A MelanieM Review: Old Christmas Magic by Kassandra Lea


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Drew McLean has had a run of bad luck and it’s dampened his Christmas spirit. But the last thing he expects to find for the holiday is a demon.

While strolling in the late-night snow, Drew hears screeching tires and a sad scene is awaits him around the corner. A man kneels beside a dog hit by a car, distraught and broken.

The man is Artem, a demon sent to find a pure soul. Drew matches that description to a T. The problem is Artem’s never really been good at the demon gig.

Will a little Christmas magic help them both find what they’re looking for?

I found Old Christmas Magic by Kassandra Lea surprisingly moving.  The story of a demon who doesn’t wish to actually be a demon and is tormented because of his actions that betray his feelings is poignant and one that amazingly works as a holiday story. Sent to earth for one final mission to prove himself, Artem is distraught, knowing he doesn’t fit in anywhere. The author makes Artem someone we connect with emotionally as we see him suffer over the plight of the dog, his feelings about Drew who helps them both and Christmas the time of the story.

The characters are well done, the events flow to help you understand Artem’s plight, his growth and joy at discovering Christmas and the relationship being built between himself and Drew.

My only issue is at the end.  The author strove for the HEA and included an insta love element when really none was necessary or believable.  Leaving Drew and Artem at starting a relationship, finding each other at Christmas, having Artem learn that he did have a place somewhere after all, well, that would have been perfect.  Sometimes a HFN is all that’s called for.   A HEA turned this story from a potentially great story into a nice one.

Still, Old Christmas Magic is a different take on the holiday fare with a demon finding his Christmas magic when he had none at all. Lovely.

Cover art is different.  Artem is all broken and battered, definitely not wearing a golden mask.  But the car and the street is a element from the story and its eye catching, that’s true.

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Book Details:

Published December 2nd 2017 by JMS Books LLC

A VVivacious Review: Tournament of Champions (Daniel and Ryan #10) by Tamryn Eradani


Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Daniel and Ryan meet each other’s sisters and Ryan convinces Daniel to participate in their company’s Jeopardy tournament as Daniel realises that their relationship is no longer just between the two of them.

I loved this story. It was so uniquely different from all the other books in this series. This book in the series has no conflict between Daniel and Ryan but the story still manages to grow and we get to see a whole new side of Daniel and Ryan’s relationship.

I loved this story a lot. I especially loved the scene where we get to meet Daniel’s sister Ashley and Ryan’s sisters Rebecca and Kara because despite the fact that these three are characters that have not been developed over time these three still managed to hold their own against Daniel and Ryan. That entire scene is exceptionally well done and I can’t wait for Daniel and Ryan to meet each other’s parents.

On the whole, this story made me so happy. I don’t think I remember a sex scene between Daniel and Ryan that wasn’t a scene so that was very nice and unique, to see Daniel lose control in a whole new way and just God it blew me.

This story really made me realize not only how far these two have come but also how far they will go.

I am a little worried that this might be the last book in the series and I have completely missed the memo because for the first time since I have begun reading this series the excerpt at the end was of another series by Tamryn Eradani.

If this is the end, it was incredibly well done. Through all the ups and downs of this series, though the ups far outnumber the downs I have really begun to understand these two characters and along with them, I have fallen in love with the relationship they have created.

If this is the end, thanks for an incredible series and if not, I still can’t wait for the next one.

Cover Art by Natasha Snow is amazing as always.

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Book Details:

Published November 20th 2017 by NineStar Press
ISBN13 9781947904286
Edition Language English

A Kai Advent Release Day Review: The Last Gift by Chrissy Munder


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

College student Nick Reed works late shift at a convenience store and dreams of graduation, a job he can be proud of, and finding the man of his dreams.

But the man of his dreams is about to find him.

A change in his lab hours forces Nick to swap shifts with a coworker. But no one prepared Nick for Mr. 5:25—Aaron Hampton—a beefy blond who’s Nick’s perfect guy, but professionally and socially out of Nick’s reach. Soon Aaron becomes the highlight of Nick’s workday, and when the overly focused lawyer needs Nick’s help with holiday gifts, Nick is eager to spend time with Aaron.

