A PaulB Review: Wolf Whistle (Werewolves of Manhattan #7) by A.C. Katt


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

wolf-whistle-2I always eagerly await the next book in the Werewolves of Manhattan series.  And with this seventh edition, I am not disappointed.

The board members of Garou Industries are celebrating the mating and wedding of Etienne Daurensbourg and Julio Reyes in suburban Chicago.  As a wedding present to Julio, Etienne has found Julio’s childhood friend Richard Kerrigan who is living in Chicago.  The two have not seen each other in over ten years, when Julio was placed in foster care after the death of his parents.  Richard’s family was not able to take Julio in because of state regulations and was not given any further information on him.  Richard jumps at the chance to reunite with his friend.

Richard has been living in Chicago for the past few years to take care of his sick mother.  While going through this, he is fired from his job as an engineer after blowing the whistle on shoddy parts in military vehicles.  The company effectively blackballs him from any other engineering company in Chicagoland.  Richard is unable to move after paying for his mother’s medical and funeral expenses.  Working at a local bar, a local Serbian mobster takes an interest in him.  Knowing that sooner or later, the mobster will make his move on him resulting in unwanted sexual encounters or worse, he takes the offer of a job at Garou, which Etienne has helped arrange.  He is to be mentored by Julien Bellaire, who happens to be Richard’s mate.  Arrangements are made so that Richard can leave with Julio and the board of Garou the next morning.

As usual, the mating of a board member does not go off as planned.  The Serbian mobster will not let Richard go that easily.  He tracks him down to New York in order to get him back.  There is also the fact that Richard must be told that he is Julien’s mate and that the board members of Garou are all wolf shifters.  Julien hopes that through Julio’s friendship and Colin’s book that the transition is not as traumatic as the others have been.  Now all Julien has to do is ensure that Richard is alive by the time they travel to Oregon for the mating ceremony.

As the characters in the book point out, the mates and matings all seem to follow a pattern.  But the author makes each one unique and then starts to change the script on the reader.  As with the previous two novels, we are introduced to the next potential mate at the end of the book.  This mate seems to shatter the mold completely.  I liked the introduction of Don Ferone’s gay stepson.  He wants his stepfather to change his ways but is isolated from most of the family business because of his thoughts.  I am pretty sure he will be a go between for the two powerful forces in New York.  Please hurry with book eight, Ms. Katt.

Winterheart Designs’ cover art is another winner.  The red headed Richard and brunette Julien are above a New York bridge skyline with a wolf howling against the backdrop of the moon above. 

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MLR Press


Book Details

EBook, 201 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published January 20, 2017 by MLR Press

ISBN:  978-1-944700-44-0

Series:  Werewolves of Manhattan

His Omega (Werewolves of Manhattan #1)

Remy’s Painter (Werewolves of Manhattan #2)

Scarred Mate (Werewolves of Manhattan #3)

Marking Kane (Werewolves of Manhattan #4)

Alexi’s Mouse (Werewolves of Manhattan #5)

Julio’s Wolf (Werewolves of Manhattan #6)

Wolf Whistle (Werewolves of Manhattan #7)

A Caryn Review: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Matthew Robbins


Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

when-irish-eyes-are-smiling-by-matthew-robbinsFelix first met Ronan in a particularly embarrassing circumstance – dressed only in his underwear, passed out on the beach, and unable to remember how he got there.  Felix was on a trip through Europe with friends, and was pretty sure that those “friends” were responsible for the entire situation, but he had no idea where he was, or where his friends were, so Ronan took pity on him and tried to help him find them.  Things went from bad to worse when he inadvertently wrecked Ronan’s truck and injured him severely enough that Ronan was unable to continue to work on his grandfather’s farm.   

The setup for the entire story started when the local Doolin police, Garda Redmond, offered Felix a choice for restitution to Ronan – either pay for a farmhand until Ronan is able to work, or do the work himself.  Felix didn’t have the money to pay, so he moved into the farmhouse with Ronan and his grandfather, and started work.  Yeah, the set-up was kind of far-fetched, but I was willing to look past that for a good story.

