Afternoon Exclusive Cover Reveal for ‘Island Counsellor’ by Sue Brown (excerpt and giveaway)



Sue Brown reveals the sexy cover art of her next book titled ISLAND COUNSELOR coming out from Dreamspinner Press.

It releases on June 20, 2016.



Counselor Logan Wilde has a successful therapy practice in London, but when a traumatic incident there leaves him suffering from PTSD, he takes refuge in his holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight, unable to face going back to work. Not that he’s allowed to relax. Logan’s time is taken up with helping Liam Owens, plus there’s Nick Brent, whom Logan discovers collapsed on the beach. Nick and Logan spend their time bickering with each other, but that doesn’t alter the attraction they both feel.

Logan is forced to make some hard decisions about his future, which entails facing up to recent events, only he’s not alone—Nick is with him. Unfortunately, someone else makes a decision, too, and now trouble is on its way to the Isle of Wight.



Cover Art by L.C. Chase




“Don’t you dare.” Logan grabbed Nick’s hands. “Sam is right. We shouldn’t have to hide who we are. I’m not asking you to throw me down on the floor and fuck in front of the old folks, but if you want to hold my hand or I want to hold yours, then we should be able to do it.”
“Toast?” The girl from the bar was holding a plate of toast and looking rather bemused. 
Logan would have head-desked the table if it hadn’t been full of dirty plates. “Please tell me you didn’t hear me say that.”
“I can tell you that if you want,” she said, now looking very amused. “I’d be lying, but I can tell you that.”
“The customer is always right,” Nick said to her. “Even when he’s being stupid, he’s always right.”
“I’ll take your word for it.” 

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Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn’t following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot and has gotten expert at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she’s made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

:: Website :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Google+ ::



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A BJ Audiobook Review: Tackling the Tight End  (Long Pass Chronicles #3) by Tara Lain and 
John – Paul Barrel (Narrator)

Rating:   3 stars out of 5

Tackling the Tight End AudioEveryone wants the best for SCU student and tight end Raven Nez – and they know exactly what that is. Enter the NFL draft, become a big football hero, promote his tribe’s casino, and make a lot of money to help people on the reservation. Just one problem.

Raven’s gay and he really wants to work with gay kids. Plus he figures a gay Native tight end will get flattened in the NFL. Then the casino board hires a talented student filmmaker to create ads for the tribal business and asks Raven to work with him. But the filmmaker is Dennis Hascomb, a guy with so much to hide and a life so ugly it’s beyond Raven’s understanding. Still he’s drawn to Dennis’s pain and incredible ability to survive.

Captivated by Raven’s stories of the two-spirited and by the amazing joy of finally having a friend, Dennis knows he has to break free from everything he’s ever been taught was good – but that’s a struggle that could kill him and Raven too. Is there a chance for “the great red hope” and the “whitest guy on earth”? A future for the serpent and the raven?

I wanted to read this because it is set in SoCal and one of the main characters is a sexy Native American (I mean, look at that cover! Gorgerous). I haven’t read the first two books in this series but had been told that since it involves a new couple, it could be read as a standalone. I am sure that is the case. However, in my particular case, if I had more background on the other main character, Dennis, from reading the other books, I probably would not have chosen to read this story. My dissatisfaction with this story revolves around him. See I have this thing (button? trigger?) about breech of trust and betrayal and cheating. And actually, anything that even comes close to these things can make it very hard for me to actually enjoy a book. Therefore, this book was extremely hard for me to read. To be honest, I wanted to DNF and would have if not listening for review. Therefore, I will say up front that this review is biased as I have to rate based on personal enjoyment, right? And this was just NOT the book for me.

On the positive side, I loved Raven’s character and all of the parts about the tribe, the two-sprits, the traditions and stories, the work he does with the kids, and so much more. Definitely swoon-worthy. I also enjoyed his friend Walter and his grandfather–they were great. Raven was such a well-drawn and all around lovely character. I wish he’d been paired with someone who didn’t push all my “off” buttons so that I could have fully enjoyed his story in the way I’d have liked to.

Unfortunately, the other main character, Dennis… well, it was very hard to connect and empathize with him and found myself wishing I could just skip over some of the parts concerning him. Many of the things he did left me cold. Granted he did what he did under coercion—his family was just despicable—and that he disliked doing it. Yet he did it for years. How many people’s lives did he hurt? I did not enjoying reading about that sort of playing of others in one of my main characters. Plus it wasn’t really clear to me for some time exactly how they were controlling him. So that side of the story, I just did not enjoy. It made me tense and unhappy and twitchy as I was listening, and I really just wanted to turn it off.

The story is well-written. Raven is hot and sexy and I loved him. There are some sweet and well done sexy bits, but it was impossible for me to overlook that during a big part of them Dennis was hiding such major stuff from Raven and lying so much—knowing that made it impossible for me to fully engage and enjoy the two as a couple.

The narrator was adequate, but not my favorite because in my opinion there wasn’t enough variation in the characters voices. Overall, my enjoyment stars break down something like this: 3 for narration, 5 for Raven’s story, 1 for Dennis’s story as it just totally put me off. So going in the middle for a 3.

