A MelanieM Release Day Review: Slip (Recovery #2) by BA Tortuga


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Love is a fragile thing, and it can slip through your fingers if you don’t hold on tight….

When Zack Jung’s AA sponsor and friend commits suicide, he’s desperate to hold it together, and there’s only one place he can turn. He calls Josh and Kris, and they take him back to their ranch outside Santa Fe.

A cowboy to the bone, Cimarron Duran cherishes his orderly life and routine. He likes his neighbors, Kris and Josh, but he has less than no interest in the hipster personal trainer who comes to stay with them—or at least, he plans to fight his interest in favor of his solitary life and his art.

But some things are as inevitable as the weather, and when Zack and Cimarron finally come together, they find they don’t want to let go. It won’t be easy, though, for two men with pasts like theirs to forge a happy future together.

When it comes to  writing men fighting their demons, B.A. Tortuga is immediately that author whose characters come off as people leveled by life, wounded, and so believable that I expect to hear them cough and laugh and sometimes curse soundly right off the page or in my case my Kindle.  Her stories… their stories are gritty, full of passion and fire, and yes, pain.

None of that is more true that Slip, the second in B.A. Tortuga’s Recovery series.  The meaning of the title of the story isn’t clear until the very end.  Oh but the getting there.  The author takes us and her characters, Cimarron and Zack on quite the journey in Slip.  It’s a revelation really because through her scenes with these hurting, damaged men we get to almost taste the rain, feel the biting cold, revel in the wildness of a primal dance, and feel the tug of not only passion but the healing nature of love that occurs over time through the relationship between Zack and Cimmaron.

From the amazing intimacy of the conversations that make us feel as though we’re standing in the room listening to something wonderful unfold to the flow of the narrative that seems as natural as the setting that surrounds the men themselves, we feel a part of this couple and their journey towards love and a home together.  I became heavily invested in their future and their happiness because they felt so real.

There’s also the frank treatment of substance abuse here.  How does a person live with the fact that he’s an alcoholic? How does one live with an alcoholic?  The manner in which it’s folded into the story is perfect as well as realistic.

In short, I can’t rave enough about this story.  From the superb characterizations to a romance that will ignite your senses to a love story that you’ll tuck into your heart…Slip is a story to remember.  You don’t have to have read the first one in the series but it helps to give you a better knowledge of the people you meet here in this story.  I highly recommend them all.

Cover art by Maria Fanning. Love the cover.  Incorporates the right elements and does a nice job with the characters.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 246 pages
Expected publication: December 22nd 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN13 9781635338027
Edition Language English
Series Recovery #2

A Caryn Advent Release Day Review: The Holly Groweth Green by Amy Rae Durreson


Rating:  5 stars out of 5 

This is easily my favorite of all the Christmas stories I’ve read so far this year.  I love this author to begin with (she’s on my auto-buy list) and once again she has not disappointed!

This is a fairy tale:  not a retelling, but an original.  Although the setting is post-WWII England, the story still reflects that atmosphere of magic that you expect in a fairy tale.  There is an enchanted wizard, an unlikely hero, a curse to break, and a happy ever after.  Ms. Durreson’s prose very cleverly draws the reader from the mundane world of a cold train through the border between reality and magic to the enchanted cottage and a world that truly does feel set outside of time.  And then thrusts the reader right back into cold harsh reality – I felt like I was not just reading about Laurence, but was right there with him experiencing it!

Dr. Laurence Payne survived WWII, but he was not whole.  A head injury left him without certain critical thinking pathways which made him unsafe to continue practicing medicine, and he was at a complete loose end.  No family, no plans, so he decided to spend Christmas in the country, for lack of anything better to do.  On the way to Portsmouth on Christmas Eve, the train was stopped by snow, and Laurence, as one of the last passengers to get off, found there were no more rooms at the inn.  So he set off on foot to the village in hopes of finding a place to stay.

