An Ali Review: Falling into Darkness by LM Brown

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
falling-into-darknessTheir love could save the soul of a fallen angel or damn an archangel to an eternity in hell.

The realm of angels was created as a paradise where angels could watch over the earth as mankind took his first steps. For the archangel Michael, it is the only home he has ever known and he could never envisage another life. Michael’s life changes the day his path crosses that of the favored son of the morning. From the moment he saw him, Michael wanted Lucifer for his own. When the two angels come together the passion surprises them both.

Their love is forged in heaven, but is doomed the moment Lucifer falls from grace to become the leader of an army of demons.

Separated by war, the former lovers know the time will come when they must face each other in battle. 

Their confrontation will set in motion events that neither could have foreseen. For Lucifer it is the chance to persuade Michael to stand at his side, as his partner as leader of the demons. For Michael, it is a mission to save his lover’s soul, while risking his own.

Torn between his love for Lucifer and his duties as an angel, Michael walks a fine line, where one wrong step could result in his own fall from Heaven, and an eternity in hell.
The story starts when Michael and Lucifer are both angel and covers centuries of their time together both before and after Lucifer falls.  The book was long and a lot of different things happen.  I liked the idea of the overall plot but I never felt any connection between these two.  I was supposed to be believing this huge, dramatic love and yet I never felt any emotions and honestly I didn’t see what Michael saw in Lucifer.  He as aloof and stilted before he fell and then he was selfish and a real jerk afterwards.  And, yes, I know he’s Lucifer so being a jerk is part of the package but there was nothing there could make me think Michael would be tempted to fall for him.  A lot of events happen but it’s all telling and no showing.  This had the set up to be packed with emotions and a great hurt/comfort trope but I felt nothing between them.  Not even sexual chemistry. 
 I didn’t care for the author’s writing style at all and it was difficult for me to even finish the story.  I have seen a lot of other positive reviews for this book so maybe it was just that this book wasn’t for me.  
Cover:  I like the cover a lot.  I think it looks great and represents the story well.
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Book Details:
Published December 13th 2016 by Pride Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish

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