A VVivacious Review: Insight (The Community #1) by Santino Hassell

Rating: 5 Stars out of 5
Nathaniel “Nate” Black is a loner, shunned by the people of Brookside, Texas and also a psychic. In fact, the entire Black family is known for being drunks and lunatics and for their high tendencies to commit suicide stemming from the psychic potential that runs strong in their bloodline. So no one is too shocked when news of Theo’s suicide reaches Brookside.
And Nate would believe it too, if not for the fact that he is assaulted by a vision of Theo’s impending death which convinces him of the fact that Theo’s death may not have been a suicide. As he makes his way to New York to uncover a whole nest of lies and secrets, he finds a partner in crime in the form of Trent.
As Nate and Trent’s attraction continues to grow, Nate is blindsided by knowledge of his own abilities which leaves him questioning the nature of his relationship with Trent.
I want the next one already!! Oh my God! This book was simply amazing. I am awestruck.
This book is a paranormal mystery romance, in that order. I loved the plot of this book. It was so complicated and yet so well thought out and extremely well executed. It was just so interesting that I kept turning the pages till I reached the last one because it was almost impossible for me to stop in between.
This book is dark but nowhere near dystopia dark and definitely nowhere near ICoS (In the Company of Shadows) dark. In fact if you were to compare it to ICoS this book is almost hunky-dory but it definitely has darker elements with a lot of suspense and foreshadowing that you generally don’t find in romance novels.
Also this book focuses on the paranormal mystery more than it does on the romance but I never felt like the romance was side-lined. But frankly the murder mystery is so interesting that sometimes I wished I could skip the romantic parts, not that the romance was in any way boring, it was just that I had become a whole lot more invested in Theo’s murder.
Personally I loved Nate and Theo as individuals and as a couple. I loved their banter on their road trip and loved how Theo was Nate’s sounding board. I especially loved how Theo is written. This book is entirely from Nate’s POV and it is essentially Nate’s story but at no point in the book did I feel that Trent was not a character in his own right or that he was just someone to help Nate and further the plot which I feel is truly amazing given the fact that the book is entirely from Nate’s POV.
The most amazing part of this story was that it introduces a lot of characters. In order of introduction they would be – Nate, Dade, Eric, Trent, Eveline, Beck, Chase, Elijah, Holden, Jericho, Lia, Taìne and Felicia. But all these characters stood out, like they were all people whose stories were worth knowing and I can truthfully say I am actually interested in all their stories. Also I would love to read about Theo, who is dead in this book and whose death is the catalyst for the plot, and who is pretty deplorable if his actions towards his twin brother are any indication but I still wanted to know his story. By the end of the story I was sad about the fact that Nate and Theo would never make up and I know my emotions are totally fuelled by Nate’s inability to not defend his brother but I really want to know what Theo’s character was actually like was he bad like his teenage years suggested or was he actually a good person and would Nate and Theo ever make up had Theo lived. I must say for a guy who only shows up in memories Theo ended up making quite an impression which lent an urgency to bringing his murderer to justice.
Also yes, there are a lot of psychic abilities showcased in this book, some more impressive than others. But the fact that Nate is pretty much in the dark about other psychic abilities means that this book is not inundated with the paranormal something I think will be ramped up in the next book with Holden being the narrator who is very much in control of his abilities.
This book is self-contained in the sense that Theo’s murder mystery is resolved but there are a lot of new elements about the Community that are introduced in this book which will probably be the focus of books later in this series and I can’t wait to learn more.
All in all, this book was amazing. I can’t wait to read more in this series and I really hope we get a book about Chase in the future.
Cover Art by Kanaxa. The cover is impressive!
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Book Details:
ebook, 320 pages
Expected publication: March 13th 2017 by Riptide Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Community #1

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