The winter afternoon was deceiving though, and Laurence felt that no matter which way he went, he kept getting farther away from his destination, and the night was coming on quickly.  When he came to a cottage surrounded in holly hedges, he was thankful, and though the beautiful man who answered his knock seemed a little strange and a little over-eager to welcome a stranger into his house, Laurence accepted his offer of hospitality.  Avery told him that he was born in 1579, that he could do magic, and Laurence immediately chalked him up as “a little mad” but found himself enjoying Avery’s company nonetheless.  The hours turned into days, and Laurence started falling in love and experienced a contentment and joy he’d never felt before.  On Twelfth Night, Avery asked him to stay, but Laurence was already thinking he had to get back to the real world, employment and all of the other prosaic realities of life, and it was only when he awoke alone the next morning, to find the cottage in ruins and Avery gone, that he finally believed that Avery had been right about magic all along.

I have to say here that one of the things I loved most about this story was how beautifully it was written, and how the author switched between more modern, factual descriptions of action and setting when Laurence was alone, and the softer, entrancing, and otherworldly notes of his time with Avery.  The difference was marked enough that when Laurence woke up after Twelfth Night, I also felt like I was waking from a dream, but it was subtle enough that I didn’t realize it was like a dream until that moment.  It is rare to find that level of writing skill in this genre, so I appreciate it all the more (those readers who are also fans of Harper Fox know exactly what I’m talking about!)

The writing was amazing, but I also enjoyed following Laurence from his start as a man who had lost his purpose and direction in life to the war and its aftermath, to a man with a purpose – not only to find and reclaim Avery, but also to make a life for himself and to become part of a community.  Breaking a curse in a modern world meant confronting his own demons and his own brokenness.  In doing so, he saved Avery, but he also saved himself.

Very, very highly recommended!

Cover art by L.C. Chase is pretty, and I felt the image of a man trudging through snow appropriate for the theme of the book.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 55 pages
Published December 1st 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

A MelanieM Review: Make the Yuletide Gay: a Collection of M/M Holiday Stories – Various Authors


Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


Make the Yuletide Gay has a number of cute, heartwarming stories for the holidays.  Some are just too short, others are just not “holidayish” enough, missing out on some turn of the story that leaves you feeling just a bit let down.  here they are with my comments and ratings.

Sleigh bells ring—are you listening?

It’s that time of year again, and we have the perfect way to get you in the mood: A free anthology! Five holiday stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart, heat up your cold nights, and most importantly: Make your yuletide gay.

A Christmas Party to Remember by Nicky Spencer 4 stars out of 5

Last Christmas, Cory and Wes made a connection that left them both thanking Santa. But when Cory doesn’t show up for their first date, Wes swears he won’t make that mistake again. This year, can Santa’s magic find a way to bring them back together?

♥︎Thought this was one of the cutest stories here.  Lovers reunited at Christmas time.  Short and sweet.  Very nice.

Let’s Not Go Crazy by Stephen Hoppa Rating 3 stars out of 5

The holidays are stressful enough without Ethan’s boyfriend Nate trying to kill him with Christmas cheer. But Nate’s found a whole new way to torture Ethan when he reveals that he wants kids. Will their conflicting desires tear their relationship apart, or will they find a way to ring in the new year stronger than ever?

✒︎This one sort of missed the mark for me.  It seemed that they  brushed the whole discussion away and settled at the end.  Sort of sad and unsettled instead of finished.

Captain Jack and the Snack Attack by Addison Albright Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Two men determined to win the same treasure at a charity silent auction, a wayward kitten, grumbling tummies, and a dilemma: what’s the correct gift-giving etiquette for a first date that’s mere days before Christmas, and what could possibly go awry with this merry combination?

♥︎Meet cute and it has a kitten.  Heartwarming and sweet if too short.

The Christmas Day Date by Nell Iris  Rating: 4 stars out of 5

One rainbow Christmas tree in harm’s way and an afternoon spent eating far too many cookies, equals two men with changed holiday plans. But how does that translate into a date?

♥︎This was my favorite story of the anthology.  From the initial meeting to their get togethers  around that marvelous tree and discovery about each other.  I just loved it.  True Christmas! The writing was as great as the story.

The Year of the Monkey by Amy Tasukada Rating 3 stars out of 5

The last thing Aoi wants to do for New Year’s is spend it with his boyfriend’s parents, who were far from thrilled when their son came out. Can Aoi warm their hearts making traditional mochi or will they end up in an even stickier situation?