The cover  by Reese Dante is gorgeous… it’s what caught my eye and made me want to read this book.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | iTunes | Amazon | Audible

Book Details:  

Audible Audio, 9 pages, 9 hrs
Published April 12th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press (first published January 15th 2016)
Original TitleTackling the Tight End
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesLong Pass Chronicles #3

A Jeri Review: Pop Life By Ryan Loveless



Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Pop LifeAndrew writes the songs everyone sings along with on the radio—tunes full of love, longing, and heartbreak. He has a knack for tapping into emotions, but when it comes to his own, the feelings aren’t so easy to manage. Sent to New York City to work on Irish singer Paeder Brogan’s first solo album, Andrew is caught in the middle of a boy band’s infighting and secret love affairs while battling the memories of his last trip to the Big Apple, which ended when English pop star Jamie Webster drunkenly kissed him.

Andrew’s heart leaps when he discovers he’s staying at the same hotel as Jamie, yet he doubts Jamie recalls him, even though Andrew wrote his biggest hit. Jamie remembers him, though, and he seems to think Andrew is the only person who can save him from his downward spiral. Even as his feelings for Jamie swell, Andrew faces the real threat that the maelstrom he’s walked into will pull him down alongside Jamie.

This book had a lot of promise. The premise sounded good, albeit done to death. Bratty rock stars, etc. But honestly, it was a bit of a mess.

Andrew is a song writer. He loves his job- and has the awards and divorce to prove it. But his songwriting partner sends him off to New York to meet with one of the guys from a boy band who wants to go solo. And in a super kind of twisted way, it is another pop star who helped orchestrate it because he wanted to see Andrew again. Even though they only had one brief encounter before.

This story was supposed to be about Andrew and Jamie. But really it is about Jamie’s insecurities, Andrew coddling him and then 3 other relationships amongst other people fight for the spotlight.

If this story had been broken down into two or more books, it would have been more cohesive. But there was Andrew and Michael. Andrew and Jamie. Jamie and Jeff. Jeff and Paeder. Paeder and Keelin. Paeder and his wife. And of course Russell who seems to clean up all of the messes. And there were A LOT of messes.

There were parts I liked, but more that I didn’t like. None of the characters were really fleshed out, nor were the relationships. And even though he was a clingy bitch- I have to say Keelin was my favorite and I almost hope he gets his own book. With only his relationship in it and not 15 others.

Cover art by L.C. Chase is beautiful and works for the story.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | ARe | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 2nd Edition, 200 pages
Published April 13th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press (first published May 28th 2011)
ISBN 1634772695 (ISBN13: 9781634772693)
Edition Language English

A Lila Review: Prince of Seas (Three Brothers Fair #1) by Emily Carrington

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Princes of SeasPrince Hans is the youngest in a set of Kelpie triplets. Their future bound by a prophecy that sees his middle brother, Tian, betrothed to Prince Felimid. As the three brothers talk about their imminent future, Hans only thinks about Prince Felimid.

By chance, Hans had the opportunity to spend some time in private with the Prince he wanted for himself. The attraction seems to be mutual and after they part ways, Hans searches, desperately, for a way to be the chosen one.

Through a series of deceptions, lies, and cover-ups, Hans gets the chance to be with Felimid, but there’s a price to pay for what they found. With the help of his brothers, Hans has the opportunity to prove Felimid how good they could be together, prophecy or not on their side.

Prince of Seas is a short and sweet tale of magic and hope. It’s well written and filled with many characters. There are interesting ideas and the start of a world-build, but not a coherent flow. The story lacks rhythm and felt as if missing chunks of time.

The overall concept of the three brothers and the prophecy was too much for such a short story. The amount of time going over this aspect, took away from the romance between Hans and Felimid.

Also, the reasons why Felimid needed a kelpie and who else was involved were more of an afterthought, added to extend the story. As the start of a series, it gives enough information to get the reader interested in the next one, but not enough to enjoy this installment fully.

It was a good story, just short of being great.

The cover by Fiona Jayde has beautiful colors than bring a fairytale-like sense to it. But the rest seems to depict a contemporary story, not a fantasy.

Sale Links: Loose Id | Amazon | ARe

Book Details:

ebook, 81 pages
Published: January 26, 2016, by Loose Id
ISBN: 9781682520666
Edition Language: English

Series:  Three Brothers Fair
Book #1: Prince of Seas

Coffee Sip and Book Break with Carrie Pack’s ‘In The Present Tense’ (excerpt and giveaway)

In the Present Tense 1600px (Smashwords, Amazon)

In The Present Tense by Carrie Pack
Release Date: May 19, 2016

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Interlude Press
Cover Artist: CB Messer


Today Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is lucky to be interviewing Carrie Pack author of In the Present Tense. Hi Carrie, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

I’m thrilled to be here and share my new release with you. In the Present Tense explores the impact of mental illness on those we love through the lens of contemporary science fiction. My main character, Miles, has a condition similar to dissociative identity disorder that causes him to time travel and it causes all sorts of trouble in his personal life.

