A MelanieM Review: He’s Behind You (Treading The Boards #3) by Rebecca Cohen


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

84cd6-hesbehindyoufsIt’s panto season for the Sarky Players, an amateur dramatics society based in Greenwich, South London. With the traditional Christmas play around the corner, it’s time to get ready for more larger than life performances—on and off stage.

While Craig Rosen is happy with his quiet life playing Warhammer and working in a university lab, a new colleague thinks he needs more excitement and drags Craig along to an audition for the Christmas pantomime, Aladdin.

Corporate lawyer Jason Carter accepted he’s gay a little later in life than most, but now divorced and in his late thirties, he’s ready to embrace who he really is. He can’t believe his luck when he runs into Craig at the audition and the cute younger man agrees to help him navigate his new life. There’s no doubting the attraction between Craig and Jason, but with Craig’s insecurities and Jason still finding his way, they’ll need to make sure they don’t veer off script.

He’s Behind You by Rebecca Cohen is the third book in the wonderful Treading the Boards series which follows the lives and romances of the actors of the Sarky Players, an amateur drama group outside of London.  I loved each one because I’ve not only connected with the couples, each quirky and adorable, but because the author has brought something to my attention that I’ve never known about before in each story.  In the last one, it was a magnificent amphitheater in Cornwall.   Here, in He’s Behind You?  Its the British tradition of Pantomine.  And no, its not what us Americans are thinking of.

Pantomine,  not that silent man or woman trying to get out of a box we normally think of here in the US, is a British tradition started around Restoration England.  A part of Christmas there, “with family audiences, British pantomime… incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, in-jokes, audience participation, and mildaboutpantomime innuendo. There are a number of traditional story lines, and also a fairly well-defined set of performance conventions…”. I had no idea!  And now I want to see one performed!   And Rebecca Cohen works it so well into the storyline complete with scripts and costumes!

The characters complement the storyline too.  Jason Carter is a lawyer who was married with a lovely family for over 20 years.  Problem is that Jason is gay.  He was discovering that fact when his gf became pregnant when they were young. Both did the traditional thing and married.  Now Jason, with his ex-wife’s and children’s blessing is ready to discover what being an out gay man means.  And how I loved this part of the story.  Jason has the complete backing of his family, a delightful family we get to know and love.  They support him in every way, believably.  Realistic teenagers with messy rooms and geek hero worship, and a ex-wife full of layers and the ability to move on with love.  Jason has doubts and plenty of flaws accumulated with age and the life he’s lived.  Great job with character building here.

Craig Rosen is also beautifully done, with a heartbreaking background thats filled in bit by bit, intelligent and surprising in his qualities.  I fell in love with him too.  Together, quietly, these two men, making adjustments and finding each other?  Its not explosive, its subtle and it has a wonderful aspect all its own that’s hard to describe.  It will startle you in how much you enjoy them and their relationship, especially thinking back on it.

Finally, it introduced me to Warhammer!  And I thought I had my geek flag flying. Warhammer 40,000 is a tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop,  is set in a dystopian science fantasy universe.  So cool that I had to start my investigation into that as well.  That’s as fully a part of this story and Craig as the Panto.  And it provides an important link to Jason.

So…what a story!  Its chock full of so many wonderful elements and a quiet romance full of discovery for two men in need of love and each other.

I loved it.  And recommend it and its previous stories.  If like me, you love discovering new things, new places to go with your romances, these books are for you.  Happy Reading!


Cover by Paul Richmond is as funny and pertinent as all the others.  Wonderful.

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Book Details:

ebook, 140 pages
Published December 2nd 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
Original TitleHe’s Behind You
ISBN 1623805228 (ISBN13: 9781623805227)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesTreading the Boards #3

A Stella Review: The ‘True Love’ Solution by Julie Bozza


RATING 3,75 out of 5 stars

the-true-love-solutionJules Madigan loves his family and he loves his job. The only thing he’s missing out on is a Happy Ever After, like the ones written by his favourite romance author Ewan Byge. While he’s waiting for that HEA, Jules indulges himself in buying Ewan’s old typewriter as memorabilia – before realising he’s been defrauded. Through the fraud case, he makes friends with Police Constable Leonard Edgar – and through Leonard, Jules even gets to meet and work with Ewan Byge Himself! But the course of True Love never did run smooth, and soon Jules has to face some harsh realities.

