A VVivacious Review The House Guest by Asta Idonea

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5
the-house-guestWhen Zach shifted into his new apartment he bought an antique cupboard. On closer inspection that cupboard seemed to have a lock on one of its drawers. The lock sets Zach’s imagination loose with all the things that the lock could be hiding but the empty drawer that greets him was not one of his choices. But looks like that drawer was not so empty after all, as Zach’s apartment seems to magically cleaned every night and on top of that Zach’s house seems to be haunted with the sounds of someone laughing and singing at night.
This is a short story featuring Zach and a house spirit or domovoi named Bogdan. The premise of this book is good enough to have set the stage for a full length novel but the author manages to hit all the high points even in this much shorter format but I would have loved to know more.
What I loved about this book would have to include the fact that Zach’s house was not haunted by a ghost, I love the fact that the author’s imagination could fuel the existence of a domovoi which seems to be quite a helpful spirit and not a ghost at all. Also I loved the concept of the domovoi and especially Bogdan, he seemed to be so happy-go-lucky and the kind of person who takes everything in his stride.
This story is extremely enjoyable and I loved the pairing of Zach and Bogdan and how they had set up a rhythm of sorts with regards to each other.
Somethings I would have loved to have more information on would be the subject of domovoi especially in regards to their creation. Also I wanted to know if Zach and Bogdan had a future together, because things are kind of up in the air in those regards.
Overall this is a very enjoyable read. Asta Idonea is an amazing author and this story is very well written. Also this story is very well rounded off anything that has been raised as an issue in the story is dealt with. Also this short story is bound to leave an impact because the story is just so damn good that I am pretty sure anybody who reads it will be left wondering.
Cover Art by Winterheart Design. I loved the cover featuring Zach and the Bogdan.
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Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 37 pages
Published October 26th 2016 by MLR Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

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