  • Why do you write?

I write because I love the written word. I love the way language ebbs and flows over time. I love the way you can create poetry, songs, prose, nonfiction, and a dozen other types of writing with the same 26 letters of the alphabet. I love the way other languages worm their way into English. I am a shameless abuser of puns and I’ve always been fascinated by a writer’s ability to craft a well-turned phrase. I became a writer because I wanted to be one of those people.

  • Which of your books was the most difficult to write?

Definitely In the Present Tense. There was a sense that I was writing a “Book” this time. Whereas my first novel was written without the intent of publishing it, this go around, I had a contract before the first chapter was written. I also had to do a lot of research because I wanted to make sure I respected my topic. I have characters who are mentally ill and it’s very important to me that I treat that properly.

  • Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

He time travels, which is pretty unique, but that particular characteristic causes a lot of problems for him. One of the themes of this book is how varying degrees of mental illness affect those around us. Obviously, Miles’s illness is extreme, but nearly all my characters have varying degrees of mental health disorders. Miles has an amazing ability to use his mental illness as a tool to help him understand his own mistakes, though. So he tries to fix his past, and, of course, that changes his future.

  • How much research do you do for your books?

I always do some research. For my first book, Designs On You, my research was my early career as a graphic designer. For In the Present Tense, I read books and articles on dissociative identity disorder to make Miles’s condition as realistic as possible. And right now I’m working on a novel set during the Riot Grrrl movement of the early ‘90s. Research for that is fun. I’m reading back issues of zines and listening to lots of punk music.

  • Who designs your covers?

The lovely and talented CB Messer at Interlude Press is art director for all the IP covers and she frequently designs a lot of the covers as well. She was the artist for mine and it just so happens to be one of my favorite covers she’s ever done. I’m so lucky.



Miles Lawson goes to sleep dreaming of a future with his boyfriend Adam, but wakes to find he is married to Ana, an acquaintance from high school. When he learns he has been time traveling, Miles is consumed with finding a cure for his rare condition—and finding his first love. But will he be able to convince Adam he is telling the truth before it’s too late?


Pages or Words: 336 pages
Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction


Miles sat there and tried to make out shapes and colors in the dark room as he searched his brain for a memory of anything.

Nothing looked familiar. His desk, his drum set, the sheets—all gone. Not one thing looked the way it had when he’d fallen asleep, and Ana certainly hadn’t been in his bed.

He tried to replay the previous day’s events, but everything seemed fuzzy, like a fogged bathroom mirror that he couldn’t wipe clean.

Why was everything so fuzzy?

Last night… What happened last night?

Adam had come over and they were watching TV together, and Adam had given him a small stuffed giraffe because Miles was scared about having surgery. He reached for his left arm, expecting to find the cast that had been there for the last two months, but it wasn’t there. His heart began to beat so loudly he glanced over at Ana to make sure she was still asleep.

Unable to determine what had happened to his cast, Miles resumed his tally of the previous evening’s chain of events. At around ten-thirty, his mom said Adam had to leave because they had to get up early to go to the hospital. He had taken his pain meds and gone to sleep with the phantom of Adam’s goodnight kiss on his cheek. He’d been happy.

He’d gotten a text from Ana earlier in the evening, but she was only wishing him luck with the surgery. She hadn’t come over. In fact, as far as Miles knew, Ana had been several hours away in her dorm room.

So how had she gotten into his bedroom? And who had changed his sheets?

He threw off the covers and stood up, noticing he was only wearing a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs instead of his usual basketball shorts.

He looked around the room for anything familiar, but it was still dark out, and all he could see were shadows and vague shapes. On the dresser opposite the bed, he found a few framed photos. Squinting to see without turning on a light, Miles studied the images carefully.

As his eyes focused, he recognized a couple of the photos. One was from last year’s prom: Adam wearing that ridiculous corsage Miles had bought him, Ana being dipped by her date, David, as all four of them smiled widely in front of a cheesy faux tropical scene. One of the frames held a collage of photos of his and Ana’s friends. He recognized Adam, Lucky, Antonio, Dahlia and Brienne. But the last one, the largest of all the photos, was of him and Ana—her in a flowing white dress and him in a black suit, both wearing broad smiles and flanked by Miles’s parents and a woman Miles had only seen once: Julia Espinosa, Ana’s mother.

A loud clatter echoed through the bedroom as the frame hit the edge of the dresser and fell to the hardwood floor. This wasn’t his room, and he didn’t remember that photo being taken.

“Go back to sleep,” Ana mumbled, her voice muffled by the pillow.

“Ana,” he whispered, risking her full anger, but unable to stop himself, “we’re married.”

“Thanks for the update. Now go back to sleep before I divorce your dumb ass.”

He dropped to the floor on his knees, barely even noticing the sharp pain of bare skin hitting the hard surface.

Married. To Ana?

What the hell had happened?


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Meet the Author:

Carrie Pack is the author of Designs On You and a part-time college professor who recently left her job in marketing to actively pursue her writing career. Carrie lives in Florida, which she fondly calls America’s Wang, with her husband and four cats.

Where to find the author:


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