I discovered Julie Bozza in the Butterfly Hunter series and fell in love with her style. That’s the reason I soon jumped into the chance at reading The ‘True Love’ Solution. What I particularly like  of this author is her way with words, she can always bring me into real and at the same time dreamy worlds. This is exactly what I felt with this last story.

I have to say Jules was my favorite, he has passion and a lot of love and care to spread around. How he loves his dad and his sister was deep and unconditional and this feeling flew easily to me thorught all the story. And he’s a greedy reader of romance, especially by his favorite author. And just this passion will lead him to be fraud, meet the cute Leonard and the same author in person. 

Although I quite enjoyed the characters and the writing a lot, I’m not a fan of love triangle and that’s the reason why I’m not giving The ‘True Love’ Solution a higher rating. Even if the interest between Jules and Ewan never actually evolved and Jules and Leonard weren’t together yet, it still felt to me like he was betraying Leonard and the potential HEA I was waiting for.

The cover art by Natalia Bratslavsky is well done, I have to say I like all the covers by Manifold Press, plus I love flowers.

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Word Count: 45,000

Publication Date Feb 01, 2016 by Manifold Press
ISBN 9781908312372

Edition Language English

A Lila Review: Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer


Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

enemy-of-my-enemy-by-tal-bauerFifteen years from now, an affair rocks the world.
Two men commit to their impossible love.
One general is determined to destroy them both.

President Jack Spiers and former Secret Service Agent Ethan Reichenbach throw caution to the wind, committing themselves publicly as the first out male lovers and partners to occupy the White House. Jack moves Ethan into the Residence, but as Ethan settles into his new role as first gentleman of the United States, not everyone is thrilled with their choices. When it seems like the world turns against them, Jack and Ethan must turn to each other, finding the strength together to press on.

In the chaos, Jack’s relationship with the Russian president, Sergey Puchkov, grows closer, and the two nations find themselves working almost as allies. But President Puchkov has secrets of his own, secrets that could rip everything apart. And Ethan steps back into the action with Lieutenant Adam Cooper, taking charge of a covert kill team tasked with hunting down General Madigan once and for all.

But Madigan is elusive, and his dangerous reach is long. He strikes at Jack and Ethan from the shadowy corners of the globe, unraveling their entire world. As the mad general draws new allies together, he is single-minded in his quest to destroy the only two men who ever beat him.

He will stop at nothing until Jack and Ethan are shattered men, worlds apart, and struggling to get back to one another.

And after that, Madigan’s true revenge begins…

Enemy of My Enemy will leave you with a book hangover and withdraws as soon as you reach the last sentence. It’s the type of book I’d have waited to read when all the installments were published. But, I’m too much of a fan to wait, and Tal’s delivery didn’t disappoint. It’s hard to review every part of this story without spoiling the book, so I’m going by segments.

Opening: Just like with Enemies of the State, it took me a minute to get used to the POV changes, but it was easier to follow in this case since we already knew most of the characters. I do appreciate the cast list at the beginning of the book. I did use it as a reference a couple of times.

Suspension of disbelief: One thing you need to be clear when reading this series is the need to put aside your presidential knowledge and the current timetable. I did read the story before Election Day, that’s not what I referring to. I’m talking about the names of current cabinet members, government officials, and foreign leaders. It’s almost like watching a contemporary political thriller.

Some of the events in the story, the main players, and the world reactions are far-fetched but relevant to the story and its alternate universe. If you want political correctness in all senses, this might not be your story. You have to read it with an open mind, submerge in it, and let the author guide you.

Characters: Jack & Ethan are once again the main couple in the story. We get to see them starting a life together in the White House, and responding to the country’s uncertainty due to their relationship. It doesn’t take long for Ethan to take a more active role than Jack’s partner, having something to do other than taking care of the First Gentleman’s office worked well for him. There are a lot of up and downs during the story, and I have to admit that some parts made me lose faith in them, but in the end, everything came back together.

Sergey & Sasha were a lovely surprise. I think I have a crush on Sergey and I wish Sasha becomes his boy. Sergey reminds me of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. And Sasha deserves all the happiness he can get. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book to learn more about them and any possible future they might have.

