A Paul B Review: The Otto Digmore Difference (The Otto Digmore Series #1) by Brent Hartinger


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Successful television shows usually spin off characters into their own show.  This time, it is a successful series of books that have spun off a character into a new series.  And The Otto Digmore Difference seems to be heading in the same direction as the Russel Middlebrook series.

Otto Digmore is getting used to his notoriety as an actor on the television sitcom Hammered.  People are starting to recognize him.  However, he is never sure if part of the reason all the people are staring at him is his newly found fame or the fact that half of his face is covered by burn scars he suffered when he was seven years old.  He has to deal with hatred from those who hate him for his looks and consider him a freak.  He tries to rationalize that all people in public have to put up with the hate but it feels more personal to him

After returning from Russel’s wedding to Kevin, Otto gets a call from his agent telling him to see her on Monday.  Knowing that is it was good news they would tell him over the phone, he guesses that his sitcom has been cancelled.  Fiona, his agent, tells him that the producers of the revival of the Freddie Kruger series would be interested in interviewing him for the part of Freddie.  Otto feels that the role which uses burn scars to scare children is not right for him and passes on the opportunity.  Fiona states that three probably won’t be many roles for him due to his disfigurement. 

As he leaves, Fiona’s assistant Greg tells Otto of a new screenplay he received that Otto would be perfect for with a couple of tweaks to the plot.  All he has to do is test for the part.  After a couple of near misses, Otto must get to New Orleans for the test.  Unable to get a flight out, he asks Russel if he would drive across the country with him for the interview.  Thus begins the great American road trip with all the movie clichés thrown in to boot.

While Otto is the star of this book, Russel has a large supporting role.  Otto comes across best when he describes how he decided he wanted to become an actor.  He found a role during a high school production of a Shakespeare play that he found was perfect for him.  For the next few years he’s been trying to do the same thing.  However, due to his disfigurement he has had to take roles that are not satisfying.  The movie that he is auditioning for is a summary of the basic plot of this book.  I have a feeling that Otto may find what he is looking for in future books in the series.

Cover art is simple yet works for the story.

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Book Details

EBook, 174 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  February 21, 2017 by BK Books

ISBN:  9781370036920

Series:  The Otto Digmore Series

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