They become friends, share book recommendations, and are surprised to find themselves at the same charity run. But is that all? When Aaron learns Nick is heading back to his old shift, will he find the courage to ask for one last, very special gift?

Loved this short story guys! Just loved it!

This was a new author for me, so I wasn’t sure what expect of it, but was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this short story. It was fluid, sweet and well written.

I loved the characters and was evolved in the plot as soon as I started reading it. You know those short stories where you really want a sequel so you can see your characters again? This novella was that for me. I was so in love with the characters that I really would love more about them.

Nick and Aaron were great! They felt real and adorable.  I connected with both and enjoyed myself cheering for them to change their friendship for something more (and theattraction was so clear between them). But I also liked they started it as friends and that the connection they developed after they met each other was gradual. It was adorable to read.

This was one of my favorite Christmas story in the Dreamspinner Advent Anthology this year. And if you are looking for an adorable, interesting, sweet and short Christmas reading, I really recommend this one.

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Book Details:
Ebook: 51 pages

ublication: December 01st, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press.


A Kai Review: Only with You (Only Colorado #1) by J.D. Chambers

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
“I guess if the worst thing I’m doomed to in life is mediocre sex, my life isn’t too bad.”
Self-starter and business analyst Zach Keller is living his dream life. He spends his days working from home in his favorite Tolkien t-shirts and pajamas while mothering his best friend-slash-roommate. The fact that his sex life is a bust and his love life is nonexistent?  Unimportant. After his college boyfriend berated him for his unconventional desires, Zach doesn’t plan on sharing that part of himself ever again, anyway.
“I’m tired of feeling like I missed out on something by not going to college.”
Craig Pela isn’t lonely.  He has tons of friends and weekends packed with activity.  He hasn’t needed anyone since he left home at eighteen and never looked back.  But everyone around him is moving forward in life, while he still works the same retail job at the same video game store, and it’s making him question his life choices.  After all, he doesn’t want to be the loser still playing video games at fifty, does he?
As their relationship develops, Zach’s shy nature melts away to reveal an irrepressible geek that charms the pants off Craig. And Craig’s kind patience and ability to match him obscure quote for quote leaves Zach wondering if he’s finally met the man he can be his true self with. After all, how can someone else love you when you keep a part of yourself hidden?

Guys! This book ♥… It went directly to my heart, reaaally!

First of all, look that beautiful cover! Lovely, right? I loved the title letters, the colors, the model (hi, handsome!)… Really, Garrett Leigh did an amazing job designing this cover. It’s simple and pretty, suits the book and just invites people to read it. I mean, one of the things that made me try this book was the cover, so it needs credit.

Let’s talk about the story then. Guyyys, what a well-written book! It was fluid, consistent, evolving, with the perfect amount of angst. Once I started I couldn’t stop until I finished.

The main characters were so great! They had layers and felt real. Both had some insecurities and family problems, but one helped the other with throughout the story.

 I loved Zach and Craig connection and how they accepted and loved each other. I was so cheering for them, from the beginning to the end.

Even the supporting characters were amazing and well described. Ben, for example, was so funny. And I loved his friendship with  Zach.

The only thing wasn’t so appealing to me in this story was the kink. I’m not a voyage reader fan, so that didn’t impress, sorry. But since it was truly well written and described, it was kind of interesting to read. Not my cup, but a person who is into this type of kink read would definitely love it! 

Well, I truly recommend this book. Specially if you like kinks. Even if not, the story is so much more than that, so I recommend it anyway. Go there, read it and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.

Sales Links

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Only-You-Colorado-Book-ebook/dp/B07778DDJH

Book Details:
Ebook: 224 pages
Published December 5th, 2017

An Alisa Review: I Brake for Christmas by Michael P. Thomas


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Unassuming music major Brent Callahan has the crush of a lifetime on frat boy George Cortner. When the opportunity to offer George a ride home for the holidays crops up, Brent has to dig deep for the nerve to seize it. He’d been planning on hanging around campus for Christmas, but George doesn’t need to know that.

They’re on the road before Brent’s even sure he’ll be able to keep his hands to himself with George in such close quarters. Not that George has asked him to …

This was such a cute story; both George and Brent are adorable.  Brent jumps at the chance to spend time alone with George, even if it means driving all day.  They get to know a little about each other as the day goes on but don’t push for anything more.

