A VVivacious Review: Serendipity Box Set by Liam Livings-Serendipity Series by Liam Livings


Rating – 2 Stars out of 5


serendity-box-setThese three stories follow David and Christian’s relationship over the course of one year, from their serendipitous meeting to the challenges they face while getting to know each other.

As David and Christian grow closer, they have to work together to change Christian’s parents’ views on their relationship. As things get worse, it seems like Christian is making up his own fake version of their relationship in order to please his parents and when David breaks his ankle, things come to a head as Christian’s brand of love gets to be too oppressive. In the face of such overwhelming problems will these two make it?


Christmas Serendipity – 1.5 Stars

This story is haunted by the ghost of exes past. This story is divided into five chapters and in all of them our narrator “David” manages to squeeze in references of him. Now him has no name as far as this story goes, maybe he will actually be mentioned by name in the next two stories, a fact of truly questionable importance but in this story he managed quite successfully to subvert the romance. Personally I question the author’s intentions of creating this unknown big bad ex, the fact that we don’t know his name has created an unwanted mystery around this character and frankly having his pronoun dragged through every aspect of this story truly spoiled the story for me.


Leaving the ex aside (God knows why because the story never managed too), I didn’t quite like David’s character. He seemed very uncertain and came across as calculating, even though it felt unintentional. This may have been the result of the leftover trauma from his douche of an ex but there is only a point till you can justify a person’s behaviour as being a result of circumstances and for me David crossed that point.


The things I liked in this story would have to include Christian. He was such a sweetheart and I really felt bad for him being at outs with his parents regarding his coming-out and I actually sympathized with his feelings of being left out.


Christian & David have potential. They can be an amazing couple however this particular story just teased at that potential. The weird part is that instead of having a continuous development the author kind of first went hot and heavy and then slow and steady, something which was confusing to me because when they went from hot to slow, it felt like things became less intense and emotional.


Serendipity Develops – 2.5 Stars

This one is definitely more interesting than Christmas Serendipity. But I doubt anybody could have foreseen this series of events. This story has a decidedly darker tone than the previous ones because as it turns out Christian has some pretty serious psychological problems and he almost ends up smothering David with his love.


Serendipity Develops deals with Christian’s attempts for reconciliation with his parents and how his attempts to make David and him appear like a straight couple take a turn for the worse and Christian kind of suffers from a mental breakdown.


This story is very invested in its plot line because as stated above a lot is happening. Christian tries to bend over backwards trying to accommodate his parents while David’s reluctance seems to hinder his relationship with Christian’s parents. Personally I wouldn’t have minded David’s reluctance as much as I did because Christian’s parents were definitely not very welcoming themselves but David’s reluctance seemed to carry within itself a grain of indifference, like he couldn’t understand why Christian wanted his parents to be a part of his life. This would have been a perfect time to get a look at David’s own family situation to maybe make us better understand David as a character and his response to this particular situation but there was nothing of that sort done here.


I liked David better he seemed less unsure and more assured despite circumstances. I feel for Christian and I wish we could get his perspective especially regarding his parents and his illness. As a couple Christian and David seem to have survived the storm that I don’t think many new relationships could have survived but I can’t quite decipher what their relationship is made of.


Also, I loved Tony in this book. He was a much needed breath of fresh air.


This story is better than the first but personally I think that there were a lot of things that were started in this book that could do with more exploration and explanation and I am hoping the last one can bring that closure.


The Next Christmas – 3 Stars

This story tells the story of the Christmas that David and Christian spend at Christian’s parents’ house. This story is the best of the three probably because Christian and David are more settled in this story, more sure of themselves and each other.


I liked David’s journey throughout this story, of how he is reluctant to go to Christian’s parents’ house because he fears a hard time, how he convinces himself that not going will be better and how he eventually catapults and decides to go. Also this was kind of symbolic of how far David and Christian’s relationship had come.


I liked how the book dealt with the issue of Christian’s dad, Peter, not being accepting of their relationship and how he doesn’t understand it. I liked how he eventually does come around and how David, Christian and Gloria (Christian’s mother) work together to bring Peter around. On the other hand it felt too easy and it wasn’t very satisfying. I thought with the way things were progressing it would take more time.


