A Free Dreamer Review: Native Wind (Native Ingenuity: First Chronicle) by A.M. Burns


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Native WindAfter his family is killed by thieves, sole survivor Trey McAlister is taken in by a nearby Comanche clan. Trey has a gift for magic and the clan’s shaman, Singing Crow, makes him an apprentice. While learning to control his powers, Trey bonds with a young warrior and shape shifter, Grey Talon. When they are sent out on a quest to find the missing daughter of a dragon, they encounter the same bandits who murdered Trey’s family, as well as a man made of copper who drives Trey to dig deeper into the magics that created him.

It doesn’t take them long to discover a rancher near Cheyenne, Wyoming is plotting to build a workforce of copper men—and has captured the dragon’s daughter they’ve been searching for. Trey and Grey Talon must draw on all their knowledge and skills to complete their quest—one that grows more complicated, and more dangerous, with each passing day.

“Native Wind” is an interesting mix of Western, Steampunk and Native American mythology. That’s definitely not a mix I’ve come across before, so I was hopeful.

Grey Talon is a very unusual shifter with his ability to turn into any animal he’s ever laid eyes on. Trey’s shaman magic was also very interesting and I loved the time Trey spent practicing it.

Both MCs were very likeable and their bond was obvious. I liked that they were a couple from the start of the book, which left more room for plot outside the romance. There was no need for explanations and flashbacks, their love for each other felt completely natural.

There were a couple of unique minor characters as well, like Copperpot, the metal construct, or Singing Crow, Trey’s shaman teacher.

The great villain, however, was needlessly evil. I don’t like it when the villains only ever do evil things and the MCs only ever do good things. I like my shades of grey. At times, it was also hard to understand certain actions of Grey Talon and Trey. They didn’t always make all that much sense.

The world building was a little lacking. While there were a lot of scenes of Trey talking about and practicing his magic, little things were left unexplained. I’m still uncertain just how Grey Talon communicated in animal form.

I would have also enjoyed a bit more Steampunk. Sure, there was Copperpot, who became a loyal companion of the two, but that’s about it. The world itself didn’t have many steam powered machines.

I’m not sure I entirely understood the part dragons play in this world. They’re definitely nothing like any dragons I’ve come across in literature before.

Overall, “Native Wind” had promise but didn’t quite live up to it. The plot didn’t really grip me. I wasn’t exactly bored, but I never quite felt the urge that I absolutely had to know what happened next. I probably won’t read the sequel.

 The cover by Stef Masciandaro shows a drawing of our four heroes, with Trey shifted into a dog and a dragon looming in the background.

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Book details:

ebook, 216 pages
Expected publication: July 19th 2016 by DSP Publications
ISBN 1634765532 (ISBN13: 9781634765534)
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Lila Review: A Dandelion for Tulip (Being(s) In Love #6) by R. Cooper


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Dandelion for TulipDavid is in love with Tulip, a kind and unusually quiet fairy in his social circle. But everyone knows Tulip doesn’t date humans. David tells himself he is happy to be Tulip’s friend, because he doesn’t believe a fairy could love him and Tulip has never tried to “keep him”—as fairies refer to relationships with humans.

Fairies are drawn to David, describing his great “shine,” but David knows only too well how quickly fairies can forget humans, and thinks he’s destined to be alone. He can’t see his own brilliance or understand how desperately Tulip wants him, even if Tulip believes David can do better.

But exhausted and more than a little tipsy at a Christmas party, David makes his feelings too obvious for Tulip to deny any longer. Because of a past heartbreak involving a human, Tulip is convinced someone as shiny as David could never want a “silly, stupid fairy” in his life. Now, if he wants to keep David, he’ll have to be as brave as his shiny, careful human.

A Dandelion for Tulip takes fantasy to another level with the acceptance of beings as part of society. Even so, they’re mostly kept as a secondary group and this affected the humans that befriend them. There still a touch of ignorance about how they acted and associated with.

This is book six in the Being(s) in Love series but can be read as a stand-alone. I even went back and read all the blurbs to be sure I wasn’t missing anything important. I only noticed a cameo by one of the couples, which perhaps, can be considered an update on their relationship. The author did an excellent job building a believable world and beings that were easily identifiable.

I like David and Tulip individually, but basing a complete story on the MCs lack of communication didn’t work for me. If they had talked for two minutes, the story would have been done in less than fifty pages. I think I was as confused as the characters with the constant assumptions between them.

Their coming together felt forced, perhaps because the reader got the initial impression of them being friends and the unrequited love angle came out of nowhere. I understood the characters pasts and fears, but a lot happened off page as time passed by, leaving several questions unanswered.