How disappointing not to get it.

Felix was introduced as an earnest young man who was immature, but who’d fallen in with a bad crowd and made bad decisions, and working the farm with Ronan – who wasn’t much older, but was years ahead in maturity, responsibility, and kindness – should have been an opportunity to grow up.  And I guess he did, to an extent, but my overall impression of him was that he was selfish, stupid, and acted like a spoiled 12 year old pretty much through the entire book (even his two acts of sacrifice on Ronan’s behalf were pretty dumb and he would have been better off just giving directly to Ronan).  I thought Felix was a complete douche, and I barely even liked him, much less got invested in him as part of a romance.  Ronan was this great character who was kind and generous to a fault, smart, community minded, with a plan for the future to save his grandfather’s farm, and working hard to accomplish it.  I actually liked him less at the end of the book precisely because he fell in love with Felix, and even picked up some of his stupider traits.  I thought Ronan should have dumped his ass after the first of the many stupid mistakes he made that endangered the farm.

Of course, in the end, Felix saved the day – in a very Scooby Doo-ish kind of way – Ronan declared his love, and the entire town threw them a party.  Uh huh.  I was just glad the book was over.  I would have rated it lower, but I thought Ronan’s accent was well written, and the descriptions of the Irish countryside and the farm were just lovely, so I gave it an extra half star.

Cover art by Written Ink Designs was meh.

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JMS Books LLC | Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 137 pages
Published January 7th 2017 by JMS Books LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish

An Alisa Review: Fire Triangle by Iyana Jenna


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


fire-triangle-by-iyana-jennaWhile investigating a house fire, Detective Miles Tucker uncovers a similar case twenty years prior. Digging deeper, Miles learns that a survivor from the earlier fire might have some answers to his questions.


As a boy, Devin Treadwell survived a fire that wiped out his entire family. The trauma he suffered left him in a mental institution, but he has since made a full recovery and, though partially deaf and mute, now lives an independent life as a music teacher.


Devin’s life is disrupted when the handsome Miles suspects him of being a serial arsonist. But he wasn’t the only survivor. A boy named Sebastian who had been adopted by Devon’s family also survived the blaze.


Then an attempt is made on Devin’s life. Can Miles keep Devin safe from an arsonist who will stop at nothing to silence him? Or will the attraction between them jeopardize the investigation?


This was an interesting story.  Devin is quite young when his family died in the house fire and has come a long way since it happened.  Miles comes in and throws a wrench in his perfectly ordered life, not that he is too upset by the final outcome.


This story had quite a few twists and turns.  We saw some of Devin’s childhood when Sebastian came into their lives and some of Sebastian’s actions and thoughts during that time.  Miles is going through a tough time when he begins the arson investigation, which causes him to make a few rash assumptions that are quickly found incorrect once he meets Devin and learns what really happened when he was a kid.  Seeing things through Devin’s, Miles’ and even Sebastian’s eyes goes a long way towards understanding the story, though there is still a twist at the end that I didn’t expect and I always like some surprise in my stories.


The cover art is nice and eye catching giving a nice visual of Devin and Miles.


Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 87 pages

Published: January 7, 2017 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634862974

Edition Language: English

A Lila Review: Tempted to Taste (Sutter’s Bay #5) by Shawn Lane


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

tempted-to-taste-by-shawn-laneRyan Callahan’s parents died in a boating accident off Sutter’s Bay when he was five years old. Now Ryan is back in the bay ready to live in the Victorian reproduction house his father built for his mother. And ready to get his dream job a chef in a restaurant. The job of head chef seems to fall into his lap when Mabry’s is short staffed, but when the sexy as sin owner, Chris Mabry, returns from vacation he fires the inexperienced Ryan on the spot.

Ryan’s dream seems to be over before he gets a chance to prove himself, but when Chris realizes how bad his restaurant’s situation is, he rehires Ryan. As Mabry becomes a success, things sizzle between Ryan and Chris and soon Ryan is cooking for Chris personally.

