An Alisa Review: Night Train To Naples (Night Train #1) by Carolina Valdez


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


night-train-to-naples-mlr-pressThe hot, urgent passion of an immortal for his human lover, the vengeful vampire who wants to kill them, and the world of precious stones.


After seven-hundred years, Alexandros Nicolaides has adjusted to life as an immortal. Employed by a New Orleans diamond courier, the gemologist travels to Italy in the hope of gaining a new customer for that business. On the night train from Rome to Naples, he confirms what he’s suspected–someone is following him.


Human Dante Rocco has his reasons for tailing the tall blond. Unaware he follows an immortal, he’s in for a bad shock. When Alex rescues him from thugs, a hot, urgent sexual bond flares between these two rivals for the courier account. As they struggle with the reality of their relationship, they discover they’re now the ones being pursued–by an unstable, vengeful vampire.


Carolina Valdez did a nice job with this story.  These characters feel an instant connection for each other, but feel they should be holding back because they are so different from each other.  Alex begins to full embrace their relationship while it scares Dante.


Dante is shocked when he is thrown into the world of immortals when following a rival diamond courier.  He feels a connection to Alex, but doesn’t know if he can accept his vampire nature fully.  When he is faced with never seeing Alex again he decides to jump.


This story is told from both characters’ points of view so we can see each of their internal struggles.  Both of them want each other, but don’t want to think about what will happen after they have to go back to their jobs after Naples.  The story if left with a bit of a cliffhanger to look forward to the next book in the series and I can’t wait to read it.


Cover art is very nice and caught my eye.


Sales Links: MLR Press | Amazon | ARe


Book Details:

ebook, 114 pages

Published: 2nd Edition August 25, 2016 by MLR Press

Edition Language: English

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