A Lila Release Day Review: Thiago by Romeo Preminger


Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5

A hot encounter with a security guard afterhours plunges uptight, Wall Street broker Nate Dennis into obsession and possibly something more.

Nate Dennis made corporate VP at thirty-one, won’t spend a dime for a taxi or laundry, and is socking away enough money to retire at forty-five and live large. He’s arranged his life to not make his mom’s mistake of falling in love with a guy who’s going to leave him broken. Besides, any relationship he’s tried has been a helpless puzzle. He’s better at hooking up, no strings attached, and in New York City, there’s no shortage of hot guys with sick bodies who are interested in the same thing.

Then an afterhours encounter in the office with a new security guard Thiago has him questioning everything.

Thiago is a hard book to rate. The ideas, some of the scenes, and the characterization are interesting and make you keep reading. At the same time, the first person POV, the violence in the relationship, and some of the language are cringe worthy.

The story has a raw appeal that gives it a sense of reality many books lack. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to get over some of the descriptions and events in the story. The way they react to each other is more volatile than sensual. This is more erotica than romance.

If you’re looking for a more down and dirty story, bordering into an abusive relationship, this may be your story. Just be ready for a loose plot, many sex scenes, and two main characters that can be better apart than together.

The cover by Inkspiral Design is very generic, but the model fits the book’s descriptions.

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ebook, 200 pages
Published: December 3, 2017, by Romeo Preminger
ISBN: 9780692948613
Edition Language: English

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