Also there was no mention of Christian’s mental breakdown in the previous book and what I didn’t like was that there was no discussion about how it could possibly affect their relationship.


Overall these three stories make for an okay read.


Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. I liked the cover.

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Box Set Details:

Kindle Edition, 161 pages
Published May 25th 2016 by JMS Books LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish

A MelanieM Review: Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

arctic-fire-by-keira-andrewsWhen two strangers are trapped in a blizzard, heat rises.

Haunted by what he lost in Afghanistan, Captain Jack Turner is at a crossroads. While the last place he wants to go is the Arctic, at least the routine mission gets him out from behind his new desk. But he starts off on the wrong foot with the Canadian Ranger guiding him across the forbidding and dangerous land, and Jack would rather be anywhere than sharing a tent with Sergeant Kin Carsen.

The Arctic is in Kin’s blood, and he can’t seem to leave the tundra behind. He wishes he could live openly as a gay man, but the North isn’t as accepting as the rest of Canada. Although he’s lonely, he loves his responsibility as a Ranger, patrolling the vast land he knows so well. But he’s on unfamiliar ground with Jack, and when they’re stranded alone by a blizzard, unexpected desire begins to burn. Soon they’re in a struggle to survive, and all these strangers have is each other.

Many of the things I loved most about Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews ending up working against it as well.  The location, the story line? Outstanding elements! Two complicated men, haunted by their tragic pasts now meeting in one of the most starkly beautiful and treacherous landscapes nature has to offer?  A total draw for me.   I couldn’t wait to dive into their story and romance only to be pulled up short, yes, short by the limited amount of pages.

One hundred pages was just not enough time to do this story and these men justice.  We get just enough about Captain Jack  (that name so conjuers up another Captain) when he is sent on his mission to check out a port for a possible new base.  He immediately collides with the Canadian Ranger Kin Carsen, who wants whats best for the community and to preserve the precious landscape and tundra.  Both men are haunted by losses which eventually pull them closer as does physcial  attraction and the lack of gay men within that same community.

Andrews does her wonderful job of fleshing out both Jack and Kin, starting with their backgrounds.  But there just isn’t enough “time” or length here to finish the job properly.    Their relationship always feels “speeded up” as does the plot trigger towards the end of the story.  That especially felt incomplete as though whole chunks were missing from that scene.

The arctic is another character here.  The author does a grand job of giving the reader a feel for the awe and hold its beauty can have on the people there as well as the frightening costs of not paying attention to its cold and hidden threats that await.

All that said, I really liked this couple and their relationship.  It has so much promise.  Its a HFN and if ever there was a story that needs enlarging or a much longer sequel, its this one.  Its got all the right elements in place.  Its just the beginning.  I’d so love to see more.

Cover art is perfect for the story.  I’d like to see Jack a little more experienced and worn but that’s just me.

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Book Details:

Note: This gay romance features emotional repression, hurt/comfort, adventure on the tundra, and love where you least expect it.2nd, 100 pages

Published by KA Books (first published October 2014)
Edition LanguageEnglish

An Alisa Review: Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


not-your-average-manI was an average man, not at all violent, until a bastard tricked my best friend into killing my lover, Mick. When that happened, with my best friend in prison for life, I took things into my own hands and killed the bastard.


Not too soon after, a man contacted me. The man Mick had worked for — as a vigilante. He convinced me to take Mick’s place, once I’d been trained to do what Mick had done.


I did. Now I’m a not so average man who might, just might, be falling in love with another vigilante. Coop Frost, to be exact. That is, if we can survive what comes next.


Edward Kendrick did a wonderful job with this story.  Zane’s life fell apart when his lover was murdered and after taking care of the problem decides to make a new in a new city.  When he meets Coop before a job they connect, but know it’s nothing more than friends, since he is still dealing with Mick’s death.


Zane has to go through a lot of soul searching and figure out what he wants to do with his life.  He gains a new friends with the people he works with, but after awhile realizes that when it comes to his personal life he is lonely.  Zane and Coop are put together for and extended job together and both flirt, but won’t do anything until they complete the job.  When Coop’s past catches up with them I loved how adamant Zane is that they take care of everything together.


The cover art is nice works well for the story.