I wanted to like this story more because it had all the elements to be great, but the long philosophical discussions were hard to appreciate when I wanted to smack David and Tulip on the back of their heads. I needed more of a connection between them to carry into their happily even after.


Paul Richmond captured an important scene in the story with this cover. I’m not entirely sold on the characters’ features, but overall, it’s a good match for the story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages
Published: June 24, 2016, by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1634773144 (ISBN13: 9781634773140)
Edition Language: English

Series: Being(s) in Love
Book #1: Some Kind of Magic (Beings in Love, #1
Book #2: A Boy and His Dragon (Beings in Love #2)
Book #3: A Beginner’s Guide to Wooing Your Mate (Beings in Love #3)
Book #4: Little Wolf (Beings in Love, #4)
Book #5: The Firebird and Other Stories (Beings in Love Stories #5)
Book #6: A Dandelion for Tulip (Beings in Love, #6)


A BJ Audiobook Review: Dancing Lessons by R. Cooper and Narrator: Brian Schell


 Rating:  2.5 stars out of 5

dancing-lessons audiobookTwo years of living with his controlling boyfriend left Chico worn down long before that boyfriend revealed he’d been seeing someone else. With no other choice, Chico moves in above his cousin’s garage in a small town in the redwoods, where he merely goes through the motions. To get him out of the house, his cousin pushes him to volunteer at a local dance studio to help with their annual show.

He’s not expecting to end up in a dance class, or to start feeling alive again in the arms of his dance instructor. Rafael is the studio owners’ son and was once a well-known dancer in his own right, but now enjoys being a teacher. Although Chico likes him, he’s afraid of taking a chance. But Rafael is determined, and it only takes one dance for Chico to start to realize he might still have something to learn.

From the beginning, the narration on this left me cold. There was very little nuance of characters, emotions, or variations. The reading seemed flat, not like a performance to me, but like an average person reading a book out loud, which isn’t really what I hope for when buying an audio.  I found it hard to get into the story and as it went on hard to keep track as the voice and inflections tended to annoy me and pulled me out of it. I found this audio very hard to listen to.

Since I also own but had not read the ebook of this, I decided to try reading a bit of it to compare the experience to listening to the audio, and can say that this is a case of the book being better than the audio delivery of it. The writing style didn’t mesh well with for me, parts read as confusing and left me trying to figure things out as they weren’t clear, just didn’t flow for me sequentially or something, especially when it came to dialogue. I had to re-read some bits a few times to figure out what was going on… it was as if there was a communication gap between the author and myself that I had a hard time breeching.

Although the story wasn’t long, it still felt really slow for me at some parts. However, there were some things I really enjoyed about the story, although at times I felt Chico was a bit over the top with things like “silly Chico,” I could relate to how someone can feel so down on themselves due to the ways others have treated them. How sometimes the relationships we live with can change us drastically, until we lose who we once were along with our confidence. And how we are surprised by the most basic decent treatment from others, by their appreciation or attraction. That part was very poignant and real to me. Except that for him to have gotten to that point, it would seem to me that it would have either taken longer or been more predominate than just how one person had treated him. I did also want to mention, that it bugged me when Chico turned around and later said “silly Raf” in a scene

Overall, this is a sweet story with lots of UST, some heat, and a few memorable moments.

I wish that I had chosen to read this entirely as an ebook rather than listen on audio. From trying it for a part that way, I am sure I would have enjoyed it more in that format. Perhaps I will indeed go back and read again once I have let some time pass. For now, I need to rate it as an audiobook though… I rate the story as a 3 star, although I might have rated it higher if it was read rather than listened to, I’m not sure. But I rate the narration as a 2, and for me that is being generous as I really did not connect at all with this narrator, and because of that, feel that I didn’t connect with the story.

I like the cover by Catt Ford and can picture a particular scene when I see it, however it doesn’t give a feel of the book as related to dancing or costume design, etc.

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Audiobook Details: 

5 hrs 17 mins

Published May 25th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

Can It Really Be the End for Collars & Cuffs? Find Out in Endings and Beginnings (Collars & Cuffs #8) by K.C. Wells & Parker Williams (excerpt and giveaway)



Endings and Beginnings (Collars & Cuffs #8) by K.C. Wells & Parker Williams
This is the final book in the series, which should be read from Beginning to End. 😉
(See what we did there?)
Release Date: July 18, 2016

Goodreads Link
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond


In all his relationships, Darren Fielding never found the level of intimacy he witnessed between Thomas Williams and his sub, Peter, the day of Peter’s “rebirth.” Not only that, he never realized such intimacy was possible. For two years, Thomas’s business card has been burning a hole in his wallet. When Darren’s lover moves on, maybe it’s finally time to see where that card takes him.