♥︎I liked this story but for readers unfamiliar with this couple from the author’s series, this might be a little confusing over certain elements about this established couple.  It’s far better to have the background than to come at this story cold.  With the background knowledge I found Aoi’s path towards acceptance heartwarming and hopeful.

Authors Note: This anthology is free at all retailers except Amazon.com. We have been unsuccessful in all attempts to get Amazon to change the price. Therefore we have decided to donate all proceeds from Amazon sales to the Trevor Project. If you bought your copy there instead of getting a free one, please know your money is going to a good cause.

Cover art is cute and that adorable guy will catch your eye anywhere.

Free at Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 126 pages
Published November 15th 2017

B.G. Thomas on Writing, Names and his latest novel ‘Getting His Man (Getting His Man #1)’ (guest post)


Getting His Man (Getting His Man #1) by B.G. Thomas
Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Bree Archer

BUY LINKS: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Amazon UK

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to host B.G. Thomas here today to talk about many things including his latest release, Getting His Man.  Welcome, Ben.


Hello Constant Readers!

My name, for those of you who don’t know me, is BG Thomas. But I prefer to be called Ben.

I wish I had gone with my first name when I started in this wonderful business, but it was a time where interviewers for jobs frequently Googled prospective employees, and I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. And sadly, if they saw that you wrote gay romance, they immediately jumped to the wrong idea and concluded that you wrote porn.

Geeze! One of my best friends introduced me to a group of his friends by telling them I wrote porn that made you cry and smile and…etc. I pulled him aside and asked him why he did that. “If I wrote heterosexual romances would you have told people I wrote porn?” He shamefaced told me no, and that he was sorry. But the kicker is—he is gay!

Things have changed enough that today I wouldn’t be concerned with a possible employer Googling me. Heck! I don’t care who knows what I do. And if they think I write porn, I don’t care. Except that if you are buying my new book, Getting His Man, or any of my books, for the sex, you’re going to be disappointed. Not that I don’t write good sex. I think I write hot sex. But it is also sweet, and doesn’t come into the story until the very right moment!

Here are some questions that Scattered Thoughts and Rouge Words asked me to answer. I hope you enjoy…!

STaRW: How much of yourself goes into a character?

Ben: Well, it depends on the character. Some yes, some no. For instance, in my new book, there is a lot of me in Artie. In fact, the whole part where he gets arrested for drug dealing could very well have happened to me. My first roommate was quite the druggie and blasted his music and when you walked into the apartment building, you could often smell the pot smoke downstairs. I was scared to death I would get arrested. I used the scenario and how I would have reacted if I actually would have gotten in trouble with the law. Then with the other character in the book, August, well I am no fearless bounty hunter! LOL! August is more of a dream man hero, or even the kind of man I wish I could be.

STaRW: Have you ever had to put an ‘in progress’ story aside because of the emotional ties with it?  You were hurting with the characters or didn’t know how to proceed?

Ben: Oh yes! Most of my novels take me two to four months to write. Winter Heart took me over a year. The main character, Wyatt, was very much a reflection of me and what I went through with an emotionally and mentally abusive ex-spouse. It kept bringing up so much hurt and pain I had to set it aside. But it was also cathartic and helped me work through it all, and heal as well!

STaRW: Do you like to write HFN or HEA? And why?

Ben: Again, it depends on the book. But I can tell you as the writer, pretty much any story I end with for a HFN? It is a HEA! The book just doesn’t go on long enough for the reader to know that for sure. That is why my characters are bound to show up in other books so readers can see that the lovers from one book are still happily together weeks, months, and even years later!  🙂

STaRW: Ever drunk written a chapter and then read it the next day and still been happy with it?  Trust me there’s a whole world of us drunk writers dying to know.

Ben: LOL! Would you believe it if I said, again, that it depends on the scene/book? See I have written scenes where my character got drunk or stoned or whatever and I got pretty darned tipsy to feel what they were feeling and wrote it from that angle. In another story was sort of a paranormal experience they were having. The “drunk” state helped me write the scene with that “feeling.” And I was surprised (and happy) how very little editing I had to do. And as some famous person once said, “Write drunk, edit sober!”

