An Alisa Audiobook Review: Ben (The Atherton Pack #2) by Toni Griffin and Narrator Nick Flint


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Ben audiobookTommy Morgan’s life was turned upside down at the hands of his Alpha. Now, another one is claiming to be his mate. He’s not ready to jump into a relationship with anyone, still suffering from nightmares due to the abuse he experienced. Instead, Tommy moves in with his brother, Declan, hoping for the space he needs to heal.

Pennaeth Alpha, Benjamin Taylor, has his hands full dealing with all the packs across Australia. When he finds his young mate battered and bloody, he knows Tommy is going to need time to recover and come to terms with everything. Ben is more than willing to give his mate anything he needs. Even if that means them living apart for now.

When passion finally ignites with unexpected consequences, Ben knows he’ll do anything, fight anyone, to keep his mate safe.


I love this series, shifters, mates and male pregnancy, what could be better.  Tommy’s life is thrown another wrench when he learns that his mate is an alpha, after the abuse he suffered at the hands of his previous alpha this isn’t wonderful news.  Ben will do anything to keep his mate safe and happy, even if it means being apart, for now.


This story is told from both character’s points of view, so it is nice to get both of the characters feelings.  Ben is perhaps one of the sweetest alpha’s I have seen and he has to keep that side hidden so much due to his responsibilities it is a relief when he can let his guard down around his mate and Tommy is honored to see the side of his mate that others don’t.  What I love about most of Toni’s shifter stories is that they are not insta-love, both of the characters feel a connection to the other, but work to grow their relationship before claiming the other.


Nick Flint did a wonderful job narrating this story.  I could connect with the characters through the voices and emotions he portrayed.  Even though this is a book I have read it felt new to me listening to him tell it.


Cover art is nice and follows the pattern for the series.


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Audiobook Details:

Audiobook, 2 hrs 6 min
Published: July 20, 2016 (ebook, 2nd edition, published August 23, 2014) by Mischief Corner Books
Edition Language: English

Series: The Atherton Pack #2

A MelanieM Release Day Review: The Senator’s Secret by K.C. Wells


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

The Senator's SecretPolitics, puppy dogs, and passion, oh my!

When his Republican opponent outs him with a photo in a Facebook post, Senator Samuel Dalton doesn’t have many options open to him. It doesn’t matter that the photo is totally innocent. He has no choice but to come clean… until his staff suggest putting a spin on it that leaves Sam reeling.

Sure, he’ll end up with a lot of sympathy, not to mention the possibility of more voters from the LGBT community, but it still seems a pretty drastic solution.

Now all they have to do is persuade Gary, the other man in the photo, to play along. It sounds so easy: convince the constituents of North Carolina that he and Sam are engaged.

No big deal, except for the fact that they’ve only just met….

The Senator’s Secret by K.C. Wells is that adorable, feel good romance that you love to pick up and then hate to put down.  Its easy on the heart, quick to read but so loving and heartwarming that you won’t forget about the characters and their romance once you put the Kindle  down.  Its why we love to read romance novels.  The falling in love, the laughs and shared time togethers that pulls us, the readers in with them, and then the happy endings, that make us giggle and sigh.  Yep…the total romance sans angst.

Is it realistic?  No, not really and to tell you the truth, I didn’t and don’t really care.  Amidst the mud slinging currently going on and living near the Nation’s Capital I get more than my share of authentic politics.  So if K.C. Wells wants to bend reality and give me a glimpse into what a kinder, gentler  side path might look like?  I say fine, go for it.  I’ve about had it with reality.

Senator Sam?  He’s so good, that I’d vote for him, knowing he’d  never last in Washington, DC.  But as a romantic main man?  He’s lovely and charming,  And I laughed at his lines as written by Wells.  He charmed me totally.  Gary, the volunteer working for him never had a chance.  I wish we had more of a background on Gary but the history we got from Wells was heartbreaking and enough to connect us with this veterinarian in the making.  Is it plausible in this day  and age that such a deception would take place?  Probably not.  But this is Dreamspun Desires, recreating a line of romance novels where this sort of thing was commonplace (I know, I  know).  Suspend your disbelief and go with the flow.

I loved both characters.  The dialog between the two is snappy, at times  poignant and almost guaranteed to make the connection between couple and reader.  Its funny, each character has a distinct feel and flow, something I don’t always find.

And yes, there is a dog.  Bonus points, K.C.

Want an adorable romance, lighthearted and sweet?  One easy on the heart, that will leave you laughing and full of sighs?   Pick up K.C. Wells’ The Senator’s Secret!  I highly recommend it.

Cover art by Paul Richmond is adorable. Its even got Dinky in it.

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Book Details:

ebook, 220 pages
Expected publication: September 1st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press, LLC
Original TitleThe Senator’s Secret
ISBN 1634775309 (ISBN13: 9781634775304)
Edition LanguageEnglish


An Alisa Release Day Review: Bear Among the Books by TJ Masters


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Bear Among the Books by TJ MastersForty-eight-year-old Ben Thompson is a librarian, a passionate book lover, and a man who embodies the definition of a bear. He’s also lonely after the loss of his long-term partner. Young ex-gymnast Jason Barnes piques his interest, but Ben quickly realizes there’s more to Jason than his good looks. While Jason visits the library almost every day, he never checks out a book.


With gentle persistence, Ben befriends Jason and learns the nineteen-year-old’s tragic secrets. After years of abuse at his father’s hands, Jason was kicked out of his family home for being gay. And despite his apparent love of books, Jason never learned to read. Ben offers to teach him, and the two men bond over their lessons. Ben can’t deny his attraction to Jason, but he wonders if Jason is too young and too handsome to return his interest. With the help of the close-knit library team and Jason’s growing self-confidence, they move beyond the books and into the bedroom, where their own story is just beginning.


This was a very enjoyable story.  Ben has been alone since his partner passed away putting all he has into the library he manages, making his own family out of the other employees.  He is drawn to Jason when he first sees him and befriends the young man hoping to draw him out of his shell.


Ben is almost thirty years older than Jason and despite his feelings tries to keep their relationship as friends only until his friends and Jason’s grandmother convince him that all that matters is how they feel about each other.  Jason has been through so much he deserves to have happiness in his life.  Both characters have to open up to the possibility of more than what they currently have in their lives.


This story is told from Ben’s point of view, so we can easily see his emotions and thoughts.  It takes a bit to understand some of Jason’s feelings, but he is very open with how he feels.  I was so happy for Jason being able to gain friends through the library employees and the love he deserves from Ben.  Even though Jason is much younger than Ben he is more mature than his age in many ways, but you can still see his youth come through during the story.  I was very happy with how this story ended and am glad they got their happy ending.


Cover art by Alexandria Corza is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.


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Book Details:

ebook, 230 pages
Published: September 2, 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN-13: 9781634772716
Edition Language: English