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Here’s Reading You! Part I

Readers on eBooks!

Today we are starting to look at ebooks from a number of perspectives ~ that of the reader, the author, and the publisher!  Remember when the eBook was a startling new format?  And the eReader?  Oh my!  Some people railed against them both! Calling them the demise of the book world, saying print would be forgotten, the bookstores demolished…fish falling from the skies, dimensions colliding…well, uh hem…you get my drift.  Did that happen?


Were there some adjustments to be made?  Certainly.  But other factors were at large too.  Big box stores were giving way to internet sales, niche bookstores were on the rise and ebooks?  Establishing themselves as a format. No longer an experiment…sales were rising! eBook publishers were being founded to meet demands of the readers in all niches.  eReaders from different sources were coming on the market to meet the demand. !  I still have my first generation Kindle.  Guess what?  Works just fine.  ‘Course its long been replaced by a new one with fancy lighting that’s easier on my eyes.  Or maybe you are reading on a notebook now…so many options.  All this is my way of saying the ebook is here to stay.  Its just another format now, along side the printed form, and the audiobook.  Its no longer the “new” guy in town.  And predictably the sales demonstrate that as well.  Its audiobooks that demonstrate the greatest growth in numbers.

So I was curious.  For our readers, authors and publishers.  What’s the take on ebooks these days?  Where are we  finding them?  How do we feel about them from many angles and where do you think we are going from here?

Last week, I started to ask our readers for some answers to the questions, where do you find your ebooks?  Where do you go to find that next story or next new author?  It used (and maybe still is) to be the NY Times Best Seller List for the hardback and softcover, but for the eBook the answer is a variety of places I was happy to see:

From Suze 294:

I get my read recommendations from a number of review blogs I subscribe to, including Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words! I have gradually whittled them down to about 6-8 whose reviews seem to match my reading wants.
I also subscribe to a few favoured authors newletters and/or follow on wordpress to get both their new releases and those they have enjoyed.
I also get the newsletters/updates from ARe, Pride Publishing, Dreamspinner, Riptide (think there is more too) to pick up new releases and deals!!!
On GR I check the feed from friends to see what they are reading but I dont get so many new reads there. The New Releases/Deals and Steals threads are handy too though it does rely on us posting what we see elsewhere.

From Tex Reader:

Thanks for the offer and the inquiry. I mainly have 3 sources, and I mainly search for gay-themed books across a number of favorite genres. Most recently I’ve usually used GR – I’m a member of several glbtq groups and follow their posts, as well as have several fav authors, and I find books on various “best of …” lists. Initially, I mainly looked at library and Amazon “best” lists and various award nomination lists, like Lambda, Rainbow, etc. Finally, I’m a member of a gay men’s book group in Chicago, and our discussions can lead me to some authors of interest.

From Monica:

I tend to find my authors from a variety of sources. I get recommendations on Amazon based upon books I’ve already bought. I have discovered a few that way. I also participate in Goodreads M/M Group’s Don’t Buy My Love program and discover a lot of new authors/books. Also just general recommendations on Goodreads. I’ve recently subscribed to Scribd and have discovered a couple of new authors there. I still have my old standby of favorite authors but every now and then I like to break away and discover something new.

From Ana:

I find them mostly on goodreads, by friend’s recommendations, or in post on goodread’s groups when other reader mention them. I also find some in reviews from reviewing blogs i like. If the book sounds interesting I’ll go to goodreads to check it out and if i liked it i buy it. Also by suggestions from authors i follow on twitter, facebook or their blogs. I’ve found some great authors that way. I read either from publisher or independent authors, i don’t really have a preference there, if the book sounds good, i’ll read it.

From Natalie:

I get lots from friending authors and bloggers on FB. I check Amazon lists but probably most from GR friends, and their friends, in reviews and comments. I follow all my authors on GR and most on Amazon. I usually know about new books faster from GR and FB than from notifications from Amazon. I buy direct from publishers or/and ARe as often as I can.

From Fehu:

I use Scribd, it a subscription service for ebooks mostly, if there is a book I want to try but am uncertain if I’d like it I’ll use my credit there to get the book. Some of their books are unlimited and thats also a good way to get a new author/book to get noticed, since one only has 3 credits per month. When looking for things to chose for the credits on Scribd, I use the monthly lists of new releases at Goodreads or themed lists if I am looking for some particular genre/theme.
Especially for new independent authors its important that the book are shelfes correctly, since a lot of people use the Goodreads lists for reading challenges. A nice cover and a good summary are also a must. Drawn covers get more attention at least its that way for me, a leftover from my manga reading days. Reviews are nice especially if its been around a few month.
I buy my books where its convenient for me, like ARe and Amazon but also Kobo. Sometimes the publishers website but its inconvenient to have a lot of accounts. KU is also a good way to get noticed, again it should be shelfed, the author might think about joining the GR M/m KU group, add the book to the upcoming list there and shelf it on the bookshelf of the group.

That’s just a small sampling of the replies so far.  But the trend is clear.  When searching out for that next book or author, there is no one source.  As a reader, we are looking everywhere.  That includes myself.  I love that!  To me, it means we are open to new possibilities, new authors, new stories!  That the new author has a better chance of finding a audience for their voice, their story, because readers are searching through a multitude of venues for their next book.  And yes, if that author wants it, perhaps they have a better chance of finding a publisher.  The internet and its various communities has become our book and author hunting ground and we are putting it to good use.

We also follow those authors we like through a number of sources as well be it Goodreads or their own blogs or their publishers.  Let us not forget we follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, FB, Snapchat and various other media too.  I wonder if writers these days wish they could just write and not worry about the rest.  We will hear from them later on.

There is one week left to get your comments in before our reader winners are chosen.  Next week we will finish up with our readers perspective and be on to how our authors view ebooks and writing.

Contest Reminder:

Readers, tell me how you find your independent authors. Buy randomly? Pick them out from Goodreads? Already follow them? Or maybe you don’t? Maybe you only buy books from a publisher or a author linked to a publisher. I want to know that too. 3 winners who leave comments will get a $10 gift certificate (Dreamspinner, or Amazon, or Riptide…your choice). This contest will end quickly as I need the answers to use in in my blog, so think about them. Contest ends Oct 15th, midnight. Make sure you leave your email address where you can be reached. More winners maybe chosen if the comments are extra wonderful. Thanks.


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