STaRW: If you could imagine the best possible place for you to write, where would that be and why?

Ben: A beach house. OMGosh yes! With lots of glass. And a big deck. I am a water baby and that connection to the sea would be unbelievable. A house that is not crammed up against the next house. Not a mile away mind you! Oh no. I am way too social an animal for that. I like people. So I’d want the ability to have privacy, but also to have coffee with a neighbor. And I wouldn’t mind if I had lots of gay neighbors. The commonality would be wonderful and a constant influence and inspiration.

 STaRW: With so much going on in the world today, do you write to explain?  To get away?  To move past?  To widen our knowledge?  Why do you write?

Ben: Yes. That is exactly what I do and why.

 STaRW: What’s next for you as a writer?

Ben: In several of my novels some of my characters have gone to a vegan restaurant called Café Namasté. I am finally writing the story about the man who owns that place. I am learning a lot. And it is going to be a book that explains, lets you get away, to move past and to widen your knowledge. And it is going to make you laugh and cry too. And get all gushy inside. And maybe turn you on too!

And there! I hope you liked my answers. Now here is the cover blurb of my new book!


A love story worthy of an old movie… with a new twist.

Artie needs a hero, a man like those he’s always revered in Golden Age films. His drug-dealing jerk of a roommate got him arrested, and since his savior isn’t likely to sweep in and save the day, Artie calls a bail bondsman.

August has always imagined himself a hero from a black-and-white movie, but he’s never found a man willing to let him play that role—at least not until he gets the call from Artie.

Both of their dreams might come true, but not before August must use his skills as a bounty hunter as well as a bondsman. Artie is on the run for his life, and August must protect him and help him clear his name. Only then can they both finally get their man.

And hey, after you’re done reading it, I would love to hear what you think!

Love, Namasté, and Happy Holidays!

BG “Ben” Thomas

About the Author

B.G. Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband of more than a decade and their fabulous dogs Sarah Jane and Oliver. He is blessed to have a lovely daughter as well as many extraordinary friends. He has a great passion for life.

B.G. loves romance, comedies, fantasy, science fiction, and even horror—as far as he is concerned, as long as the stories are character driven and entertaining, it doesn’t matter the genre. He has gone to literature conventions his entire adult life where he’s been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers. He has made up stories since he was a child; it is where he finds his joy.

In the nineties, he wrote for gay adult magazines but stopped because the editors wanted all sex without plot. “The sex is never as important as the characters,” he says. “Who cares what they are doing if we don’t care about them?” Excited about the growing male/male romance market, he began writing again. He submitted a novella and was thrilled when it was accepted in four days. Since then the romantic tales have poured out of him. “It’s like I’m somehow making up for a lifetime’s worth of story-telling!”

In 2015 he made an entry every day in his blog “365 Days of Silver,” where he found something every day to be grateful for. You can find it right here: https://365daysofsilver.wordpress.com/

“Leap, and the net will appear” is his personal philosophy and his message. “It is never too late,” he testifies. “Pursue your dreams. They will come true!”

Website/blog: bthomaswriter.wordpress.com

Cover Reveal for Bases Loaded by Sean Michael (guest post and cover reveal)


Bases Loaded by Sean Michael
Dreamspinner Press

Buy links: Dreamspinner Press eBook | Paperback  

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Sean Michael here today revealing his cover for his re-release of Bases Loaded. Welcome, Sean.


Thank you to Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words for hosting the cover reveal for Bases Loaded.

As always, when I have a re-release of an older book, I welcome getting another set of edits on the book, but most of all I appreciate getting a new cover. And I’m very happy with this new cover for the book.

This book was a part of all the ‘going for the gold’ sports books that I wrote a bunch of years back, but this one was different from the others. There was no coach, instead the love story is between a baseball player and his lover and it happens off-season. They have to survive the things life throws at them.

The irony of having this be off-season is that I am a huge baseball fan from back when I was in a teenager, avidly following the Montreal Expos, keeping track of stats, listening on the radio to the games that weren’t televised, keeping a scrapbook of all the clippings from the newspaper. And with all that knowledge locked in my head, so I wouldn’t need to research that aspect of the book, I basically didn’t need it.