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Book Details:

ebook, 133 pages

Published: October 22, 2016 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634862431

Edition Language: English

Nicki Bennett on The Perils of POV and ‘Stronghold’ by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna (Dreamspinner Press Author Guest Post )



Stronghold (All for Love #3) by Nicki Bennett Ariel Tachna
reamspinner Press
Cover art by Reese Dante

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The Perils of POV

It’s no secret that when we write together, we tend to use omniscient POV. To some extent that’s a product of how we write together, but it’s established enough in the All for Love series that Stronghold presented a real challenge for us. It’s hard to write omniscient POV when the characters aren’t together!

For two-thirds of Stronghold, Gerrard is in England and Raúl is in France, and so obviously those scenes were written entirely in the POV of the character we were with, including the memories of times they had spent together. This forced us to consider what to do with the scenes when they were physically together in the present, not just in their memories. We chose to leave the first scene in omniscient POV, since it represents the last hours of Raúl and Gerrard’s life together to that point, and everything readers know of their story until that time had been told in that manner. Once the chapter ends and they go their separate ways, however, we wrote the remainder of the story in limited POV.

That presented its own challenges, though, because we write together in real time, each of us taking a character and writing his thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. This method of collaboration creates very dynamic conversations and reactions because, much like in real life, each of us can only control what her character says and does, not how the other character reacts. For Stronghold, though, we had to find a way to mesh our writing process with the POV of the scene we were working on. In some ways it was harder. How as an author do we convey the character’s reactions if we aren’t in his head and can only see him through the other character’s eyes? On the other hand, the challenge was a good stretch of our skills, of showing rather than telling. The reactions/thoughts/feelings of the non-POV character had to be clear enough that the POV character could interpret them for the reader, either through his knowledge of his lover or, in the case of some of their memories, through the lens of later discussion between the two of them about those memories.

Omniscient POV is a valid choice that can be necessary in some stories. Partnership in Blood could never have been written in limited POV, even multiple limited POVs, because of the wide scope of its storyline and the large number of characters involved. When we started writing Checkmate and All for One ten years ago, omniscient POV was what we were comfortable with. In the intervening years, we’ve learned that some readers don’t enjoy it (too much “head-hopping”) and that the current industry trends lead toward a single POV in any given scene. As we’ve evolved as writers, we’ve moved more in that direction in all our work, but Stronghold was started five years ago. Then we took a three-year hiatus before finishing it. The end of the book is definitely a reflection of our evolution as writers compared to when the series and even Stronghold began.

We’ve included two excerpts below, one from the opening of the story written in omniscient POV, and a second from later in the book written in limited POV. Which do you prefer?



“Are you surprised that strength is drawn to strength?”

For the last six years, the gypsy healer Raúl has lived a life he never dreamed possible. Gerrard Hawkins has stood at his side, his love a source of silent strength like nothing Raúl has ever known.

When a letter from Gerrard’s estranged father forces them in separate directions—Gerrard back to England to make peace with his family and Raúl to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer for his annual pilgrimage—Raúl expects to suffer for their parting, but he holds on to their plans to meet again in France when Gerrard has satisfied his father’s demands.

Gerrard left England never expecting to return, especially after he pledged his life and love to Raúl. Yet he cannot dismiss his father’s offer of peace without some acknowledgment. When he arrives in England to find tragedy, his sense of duty toward his family’s tenants wars with his promises to Raúl.

As tensions mount and illness spreads in France, Raúl stands as a bastion of hope, but his strength is not limitless. Gerrard is the rock he leans on, and without that strength, Gerrard’s arrival in France may come too late.


“I should leave in the morning,” Gerrard Hawkins said with a deep sigh. “I don’t want to, but if I must go, the sooner I leave, the sooner I will be able to return.”

The room was cool despite the unseasonably warm April weather, but the thick walls of Ambassador Blackwood’s hôtel particulier, where he and Raúl had been guests for over six months, kept the heat out, and Gerrard was glad of the warmth from the fire at his back.

“I won’t be gone more than a month. Two at the most.”

The shiver that curled up the nerves of Raúl’s spine had nothing to do with the coolness of the room. His eyelids flickered shut, the vision lasting only a moment, though that was enough to chill him even further. Drawing a breath, he opened his hazel eyes to fix on Gerrard, replacing the illusion with the reality of Gerrard’s presence for as long as it was still his to claim.