Cooper & Prince Faisal have a heartbreaking, but mostly, complicated relationship. I like how much Faisal loves Cooper and how much he’s willing to risk because of it. They worked well together, and I love the little stories about their past–of how they fall in love. There’s more about them, but I’m not going to spoil the fun.

Madigan & Cook were the ever omnipresent villains. We get to see the extent of their plans and what they are willing to do to obtain it. Again, there’s a nice background tying them, and others, together. We haven’t seen the end of them, but I’m sure they will be an even bigger part of the next book.

The rest of the supporting characters had a purpose to the story. We get to see good and bad guys. Plus, one or two surprises. Everyone has a story that has an impact on the overall story arc. The amount of names can be overwhelming at times, but the cast list helps. The more you read, the more you will remember the characters and their roles. Even what they ate became significant.

Settings: Everything, from the White House to every single country visited by one of the characters is well-researched and described. The amount of detail is perfect to give the reader and sense of place, to get them engaged in the story. It’s almost a guide to the areas that played an important part of the book.

Writing & Pacing: The story does start slow. The author brings us back into the Executive Office world and lets us get reacquired with it. The book is long, with multiple points of view, and some short passages, but overall, everything works. The writing is fantastic and as readers, we can’t ask for a more detailed tale. Another thing, don’t try to read the book before bedtime, it’s impossible to put down unless you want to wake up in the middle of the night to read some more.

Ending: The story ends with a strong HFN for two of the three couples we followed through the story. I don’t consider it a cliffhanger, but some might. My only objection comes to a small information reveal that happened near the end. I guess it was done to connect the next book, but for me, it was an unnecessary tidbit. I wish it was part of the start of the next book and not the last twist in this one.

Natasha Snow did an excellent job showing all the couples taking part of this story. Having the White House and the Capitol included was an extra bonus. The cover matches the one from the previous book, and keeps the continuity of events.

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Book Details: 

ebook, 444 pages
Published: October 24, 2016, by NineStar Press
ISBN: 9781911153962
Edition Language: English

Series: The Executive Office
Book #1: Enemies of the State
Book #2: Enemy of My Enemy


A Stella Release Day Review: Where We Belong (States of Love) by Tia Fielding


RATING 5 out of 5 stars

where-we-belong-by-tia-fieldingIt all starts at a concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater in 2004. Blake just finished high school, Dusty is a college sophomore, and as soon as they meet, they know—they belong together. With Blake living in Nebraska and Dusty in Colorado, distance does its best to keep them apart.

For two years, it succeeds.

Then Blake flees his bigoted—and even dangerous—hometown.

Two years later, Blake and Dusty are getting their lives off the ground, with Blake trying to grow his computer repair business and Dusty working with kindergarteners. Dusty thinks there’s room in their hearts and their lives for their family to grow… he just has to figure out how to express that to Blake.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

Where We Belong was perfect to me, it fits in it every little thing I love to find in my books. I’m a fan of these kind of stories, where the author bring me along in a beautiful journey through the  MCs lives during a long timeframe. In this new release by Tia Fielding, I followed Dusty and Blake throught twelve years and I learned to love them and their faimily year after year a little more.

Plus I love stories with children.

I saw Dusty the first time he laid eyes on the shy Blake, when both of them were forced to accompain one his best friend Holly, the other his wonderful mum Julia, to an Incubus concert.

The same day they took a hike together and discovered they had the same fierce passion for nature. That same day they discovered they were made for each other.

I saw Julia being forced to throw out of her home his own son, begging him among the tears to leave her, just to save Blake from the homophobic town they were living in. I saw Blake found a new home in Dusty arms with a simplicity lovely to watch.

And then I saw Dusty and Blake slowly working on building a future together, a real one, because there wasn’t a moment when they just for an instant doubted of having a future together. And later the idea of having a child became reality in the little and too smart Molly.

To me Where We Belong was a huge success, it’s exactly what I like to read, there was no drama, no mistakes to amend, everything went smoothly and I’d like to believe sometimes life can be easy and beautiful  like that.

The cover art by Garrett Leigh is perfect, adorable and cute as the book.