Tempted to Taste is more of a spinoff than part of the original series.  We do see characters from the previous books, especially Adam and Galaxy, but even so, this book exists on the outside of the others’ friends and family circles. It does have the Sutter Bay setting which helps to bring them together.

This story has a faster pace, which I enjoyed. The plot is simple and the main plot revolves around the main characters’ relationship. There’s no angst or unnecessary misunderstandings. The story has the right amount of fluff and smexy scenes to get the reader to forget about anything else but the story.

Ryan doesn’t waste any time getting settled or looking for a job. He knows what he wants and that includes Chris. From the start, both established an understanding about mixing work and pleasure and this fact never becomes an issue. They are direct and to the point even when they are falling for each other. Chris first impression isn’t a positive one, but he more than makes up for it.

If you’re looking for a quick read between stories or a distraction from the world, this is your story. Don’t expect a piece of literary fiction. This story is a simple romance with interesting characters and a beautiful setting. Plus, it can be read as a stand-alone.

As always, the cover includes the main characters and a view of Sutter’s Bay.

Sale Links: JMS Books | Amazon | Nook

Book Details:

ebook, 49 pages
Published: January 14, 2017, by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781634861489
Edition Language: English

Series:  Sutter’s Bay
Book #1: Sweet Reunion
Book #2: Twice in a Lifetime
Book #3: Galaxy’s Heart
Book #4: Finding Forever
Book #5: Tempted to Taste


In the Recent Release Spotlight: Darkness Rising (Yellowstone Wolves #3) by Dirk Greyson (excerpt)



Darkness Rising (Yellowstone Wolves #3) by Dirk Greyson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
over Artist: Reese Dante

Release Date: Feb 6 2017

Available for Purchase at

Amazon |Barnes and Noble |Dreamspinner Press


The last thing Tobias, alpha of the small Greenview Pack, expects is to find a lost human asleep in his storage building. As soon as he sets eyes on Pete, Tobias knows they are destined mates. But he cannot act on his attraction, no matter how much he feels compelled. Exposure to the human world could mean the end of their way of life, so he decides to help Pete get a room until he can reunite with the tour group he separated from.

But Tobias’s disgraced half-brother, Zev, has other ideas. He takes a liking to Pete and decides he wants what Tobias has—both his position as pack leader and his mate. Tobias can’t let that happen, but protecting Pete means keeping him close, which only increases the mounting tensions between them.

Duty, protection, desire, and secrecy clash as the darkness within Zev rises to the surface, and only Tobias can save his mate—even if he never plans to tell Pete that’s what they are.

Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print



“Everything okay?” Tobias asked the same question each morning and usually got the same answer.

This morning Greg lowered his head and woofed softly.

“Show me.” Tobias followed Greg under the trees they’d kept for shade and to the thick woods that marked the edge of their settlement. He sniffed and knew exactly what was bothering Greg. Someone had been through here. The scent wasn’t particularly fresh, and with the storm and all the rain, they were lucky to be able to pick up the smell at all. Still it was alarming that someone had gotten this close to the compound. He followed Greg through the compound and up to their storage barn, where Greg woofed again and walked away. Tobias stayed still, sniffing and wondering what was going on.

The intruder was human.

Greg returned a few minutes later in human form, dressed and on guard. He hated his human body. He was tall, gangly, and clumsy, knocking things over and bumbling wherever he went. But as a wolf, he was large and long, sleek and nimble. He stood ready as Tobias reached for the door, then placed a hand on Tobias’s arm, and Tobias turned. “We need to tell everyone.”

Shit. The last thing a human needed to see was wolves wandering the compound and shifting. They would probably faint, but then they’d know their secret.

“Go tell everyone.”

Greg hurried away, and Tobias listened, hearing nothing from inside but soft breathing. Whoever was in there was asleep, or at least seemed to be. The window next to the door was fogged over, so the human had been there a while.

When Greg returned, Tobias quietly opened the door.

A blond head was poking out from under a tarp being used as a blanket. Tobias saw and smelled wet clothes hanging over a length of wood. Over all of the smells was a woodsy scent of home that went right to his core.

