Of Reading and Writing Books ~ A World of Choices! This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words



Of Reading and Writing Books ~ A World of Choices!

Last month, our topic was focused on the audiobook as all market trends are pointing to that as the new  hot book market.  What?  Not ebooks?  I can remember when (yes, not that long ago) when the ebook was being held up as both the savior of reading and the demise of the printed form.  Neither has happened.  The printed form continues to survive simply because there will always be people who love the feel of a book in their hands and who savor the experience of turning a real page.  I know as I’m one of them.  I treasure my old print favorites that line my bookshelves.  Simply glancing over can bring up a phrase or a memory as I look at a binding.  A  ebook can never do that. But the eBook gave me other choices while bolstering the careers of authors old and new.  It enlarged our options of the types of books available, the genres often described as niche are maybe less so, and now when I think books…its anything is possible.  Libraries have ebooks, bookstores carry M/M paperbacks, and I can get audiobooks through a number of sources including Dreamspinner Press, Riptide Publishing, Less Than Three Press, Amazon…so many choices. What’s next?  And how did we get here?

When I go somewhere local, its my Kindle that goes with me and not a dog-eared paperback as in a the past or a heavy hardbound copy of the latest mystery.  I love that convenience and the light weight.  (However, if I’m heading to some place where I know the wifi will disappear like this morning’s Krispy Kreme?  Out comes the paperback.)  The eBook made other things happen however, authors were able to get their stories out to readers who wanted to read them.  Niche  publishing like M/M romances or just plain M/M or LGBT fiction established itself and grew from a few publishers into a variety publishing houses offering now a number of formats from print to ebook and yes, audiobook versions and in a number of languages.  But there are some authors who prefer to do it themselves, they go the self publishing route.  I often wonder about them…how hard it is for them to find an audience for their stories, a following for their particular outlook on writing.  How do you, the reader, find an independent author?  How do you buy your books?  Authors!  What’s your experience like as a writer?  Did you first publish in print?  Or eBook?  At a publisher?  Or self publish?  I want to hear from you!  I’ll also be reaching out to several authors and publishers in search of answers and insight.  I’ll let you know what I find.

So, that’s going to be our focus for my Sunday rambles.  A look at books..ebook from a reader’s, author’s and hopefully, a publisher’s point of view.  How its changed, how its remained the same and where we think its going.  I hope you will stay with us all month long.  I’ll be throwing in a Spooky Reading Contest or two as  well because of Halloween.

Contest Time!

My first contest?  Readers, tell me how you find your independent authors.  Buy randomly? Pick them out from Goodreads?  Already follow them?  Or maybe you don’t?  Maybe you only buy books from a publisher or a author linked to a publisher.  I want to know that too.   3 winners who leave comments will get a $10 gift certificate (Dreamspinner, or Amazon, or Riptide…your choice).  This contest will end quickly as I need the answers to use in in my blog, so think about them.  Contest ends Oct 15th, midnight. Make sure you leave your email address where you can be reached.  More winners maybe chosen if the comments are extra wonderful. Thanks.


Meanwhile here are our winners of the audiobooks from Joel Leslie.  Congratulations!

Our 10 winners are in no particular order:

Joel will be in touch with each of you about choosing and receiving your audiobooks.  Happy listening.  For all our other listeners and readers?  New contests for ebooks starts this week.  Don’t forget to leave  your comment and email address, plus more is sure to come.  Hmmmm, meet us back here to find out.   Meanwhile this week’s schedule at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


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