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ebook, 77 pages

Publication Date: November 30th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN 1634777972 (ISBN13: 9781634777971)

Edition Language English

He’s Behind You from Series Recap Tour – Treading The Boards Series – Rebecca Cohen (giveaway)


He’s Behind You (Treading The Boards #3) 

 Rebecca Cohen

Length: 43,212

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Dreamspinner | AllRomance | B&N | KOBO 
Overly Dramatic (Treading The Boards #1)
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Dreamspinner | AllRomance | B&N | KOBO 
Summer Season (Treading The Boards #2) 
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Dreamspinner | AllRomance | B&N | KOBO  
Received an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Rainbow Awards.  

A trip down to Cornwall is just what Ryan Penniford needs to recover from the daily grind of London life. Ryan and his amateur dramatics society, the Sarky Players, are traveling to Porthcurno to perform at the stunning Minack Theatre.

Stuart Box has returned to Cornwall after earning his PhD, and is killing time as he looks for a job back in London. Spending time with Ryan from the Sarky Players is a great way to take his mind off things.

During their first meeting, sparks fly, but not in a good way, and they must work to get past their initial hostilities to discover they have great off-stage chemistry. Stuart soon learns Ryan is not the superficial man people assume he is, and Stuart likes what he sees. The feeling is entirely mutual.

Pity Ryan is only visiting for two weeks, but both men want to see where this holiday romance might take them.


Read Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words review here . We recommend it!

Author Bio

REBECCA COHEN is a Brit abroad. Having swapped the Thames for the Rhine, she has left London behind and now lives with her husband and young son in Basel, Switzerland. She can often be found with a pen in one hand and a cup of Darjeeling in the other.

Blog: http://rebeccacohenwrites.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.cohen.710
Twitter: http://twitter.com/R_Cohen_writes


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Riptide Tour: Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell (giveaway)



Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell
iptide Publishing
Cover  art by L.C. Chase

Read an Excerpt/Buy It Here



About Angel Voices

One frigid winter night a week before Christmas, college student Will stumbles into a church during choir practice, bruised by his own father’s hands. He’s out of the closet now—there’s no going back since his fundamentalist father learned the truth—but he’s also out of a home, a family, and a future. Will has nowhere to turn. No one to care.

Except . . . Will’s roommate, Quinn, cares. Maybe too much. He’s been attracted to Will since they moved in together, but never dreamed his crush was gay. With Will’s life in pieces, Quinn doesn’t want to push. He also knows he has more experience than Will, who’s never even been kissed.

Then Will’s father makes a reappearance, and Will has to learn to trust his heart more than the voices of his past. But it’s the season of miracles, faith, and hope, and Quinn is determined to teach Will how to love and be loved.

Available from Riptide Publishing. 

About Rowan Speedwell

An unrepentant biblioholic, Rowan Speedwell spends half her time pretending to be a law librarian, half her time pretending to be a database manager, half her time pretending to be a fifteenth-century Aragonese noblewoman, half her time . . . wait a minute . . .  Hmm.  Well, one thing she doesn’t pretend to be is good at math.  She is good at pretending, though.

In her copious spare time (hah) she does needlework, calligraphy and illumination, and makes jewelry.  She has a master’s degree in history from the University of Chicago, is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and lives in a Chicago suburb with the obligatory Writer’s Cat and way too many books.

Connect with Rowan:



To celebrate the release of Angel Voices, one lucky winner will receive $15 in Riptide Publishing credit! Leave a comment with a thoughtful question and your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on December 3, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

Review Tour and Giveaway: Julie Bozza’s The ‘True Love’ Solution


The “True Love” Solution – Julie Bozza

Author: Julie Bozza
Length: 45,000 words
Publisher: Manifold Press

Jules Madigan loves his family and he loves his job. The only thing he’s missing out on is a Happy Ever After, like the ones written by his favourite romance author Ewan Byge. While he’s waiting for that HEA, Jules indulges himself in buying Ewan’s old typewriter as memorabilia – before realising he’s been defrauded. Through the fraud case, he makes friends with Police Constable Leonard Edgar – and through Leonard, Jules even gets to meet and work with Ewan Byge Himself! But the course of True Love never did run smooth, and soon Jules has to face some harsh realities.

Author Bio

Julie Bozza is an English-Australian hybrid who is fuelled by espresso, calmed by knitting, unreasonably excited by photography, and madly in love with John Keats.