I loved how they both completely changed their plans just to spend time with each other and not find out until after the fact.  I liked how they were flexible and hope for the chance to get to know each other more during the Christmas break.  Overall I just really enjoyed this story and it’s a typical fell good Christmas story.

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is great and absolutely perfect for this story.

Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | B&N

Book Details:
ebook, 58 pages
Published: December 2, 2017 by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781634865227
Edition Language: English

Jenn Burke on Writing, Fantasy and her story The Gryphon’s King’s Consort


The Gryphon King’s Consort by Jenn Burke
Dreamspinner Press
Cover Art by Aaron Anderson

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to host Jenn Burke today on her tour for The Gryphon King’s Consort. Welcome, Jenn.


Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words – Interview with Jenn Burke

  • How much of yourself goes into a character?

I think all writers put something of themselves into their characters. I tend to take one of my traits—usually a flaw—and give it to my MC. For example, Luca’s unbending stubbornness in The Gryphon King’s Consort is all me.

  • Does research play a role into choosing which genre you write? Do you enjoy research or prefer making up your worlds and cultures?

Although I like to make up my own worlds and cultures, that doesn’t mean there’s no research involved. I strongly believe that science fiction or paranormal elements need something of a root in reality in order to be consistent and relatable. But there’s such a thing as too much research, too—especially if you’re constantly getting stuck in a research rabbit hole and not actually writing.

  • Has your choice of childhood or teenage reading genres carried into your own choices for writing?

Absolutely yes. I didn’t discover science fiction until I was in my pre-teens, but I devoured stories by Madeleine L’Engle, Monica Hughes, Jane Yolen, Anne McCaffery and others, and they definitely influenced what I love to write. As I got older, I graduated to paranormal and urban fantasy stories, and some of my favourite authors include Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey, Charles de Lint, Kelley Armstrong, and more.

  • Do you read romances, as a teenager and as an adult?

Definitely. I didn’t really get into romances until I was an older teen, but I loved the old Silhouette Shadows paranormal category romances. I do like contemporary romances, but my true love is romances with a speculative side to them—science fiction romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, etc.

  • Do you like HFN or HEA? And why?

If it’s a romance, it has to have a HFN or HEA. Full stop. But I don’t prefer one of those types of endings over the other—it all depends on what fits with the story. Sometimes a HFN is what makes the most sense, especially for a short story, novella, or a multi-book series. But I think a standalone novel or the final book of a series needs to have a strong HEA—that’s the payoff for your reader.

  • Do you have a favourite among your own stories? And why?

I loved writing Inversion Point (book four of the Chaos Station series) for a number of reasons. Zed and Felix’s relationship crisis was finally resolved in book three, and this was the first book where they really had a chance to start looking at the future. Zed faces his first challenge in his new role as the emissary for the omnipotent Guardians. Felix has to face the creatures who’d held him as a prisoner of war for four years. There’s a new alien race that gets introduced to the galaxy. And there’s intrigue, adventure, and lots of romance. It was just such a fun book.

That said, I absolutely love the interpersonal conflict I’ve written between Luca and Eirian in The Gryphon King’s Consort. It’s the best sort, where neither side is wrong and both sides are right—depending on your perspective. It was really satisfying to be able to bring these two characters with such different philosophies together to form a strong, loving partnership.

  • If you could imagine the best possible place for you to write, where would that be and why?

It would be in a cottage on the lovely and pastoral Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritimes. Somewhere with a screened-in porch to protect me from the mosquitoes while still allowing me to enjoy the ocean-fed breeze and admire the red sand beaches. PEI has such a wonderfully sedate pace of life, too. The entire place is just so relaxing.

  • What’s next for you as an author?

I’m attempting to write my first full-length contemporary novel, featuring a couple of head-butting stepbrothers—one who’s a spoiled rich brat used to getting his way and the other who’s a Brazilian-American ex-cop—who are forced to work together to complete the stipulations of their manipulative father’s will. It’s an ambitious project, but I’m hopeful!

I also plan to make my self-pub debut early in 2018 with a sexy contemporary short story. Stay tuned!

The Gryphon King’s Consort

Love takes flight.