“Of course you must go,” Raúl said. “The claims of family are not to be ignored. And you have been absent from them far longer than they ever expected.”

Gerrard rolled his eyes. “Were it not for my nephew’s death and my brother James’s illness, my father would be happy never to see me again. He made his opinion quite clear before I left England with Christian. I am far happier with you than I ever was in his house. I will do my duty by them and return to your side, where I belong.” Rising from his seat, he drew Raúl into his arms, bending to kiss the slender column of his neck. Raúl’s willowy figure had deceived Gerrard when they first met, but no longer. He knew the steely strength belied by the lithe form and fully intended to take advantage of it before the night was over.

Letting Gerrard pull him into an embrace, Raúl raised a hand to brush through the crisp, dark hair, longer than it had been when they first met six years before, though still far shorter than his own. He indulged in the warmth of Gerrard’s lips against his throat until the need to taste in return became too strong to resist. Closing his fingers around the silken strands, he urged Gerrard’s dark head down, claiming his full lips in a demanding kiss.

Gerrard gave in eagerly to Raúl’s demand, parting his lips so Raúl could ravish his mouth. The thought of being separated for the first time in almost six years tore at his heart. Pulling away, he caught Raúl’s face between his hands. “Give me something to remember you by,” he pleaded. “Some token to carry with me while we’re apart.”

The love, tinged with anticipated sorrow, lighting Gerrard’s deep brown eyes so filled Raúl’s thoughts that the words did not at first register. When they did, he smiled, tugging gently with the hand still woven in Gerrard’s hair. “A token?” he repeated. “A scarf, perhaps, to cover your hair like a Rom’s? You might set a new fashion in England.”

Gerrard laughed. “I think perhaps my father might object to that.” He fingered the gold loop that pierced Raúl’s ear. “Then again, I suspect he would object to anything associated with you and my new life, but many a Rom has a scarf. I was hoping for something more intimate.”

“More intimate? You already carry my heart with you,” Raúl answered, the words full of meaning for all they were spoken with a lilt of humor. “I fear any more intimate portions of my anatomy must await your return. But what think you of this?” He swept the dark hair behind Gerrard’s ear, tracing his fingers over the whorled shell to linger at the lobe. “A ring to mark you as Rom.” As mine, his heart whispered as he rubbed his thumb over the pendant flesh. “Your hair is long enough that it may escape your father’s notice.”

“I care not if he notices,” Gerrard said, voice rough with desire. He leaned into Raúl’s touch, his body tingling with the thought of his gypsy leaving a permanent record of their relationship. “Mark me as yours, love.”


A knock at the door drew their attention. Gerrard was loath to let Raúl go even long enough to open the door, but he knew how Raúl felt about showing weakness to others. That he had leaned on Gerrard so much already with others around was a testament to how worn down he was. “Sit,” Gerrard urged. “That will be water or food. I will take it and send the servant on his way.”

“There should be clean clothes in that armoire,” Raúl said as he bent to remove his boots. “After wearing these for the past sennight, I will be glad to be rid of them.”

Gerrard set the plate of meat, bread, and cheeses the kitchen maid delivered on the dresser and turned back to Raúl before he could unfasten the collar of his doublet. “I’ll do that,” he murmured, kneeling before him to slip the ties free and gently lift the fabric over Raúl’s head. He tossed it aside and kissed a path down the cords of Raúl’s throat, then turned his head to rest it against Raúl’s chest. Raúl’s breath rose and fell unsteadily, which Gerrard would rejoice in if he were sure he was the cause of it. “You’ve exhausted yourself,” he admonished, running a palm down Raúl’s side. Raúl was always slender, but the ribs beneath the skin were too prominent for Gerrard’s liking. “You give and give to others and forget to reserve anything for yourself.”

“It is a failing of mine,” Raúl said, “especially when you are not around to remind me.” He coughed fitfully into his hand, only increasing Gerrard’s worry.


About the Authors

Growing up in Chicago, Nicki Bennett spent every Saturday at the central library, losing herself in the world of books. A voracious reader, she eventually found it difficult to find enough of the kind of stories she liked to read and decided to start writing them herself.