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A VVivacious Review: Serendipity Box Set by Liam Livings-Serendipity Series by Liam Livings


Rating – 2 Stars out of 5


serendity-box-setThese three stories follow David and Christian’s relationship over the course of one year, from their serendipitous meeting to the challenges they face while getting to know each other.

As David and Christian grow closer, they have to work together to change Christian’s parents’ views on their relationship. As things get worse, it seems like Christian is making up his own fake version of their relationship in order to please his parents and when David breaks his ankle, things come to a head as Christian’s brand of love gets to be too oppressive. In the face of such overwhelming problems will these two make it?


Christmas Serendipity – 1.5 Stars

This story is haunted by the ghost of exes past. This story is divided into five chapters and in all of them our narrator “David” manages to squeeze in references of him. Now him has no name as far as this story goes, maybe he will actually be mentioned by name in the next two stories, a fact of truly questionable importance but in this story he managed quite successfully to subvert the romance. Personally I question the author’s intentions of creating this unknown big bad ex, the fact that we don’t know his name has created an unwanted mystery around this character and frankly having his pronoun dragged through every aspect of this story truly spoiled the story for me.


Leaving the ex aside (God knows why because the story never managed too), I didn’t quite like David’s character. He seemed very uncertain and came across as calculating, even though it felt unintentional. This may have been the result of the leftover trauma from his douche of an ex but there is only a point till you can justify a person’s behaviour as being a result of circumstances and for me David crossed that point.


The things I liked in this story would have to include Christian. He was such a sweetheart and I really felt bad for him being at outs with his parents regarding his coming-out and I actually sympathized with his feelings of being left out.


Christian & David have potential. They can be an amazing couple however this particular story just teased at that potential. The weird part is that instead of having a continuous development the author kind of first went hot and heavy and then slow and steady, something which was confusing to me because when they went from hot to slow, it felt like things became less intense and emotional.


Serendipity Develops – 2.5 Stars

This one is definitely more interesting than Christmas Serendipity. But I doubt anybody could have foreseen this series of events. This story has a decidedly darker tone than the previous ones because as it turns out Christian has some pretty serious psychological problems and he almost ends up smothering David with his love.


Serendipity Develops deals with Christian’s attempts for reconciliation with his parents and how his attempts to make David and him appear like a straight couple take a turn for the worse and Christian kind of suffers from a mental breakdown.


This story is very invested in its plot line because as stated above a lot is happening. Christian tries to bend over backwards trying to accommodate his parents while David’s reluctance seems to hinder his relationship with Christian’s parents. Personally I wouldn’t have minded David’s reluctance as much as I did because Christian’s parents were definitely not very welcoming themselves but David’s reluctance seemed to carry within itself a grain of indifference, like he couldn’t understand why Christian wanted his parents to be a part of his life. This would have been a perfect time to get a look at David’s own family situation to maybe make us better understand David as a character and his response to this particular situation but there was nothing of that sort done here.


I liked David better he seemed less unsure and more assured despite circumstances. I feel for Christian and I wish we could get his perspective especially regarding his parents and his illness. As a couple Christian and David seem to have survived the storm that I don’t think many new relationships could have survived but I can’t quite decipher what their relationship is made of.


Also, I loved Tony in this book. He was a much needed breath of fresh air.


This story is better than the first but personally I think that there were a lot of things that were started in this book that could do with more exploration and explanation and I am hoping the last one can bring that closure.


The Next Christmas – 3 Stars

This story tells the story of the Christmas that David and Christian spend at Christian’s parents’ house. This story is the best of the three probably because Christian and David are more settled in this story, more sure of themselves and each other.


I liked David’s journey throughout this story, of how he is reluctant to go to Christian’s parents’ house because he fears a hard time, how he convinces himself that not going will be better and how he eventually catapults and decides to go. Also this was kind of symbolic of how far David and Christian’s relationship had come.


I liked how the book dealt with the issue of Christian’s dad, Peter, not being accepting of their relationship and how he doesn’t understand it. I liked how he eventually does come around and how David, Christian and Gloria (Christian’s mother) work together to bring Peter around. On the other hand it felt too easy and it wasn’t very satisfying. I thought with the way things were progressing it would take more time.


Also there was no mention of Christian’s mental breakdown in the previous book and what I didn’t like was that there was no discussion about how it could possibly affect their relationship.