The sudden death of the Gryphon King throws the kingdom of Mythos into uncertainty, and Crown Prince Luca rushes both his coronation and an arranged marriage to a man he’s never met. Eirian is young and idealistic, and while they both want what’s best for their people, their philosophies couldn’t be more different. While Luca believes in honoring tradition, Eirian is determined to infuse modern values into their kingdom of magical creatures. When given the choice between loyalty to his husband and his own crusade, Eirian makes a decision that might doom their marriage.

Still, Luca is committed to making their union work, and that means forgiving his brash consort. But when Eirian becomes the target of a deadly conspiracy, Luca must act fast—or forever lose the chance to explore their burgeoning love.

Buy links:

Dreamspinner Press

Amazon US

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Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


 About Jenn Burke

Jenn Burke has loved out-of-this-world romance since she first read about heroes and heroines kicking butt and falling in love as a preteen. Now that she’s an author, she couldn’t be happier to bring adventure, romance, and sexy times to her readers.

Jenn is the author of The Gryphon King’s Consort from Dreamspinner Press and the co-author of the critically acclaimed Chaos Station science fiction romance series (with Kelly Jensen) from Carina Press. She’s also the author of Her Sexy Sentinel, a paranormal romance from Entangled Publishing.

She’s been called a pocket-sized and puntastic Canadian on social media, and she’ll happily own that label. Jenn lives just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and two kids, plus two dogs named after video game characters…because her geekiness knows no bounds.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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A Holiday Story Collection Not to Be Missed! A Holiday to Remember Collection (Guest Post by F.B. Cassidy & Giveaway)


A Holiday to Remember banner

For the first time, Mischief Corner Books is releasing a month-long collection of holiday-themed tales:

Traditional Winter Holidays can be tough for a variety of reasons—family pressures, finding the right gift, homesick longing, and haunting memories to name a few. This collection showcases eleven queer short stories, from tender contemporaries to sweet paranormal to far-flung space tales, all designed to make you want to reach for your hot cocoa and your favorite snuggly spot. Come join us for A Holiday To Remember.

A Holiday to Remember - All Covers

Guest Post: Christmas Romance by F.B. Cassidy

There are many traditions we associate with winter holidays—specifically Christmas.  Opening one present on Christmas Eve.  Attending a religious ceremony.  Enjoying a turkey dinner with family.  Driving around the neighborhood to look at the festive lights.

Many of these traditions can even cross into the realm of romantic.  A great example is kissing under the mistletoe.  Or, having your significant other dress up as Santa Claus and then start kissing under the mistletoe.  The idea behind “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” had to derive from someone’s kink.

On a serious note, I see Christmas as a very romantic holiday for one specific reason. It was the day my husband proposed to me.  Our love story was a whirlwind.  We started dating in August, we were engaged on Christmas, and married the next August.  Everyone assumed our rushed courting was because of a pregnancy.  It wasn’t.  I simply knew from our very first kiss that he was the one I wanted to be with the rest of my life.

On Christmas morning, my then-boyfriend had me go out onto our back porch.  Before we started dating, we’d been hanging out as friends, and we spent a lot of time on his back porch.  It was there I told him I liked him—fancied him, was the wording I used—so it was there he told me he wanted me to be his wife.  It was a beautifully emotional day for me.  One I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I wanted to convey that sense of romance that I feel when thinking about Christmas to readers.  My character, Mel, isn’t looking for love when the story starts.  But after seeing his best friend Aldo so happily married, he thinks it’s time to start contemplating his own future.  A simple observation can make a drastic turn in someone’s life. Carlos, on the other hand, knows what he wants, more specifically who he wants, and he charges in.  Two very different sides of the situation, but they’re able to meet in the middle.  

Mel and Carlos fit together, the way I think my husband and I fit together.  We see the flaws in each other, but love the strengths.  We accept our quirks, and encourage them.  We give support in all things.  I don’t doubt that Mel and Carlos will do all of these as they grow as a couple.  I can picture it all so clearly.





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Story Blurbs & Info

Watermelon KissesWatermelon Kisses
by Freddy McKay


Life hasn’t been easy for Amir since he fled Iran after a brutal imprisonment. The trauma experienced at the hands of the guards left a dark spot on his soul. The one constant in his life since relocating to Chicago has been his lover—now husband—Esmail, whose steadfast love and support has soothed his wounded heart.