Visit Nicki:

When Ariel Tachna was twelve years old, she discovered two things: the French language and romance novels. Those two loves have defined her ever since. By the time she finished high school, she’d written four novels, none of which anyone would want to read now, featuring a young woman who was—you guessed it—bilingual. That girl was everything Ariel wanted to be at age twelve and wasn’t.

She now lives on the outskirts of Houston with her husband (who also speaks French), her kids (who understand French even when they’re too lazy to speak it back), and their two dogs (who steadfastly refuse to answer any French commands).

Visit Ariel:

Its a Return to the Inn with Truly a Miracle by Derrick Knight (excerpt and giveaway)




trulyamiracle_fsTITLE: Truly A Miracle

SERIES: The Innkeeper Series

AUTHOR: Derrick Knight


LENGTH: 251 Pages

RELEASE DATE: October 25, 2016

BLURB: Dustin Hurst and Nathaniel Schmitt were happy when Nathaniel’s sister Natalie agreed to be their surrogate.  Both men were elated finding out that she was pregnant with twins.  Their dreams of becoming parents finally coming true, until one day, Natalie goes into preterm labor.

Diana and Niles Hurst-Schmitt enter the world over two months premature. Immediately they’re transported to a nearby children’s hospital where doctors soon discover both twins have life threatening complications requiring surgical intervention.

During their children’s hospitalization, Dustin and Nathaniel grow fond of the many talented healthcare professionals working to heal their newborns, including the attractive dietitian Matt Bachmeier.  They think it’s only a matter of time before their babies are well enough to come home. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for the tiny infants resulting in Dustin and Nathaniel unexpectedly embarking on a terrifying journey witnessing their children fighting for their lives.

As their medical crisis continues to unfold, Dustin and Nathaniel pray for a miracle their family so desperately needs.


“I don’t have a baker for tomorrow morning.” Nathaniel reached inside his coat pocket for his cellphone.  “I’m going to ask Mama if she could help.”

Dustin glanced at Nathaniel.

“It’s 1:30 in the morning.  I’m sure Marie is asleep.”

Nathaniel shook his head, his trembling hands making it difficult for him to punch the speed dial button.

“Who else can I ask?” Nathaniel put the receiver to his ear.  “My other staff is just part-time assistants, not trained professionals.  They couldn’t decipher the recipes or handle the volume of pastries needed for the morning rush.  Mama is the only person who could step into Natalie’s shoes without any problems.” After several rings, his mother answered.  “Mama, it’s Nathaniel.” Nathaniel fidgeted. “I’m sorry for calling so late, but I have a dilemma. Natalie was admitted to the hospital earlier and gave birth to the twins.  Don’t worry, she’s fine, but they were transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Oakhill.  Dustin and I are heading there now.” Nathaniel felt a sharp pain in his stomach. His hands were shaking. “Mama, I’m sorry I woke you up, but I’m in such a predicament.  You’re the first person I—”

“Breathe, Nathaniel.  Everything is going to be fine.” Marie sounded so clear and coherent, not at all sleepy. Nathaniel wondered if his mama had been up waiting for his call. She continued.  “Ray called Papa and me after he got her to the Emergency Room.  I thought you might be calling me asking for my help.  Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the bakery. Remember, I taught Natalie Marie everything she knows. I come from a long line of accomplished bakers. When I go in tomorrow, customers and staff will think it’s just another routine morning at Aunt Millie’s Bakery, I promise.”

Nathaniel sighed, collapsing back in his seat. “Thank you, Mama. You’ve really helped me out of a horrible predicament.”

“This is what mothers do for their children.” She paused.  “I’d do anything for you.  Just like I would for any of your brothers and sisters.  You kids are my greatest contributions to this world.” Then her tone changed to one containing a hint of humor. “I’m going to let you go.  After all, I’ve got to get up in a couple hours to get to my new job.  And don’t worry, Mama Schmitt is coming out of retirement.”

Nathaniel laughed, surprising himself.

“Thank you, Mama. You’re the best!”

“No problem.  Tell Dustin to drive carefully.  I don’t want to visit your whole family in the hospital.”

Nathaniel chuckled.

“Papa and my prayers are with all of you.  I love you, son.  Take care.” Then Marie ended their call.

Nathaniel turned to Dustin.

“Please hurry.  Our babies need us.”

“I’m already driving ten miles over the speed limit.” Dustin placed one hand on Nathaniel’s thigh.  “We want to get to the hospital in one piece.


