November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month ~ This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words



November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month

There are still four days for people to get their entries in.  Four days…to write anywhere from 300 to 1000 words.  What to write about?  Anything and everything.  Any trope, any genre.  From science fiction to contemporary, from romance to horror.  Draw from your feelings about the present day events or something you dream about.  Its up to you.  Its micro fiction…let your thoughts and imagination run free.

Here’s a recap about what flash fiction is:

What is Flash Fiction? Generally speaking its any fiction under 1000 words, although even that seems to vary with definitions from 1200 to 100 words.  Its micro fiction.  Here’s a couple of articles to help you all out:

Earlier our reviewer, Paul B, read and reviewed Flight: Queer Sci Fi’s Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest (QSF Flash Fiction #2), an excellent anthology of flash fiction for science fiction lovers and those who love the short story format.  Flash Fiction, while not new, is steadily gaining in popularity and here is your chance to try your hand at writing a flash fiction story of your own and perhaps make a comment on recent events.


We will start with our flash fiction entries next week.  So be on the lookout for those announcements and stories!

Remember you have until midnight on November 30th to send in your entries to!

Here is the link to the post with all the rules .


~Holiday Stories This Week~

Now also this week, its December!  So its also the beginning of our reviews of Dreamspinner Press’ Advent Calendar stories!  Just like the calendar, we will be reviewing one a day just as they are released!  So if you are a fan as much as we are, stay with us all month long for stories of the holidays in all traditions.2016-advent-calendar-daily-delivery-package-bah-humbug I’ve highlighted them in blue for easy locating for our readers.  But they aren’t our only holiday stories this week.  We have others like Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart, The Santa Hoax by Francis Gideon, and Jay Northcote’s A Family for Christmas just for starters.

Want to know what’s behind these  stories?  The inspiration?  The locations and more?  Check out our author guest blogs where they share insight about their stories, writing and much more!  There’s so much going on this week you won’t want to miss out on a single day!  So stay with us, check out our giveaways as well as our reviews!


NineStar Press is having its first anniversary today.  And they are giving away a chance for a year of free books!  Leave a comment on their post and check out their website for more information!

Finally, don’t forget to send in those flash fiction!  We’re waiting to hear from you.

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This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, November 27:

  • November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month
  • This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • NineStar Press’ 1st Anniversary ~ Come Celebrate with Us! (giveaway)

Monday, November 28:

  • The Closet Boy by Sean Micheal – Guest Post
  • Release Day Blitz  for You Are Not Me (’90s Coming of Age, #2) by Leta Blake (giveaway)
  • Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart  blog tour and giveaway
  • An Ali Release Day Review: Checking It Twice by Meg Harding
  • A Lila Release Day Review:  The Sorcerer’s Guardian by Antonia Aquilante
  • A PaulB Review: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation by John H. Ames
  • A Stella Review: A Family For Christmas by Jay Northcote
  • A Stella Review: Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart

Tuesday, November 29:

  • In the Spotlight: Frostbitten by Charlotte Stein (Riptide Publishing Tour & Giveaway)
  • Truly a Miracle by Derrick Knight  Excerpt Tour and Giveaway
  • Dreamspinner Press Author Guest Post by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna
  • Retro Review Tour – Serendipity Series – Liam Livings
  • A VVivacious Review: Serendipity Series by Liam Livings
  • An Alisa Review: Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick
  • A MelanieM Review: Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews

Wednesday, November 30 (End of the FF Contest!):

  • Riptide Tour: Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell (giveaway)
  • Review Tour and Giveaway: Julie Bozza’s The ‘True Love’ Solution
  • He’s Behind You  from Series Recap Tour – Treading The Boards Series – Rebecca Cohen
  • A Lila Review:  Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer
  • A Stella Review: The ‘True Love’ Solution by Julie Bozza
  • A Stella Release Day Review: Where We Belong by Tia Fielding
  • A Paul B Review: Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer

Thursday, December 1:

  • Nicky and Noah are Back in Drama Cruise (Nicky and Noah Mystery #3) by Joe Cosentino (Release Day Guest Post, and Excerpt)
  • Scotty Cade Guest Blog for Dreamspinner Press
  • Antonia Aquilante on The Sorcerer’s Guardian (Dreamspinner Press Guest Post)
  • An Alisa Review: Architect of Love (Fated Soulmates, #2) by John Charles
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Catching Heir by Julia Talbot
  • A Free Dreamer Advent Calendar Day 1: Title Surprise!
  • A Caryn Release Day Review: The Santa Hoax by Francis Gideon

Friday, December 2:

  • Harmony Ink Press Guest Post Francis Gideon on Writing and The Santa Hoax
  • Author Guest Blog: Lissa Kasey on Painting with Fire
  • Audiobook tour for Snowed In by Teodora Kostova
  • A Caryb Review: You Are Not Me (’90s Coming of Age, #2) by Leta Blake
  • A Stella Advent Calendar Day 2: Title surprise!
  • An Ali Review: Painting with Fire by Lissa Kasey
  • An Alisa Release Day Review: Five Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue

Saturday, December 3:

  • Wild Bells by Charlie Cochrane Tour Blog
  • A Barb Advent Calendar Day 3: Title Surprise!
  • A MelanieM Review: Elemental Ride by Mell Eight



NineStar Press’s 1st Anniversary! Come Celebrate with Us! (giveaway)



It’s our first anniversary.

Thanks to Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words for hosting us today!

Don’t forget to comment here, on our Facebook posts, and our Tweets. We will be giving books away each day to commenters.


You will also be added to the drawing for a FREE year of books.


I have been muddling this over for quite some time, and today I thought I’d take the time to put it into words.

This year has had so many things to celebrate, and so many others to mourn.

We opened our doors on November 23, 2015, by releasing our first two books. At the time, I was an editor for NineStar, but I had dreams of making it my home. I wanted to see more books by unknown authors, about subjects I hadn’t seen before with characters I felt strongly about.

So, we released books, and things were looking pretty good. In the first part of 2016, the owner asked me to step in for her because she was under the weather. Then in May, she decided to sell the company, which is how I became the owner. A time to celebrate and a time to mourn! I was getting my dream, but it came at the cost of someone losing theirs.

I worked to make NineStar something I could be proud of. I listened to the community and saw the upheavals and anger over bi-erasure and casual racism and so many other offensive things. It was a time to mourn the loss of the togetherness I once felt.

We have to stop and listen to the hurt some books cause. Take it to heart. People are saying they are hurt, and if we ever want to fight what’s coming, we have to stand up for others in our community and celebrate the similarities and differences in the LGBTQIA+ community.

We have a lot to mourn right now. We have a lot to fear. The things taking place in the US government are scary as hell. I still mourn every day. I still panic over it. But I also see more people talking about how to make a difference. How to fight back. So while it may be a while before we can celebrate our wins, we can fight.

But we need to listen to others and become a better community. When someone says they are hurt, listen to their hurt. Please don’t tell them to be nicer about expressing their anger and hurt and frustration. These are real people with real hurt. Ask questions, research, understand why they are hurt. Do something about it. Stand together, even if it means losing a trope or having to change some opinions. I have seen this community do some amazing things, but what’s coming will be our biggest challenge yet. And I may be misguided, but I believe we can better fight this if we do it as a community rather than fractured pieces.

The lives of the people we celebrate in books may be changed forever, and it’s time to stand for those lives in the real world.

Raevyn ❤

NineStar Press