​But this Shab-e Yalda, Amir wants to be the one giving his husband something special, because even after the darkest nights, the sun will rise again.


Freddy grew up in the Midwest, playing sports and running around outside. And honestly, that much has not changed since Freddy was small and throwing worms at other kids, except worm throwing has been replaced with a healthy geocaching addiction. Freddy enjoys traveling and holds the view a person should continually to learn about new things and people whenever possible.

Freddy’s contemporary LGBTQ book, Incubation: Finding Peace 2, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Erotic Fiction in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. In 2013, Freddy’s story, Internment, tied for 3rd Place – Best Gay Fantasy in the Rainbow Awards. Freddy’s steampunk/SF story, Feel Me, was a Finalist and honorable mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards for SF. And in 2015, Freddy’s urban fantasy Snow on Spirit Bridge was also a Finalist and honorable mention.

For more information on Freddy’s work, please visit or email:

Website: Freddy’s Stereograph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FreddyMacKay
Email: freddy.m.mackay@gmail.com

(One of Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Best of 2017)

But to Love MoreBut To Love More
F.B. Cassidy


Mel finally gets to go home for Christmas. In his absence, his hometown has changed, and Carlos, his best friend’s little brother, is all grown up and interested in a relationship. But Carlos has his work cut out for him since Mel’s having trouble seeing past the little brother part and his big brother, Aldo’s determined to keep them apart.


Foster Bridget Cassidy is a rare, native Phoenician who enjoys hot desert air and likes to wear jackets in summer. She has wanted to be a fiction writer since becoming addicted to epic fantasy during high school. Since then, she’s studied the craft academically—at Arizona State University—and as a hobby—attending conventions and workshops around the country. A million ideas float in her head, but it seems like there’s never enough time to get them all down on paper.

Website: https://fosterbridgetcassidy.wordpress.com/

Corey's Christmas BundleCorey’s Christmas Bundle (Atherton Pack 5)
Toni Griffin

Being pregnant is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re male and a shifter. Even though the world now knows about wolf shifters, their male’s ability to bare young is still a closely guarded secret. Since Corey’s pregnancy is now visible, he’s been stuck at home working on code and waiting for company to drop by. Problem is, though, the human government wants to know where Corey is.

As Christmas and Corey’s due date draw ever nearer, Ben devises a plan that will not only get Corey out of the house, but allows the wolves of Atherton Pack to give the community some Christmas cheer.


Toni Griffin lives in Darwin, the smallest of Australia’s capital cities. Born and raised in the state she’s a Territorian through and through. Growing up Toni hated English with a passion (as her editors can probably attest to) and found her strength lies with numbers.

Now, though, she loves escaping to the worlds she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. She’s a single mother of one and works full time. When she’s not writing you can just about guarantee that she will be reading one of the many MM authors she loves. Feel free to drop her a line at info@tonigriffin.net anytime.

For more information about Toni’s work, please visit:

Website: http://tonigriffin.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/toni.griffin.author

Safety Protocols for Human HolidaysSafety Protocols For Human Holidays
Angel Martinez

As a security officer on an interspecies ship, Growlan Raskli’s experienced in heading off species-specific aberrant behaviors in order to keep the peace. But when her captain asks her to find out what’s bothering their sole human crew member, Raskli’s out of her depths. She hardly knows anything about humans and she’s not a psych doctor.

Something’s definitely upset Human Jen, something to do with human holidays. The more time Raskli spends studying humans and interacting with the intriguing Human Jen, the more personal the assignment becomes. Determined to lift the dark cloud from Human Jen, Raskli will do whatever it takes—within safe parameters, of course.


While Angel Martinez is the erotic fiction pen name of a writer of several genres, she writes both kinds of queer fiction – Science Fiction and Fantasy. Currently living part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware, (and full time inside the author’s head) Angel has one husband, one son, two cats, a changing variety of other furred and scaled companions, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate. For more information on Angel’s work, please visit:

Website: Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Angel.Martinez.author
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1010469.Angel_Martinez
Email: angelmartinezauthor@gmail.com

Secrets & SilkSecrets & Silk
Nicole Dennis


Quiet, strait-laced David Appleton thinks he’s going to have a problem at work. A new co-worker discovered his secret in the locker room. Unable to confront someone, David let him walk away. Now he worries everyone will know his deepest held secret. A secret hidden under his signature vest, tie, and trousers.