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Derrick Knight was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. Growing up, he always dreamed of becoming a writer. His grandmother got him hooked on reading mystery novels. It was in December 2011 that he purchased his first M/M romance novel. Instantly, he became hooked on the genre. After reading his first gay romance novel, he knew what type of books he wanted to write.

Derrick earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from University of Wisconsin- Stout, and a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration from University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. He has worked in the healthcare field as a dietitian for over twenty-three years. For the past nineteen years, he has functioned as a neonatal nutritionist for a large Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Central Illinois. Currently, he lives in Peoria, Illinois.

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Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Liam Livings’ Serendipity Series (giveaway)


Serendipity Series – Liam Livings

Buy Links
Christmas Serendipity: Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance
Serendipity Develops: Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance
The Next Christmas: Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance
Serendipity Box Set: Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance

Christmas Serendipity: In a snowy small town in England just before the festive season, refugees of bad luck Christian and David find themselves thrown together at a friendís non-family Christmas. Both men realize this may be just what they need, when they need it.

Serendipity Develops: David and Christian met a few weeks ago, and were thrown together last Christmas through a mixture of luck and fate. They felt an instant spark for one another, but now neither want to rush into bed until they’re ready. David thinks he is, but Christian’s emotions are all over the place. A stay in hospital makes David wonder if their relationship too much for him to cope with.

The Next Christmas:
In a snowy small town in England, just before Christmas, garage mechanic David and office worker Christian are preparing to spend the festive period with Christian’s parents. The parents who told Christian last year he wasn’t welcome to their family festive celebrations since he told them he was gay. The parents welcome show the men to separate bedrooms. Will their love overcome prejudice?


Author Bio

Liam Livings lives where east London ends and becomes Essex. He shares his house with his boyfriend and cat. He enjoys baking, cooking, classic cars and socialising with friends. He escapes from real life with a guilty pleasure book, cries at a sad, funny and camp film ñ and heís been known to watch an awful lot of Gilmore Girls in the name of writing ëresearchí.

One evening, flicking through the channels, he stumbled across the film, Saving Private Ryan, and it took twenty minutes of not seeing Goldie Hawn in an army uniform, before he realised it wasnít actually the film, Private Benjamin.

He has written since he was a teenager, started writing with the hope of publication in 2011. His writing focuses on friendships, British humour, romance with plenty of sparkle.

When heís not writing fiction he runs a manuscript appraisal service, provides marketing support to authors & publishers and ghostwrites other peopleís books.

You can connect with Liam
Twitter @LiamLivings
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/liam.livings
Blog http://www.liamlivings.com/blog


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In the Holiday Spotlight: Frostbitten by Charlotte Stein (Riptide Publishing Tour & Giveaway)



Frostbitten (2016 Holiday Charity Bundle)by Charlotte Stein
iptide Publishing
Cover art by L.C.Chase

Read an Excerpt/Buy it Here

About Frostbitten

Shy nurse Cora both dreads and lives for the moments she sees Zeke, an orderly at the hospital where she works. Zeke is too handsome, too compelling, too much, and seems totally unaware of Cora. But before she can bring herself to his attention, an explosion rips through the hospital Christmas party.

Zeke has noticed Cora—in fact, he’s so irresistibly drawn to her that he saves her from the explosion by turning her into a vampire, much to the jealousy and resentment of his partner, Merrick. Zeke hates being a vampire, and now that she’ll live, doesn’t want Cora to suffer his fate. If they can both resist the overwhelming instinct to bond, joining their bodies as Cora draws her maker’s blood, she might be able to return to her normal human life.

As Merrick uses every erotic trick to keep Zeke distracted from the blood passion, Cora becomes more and more drawn to both of her reluctant captors. And more and more happy to abandon her old life in exchange for an eternity with two hot immortal lovers. All she has to do is convince Merrick and Zeke that being a vampire isn’t all that bad.

Available from Riptide Publishing.  

About Charlotte Stein

Charlotte Stein is an RT-nominated erotic romance writer of over thirty novellas and novels. She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and cheeky dog.

Connect with Charlotte:



To celebrate the release of Frostbitten, one lucky winner will receive an ebook of choice from Charlotte’s backlist! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on December 3, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!