A Stella Advent Calendar Review Day 24: How the Supervillain Stole Christmas by Charles Payseur


RATING 3,5 out of 5 stars

how-the-supervillain-stole-christmas-by-charles-payseurRex Devious (Dr. Devious to meddlesome do-gooders everywhere) can go toe-to-toe with superheroes without blinking an eye. So picking out a Christmas present for his new boyfriend should be no problem. After all, he and Sanjay seem perfect for each other. But with a terrible track record for finding gifts that won’t scare his potential partners away, Rex is paralyzed with insecurity. Until, of course, he decides to change tactics. Instead of having to pick out that perfect present, why not just destroy Christmas altogether? If his nemeses (or his conscience) can’t stop him first, he might just become the supervillain who stole Christmas.

I liked this short very much, the relationship between the characters was really cute, but I especially enjoyed Rex and his inability at buying presents for his ex (and actual) boyfriends. He was so funny and I had a good time at reading about his determination at ruining Christmas or just erasing it from the Earth, as a solution to his problem with gifts. His evil plans were hilarious and brought to a  very sweet ending.

I admit I had just a little bit of hard time with this short since I’m not so into superheroes and AI and everything related to that world, so it took me a long moment to find my feet in Rex’s life. I would have liked to see more of Rex and Sanjay together, but still I want to recommend How the Supervillain Stole Christmas by Charles Payseur, an adorable Christmas story.

The cover art by Paul Richmond is perfect cause I’m not sure why, but I can totally see Rex in the face of the person on the cover, while planning the impossible.

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Kindle Edition, 33 pages

Published November 30th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press


Edition Language English

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