Since walking in on his co-worker, CJ O’Connell tries to get a moment to speak with the shy David, but nothing works. His last hope—the Secret Santa Gift Exchange party. Perhaps a special gift can peel away the secrets.


A quiet one, Nicole Dennis curled up with the latest book of a favorite author. Since the beginning, there were these characters in her head, worlds wanting to be built on paper, and stories wanting to be told. She began writing during class and continues to this day. Now she can let others into her imagination and worlds that always celebrate the love between two or more people within LGBT, paranormal, and fantasy.

During the day, she works in a quiet office in Central Florida, where she also makes her home, and enjoys the down time to slip into her imagination. She is owned by a semi-demonic tortie calico, affectionately known as Fat Cat. For more information on Nicole, please visit:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NicoleDennis.Author
Blog: http://nicoledennisauthor.blogspot.com
Website: http://nicoledennisauthor.com
Email: nicoledennis.author@gmail.com
GoodreadsQ&A with Nicole Dennis: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/50397-q-a-with-nicole-dennis
Goodreads Profile: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2791975.Nicole_Dennis

Winter HomeWinter Home
Kassandra Lea

It’s Christmastime and the snow is falling. Restoring an old Victorian manor has been keeping contractor Brett Hawkins busy. The project’s meant to be complete by Christmas, but there’s no way he can get it done in time, especially with the big day right around the corner.

Meanwhile, his beloved Manuel Aguilar is grappling with depression, and he’s consumed by guilt that it’s kept him from putting up the decorations. But his biggest concern is that he may be ruining the holiday for Brett. As Manny struggles, unable to recognize his own courage in every small gain, Brett has a surprise that may help break depression’s hold.


I have my mom to thank for so much. First of all, she fostered a love of reading. According to her I’ve been reading since I could hold a book and I got my first library card at age 3. Growing up I used to read 100 books a year, but of course, that doesn’t happen as often since there’s writing to do and a day job.

Secondly, I have to thank her for always pushing me to keep chasing my dream of being an author. Who else am I going to bounce ideas off of, and she helps me when I get stuck. Suppose you could say she’s my biggest fan.

When I’m not writing I enjoy time with my dog, tending my garden, baking sweet treats, walking through crunchy fall leaves and blankets of cold snow, playing video games, and reading! I’ve a fondness for horses and blankets (is it possible to own too many?)

And yes, some days I still wish I was Batman. For more information about Kassandra and her work, please visit:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheddarsgal
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7369580.Kassandra_Lea
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leakassie/

Christmas Eve Craigslist KillerChristmas Eve Craigslist Killer
Jill Wexler

The public library’s computer geek, aka Travis, is content skirting the edges of social interaction. He’s fully committed to being a boring, twenty-something IT guy who likes his office more than people, a guy someone like Connor would never fall for. Connor, who works on the library floor as a page, is outgoing, social, and charming and everything else that stands for “fun.”

An interaction between the two at the library on Christmas Eve has Travis accidentally mentioning that he failed to find this year’s hottest toy for his nephew. Immediately, Connor goes on a quick hunt online, and finds one. The only problem is that the Craigslist seller is hours away and Travis is sure spending hours in a car with quirky, handsome Connor can only end badly.


Jill started writing back in the day of notebook paper and erasable pens (blue ink is best), when her mom’s typewriter was out of ribbon.  Then she graduated to a word processing program in MS-DOS, then WordPerfect.  Her computer sadly caught the Blue Screen of Death and all was lost.  She stopped writing for an extremely long time, because “life.”

She lives in the upper Bible Belt, rolls her eyes a lot and drinks enough wine to consider it a sacrifice to the gods that her kids won’t need too much therapy down the road.

A while back, Jill picked up writing again with a woman’s site and the writing fever spiked.  But she’s actually new to publishing, so there may or may not have been more wine involved recently (only one glass was harmed in the making of this story and it was a mason jar so…bygones).

