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sun thermomterThings Are Heating Up All Around Us

August Heat is the name of a short story by W. F. Harvey, penned in 1910.  It tells the tale of two men, previously unknown to each other who find out through slim connections that one will be murdered by the other.  It ends with the character Withencroft writing the day’s events as Atkinson sharpens some tools: “It is after eleven now. I shall be gone in less than an hour. But the heat is stifling. It is enough to send a man mad.”

Ah, yes, the wonderful August heat!  Whether you are the characters of Harvey’s August Heat, or August Heat (Commissario Montalbano #10) by Andrea Camilleri, Stephen Sartarelli (Translator) or the families, cowboys and ex soldiers in BA Tortuga’s story, Real World, where the Texas heat is as real as the men and situations she writes about in her Love is Blind series,  the searing heat of the summer acts like a main character of its own in novels and real life all over the world.  This series is rapidly becoming a favorite series of mine.  But that no surprise as I include that author as a favorite writer to rec as well.

We have a number of release day reviews this week, as well as audiobook reviews and regular reviews too.  If you love fantasy, be sure to check out Blaine D. Arden’s Forester Trilogy which is ending with Full Circle: Forester Triad Act Three (Tales of the Forest, #3) and can be found complete in A Triad in Three Acts which will also be reviewed this week.  Plus you won’t want to miss its stunning covers.  Ali is reviewing a book that she thinks will be in her top 10, will it be in yours?  Check it out.  Plus I have Christian Baines back with his long awaited sequel to The Beast Without, The Orchard of Flesh (Arcadia Trust #2) by Christian Baines.  I have a author interview and giveaway.  Don’t miss that either.  What a week we have in store.

Plus this will be our last week for our old look.  Next week, a new look, a contest to welcome in something entirely different.   Stay inside, away from the heat, unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere where its winter and  cold.  Grab up some books to read either way.  Be here with us all week!  Leave your comments, we love hearing from you.  Now for this week’s schedule.

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This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, August 14:

  • This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • Things Are Heating Up All Around Us

Monday, August 15:

  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Marriage of Inconvenience by MJ O’Shea
  • A VVivacious Release Day Review: Coin of the Realm by Michael Murphy
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Real World by BA Tortuga
  • An Alisa Audiobook Review: Hell on Wheels by ZA Maxfield

Tuesday, August 16:

  • In the Spotlight:  Adulting 101 by Lisa Henry (Riptide Tour and Giveaway)
  • Blog Tour, Giveaway and Author Interview – Priest and Pariahs by Mann Ramblings
  • Dreamspinner Author Guest Post and Book Tour:  B.A. Tortuga and the Real World
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Flying Fish by Sedonia Guillone

Wednesday, August 17:

  • Series Recap Tour – Blood Moon Alliance by  SA Welsh
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Relative Best by Pat Henshaw
  • A Paul B Review: Psychic Says by JJ Black
  • An Alisa Review: Softpaw by Osiris Brackhaus

Thursday, August 18:

  • New cover reveal: Jamie Deacon ‘Caught Inside’ (cover reveal and giveaway)
  • In Our Spotlight: Lilah Suzanne ‘Burning Tracks’ (excerpt and giveaway)
  • Release Blitz & Review Tour – Blaine D. Arden – Full Circle
  • A MelanieM Review:  A Triad In Three Acts by Blaine D. Arden
  • A Free Dreamer Review:  The Cop and the Drifter by Christiane France
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audiobook Review: Moment of Truth by Karen Stivali

Friday, August 19:

  • In the Spotlight: The Orchard of Flesh (Arcadia Trust #2) by Christian Baines(author interview/giveaway)
  • In the Review Spotlight: Sarah Madison’s Fool’s Gold
  • A MelanieM Review: Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Release Day Review: Turning the Page by Andrew Grey
  • A MelanieM Review: The Orchard of Flesh (Arcadia Trust #2) by Christian Baines

Saturday, August 20:

  • An Alisa Review:Behind the Uniform Anthology
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audiobook Review: Hexbreaker by Jordan L. Hawk