Why Don’t More Readers Read Historical Romance or Fiction? This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


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Why Don’t More Readers Read Historical Romance or Fiction?

Today, I’m returning to the theme of under-read tropes in  M/M or LGBTQIA novels and stories, romance or otherwise. In case this I’m not just singling out the historical western but the historical genre in general.  Now maybe I’m wrong, and  I’m hoping to hear from you that I am, but again, on the list of tropes people are reading, the list falls out something like: contemporary romance, contemporary  action/adventure, contemporary  western, contemporary mystery, contemporary whatever I’ve left out, supernatural shifters (this could be higher), paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, historical.  Yep.  Historical normally falls in the last couple of slots.

Now that’s not my list personally because fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction are top areas of interest for me.  But I’m talking in general….or do you all think I have it wrong?

Historical fiction, romance or otherwise, has always required more thought, more expectations of the readerI guess to look outside our time frame at ideologies, cultures, and see how  things might actually have been through the words and stories of talented authors.  And we have some  outstanding ones!    Charlie Cochrane leaps to mind with her Cambridge Fellows Mysteries (Orlando and Jonty).  Cochrane makes the Edwardian period of England come alive with every street, dinner, word, and mystery. Elin Gregory (A Taste of Copper, On a Lee Shore) has many time periods and does them all justice in her wonderful stories.  Astrid Amara?  Oh my, The Devil Lancer bring the Crimea war and its tumultuous stomach churning sea crossing vividly to life in a book that I’ve reread several times as have several reviewers here.  I have quite a few more, including Rebecca Cohen of The Crofton Chronicles and Erastes, author of M/M historical fiction and  the moderator of Speak Its Name, a blog dedicated to gay historical fiction which I love.  Check out her blog here.  That’s just for starters.

Then again maybe I’m completely wrong.  The whole lot of you are going, “pshaw, I’ve been reading historical fiction and historical romance all along.  What’s this nutty woman talking about?” Or words to that effect.  I would certainly be happy to hear that.

So what say you all?  Am I wrong, am I right or somewhere in between?  How do your lists of genres shake out?  What historical authors do you read?  I really want to know.

And now onto this week’s schedule.


 This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, June 5

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