Articles: http://suburbanmisfitmom.com/writer/jill-wexler/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jill.Wexler73
Email: Jillwexler73@gmail.com

New BeginningsNew Beginnings
Jayne Lockwood

Nick is not looking forward to his second Christmas without Sammi, his gorgeous ex-fiancee. She left him on New Year’s Eve, a week after their engagement, and he still doesn’t know why.

A chance meeting whilst out Christmas shopping reveals that Sammi is now Sam, a transgender man. As the reasons behind their break-up become clearer, Nick cannot make sense of his new feelings. He is shocked by the deep attraction he still has to Sam, and what that says about himself.

It will take Nick’s straight-talking family, and Sam’s guiding hand, to help him discover that gender is no barrier to love.


Jayne Lockwood has been writing for most of her life, starting with really bad poetry as a teenager, usually railing against nuclear war (it was the 1970’s.) There followed a couple of novels, long since consigned to flames (probably just as well, TBH,) and the hazy idea that maybe one day, she would get something published. Her first successful writing assignment was for the college newspaper of the County College of Morris, in Randolph, New Jersey, where she studied Journalism.

Since then, Jayne has been involved in projects closer to home, working closely with other authors to continue to develop their writing. Two pieces of her prose can be found in Chalk Road, a collaborative anthology from local writers, sponsored by Wycombe District Council, and she has invariably been involved in a writing group, as well as running a local book group.

She has also had five Black Lace titles published by Virgin Books, under the pseudonym, Savannah Smythe, and has collaborated with glamour celebrity, Abi Titmuss, to produce 10 Fantasies, Abi’s collection of short stories.

Jayne has also published three M/M erotica stories, Lexington Black, Docklands Diamond and My Boyfriend Is A Dog, under S A Smythe. In addition to that, she writes book reviews for WROTE Podcast, a forum for LGBTQ readers and writers. She helped set up the podcast in 2015 with fellow writers, S A Collins (sacollins.com) and Vance Bastian (vancebastian.com) and is proud to say the podcast is going from strength to strength.

The Cloud Seeker is Jayne’s first mainstream novel, and draws upon her background as a Chilterns woman and her affection for the US, where she lived for two years.

Soon after, she rediscovered the very first manuscript she started back in 1996. After many hours of updating, it was finally published on Amazon. Closer Than Blood is a tale of hit men, blackmail and forbidden passion, set in Manhattan. Both novels are currently available as ebook and paperback, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and many on-line book retailers.

She always has at least one novel in the background, and at the present time she is working on her first science fiction novel, working title Euphoria, based on the nuclear bunker near where she lives.

For more information about Jayne and her work, please visit:

Website: https://hollowhillspublishing.blogspot.com/

A Piece of OurselvesA Piece Of Ourselves
Tray Ellis

Balancing holidays between two families can make cheerful celebrations into chores. Carson Benedetti’s mom has overscheduled the Christmas holidays and she’s more than insistent that boyfriend Tynan Harris come into the family fold. There’s so much to do Tynan can’t find time to bring Carson over to his own family and he feels like they are being left in the dust.

​After dating for nine months, and with their relationship becoming more serious, Tynan’s patience is sorely tested by the multitude of Benedetti family traditions keeping them busy. Tynan needs to figure out how to find some breathing room, split their time more fairly, and make Christmas more than just tradition by rote.


Tray Ellis grew up across from an empty field, where she spun a lot of imaginary adventures, helping to prepare her for a lifetime of writing. When she isn’t writing, she stays active by hiking, cooking, stacking the odd cord of wood in the shed, baking, and being too busy to keep her home in any semblance of order. Currently she tries to find a balance between the logical way she thinks and the flights of fancy she often daydreams about. Mostly, the daydreams are winning. For more information about Tray, please visit:

Website: https://trayellis.dreamwidth.org
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6564767.Tray_Ellis

I Only Want to Be With YouI Only Want to Be With You
Scott Coatsworth

Derrek is dealing with the recent, unexpected death of his mother. He’s been alone for five year since his husband Will died, and he’s ready to find someone new and to start living again. Ryan lost his partner, David, in an auto accident, and is dating Alex, who doesn’t treat him right.

Derrek can’t figure out why Ryan won’t see what’s right in front of his face. Why does Ryan come to him to talk about all his hopes, dreams, and fears, then go home to Alex?

