417)
Edition LanguageEnglish

SeriesThe Sun Dragon #1