Ah well, I still love baseball, though without a home team here in Ottawa, I don’t follow it like I used to.

Hopefully you like the new cover for Bases Loaded as much as I do and I hope you decide to give the book a try and that you think it’s a homerun!

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything


Can they survive the off-season and keep from striking out?

Baseball player Brett must get rehabilitation for his shoulder if he wants another season in the Major League. He and his partner, Benj, take off to the boonies to stay with physical therapist Ralph, a tough-talking, routine-setting guy, and Jean, Ralph’s Cajun lover, who cooks as well as he loves.

Brett and Ralph butt heads from the beginning. Ralph wants Brett to be more in touch with his feelings; Brett wants Ralph to give him his therapy and leave him alone. Benj and Jean get along far better, with Jean showing Benj around the kitchen and reassuring him when things with Brett get strained.

Before Ralph can even begin to work on Brett’s shoulder, though, Brett faces an even more difficult physical challenge, one that does more than threaten his career. He and Benj have to work through some tough issues, making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives together. Their gradual friendship with Ralph and Jean helps them through the bad times, but even that might not be enough to pull them through.

About the Author

Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

Sean Michael on the web:

WEBSITE: http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com

BLOG: http://seanmichaelwrites.blogspot.ca

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites/

TWITTER: seanmichael09

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/seanmichaelpics/

BOOK TOUR – In Blood and Pain by Aldrea Alien (excerpt and giveaway)




Book Title: In Pain and Blood (Spellster Series Book 1)

Author: Aldrea Alien

Publisher: Thardrandian Publications

Cover Artist: Aldrea Alien

Genre/s: Epic Fantasy M/M Romance

Length:  309000 words/740 pages

It’s a standalone story and first in a series of standalones.

Goodreads Link

Buy Links ~ Available on KU

Amazon US

Amazon UK 


It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Dylan’s life in the spellster tower has everything he should want: magical knowledge, safety from the King’s Hounds and frequent clandestine affairs with women. All at the cost of his freedom. So when the chance to leave the tower—even as a leashed weapon for the King’s Army—arises, he seizes it.

When his first scouting mission goes awry, Dylan is left alone in a hostile world with the tower a distant beacon of safety. Only the flirtatious Tracker, an elven man whose very presence awakens Dylan’s long-repressed desire, can help him return to his old life before the crown discovers his unleashed status.

But the risk of being branded a deserter may be the least of his concerns as whispers of an armed presence in the North threatens his home. Dylan must rely on Tracker to protect him even as everything he thought he knew begins to unravel around them.



The dagger was the first thing he saw. Curved and sharp. In the lantern-light peeking out from the street, the blade bore an insidious purple sheen.

Barely daring to breathe, he followed the blade down to the bronze hand and onwards to the elven man glaring up at him. “If you’re after money. I have none.”

The elf’s sharp eyes, in a shade that reminded Dylan of rich honey, narrowed. “Money?” The man sneered. “My dear spellster, do I look like I need your paltry coin?” He spoke with the vaguely similar smooth accent of his old roommate, Sulin. The words tumbled off his tongue much like rock down a hill, catching occasionally on a soft trill or hiss. Only those from Wintervale spoke in such a way.

“I don’t—” The man knew he was a spellster? That could become problematic if he also knew of a hound in the area. Dylan lifted his hands, careful to ensure his palms remained facing away from the elf. As well as sharing a similarity in accents as his old roommate, the man was quite tall for an elf. Not quite as much as Sulin, but the top of the man’s head easily reached the base of Dylan’s neck. “Look, I really don’t want to hurt you.”

The dagger flashed up with barely a twitch from the elf, the flat of the blade tapping Dylan on the lips. “No more talking. I have been looking all over this village for the spellster everyone says is here and now I have you.” The point returned to his throat. “Now lower your hands. I am sure it has occurred to you that attacking me will do you no good. You would be dead well before I.”