If Derrek can figure that out, they might just have a shot.

Buy Links:


Scott is the admin for the Queer Sci Fi site. He has been writing since elementary school, when he and won a University of Arizona writing contest in 4th grade for his first sci fi story (with illustrations!). He finished his first novel in his mid twenties, but after seeing it rejected by ten publishers, he gave up on writing for a while.

Over the ensuing years, he came back to it periodically, but it never stuck. Then one day, he was complaining to Mark, his husband, early last year about how he had been derailed yet again by the death of a family member, and Mark said to him “the only one stopping you from writing is you.”

Since then, Scott has gone back to writing in a big way, finishing more than a dozen short stories – some new, some that he had started years before – and seeing his first sale. He’s embarking on a new trilogy, and also runs a support group for writers of gay sci fi, fantasy, and supernatural fiction.

Website: http://www.jscottcoatsworth.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jscottcoatsworth/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jscoatsworth

A New Year on Vega IIIA New Year On Vega III
Siri Paulson

On the colony planet Vega III, everyone knows Beck—outgoing, fabulous, and genderqueer—and nobody notices Anil, the quiet plant biologist. But when Anil finds Beck hiding in his greenhouse, lonely and missing Earth, it’s Anil who is able to comfort Beck by letting them talk about what they miss most—the feeling that comes with celebrating the holidays with loved ones, especially New Year’s Eve.

​The two of them are drawn to one another, but both of them are hiding secrets about their sexuality. With trust between them already on shaky ground, Anil’s elaborate plans to cheer Beck may well backfire.


I write all over the fantasy and science fiction spectrum, including (so far) secondary-world fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, Gothic, historical paranormal, spaceships, and various unholy mashups of these.

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, but now live in an old house in Toronto. My other current passion is contra dance, a social/folk dance done to live Celtic and roots music. My favourite places in the world are the Canadian Rocky Mountains and a little valley in Norway. In my other life, I edit non-fiction for the government. For more information, please visit or email:

Website: https://siripaulson.wordpress.com/
Email: s_l_paulson@yahoo.ca

Sean Michael on the Family Side of Romance and his new release Daddy Needs a Date


Daddy Needs a Date by Sean Michael
Dreamspinner Press
Cover Art:

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Dreamspinner PressAmazon | Barnes & NobleKobo  



Thank you to Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words for hosting me today.

I really enjoy writing stories like Daddy Needs a Date. I like exploring the family side of gay romance. Part of it is that I love seeing any father be sweet and caring with their children, so having two melts my heart even more.

In Daddy Needs a Date, Alex isn’t so sure about dating a single dad. He’s never had any desire to have children of his own and his job isn’t conducive to having kids. Hell, it’s not even conducive to dating, really. It’s not that he doesn’t like kids, he’s simply never considered having any of his own.

To be honest, I had thought the story was going to go in a very different direction than it did. But as always, the characters have their own ideas. And what was supposed to be a tug and pull between Alex wanting to date Ryan, but not being at all sure about the children angle turned into something else. In part because Ryan was an even better father than I’d anticipated, and because Alex was a better man than I’d originally painted him as when I started the story.

I think it’s a good thing the characters zigged when I would have had them zag because the story is better for it. I hope you enjoy the direction they insisted I go in.

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything


With four girls, single dad Ryan Withers has his hands too full to look for romance. He’s not complaining—he loves his daughter and the three nieces he adopted when their parents died, and he would do anything for them. He’s caught off-guard when his mother and daughter conspire to play matchmaker.

Alex Bernot works in disaster relief, his job taking him all over the world for extended periods of time, helping others. He’s staying with his aunt while he’s home, and she sets him up on a blind date. Finding a special someone isn’t really on his mind, but he goes to make his aunt happy.

Ryan and Alex enjoy each other’s company more than either of them expected, and they soon make a second date. Their lives are complicated, though, in very different ways, and soon family needs and their jobs conspire to pull them apart. They’ll need to figure out how to work through the things keeping them apart, but first they’ll have to decide if they even want to….

About the Author

Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

Sean Michael on the web:

WEBSITE: http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com

BLOG: http://seanmichaelwrites.blogspot.ca

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites/

TWITTER: seanmichael09

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/seanmichaelpics/