“What’s wrong with you?” Greg asked. “You’re flushed and….” Greg turned to the sleeping man before once again looking at Tobias. “Don’t even think about it.” His voice was so soft, only someone with wolf hearing could pick up the words.

Whipping around to Greg, Tobias stared, his jaw set and gaze intensifying. He couldn’t use his alpha voice or he’d startle the young man, but he could damn well let Greg know he was stepping over the line. Once Greg tilted his head in submission, Tobias turned back to the sleeping man and his heavenly scent.

He wanted to step inside the storage barn, lock the door and everyone outside, strip down, slip under that tarp, and take the smaller man into his arms. Tobias wanted him, and when Greg stepped past Tobias into the barn, he tugged Greg back behind him. Never had he laid eyes on someone and seen the rest of his life spread out in front of him. He knew he was completely and totally fucked from one end to the other. He had to be as cool and calm as possible, even though he was fairly sure Greg was aware his heart was pumping a mile a minute and he was aroused as all hell.

“Go see to the others and make sure they’re okay.” Though he heard Greg step away and huff, he didn’t take eyes off the adorable man as he stepped inside and walked to where he was sleeping. Tobias wasn’t quite sure how to wake him because he didn’t want to shock the guy. He’d obviously been caught in the storm and sought shelter here.

What were the chances that Tobias would find his mate in his own storage building?

“Hello,” he said softly. “It’s time for you to wake up.”

The man jerked upright and nearly slipped as he jumped to his feet. “I wasn’t going to take anything. I was just in the storm and needed someplace dry. I’ll get my stuff and be gone in a few minutes.” He was already racing to grab his clothes and shove them in his still-wet pack.

Tobias held out his hands. “Slow down. I’m not going to hurt you or anything. I know the storm was bad last night. But how did you end up here?” It wasn’t as though they were close to anything. The only way into their community was a two-track road that required a truck to traverse, and his pack liked it that way.

“I was taking a hiking tour and stopped to look at some flowers, and they left me. I thought I went back to the path, but I got lost and night fell. And then I tried to build a fire, got attacked by a cougar, the rain doused my fire, and I was going to try to get a cell signal, and somehow I stumbled onto your shed here, and it was dry, so…. Like I said, I didn’t take anything.” He held his pack in front of him like a shield. “I can pay if I damaged anything, but I don’t think so. Just point me to a road or something, and I’ll walk until I can get a signal and call someone to rescue me.”

The guy talked so very fast. It would have been adorable if he wasn’t obviously so scared. His heart beat rapidly, and the acrid scent of abject fear permeating the air.



About the Author

Dirk is very much an outside kind of man.  He loves travel and seeing new things.  Dirk worked in corporate America for way too long and now spends his days writing, gardening, and taking care of the home he shares with his partner of more than two decades.  He has a Master’s Degree and all the other accessories that go with a corporate job.  But he is most proud of the stories he tells and the life he’s built.  Dirk lives in Pennsylvania in a century old home and is blessed with an amazing circle of friends. 

Author Links

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Other Works by Dirk Greyson


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In Our Contemporary Spotlight: Football Sundae by Daryl Banner (giveaway)



Football Sundae by Daryl Banner

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Only 99¢ and FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited (KU!)

This Kindle edition includes *2* FREE Brazen Boy novellas!

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Football never tasted this sweet.

Tanner, the hunky college football star, is home for the summer. Billy, the budding dessert chef, is about to have his hot-fudge-glazed world flipped upside-down. Get ready for the “sweetest” romance you’ve ever tasted.

Contains: hot man-on-man action, a whole lotta southern small town sass, and ice cream.

About the Author

Daryl Banner is an author and composer who graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Theatre and Psychology. He writes new adult romance, M/M romance, post-apocalyptic fantasy, and dystopian. He is most inspired by the smart and unlikely hero, but urges you (the reader) not to fall in love with them; they may deceive you with their innocence.

Twitter: darylbanner

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