Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio – Online Stories (Revisited)


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Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio – Online Stories

Welcome back to another edition of the portfolio.  It’s been a while since we chatted but as they say, life gets in the way.  In this edition of the portfolio, I would like to highlight three online stories that I have been reading.  These stories are considered to be in progress and are updated according to the author.  All these stories can be found on the Castle Roland ( web site.

The first story is a fantasy story by AB called The Chronicles of Valana:  Shadowlands.  Marco and Lucas are ten year olds living in Manhattan.  Near their home is a demolition site for the Artifacts Museum.  One day while playing in the rubble, they find an ancient medallion.  They are transported away from New York and land in the middle of a forest where a knight approaches them.  The pair escapes the knight but use of magic.  Clearly not in their own world, the pair set off to find out where they have landed and if there is any way for them to return home.  On their journey, they discover that one is an elven prince and the other a “talker” who can act as a translator not only of humans but animals and nature as well.  The pair must now travel to the elven lands to fulfill their destiny of saving this strange world in which they have entered.

The second story is The Prince of House Vladd by Arthur.  Peter is celebrating his fifteen birthday.  His father takes him to a birthday party in his honor.  When he arrives to the mansion where the party is being held, he finds out there is more to this world than just humans.  Peter is actually Prince Piotr, heir to the vampire House of Vladd the Impaler.  Peter is a daywalker, a vampire who can go out in sun.  His father tells Peter that he will be the next leader of the Vampire council with the princes of the other vampire houses as his guardians.  Peter sets about learning his way but there are those who believe Peter is an easy mark.  Peter and his guardians must defend against this threat.  In book two, a religious demagogue has been elected president and is starting a crusade against all non-conforming people.  Peter, his mate and their son must escape before forces reach them and bide their time in Latin America. 

The third book is not a paranormal book but deals with the apocalypse.  The Day of N by Kyle Aarons tells the story of seven scouts ages eleven to twelve who are out at a camp out with their scout master Scott Korbal.  They are biking near where they are camping when there is a flash in the distant sky.  Scott’s bike blows a tire and he takes a tumble, breaking his arm and several ribs.  The boys notice several mushroom clouds in all directions along with missiles flying upward as an apparent counterstrike gets on the way.  Scott knows that he must get the boys to safety as quickly as possible.  He also realizes that without medical help, he is more than likely going to die soon due to his injuries.  As a former special forces ranger, he is determined to impart his knowledge to these young men about the new world that they live in before his time is up. 

I hope you find these stories as engaging as I have.  If you have your favorite online paranormal stories please share them in the comments section.  I would like to keep this limited to story sites and not author blogs where story previews are often shared and later published.  Until next time…


In Memoriam – Paul Berg


In Memoriam – Paul Berg

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words lost one of its wonderful reviewers recently.  Paul Berg died suddenly during one of his beloved backgammon tournaments, a game he was passionate about.  I’d like to think his love of LGBTQIA Science Fiction kept him occupied between tournaments and visa versa!  He was always talking about the next books he was reading or the next topic for his Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio blog he wrote for us.  His excitement was contagious!  It didn’t matter what genre the characters and stories he was reading were from…he just loved all the books and their couples (from the supernatural shifters to the alien ones) to the paranormal to fantasy to the science fiction..Paul loved them all so.

And he wanted to share his love of those stories with all of you.

Paul did that through his reviews and through his blog, Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio, where he shared his love of all the characters and formats that came his way.  He had discussed with me expanding it in the future to include the serial stories he loved reading and some graphic novels.  I’ll miss those too.

But Paul left so much of him behind in the joy, swift intelligence, and gift of himself that he shared with others.  Whether it was through his reviews of books or his presence and fierce competition at the backgammon tables or as a great friend and family member, Paul Berg made an impact in this world.  He will be deeply missed.


Burial and Memorial for Paul Berg by Benjamin Friesen – GoFundMe

The best portion of a good man’s life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.

William Wordsworth

British poet William Wordsworth (born April 7, 1770) was a key figure in the Romantic Age, which privileged emotion over reason and was seen as a cultural revolt against the Industrial Revolution.

A Loss in the Family and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


A Loss At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words has lost one of its wonderful reviewers.  Paul Berg, known through his reviews here as Paul B, died suddenly in  late March, leaving a void for us, his many other friends everywhere and especially his grieving family.

Paul was one of the reviewers that had been with Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words almost from the beginning, he and I laughingly “fighting” over our love of the same science fiction stories and wolf shifters.  When Kendall McKenna’s series popped up and we both began to read it, yep, the emails flew between us as we compared notes on characters and stories (not the first author or series we did this with).  Our thoughts were almost always on the same wavelength.

When I thought that he might want to write a blog for STRW, he already had one that he had been meaning to suggest.  That blog became Paul’s Paranormal Portfolio, a column he intended to enlarge in the coming months to include graphic novels and serial stories.  I can’t begin to tell you how saddened I am that he will never share his excitement for those formats and the LGBTQIA science fiction/fantasy/supernatural stories they represent with everyone, myself included.

Beside his love of books, Paul loved Backgammon and he was great at it.  When he wasn’t writing  or reading, he was playing (“yes, Melanie, I’m writing that review right now at the tournament”).  He died at a tournament playing a game he loved.

I have included more information about Paul today on a separate post.  His backgammon team, Flint Area Backgammon Club, has a Go Fund Me link to help pay for the rest of his funeral costs which were larger than expected.  Any assistance will be appreciated.

I will be running one of Paul’s Paranormal Portfolios today.  I’m still so shocked and saddened.  Paul leaves a void here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, in the LGBTQIA book review community and everywhere that cannot be filled.  How I will miss him.


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