Collars & Cuffs’s new barman, JJ Taylor, is really conflicted right now. He went to the club with a very specific purpose, already convinced of what he’d find there. Except it’s not what he expected at all. He certainly didn’t anticipate finding himself drawn to the new wannabe Dom. Nor could he have guessed the direction that attraction would lead him.

Old love, new love, vows, pain, rage, moving in, moving on…. The members of Collars & Cuffs face an event that touches some of them deeply, but it will only reinforce what they already know: together they are stronger, and some bonds cannot be broken.


Pages or Words: 121,429
Categories: Contemporary, BDSM, Fiction, M/M Romance

Exclusive !

A pang hit Joe in the heart as watched as Ben led Scott to the group room. He knew that they only had eyes for each other, and that made him both happy and sad. When Leo had asked him to help remove Ben’s head from his arse, he thought it would be a lark. Something fun to pass the time. But he hadn’t counted on how the little redhead reacted toward him. He could see the fear in Scott’s eyes, and he hated it. No sub should be afraid. Not ever.

He never told anyone how it had gone. How he had come to the house with a thought in his mind about how it would go, then left with an ache he couldn’t explain. He’d never, ever mooned over a sub. He’d shared one many times, with the sub’s permission. And the sex had been phenomenal, but he noticed recently that it also left him with a pit in his stomach.

He let his gaze wander over the room, until it fell on Christian kneeling in submission. The boy seemed to be popular. Always going off with a Dom, then coming back with a smile on his beautiful face. But it didn’t really reach his eyes. Joe could see the touch of sadness there, and it tugged at his heart. He tried to tell himself that it wasn’t him. He wasn’t cut out to be with a single submissive. That playing with multiple partners made him happy. And it had. At least for a time. But seeing the men at Collars & Cuffs pairing off, finding love? That told him something had to change.

He stood and approached Christian, who seemed to be off in his own little world. As he ran a hand over Christian’s head, the boy sucked in a breath. “Good evening, Master Joe.”

Joe couldn’t believe Christian knew it was him. “How did you know?”

He could see a smile creep over Christian’s face. “You’re wearing Acqua Di Gio. I’d know you anywhere.”

Joe couldn’t believe it. “Look at me, boy.”

Christian tilted his head back, and Joe got lost in those amazingly beautiful eyes. “Would you like to play?”

“Yes, Sir. I would love to.”

Joe took him to the group room, and had him strip down, and kneel. Christian was wonderful in his submission. He wanted this boy. He craved him with every fiber of his being. When one of the other Doms came over, Joe recognized him as someone with whom he’d shared before. The broad smile on his face evaporated as Joe shook his head no. The Dom nodded, and went off looking for a partner for the evening. Joe glanced around, and he could see the lustful expressions on many faces. Everyone he’d shared a sub with, and his stomach bubbled.

“Stand up,” Joe ordered. “Get dressed.”

Christian stood and blinked. “If I’ve made you unhappy, Sir, I—“

“No, not in the least. I don’t’ want to have you here. I’d like to take you to a private room, if you’re willing.”

Christian smiled, and Joe’s heart beat faster. “Of course, Sir. Whatever you want.”

He took Christian by the hand, and led him to the bar where he grabbed a key to one of the rooms. When they entered, he closed and locked the door, before turning to Christian.

“Safe words?”

“Red for stop. Yellow for slow down. Green to continue.”

“Very well. Take off your clothes.”

He stood and watched as Christian unveiled a lithe body. He trembled as his hand reached out to stroke the smooth chest, delighting when Christian shivered. Joe loved to see the goose flesh that stood out on the pale form in front of him.

“So you would know me anywhere?” Joe asked.

“Yes, Sir. Others may wear Acqua Di Gio, but you’re unique. You smell fresh, and…”

Christian paused and glanced down.

“And what?”

“When I smell you, I get hard.”

Joe reached down and stroked the rigid shaft. “Yes, I can see that.” He laughed at the red that bloomed over Christian’s body. It was then that he made a decision.

“I’m sorry to be so indecisive, but I’d like you to put your clothes back on.” He held up a hand to forestall any queries by the young man. “No questions.”

Christian meekly said, “Yes, Sir,” and proceeded to dress again. When he was done, he stood there in a maroon T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. Joe had seen many subs wearing leather, but this look favored Christian. He wanted to touch again, but that wasn’t fitting in with his plan.

