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What Genres Do You Think Get Overlooked?  Part II

More Thoughts on Historical/Western Fiction in LGBTQIA Genre


Last week I started a discussion about overlooked tropes in the M/M or LGBTQIA Genre, mostly historical/or historical western fiction, both of which I love.  I had some wonderful comments, which bear repeating along with their suggestions:

May 15, 2016 @ 17:31:05

 An Interesting challenge. I can cite several historical westerns, but not sure I can pull off how many are HEA.
First ever read was Richard Amory’s Song of the Loon, two-spirit culture is so much more accepted so always felt it was a spoitive read.
Next came Cap Iverson’s Rattler (I haven’t read the other two in the series) and the angst of discovery is real & strong, but doesn’t deny the on-going relationship.
On a TBR list are TA Chase, Fyn Alexander, Ari McKay & Jane Elliott. They are easily tagged historical/western but not yet tagged for a HEA so time will tell.

Jordan commented with:

Just found this post because it’s a subject I’ve been looking for in historical westerns! Although it is YA, and not romance, the Lightfall series has a gay relationship between two cowboys as a main story/character element throughout the series. It’s historical fantasy set in 1879 New Mexico Territory.

I’d recommend Michael Jensen’s novels for anyone interested in the subject as well—though not necessarily if you’re after HEA.

 Lucius Parhelion is one of the first names that pop into my head when someone asks for a recommendation for m/m historical fiction about the American West.  Parhelion’s stories are told with an authentic, dry tone that seems to come up  from the very soil and arid climate of the land the characters ride over and exist on.  The author’s stories are factual, full of information and dates that locate the story in a specific time and place.  But these details always serve to enhance rather than obfuscate or weigh down the discourse.  Check out his Masked Rider and other free works posted here.

What other recommendations?  Well  The Celestial by Barry Brennessel and several stories by  Sarah Black, an author I talked about a week ago.  There’s another wonderful author rumbling about in my brain but I can’t seem to pull it out of my Kindle so his/her stories go back further than that.  More research is needed obviously.

What does this all tell you?  That these stories are scarce and the ones that are written beautifully, that stick in your hearts and minds, are even more hard to find.  If you have more recommendations, please send them on, I’m always looking for more.

Elin, if you’ve finished that story and liked it, let us know….

Let’s keep the conversation open.  What other overlooked or underused tropes are you missing in our fiction?  Why do you think that’s happened?  Share your thoughts with us….

Masked Riders

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