His gaze dropped to take in the man’s armour. Hard to tell in the watery light, but it looked well-made and leather. Not a common thief, then. A mercenary, perhaps? Something about the style nagged at him. He’d seen it before, as far back as the tower. Not on the guardians, but— The hound. Fetcher might have been human and a woman, but she’d worn the exact same armour. “You’re a hound,” he breathed, amazed he could say a word when it felt like his heart had relocated to his throat.

The man’s full lips twisted into a humourless smile. “How very astute of you. At least you are not entirely without your wits.”

“You have to help me.” Was it not a hound’s job to bring spellsters to the tower? Just like they’d done with Sulin and Launtil and countless others who’d been born outside the walls. And this elf would know the quickest route. “I need to get back to the tower.”

“So you admit you left.”

“Well, yes, but I was—” The minute change in the blade’s pressure against his throat stilled his tongue. The hounds will hunt you. His guardian’s words echoed in his ears. Safe in the tower, safe with a neck banded in metal, but venture outside without being leashed? Practically a death sentence. Any spellster rumoured to have fled the tower weren’t heard from again.

“The crown does not exactly take kindly to runaways.”



About the Author

Mother. Animal Lover. Vampire. Fangirl.

Aldrea Alien is a New Zealand author of romantic speculative fiction of varying heat levels. She grew up on a small farm out the back blocks of a place known as Wainuiomata alongside a menagerie of animals, who are all convinced they’re just as human as the next person (especially the cats). She spent a great deal of her childhood riding horses, whilst the rest of her time was consumed with reading every fantasy book she could get her hands on and concocting ideas about a little planet known as Thardrandia. This would prove to be the start of The Rogue King Saga as, come her twelfth year, she discovered there was a book inside her.

Aldrea now lives in Upper Hutt, on yet another small farm with a less hectic, but still egotistical, group of animals (cats will be cats). She self-published the first of The Rogue King Saga in 2014. One thing she hasn’t yet found is an off switch to give her an ounce of peace from the characters plaguing her mind, a list that grows bigger every year with all of them clamouring for her to tell their story first. It’s a lot of people for one head.

Social Media Links



Facebook Author Page





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One prize: 1 x $5 Amazon Gift Card. 1 x Pair of character-inspired scented candles. 1 x Map poster. 1 x Bookmark.

Two other prizes: 1 x Map poster. 1 x Bookmark.

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Cover Reveal and Giveaway for Lost In Time by A.L. Lester



Add to Goodreads

Pre-order: JMS Books

Cover Design: JM Snyder

Publisher: JMS Books

Length: 54,000 words approx.

The Gate (a FREE short story introducing the characters from Lost In Time) out December 23.
Amazon US | Amazon US | JMS Books


Lew’s life is pleasantly boring until his friend Mira messes with magic she doesn’t understand. While searching for her, he is pulled back in time to 1919 by a catastrophic magical accident. As he tries to navigate a strange time and find his friend in the smoky music clubs of Soho, the last thing he needs is D etective Alec Carter suspecting him of murder.

London in 1919 is cold, wet, and tired from four years of war. Alec is back in the Metropolitan Police after slogging out his army service on the Western Front. Falling for a suspect in a gruesome murder case is not on his agenda, however attractive he finds the other man.

They are both floundering and out of their depth, struggling to come to terms with feelings they didn’t ask for and didn’t expect. Both have secrets that could get them arrested or killed. In the middle of a murder investigation that involves wild magic, mysterious creatures, and illegal sexual desire, who is safe to trust?

Author Bio

A. L. Lester likes to read. Her favorite books are post-apocalyptic dystopian romances full of suspense, but a cornflake packet will do there’s nothing else available. The gender of the characters she likes to read (and write) is pretty irrelevant so long as they are strong, interesting people on a journey of some kind.

She has a chaotic family life and small children, and she has become the person in the village who looks after the random animals people find in the road. She is interested in permaculture gardening and anything to do with books, reading, technology and history. She lives in a small village in rural Somerset and is seriously allergic to both rabbits and Minecraft

Website: http://www.allester.co.uk/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ALLester_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALLesterAuthor/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allesterauthor/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/A.-L.-Lester/e/B01MZ6R1QR/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/allester


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