Overall these three stories make for an okay read.


Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. I liked the cover.

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Serendipity Box Set: Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance

Box Set Details:

Kindle Edition, 161 pages
Published May 25th 2016 by JMS Books LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish

A MelanieM Review: Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

arctic-fire-by-keira-andrewsWhen two strangers are trapped in a blizzard, heat rises.

Haunted by what he lost in Afghanistan, Captain Jack Turner is at a crossroads. While the last place he wants to go is the Arctic, at least the routine mission gets him out from behind his new desk. But he starts off on the wrong foot with the Canadian Ranger guiding him across the forbidding and dangerous land, and Jack would rather be anywhere than sharing a tent with Sergeant Kin Carsen.

The Arctic is in Kin’s blood, and he can’t seem to leave the tundra behind. He wishes he could live openly as a gay man, but the North isn’t as accepting as the rest of Canada. Although he’s lonely, he loves his responsibility as a Ranger, patrolling the vast land he knows so well. But he’s on unfamiliar ground with Jack, and when they’re stranded alone by a blizzard, unexpected desire begins to burn. Soon they’re in a struggle to survive, and all these strangers have is each other.

Many of the things I loved most about Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews ending up working against it as well.  The location, the story line? Outstanding elements! Two complicated men, haunted by their tragic pasts now meeting in one of the most starkly beautiful and treacherous landscapes nature has to offer?  A total draw for me.   I couldn’t wait to dive into their story and romance only to be pulled up short, yes, short by the limited amount of pages.

One hundred pages was just not enough time to do this story and these men justice.  We get just enough about Captain Jack  (that name so conjuers up another Captain) when he is sent on his mission to check out a port for a possible new base.  He immediately collides with the Canadian Ranger Kin Carsen, who wants whats best for the community and to preserve the precious landscape and tundra.  Both men are haunted by losses which eventually pull them closer as does physcial  attraction and the lack of gay men within that same community.

Andrews does her wonderful job of fleshing out both Jack and Kin, starting with their backgrounds.  But there just isn’t enough “time” or length here to finish the job properly.    Their relationship always feels “speeded up” as does the plot trigger towards the end of the story.  That especially felt incomplete as though whole chunks were missing from that scene.

The arctic is another character here.  The author does a grand job of giving the reader a feel for the awe and hold its beauty can have on the people there as well as the frightening costs of not paying attention to its cold and hidden threats that await.

All that said, I really liked this couple and their relationship.  It has so much promise.  Its a HFN and if ever there was a story that needs enlarging or a much longer sequel, its this one.  Its got all the right elements in place.  Its just the beginning.  I’d so love to see more.

Cover art is perfect for the story.  I’d like to see Jack a little more experienced and worn but that’s just me.

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Book Details:

Note: This gay romance features emotional repression, hurt/comfort, adventure on the tundra, and love where you least expect it.2nd, 100 pages

Published by KA Books (first published October 2014)
Edition LanguageEnglish

An Alisa Review: Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


not-your-average-manI was an average man, not at all violent, until a bastard tricked my best friend into killing my lover, Mick. When that happened, with my best friend in prison for life, I took things into my own hands and killed the bastard.


Not too soon after, a man contacted me. The man Mick had worked for — as a vigilante. He convinced me to take Mick’s place, once I’d been trained to do what Mick had done.


I did. Now I’m a not so average man who might, just might, be falling in love with another vigilante. Coop Frost, to be exact. That is, if we can survive what comes next.


Edward Kendrick did a wonderful job with this story.  Zane’s life fell apart when his lover was murdered and after taking care of the problem decides to make a new in a new city.  When he meets Coop before a job they connect, but know it’s nothing more than friends, since he is still dealing with Mick’s death.


Zane has to go through a lot of soul searching and figure out what he wants to do with his life.  He gains a new friends with the people he works with, but after awhile realizes that when it comes to his personal life he is lonely.  Zane and Coop are put together for and extended job together and both flirt, but won’t do anything until they complete the job.  When Coop’s past catches up with them I loved how adamant Zane is that they take care of everything together.


The cover art is nice works well for the story.


Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | ARe


Book Details:

ebook, 133 pages

Published: October 22, 2016 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634862431

Edition Language: English