“I’m going to go to the lockers and change. I want you to sit at the bar and wait for me. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Sir.”

They left the room and headed downstairs. Christian sat at the bar, and said hello to Kenton. Joe found he didn’t really care for it. He didn’t want anyone talking with Christian, and it disturbed him. He’d never cared before. Hell, he’d been happy when the sub started talking to someone else, because it meant he didn’t need to make conversation after their scene and aftercare.

Concluded at Three Books Over The Rainbow!



“Honey, I’m home.”

Alex laughed and came out of the kitchen to greet his husband. “We’ve talked about this, right? You do not walk into this apartment and talk to me like I’m the little wife.”

Leo kissed him soundly on the cheek. “Aw, but you’d look great in an apron, holding a glass of beer out for your weary, hard-working hubby.” He smirked. “And besides, no one in their right mind would call you little.”

Alex quirked his eyebrows. “One, you don’t drink beer, which is why there’s a glass of chilled chardonnay on the living room table, waiting for you. Two, excuse me—weary? Hard-working? You’ve been standing around in leather chaps and a harness, watching while guys do all manner of things to each other, which probably included a lot of fucking, because, hey, it’s Saturday night, right?”

Leo sighed happily. “What can I say? I love my job.”


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Meet K.C. Wells:


Born and raised in the north-west of England, K.C. WELLS always loved writing. Words were important. Full stop. However, when childhood gave way to adulthood, the writing ceased, as life got in the way. K.C. discovered erotic fiction in 2009, when the purchase of a ménage storyline led to the startling discovery that reading about men in love was damn hot. In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative. An even bigger discovery waited in the wings—writing about men in love was even hotter….

K.C. now writes full-time and is loving every minute of her new career. The laptop still has no idea of what hit it… it only knows that it wants a rest, please. And it now has to get used to the idea that where K.C goes, it goes.

And as for those men in love that she writes about? The list of stories just waiting to be written is getting longer… and longer….



Where to find K.C. Wells:



Meet Parker Williams (or at least his voices):


Good day! We are the voices that live inside Will’s head. The ones who whisper to him constantly, beckoning him to speak of our adventures, to tell of our love, and perhaps, if we’re in a mood, kill a person or two.

We guide his hand as he tells our tales where love is the most powerful force, but must be worked for, molded, and finally, embraced. There can be no shortcuts or substitutions on the path to a happily ever after.

We hope you will join with us as Will fulfills his obligation to ensure our stories are told and, we hope, enjoyed.

Where to find Parker Williams:


Connect with Parker on: Twitter: @ParkerWAuthor


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In the Spotlight: Top to Bottom (Escape Book 3) by Delphine Dryden Blog Tour and Giveaway



Top to Bottom (Escape Book 3) by Delphine Dryden
iptide Publishing
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Read An Excerpt/Buy It Here


About Top to Bottom

Drusilla Stasevich wants to leave the past behind and start the next chapter of her life. Returning to her hometown to open her dream kink club, Escape, seems like the perfect solution. But it can be tricky making dreams come true—especially when the person you want to share them with isn’t around anymore.

Amie Templeton is no stranger to tough times. She’s learned to make it on her own, and doesn’t do relationships outside the kink world. When her ex Dru moves back to town, old feelings surface. But that’s fine, right, since Dru has just opened the hottest new kink club in town?

Dru and Amie want to get the distracting spark between them out of their systems. Instead, their intense play sessions fan that spark into a flame. As if Dru didn’t have enough on her plate, an anonymous saboteur threatens to push her new club out of business. It will take the help of everybody at Escape to set things right again, and a lot of trust for Dru and Amie to start working toward a new life together.

About Del Dryden

Delphine Dryden  probably should have gone ahead and  become an English professor like she planned. Instead, she took a detour through law school, another detour through the wonderful world of working in special education, and took an extra fifteen years to end up where she belonged: writing kinky romances.

Del’s writing has earned an Award of Excellence and Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Book Reviews, an EPIC Award, and a Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence.  When not writing or editing, she can be found binge-watching television shows with her girlfriend, playing tabletop games, and tweeting to excess.

Connect with Delphine:



To celebrate the release of Top to Bottom, one lucky person will win an ebook package of Dom Around the Corner and The Unicorn, plus a $5 Amazon gift certificate. Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on July 23, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info.

For the duration of the tour, Del is also giving away paperback copies of her steampunk books Scarlet Devices and Gilded Lily. Contact her via her website’s contact page, put your favorite mythical beast in the subject line and your name and address in the body. Limit to 20 people total, or until the tour ends.

This title is part of the Escape universe.